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  2. South Africa C4 user

    Mute not working on Media Scene with two sets of speakers

    And does changing the volume up and down control both areas perfectly? If so, mute should work too.
  3. The connections (as I understand it) will also determine what is turned on and off... but needs Composer Pro to access and edit.
  4. Gary Leeds UK

    How Long Should a System Last

    Agree you do need to lose the HC200 -We picked EA1 for £150 on Ebay and paid £35 for remote install
  5. Hi all, I am about to change some lighting at my house, what would people suggest? Zwave with a hub? LightwaveRF? Phillips Hue? Any others? I have a HC800 using 2.9. Many thanks Andy.
  6. Steelermedallion

    FS - Thermostat and Wireless Dimmers

    $55 each
  7. tcwalker5

    FS - Thermostat and Wireless Dimmers

    How much are you asking for the dimmers?
  8. msgreenf

    How Long Should a System Last

    Can't use the 200 if you go ea route. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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  10. TheWizard

    WAN IP

    It's a network utility driver I wrote that I never finished putting on our platform, I added a few more things to it like HTTP PUT, POST, GET, and DELETE commands. Are you just after the WAN IP detection?
  11. I must admit I'm leaning towards an EA3 and a new SR260. That way the main pieces of the puzzle will be up to date. The rest are just a 7" touch screen and HC200 behind the main TV That's the main C4 kit I think. All the others are Dune media player, D-link NAS, small serial to Ethernet interface for the heating control, BOSE surround sound system & SKY Sat TV. The actual project file could probably do with a bit of tweaking now also.
  12. Thanks Cyknight. It seems a little crazy that the matrix driver doesn't show all of the IR / Serial inputs. I get the direct pass through method, that that's been my easy option since I realized the driver didn't have the serial inputs, I just was hoping not to have to string 8 wires through the rack if I don't have to. Right now, the matrix is connected via TCP, and controlled via the network. I was hoping that I could simply send the commands through the TCP connection to the matrix, and the matrix would then send the serial command to the destination port. I know that nothing like this is possible if the driver doesn't have the input / output serial ports, so that's what I was looking to try to hammer out.
  13. Any reason why you're using Windows still?? I mean there are plenty of players out there that work with Kodi and can transcode HDR.
  14. lippavisual

    How Long Should a System Last

    Clearly, the signs of your older dealer no longer being listed as authorized should be the "tell tale sign"
  15. lippavisual

    How Long Should a System Last

    If you only have a single HC300, and it's also intermittently failing, for your whole project, that would be the cause for other controlled devices failing. Including your sr250 remote. How big is your residence? Where is the equipment located? Is it centrally located in terms of your residence? Unfortunately, this just could have been a bad design from the get go, let alone selling older gear.
  16. Anyone looking to sell used NYCE motion sensors for c4?
  17. Jeffrey

    2 x SR-260's + batteries + chargers

    Interested in one. PM me. I don't think I can PM you because your account is too new. Thanks, Jeff
  18. Rbeard

    Recommendation: Door Bell / Camera

    Can you tell me how you have this wired. Looking to integrate my Skybell with Control4. Thanks for the help!
  19. sofakng

    2 x SR-260's + batteries + chargers

    Would you be willing to sell just the recharge kit? (ie. battery cover, a/c adapter, cradle, etc).
  20. Thanks! I do have Composer HE but I'm not sure I understand what to do? The connections just change the routing rules, right? I'm trying to see the order of commands and what gets turned on/off for each activity if that makes sense?
  21. You can also do this on ComposerHE, which you can buy from your dealer. I think the cost if $149/yr.
  22. Gary Leeds UK

    How Long Should a System Last

    I would post on the Looking of a Integrator - Advise them what you are doing and take it from there. When we went from HC250 TO HC800 our dealer did in less than a hour - Only issue was some 3rd party drivers, but he sorted pretty easily. Its not a Big thing and our system was chalk and cheese once we had the HC800 installed, yours will be like going for bike to BMW - if You are using Remotes and use the Gui go for EA3 that's more up to date
  23. Hi Since Kodi won't play HDR under Windows I am looking for alternatives as an external player - I.e PowerDVD or DVDFab Player. However I don't know how to remote control them via C4 properly - anyone done this before?
  24. Why are you trying to hack things? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  25. If I decided to go this route what are the steps to get someone to remote into my system to do the swap over and how long would it take ?? Obviously I would have to physically swap over the units first. Just gathering all available information at the moment and looking at my options: 1. remove system altogether 2. Swap out HC300 for HC800 and have someone remote it to swap over the units 3. Purchase EA3 from a dealer and have same install it. One thing I did forget to mention is recently, over the last few months, the SR250 controller has lost the connection and a reboot of the system has solved this. Has happened about 3 times. Appreciate all the comments and help on this.
  26. DarthData

    New Fire TV driver

    i have fixed my living room fire tv, thank you very much! i was now curious if any was familiar with the fire mouse toggle apk? i have it on my firebox and basically you press the play/pause button twice makes your remote into a mouse and can use apks such as showbox and apple music. I have it working 100% on fire tv remote but cant get it to register with SR-260.
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