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  2. Control4 DS2 Door Station (C4-DS2FM)

    i have touchscreen in every floor but every floor has a different network. how can i program then?
  3. Affordable Intercom

    It looks like we are going to be doing this as the method to connect the helpers quarters to the system Thanks all for help
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  5. Dealer installed the driver and it works great, I can get all 5 cameras on the T3’s
  6. WTB two sr260rsk

    Looking to buy: 2x new sr260rsk remotes 1 x EA3 Shippingto 92649. Thanks
  7. Weather Alerting?

    ok so i totally missed the driver i already have! the wunderground driver will do this: Events There are a number of specific events provided by the driver. The three letter events are fired for any of the severe weather warnings as follows: · HUR: Hurricane Local Statement · TOR: Tornado Warning · TOW: Tornado Watch · WRN: Thunderstorm Warning · SEW: Severe Thunderstorm Watch · WIN: Winter Weather Advisory · FLO: Flood Warning · WAT: Flood Watch / Statement · WND: High Wind Advisory · SVR: Severe Weather Statement · HEA: Heat Advisory · FOG: Dense Fog Advisory · SPE: Special Weather Statement · FIR: Fire Weather Advisory · VOL: Volcanic Activity Statement · HWW: Hurricane Wind Warning · REC: Record Set · REP: Public Reports · PUB: Public Information Statement The event NEW_ALERT is fired whenever any new alert is received from the above list. Note that Alert events are only fired ONCE. If the alert continues further events will not be fired. Alerts are ONLY AVAILABLE in North America and Europe.
  8. you can hide them in your project with HE, but in order to actually remove them you will need a dealer. if you're interested in having me remove them, shoot me a PM and we can discuss. thanks!
  9. Weather Alerting?

    I have a cheap $30 weather radio that "alarms" when we get a tornado warning or similar in my area. It works, but it looks bad and i would like to think there's a way to do these notifications through control4 and announcements with additional programming. does anyone have a working system like this, or is there a driver that can make this happen? i've done some basic searching and see a few mentions of it, but nothing solid to go on. thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, I will only have a single Sonos Connect left. How do I go about removing all the other speakers that are part of my project? Is there a way for me to do it via HE or is a dealer required? Thanks.
  11. You don't need to do that. You already have your universal remotes if you have sufficient C4 zigbee. Your dealer adds all those tvs and atv and roku and cable boxes to the system and you have control over the tvs from the system. If you want in screen display you need the eA1 at the TV and that is best practice and a good plan for any heavy use TV but a HC250 would also do the job or nothing at all with no OSD. The remote also gives all the commands on the remotes screen. As do phones and tablets. I swear by a hard remote and hard volume control. When a loud show starts or something. Nothing better for a quick fix. Also with the roku and the mini driver having the watch button list the goto services on roku, Netflix, Amazon, hulu, vudu, YouTube as a press press select and everything is on to the right thing is great.
  12. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    I may have goofed, changing the region with the region chip requires both Mute and Dimmer commands. I thought the Dimmer command was in there, but now I can't find it. I imagine I made a mistake and it was not there, but maybe it is gone in the new version. Can you please make sure to get Dimmer added or help me find it?
  13. Input sensing works well with a C4 matrix amp. A room(s) can be programmed to turn on the amazon echo output. A small part of the first word of audio feedback is cut off but it doesn't affect the announcement describing the beginning of a song when streaming audio. Whats annoying is when the trigger word is accidentally spoken. The current audio session of the room would be interrupted by the Alexa voice. I fixed that by programming a way to block alexa from interrupting the current session (if in session while also including analogue sources). I also programmed a 5 second timer to turn off that output when no more audio is sensed. I have yet to test an EA5 input for audio sensing with an echo device.
  14. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Need to update the OP to indicate the price is $39, not $29.
  15. As others said zig bee is wireless protocol. Sure you can hardwire some TVs and AVRs and other devices. But motion sensors, door locks, wireless shades/blinds, remote controls, wireless touchscreens and other devices need a strong zigbee signal. If everyone is telling you to make sure you have a good zigbee mesh network trust them, there is a reason. If you have a large house you do not just use your router in the basement for WiFi. Same with c4, you’ll need several devices (controllers or light switches are most popular) to create a strong zigbee mesh in your house.
  16. C4-16AMP3-B Question

