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  2. 1.0.9 fixed Refresh Navs for me too! FYI, Rename action still has an empty TargetDevice tree for me.
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  4. How much is an 8x8 4K matrix? Curious. Just got a 4K LG so I can stream Netflix in 4K. May add other 4K sources in future where video needs to go through the matrix.
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  6. So far, total of 89 x Control4 Dimmers/Keypad Dimmers, 3 x in-wall touchscreens, 3 x T3 Series 7" table top touchscreens plus 8 x Control4 system remotes, 3 x Control4 thermostats, 1 x Control4 4K UHD 6 x 6 matrix, 5 x Qmotion roller shades, Glydea Drapery Track system, Control4 EA-5, 1 x Control4 16 channel audio matrix, 1 x Control4 8 Zone Amplifier, 3 x 55" Equipment Racks, plus too many other things to list now.
  7. Is it possible to use the Lutron Pico Remote / Connected Bulb Remote to control C4 dimmers or trigger scenes?
  8. Just so everyone knows, dealer got part from Control4 and all good. Very very good service from C4 and my dealer.
  9. there is a KB article in the dealer data base that goes over how setup them up for use with control4.
  10. i would use the latest driver under the name tivo check the release dates
  11. lots of fun good luck with the new home! and the new rabbit hole!
  12. same API, same driver as all the other tivos
  13. Would anyone know which driver best to use for the TIVO BOLT TCD849000 I don't see this model in composer.
  14. I have a SnapAV Binary B-100-HDMATRIX-4x4 for $250 ex showroom demo. Works perfectly via serial with C4. I can throw the serial cable you'll need in the box.
  15. I'm glad to hear! I'll try to be an additional resource, and I know I've talked to a few people here on the phone and through e-mail. I'll pass along the suggestion, although I know dealer forums are geared more towards dealer/manufacture information.
  16. keep in mind a vpn will not offer all of the same features that 4 sight does. what kind of cameras are they? search the forum and you will find plenty of information on vpn for control4 and cameras, maybe even the ones you have too.
  17. Very happy!
  18. Sweet! Really!!! 1.0.9 is the winner lol. I was going to ask you to test but never got to actually ask
  19. I see a new version auto updated for me today and refresh navigators now works! Thank you @msgreenf
  20. HDR can be assigned to one of the "Color" keys by opening the driver in the programming mode and click on one of the color keys to open the menu of actions.
  21. If the audio cuts out after a few seconds you may want to increase the audio latency in your digital media.
  22. Any chance we can get "read-only" access to dealer forums (even portions of it) ? Edited: Just wanted to say that I really appreciate Derrick reaching out to us on this forum - re-assures me as a C4 customer!
  23. I'm still not clear on why the sirius tabletop radio can feed into a controller and the audio is available throughout my house via my C4 amp but when i tried feeding the dot into controller the audio cuts out after a few seconds? So again I ask how can a dot feed into the audio in on a controller (in this case the HC300 in my kitchen) via RCA cables so it's an available audio source in my system?
  24. Hi Gary, KB 1890 is pretty much the steps I posted. It only leaves out a few things specifically in Composer Pro, for example, another step is: Is the system stuck on updating a device?
  25. Thanks. I got the modules from another user here. However, the ones linked are probably not compatible with Control4. If they don't say they are, then they aren't compatible.
  27. ^ Bump. Nobody?? this is 4real.. HDR is quite a problem with projectors I assure you. Thanks
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