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  2. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    Yes... via Composer Pro - call a dealer
  3. C4 Leaf 4k Matrix Switch

    Most installers wouldn't even think to look at the generator. Typically, I've seen most output around the 53-56 Hz range. Its usually some knob of sort on the generator itself to adjust the frequency. 60 Hz is where it needs to be and also tested to make sure that it outputs correctly. I had one customer with all V1 lighting, when his generator kicked on, all the switches would flash a crazy led color sequence and wouldn't control anything. As soon as I set the generator properly to 60 Hz, all lighting behaved normally. Also, some generators produce square wave instead of true sine wave, thats another thing to look for.
  4. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Yes, but those are the things that get ironed out during system design. Plenty of parents have said to me that they don't watch TV separately, so they only need one box for the parents. Most of all the youngins I know watch plenty of TV. Cost plays a huge factor into this, so yes, it may not be for everyone. IMO, it is well worth it just to keep the clutter down in these local areas. All I want to see is the TV and speakers.
  5. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    SageTV is actually quite alive. It was semi-dead for years but Google OS'ed it a couple of years ago and development has picked up, including a client on Android TV that works very well on a Shield or MiBox. The preferred back-end server is now a Docker version running on unRAID. IMHO it is still the best way to go for recording TV. What you say about one cable box per person makes sense and reduces the cost savings on box rentals for a centralized solution. But Joey and Lucy, assuming that they are under 25, are unlikely to need cable boxes as they probably have little to no interest in watching traditional TV channels.
  6. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Any HDMI to IP solution has an encoding/decoding delay. VS has theirs at about 400-500 ms. I'm not a gamer at all, so whether that is a big deal or not, I don't know, I'd assume so. But, you can always just hook that up locally. If you want to keep it in a rack and distribute without delay, there are many 1 In to 4/8 Output HDBaseT Distribution amps.
  7. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    I guess that's true but gaming systems would have been less likely to have been centralized until more recently as you would have usually wanted access for putting in discs, or peripherals that need access to the main console like Kinect, Wii bar, non-traditional controllers that need USB for Rock Band/Guitar Hero, fitness games, etc. Could you do central with the Playstation VR? VR and AR will probably be more prominent on future consoles.
  8. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Yes but Sage TV is dead technology. Cable boxes are king for most of my customers. What I always suggest for matrix systems, is 1 cable box per person. So Mom, Dad, Joey and Lucy each have their own box/dvr and can be accessed anywhere they are watching the tube. You can certainly keep the matrix system cost down by adding local ATV/Fire/Whatever. In order to do the above scenarios, a matrix system is required, imo.
  9. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Also a majority of people will have cable/sat boxes. So in an 8x8 system with 8 boxes plus 8 nvidia shields will cost you 5k in 3 years after rental fees are considered and then will continue to charge after that, and that is only 2 sources at each tv location not including added cabling/equipment to get the tv's audio back to the rack if there are speakers in the room compared to a matrix that downmixes. So in most aspects it will save money over the lifetime of the switch and give more sources/options at each tv. Not even taking expensive game systems costs as well
  10. Hi, I have two thermostats on my system that are no longer showing a temperature. How do I get them reconnected to my home network with the other two thermostats? Pic attached. Thanks guys
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  12. Spotify Connect is very loud

    Thanks for getting back to me. I have driver version 46 and the only options in Composer are "Debug Mode", "Spotify Connect Name", "Auto Room(s) Select", "Override Room(s) Select", "Auto Play", and "Power Off Rooms When Spotify Disconnects". Where is the option for "Ignore Source Volume"?
  13. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    True - I just wanted to understand what the benefits there are from going centralized.
  14. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    To each their own
  15. How do you reset a wireless outlet switch

    You will need a dealer with composer pro to identify it. Happy to help if needed. Just drop me a Pm Happy Automating!!
  16. The properties of Kodi control always shows 1.78 under video aspect ratio, although it has to be 2.40.
  17. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    The only thing that I would agree with is the last item you mention for specialty setups. Modern streaming devices are so small (Roku, ATV, FireTV, Shield, Chromecast) that they can be mounted behind a TV so that you would never even see them - especially HDMI stick devices. Even a NUC PC could be mounted this way. So no clutter. I have been using a SageTV system for about a decade with SageTV extenders at my TVs. I can stop a show - either live TV, recorded TV or video file, at one extender and pick it up anywhere else in the house. That is also the case for Netflix, Plex, Kodi,etc. I am not Sure you need more devices but a matrix switch is not cheap and a matrix switch plus the cost of the additional wiring would make a centralized system WAY more expensive. The Shield is pretty much the most powerful streaming box nowadays and compare the cost of 8 Nvidia Shields ($1400) vs an 8x8 HDMI matrix switch plus the additional wiring required ($5000++).
  18. C4 Leaf 4k Matrix Switch

    Ok, thanks for the clarification on the watt box and the advice as to monitoring the power. With respect to the generator, it's a generac. In terms of checking the frequency, is that something the generator company would do? I have maintenance performed on it regularly, but I'm guessing that checking the power frequency isn't part of the check up? The thing is my original dealer was involved with and new about the generator/it was there when the system was setup, and they never mentioned any potential issues. If there were large/frequent power fluctuations, wouldn't i have other issues with other things in my house? Not gonna lie, it's a little distressing that something like this could be the issue.
  19. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    I prefer a distributed system just so all tvs have access to all sources and like @Cyknight mentioned in sync with eachother
  20. 2.9 Did not upgrade to 2.9.x or 2.10. Had enough headaches going to 2.9, don't feel like more pain at this time. Things are mostly steady :-)
  21. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Hi, Some devices (Axxess and Kwikset) do not report 'level' to the Control4 system. They only 'report' when they've reached a low level. Thus, the current 'level' is N/A or not applicable. The next release we will change N/A to be OK. Thanks! Cinegration Driver Team
  22. What's your software version? I think 2.10 included some fixes for these devices introduced several versions back (particularly on ID even)
  23. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    I'm sure there have been a few - you can argue either way, but the biggest pros for going central are: -less clutter -ability to watch the same show at the same time (in sync, also DVR recordings (though some set-top setups do THAT centrally now), same DVD and so forth) and/or 'move' what you're watching where -Less devices needed in total (reducing the actual cost of going central by needing less hardware and/or reducing rental costs), especially if you have more TV locations than people in the house. -Specialty setups like video walls
  24. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    I’ve heard that VideoStorm has a delay which makes playing video games problematic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Dish Network boxes and what not are a big one. I also like the ability to have the same thing shown on multiple TV’s, or to be able to “move” what I’m watching from one display to another, etc... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Why is the ATV set to sleep?
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