    What? Did you read all the other posts or no?
  17. Can you provide a little more detail on the process?
  18. Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    What are the main differences between your premium version and the free one offered by Video Storm?
  19. C4-16AMP3-B Question

    Probably better to use the 16 zone audio matrix C4-16ZAMSV3-B. It would be interesting to see how you would daisy chain 3 8-zone amps on a single 8 channel matrix switch.
  20. The scenario where kodi goes to background is if you also use your Nvidia Shield driver or irusb driver and start the room to YouTube or amazon or other app. In that scenario kodi goes to background.
  21. Audio can be fixed. That isn't an issue. I use Sonos for volume not the tv. I have 16-4, 4 spare cat6 and one coax not being used all back down to the rack. I can use a baking but I am.bot aware of any good decent priced options for optical over cat5 baluns. Where are you thinking the delay will be? Hc250 in to hc800 out?
  22. I managed to fix mine myself the other day. When I updated to 2.10, for some reason the scan failed to pick up almost all my cover art. I updated to 2.10.1 and still the same problem. I had to go and manually re-embed the cover art onto all albums. I did this in a batch with the itsfv software which works alongside itunes. Took a while, but after it completed I re-scanned with control4 and all the cover art is there again. Pain in the butt, but it's ok now. I have no idea what they did to the scanning in 2.10. I hope this helps some people.
  23. What keypad would I need for this?

    Control4 (or any system for that matter) can’t control ‘dumb’ switches/dimmers. Any light you want to be controlled by a smart system, must be ON the smart system
  24. Thanks for the report. Kodi shouldn't ever be on in the background. We have designed it in a way where you have to quit kodi in order for the normal IRUSB behavior to work. I will add in some logic to force Kodi to restart if you room off the system so that you can browse whilst in an off state.
  25. https://www.electronichouse.com/home-audio/amazon-echo-dot-combines-with-premium-audio-system-for-unique-blend-of-music-and-home-control/
  26. Everything was working perfectly, until I went and messed with it. EA-5 on 2.10.1 and a Triad 24x24 Matrix. It seems that whenever the controller picks Digital Output 2 as the path for a streaming service (I use iHeart, TuneIn and SiriusXM) it doesn't work. Streaming services work on other outputs, and other sources work on Digital Output 2. Here's my test workflow: Start streaming from XM. In Composer HE, I pick the EA-5, go to properties, and I change the Output Controls to SPDIF Audio Out 2, and hit "test tone". I hear the beep through my room's speakers. Turn off the beep. (This part of the test indicates that the physical path between SPDIF2 and the speakers is working... i.e. the matrix switched properly, the amp is on, the wiring is good, etc.) In a navigator, I select a different room, and start streaming from TuneIn. Sound works perfectly. (So streaming in general works. This room can't use SPDIF 2, since the first room still has it.) Go back to the first room and change the source to be AirPlay. Send something from my phone, and it plays in the room. Confirm we are still using SPDIF Audio Out 2 with another "test tone" and sure enough, we are. What I've tried: Rebooting the controller, rebooting the matrix (before I pinpointed the problem), logging out and back in to the streaming services. Any ideas? Can't call the dealer until Tuesday - hoping one of you wizards have an idea before then! I was doing some work on my network today, but I've verified that everything came back up with the same IP addresses and such. I only mention it because I noticed these problems after the network work was finished. I don't think it's related because the EA-5 can talk to the matrix and the internet, but I mention it for completeness.
  27. Non-Biased Insteon and Homeseer Opinions

    this is a solid point. proper planning of your wireless signals in your home can make or break ANY automation that depends on wireless signals
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