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  2. Notification Driver (ChowMain)

    Why do you prefer PushSafer over PushOver?
  3. 1 Snap B-300 HDMatrix 8X8 1 Control4 HC800 System Controller 1 Control4 IO Extender 1 Control4 16x16 audio matrix 1 Control4 - 4 zone amp 1 Control4 - 8 zone amp 1 Control4 Music bridge 2 Apple TV’s 1 Roku 1 Blu Ray Player 2 Sonos connect bridges 1 Marantz AV7005 surround sound pre/processor. 1 Sunfire Theater Grand Amp 12 Audio Zones (4 outdoor, 8 indoor including 1 home theater). indoor = 8” episode 700 ceiling speakers. Home Theater = 5 Episode HT 700 LCR in wall speakers. Outdoor Zones = Episode outdoor speakers 8 Video Zones with Samsung TV's 8- RC250's 1 - 7" Touch Screen Wattbox IP enabled Araknis networks AN-300-SW-R-24 Gigabit Switch Araknis networks AN-300-SW-R-8-Poe 8 Port Managed Gigabit Switch Wirepath Surveillance WPS-300-DVR-9CH C4 Door Station 1st Generation
  4. Left overs after upgrades

    Updated more products. Wedding coming up in September everything has to go, cannot offend me everything needs to go.
  5. Then, as previously suggested, you may well need a new dealer. Myself and I am sure other dealers are available for weekend emergencies - thankfully rarely happens. And despite how many times you tell us how closely you have monitored your network, how much you know about networking and how many months it has been up, you have people on this forum, some of them actually at the very top of the dealer hierarchy, who work with these systems day-in-day-out telling you it seems like a network problem. We are here to help,
  6. I can go either DIY or let the techs do it. But if I'm reliant on the C4 and the techs I don't want to be told to call back in three days when my whole HA system is crocked. They're going to have to provide a modicum of support capability (either them or DIY) on the weekends. Even my plumber and electrician and well guys will come out on those type calls in emergencies.
  7. Well the C4 dealer set up the network with the exception of using the CenturyLink router in bridge mode as I had previously config'd it. The network has been up for several months waiting for the builders to do the finish painting so the speakers, touchpanels, etc... could be installed. I came along behind him and checked the network config since that I did know about and found nothing that needed to be changed. Yes, while everything smells like a network problem to people, it is strange that nothing else on my network seems to have been affected and if it had been a network problem you would think the EA5 could have recovered without the power cycle which was all I had to do to get things back (except for one touch screen which I had to manually reboot, it was still stuck in the intercom app displaying "connected to %s", that's clearly a software bug, network issue or not). If there was a network issue, it sees the EA5 was not able to recover itself after everything else on the network did. At least now it's Monday and both the dealer and Control4 themselves have reached out to me.
  8. C4 Network

    Here is my rack Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  9. Look at the belkin wemo official forum... Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. Power Outages and Reboots

    Yes, and I've never really bothered with them, I have little to gain from such an expense.
  11. Power Outages and Reboots

    A warm-boot is best. I assigned a triple-tap to the Composer reboot function.
  12. Leak detection

    Yes, but you can kiss integration with C4 goodbye. I like the product though and for the simple reason that it comes with 1" connections. OP, you should consider a "whole-house" approach.
  13. Power Outages and Reboots

    Reset like in reboot? Or hard reset to factory defaults? Reboot is just a power plug pull. Its a good idea to let it sit for a couple of minutes and let the capacitors drain if you need to do this for some reason. Hard reset to factory defaults can be really risky as it will likely flash the controller to an older firmware that it shipped on (unless that firmware has been manually updated by a dealer with a certain process, different than the usual update) - and that can cause problems and frustration. IP addresses can be changed with the dealer's System Manager software.
  14. No I don’t think they are strong enough to enter the lower end. I think the “hubs” from amazon, simplisafe, Honeywell and others is going to fill most of the needs of the lower end so it’s a market that C4 shouldn’t even target. I think them staying at the high end makes sense but they are competing with Crestron and RTI for a much smaller segment. At the high end you are dealing with people who are making big investments in the product, I would think keeping them happy with providing the software would be a good business move.
  15. AVM-MC1 - Will it work

    I mean it's not worth it. You can pick up a used IO extender and be drinking a beer while its updating to do what you want it to do, before youre done writing some man-in-the-middle driver or something to make the old media controller work, and then have it die a week later because the fan bearing went out or something and it overheated. I have probably 4-5 IO extenders on the shelf in my warehouse for that purpose - they were used with 200/300s etc, but upgraded with the EA series so we keep them around.
  16. Is it a sacrifice? Or is the market getting much much larger and C4 is just taking it's share of the customers that fit the demographic? I honestly don't think C4 is strong enough to enter lower end markets.
  17. Leak detection

    control4 has zigbee contact devices that you can wire water detection sensors too. if you want a more complete solution DAM-IT has zigbee water valves as well that will turn off the water supply.
  18. Correct, C4 wants to be a luxury product even if it means sacrificing sales to DIY type installs. I somewhat get that strategy although I think it makes more sense for a private company than a public one. I have always favored C4 doing the Lutron model. A “Composer Essentials” product that requires some free online training, maybe has a device limit and is restricted to AV and certain lighting and other devices.
  19. We need to know more about how audio from the apple tv is received. connections converters amplifiers and such
  20. Leak detection

    Another approach... http://www.phyn.com/
  21. That's typical for a lot of consumer software. C4 has a user base that is less likely to be DIY. By definition you have people that just want their home t be automated and simple. These people on the whole wont be digging into the complexity that is required so I do not think opening the platform would have a direct impact on the majority of owners. I'm saying majority because I'm an owner and I want to tinker and do it myself because I enjoy complexity and have an interest in how it all works and glues together. People like me and the other members on this forum are probably a very small percentage of C4 owners. That said I think this small percentage that interacts in the way we do helps the ecosystem. It's a feedback loop maybe. I do agree that over time if the platform had some open aspects that there could be some innovation and acceleration of value, but I think it would also require C4 to enter more of the lower end home automation space and that could devalue the brand plus drain resources from a people perspective out of the gate. If I could pay a small fee and have total control over my system I would. wink wink nudge nudge...
  22. Never said there wouldn’t be a need for dealers; that wouldn’t change. Just saying that their need on a forum would be diminished. Power users would be able to answer lots of the questions. Believe it or not, not everyone on a car forum is a mechanic.
  23. So I went into the Settings Menu / Audio & Video and the Dolby setting was on Auto. I switched it off and still no sound. I then went into my Apple TV 1 that plays sound over the C4 system and took a picture of all of the settings. I went back into my Apple TV 2 and all of the setting matched the Apple TV 1. So the settings for the Apple TV are correct for my system. What now?
  24. Agree. By that logic there should be no car mechanics Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  25. Leak detection

    I use water bug
  26. Agreed. No way. As end users we are quite lucky to have dealers (and other power users) on the board who are able to help us navigate it all. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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