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  2. I would look at an entry model Denon.
  3. Do other bonjour devices discover across your wifi / LAN? Some AP'a can block bonjour I'm assuming bonjour is in play here
  4. Josh sorry for delay I used this one as it was clean: all I had to do is create a link for /homes/myuser/customsettings and link it to /root/.homebridge and place the .json files there
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  6. VINCELdUB disabled the audio server tried to play a track from the HardDrive no sound whatsoever. Enabled the audio server in system manager and tried again. Track played but still distorted. Same content still plays fine on my laptop from the HardDrive. Any other thoughts?
  7. Not sure the model # is XBR-49X830C
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  9. NetPlay Pro is for Commercial installations (offices, sports bars, large venues, etc) Home installations where equipment will be centrally located and managed. Particularly if audio amps will be centrally located. NetPlay Pro gives you Rack mountable encoders with lip sync corrected audio outputs Rack mountable DSP audio switches with lip sync correction for centralized amps Integrated IR extension for 3rd party control systems Custom decoder hardware (VRX020 and later VRX040) which provides centralized firmware updates/monitoring. No need for Google Play accounts or setup at each TV. Better suited for large scale installations. Professionally installed and supported product NetPlay Home is for Residential DIY installation Control is primarily via on screen NetPlay gui or NetPlayMobile app External device IR and ethernet control managed by NetPlayManager (plus IRUSB adapters as needed) Designed to be installed without a centralized equipment rack Designed to use 3rd party android media players or TVs as the decoder (no VRX decoder product in netplay home) Designed to use 3rd party hdmi encoders or our new CastHD encoder Updates/installs managed through your Google Play or Amazon Appstore account DIY installation, support via ticket systems Most Control4 dealers will primarily use the NetPlay Pro products for the reasons above. However, they may opt to use NetPlayTV decode instead of VRX020/040 in some zones depending on the customer and their requirements (if they have Sony TVs or Amazon FireTVs already, prefer our on screen gui instead of C4, prefer to update via Google Play, etc). In general, VRX020/040 are easier for a professional installer to manage (especially in large installations). NetPlayTV is easier for the customer to manage themselves. For 4K Decoders: NetPlayTV supports 4K and HDR as long as the hardware it runs on does (anything recent will). It will also support new standards as they come available on Android devices (you can swap the 3rd party hardware without changing your software license) VRX040 (around 4/17) will support 4K and HDR. It is a custom android streaming media box which is the next gen VRX product Encoders: CastHD (NetPlay Home, 4/17 if funded) is a small single channel 1080p encoder VTX400 (NetPlay Pro ~6/17) is a rack mounted 4K encoder 3rd party 4K encoders are just coming out right now. They will be shipping probably around march 17. 3rd party 1080p encoders. Widely available now. As with all our products, you can use the 4K gear with the 1080 gear in the same system. Also remember that with NetPlayTV you have full 4K capable Android streaming devices at each TV, so all your cloud 4K media is already available without needing (or paying for) the 4K encoders.
  10. IR codes don't change just pick a recent model and it should work
  11. Toggle on taps to full set brightness or off. Press and hold will ramp/dim until you let go, for both increase and decrease.
  12. If you're a c4 dealer, I recommend signing up with annex4 for the paid IP LG driver. Otherwise, write your own serial or IR driver or try existing drivers in the database. That Samsung can be controlled with most of the other Sammy DVD drivers you can find in Composer.
  13. That USB stick attached to your controller is also easily accessible through the network. No need to remove.
  14. thanks but that page doesnt seem to clear it up. Basically you do not need the switch anymore but can get encoders for each source you need to distribute then watch those things at any tv that has the android box on it? Can you watch the same stream in multiple rooms/tvs? If so, whats the benefit of the Pro over the home stuff? Also any plan to introduce 4k products?
  15. Ok. I tested that they would talk to my devices before I shipped them out, but maybe something is getting stuck, or there's something about your specific configuration that's causing issues. Please email me at and we can work out what's going on. This is the "fun" part of beta software. The easiest way to diagnose this (and fastest) is to port forward port 22 (for SSH) to your appliance IP and let me know your external IP. I can SSH into your appliance box and take a poke around and see why the iDevices might not be seeing it.
  16. No luck. I have no problem accessing the web portal, and C4 communicates with the appliance. iDevices can't see it.
  17. I have a RE-1 Router (NEW IN BOX), PoE Injectors (Have 3, ALL NEW IN BOX), and a WX-1 WAP (BRAND NEW IN BOX). Best offers for these items. Can be sold in separates, or a package. Thanks!
  18. Which HTTP port? There's a couple at play. If you left the HTTP port as default in the C4 driver, and the appliance was able to import the devices into the configuration, then the C4 driver is probably fine. Are you talking about the HTTP port for Homebridge in the web settings? That should likely be left at default as well. Try enabling the advanced mode. Then delete the persistence directory (using the web portal) and change the HomeKit user ID by one character. Save the configuration, then restart Homebridge. See if that helps.
  19. NetPlay Home is a new BYOH (bring your own hardware) video distribution system based on Android & AndroidTV. It will be launching on KickStarter next week. You can find a lot of information on our web site right now as well. Web Link It is fully inter-operable with NetPlay Pro products (everything you have now). Dealers will have early access to NetPlayTV starting next week.
  20. They haven't fixed it yet. Their bug ID is 18595
  21. What's the best way to do this with two phones. Should I have two instances of the ifttt driver in composer?
  22. Panasonic 800/900 series. Cannot be beat. The driver is better than the Sony drivers (input swiching on a pansonic doesnt have the same delay you see from the certified sony drivers) The panasonic even adds a mini driver Panasonic TV apps to control things like netflix built right it. It also works great. 2 way volume control. I have yet to see my panasonic dropp offline. I have it hooked up with WiFi and its still solid
  23. Hi All, I currently have a yamaha rxa 3030 which has worked not only flawlessly but integrated extremely well with c4 via the ip driver. I am now setting up a third zone in the house being the master bedroom, with a tv, speakers, apple tv, set top box, a hc250 and a receiver. My question is the driver generic and will work on any yamaha receivers or only the higher end ones. Same applies to other brands, such as sony, pioneer...? i am not keen to get an expensive receiver just for the bedroom, i just want a basic one. regards
  24. Joshua, is it ok to leave the HTTP Port on the default value? My iDevices can't see the appliance. Devices where discovered and Appliance restarted. C4 shows it as running.
  25. Got it. Thanks.
  26. There's a link to the forum thread specifically for the C4 driver slightly higher up in this thread.
  27. Where is the C4 driver?
  28. can you elaborate on your Net Play home products? What they are and how they can work with Netplay pro?
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