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  2. I imagine that is out of the temperature range of the thermostat protocol of Control4. Not sure how you'd view it in Control4 navigator.
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  4. It’s a faulty device unfortunately, Source one from eBay @ $50 ~ $60 and update it, it would be cheaper than C4 reflash, I just did that and I was really lucky to slice a couple at this low price ...
  5. bigdaddyo811

    Update Infinity 5" touchscreen

    Ok. That's what I was trying to do is go to 2.5 then up but doesnt work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Cyknight

    Nintendo Switch Driver

    Video sensing inputs were dropped many controllers ago.
  7. U have a faulty device then, I would try to load a lower version first if it updates then try 2.5.3 and then 2.9.1 if same error again then u can only RMA it and send to C4 to flash for u ...
  8. Gary Leeds UK

    texecom premier elite Alarm

    Do you have the texicom app working ?
  9. Curious what you replaced it with
  10. sthembiso

    texecom premier elite Alarm

    Hi I am C4 installer in South Africa. A client has installed Texecom Elite unit. Tried connecting it up with C4 via IP. Can’t seem to win. Any documentation on how to go about this?
  11. All 3 are current models and serve different purposes. The C4-SW120277 switch is just that - on/off. The C4-ADP120 and C4-FPD120 are dimmers. The Forward Phase dimmer is for dimming forward compatible loads. If you don't know which one your load needs, the Adaptive Phase dimmer is a better choice. I have all 3 and they all work just fine. Just a note to never put a dimmer on a ceiling fan.
  12. DawnGordon

    For Sale: New IO Extender

    I decided not to sell it after all. Please remove thread.
  13. In theory you can buy any bulb that is wifi or Zigbee which have a Control4 driver. To make those permanent "on" you need to wire them correctly and remove the wire for "on" (sorry english is not my native language) so that it is "just" a keypad - newer Gen lights should support that - and link the keypad to the lights.
  14. Hi, someone can explain to me what is the differences between this type of switches : - C4-SW120277 - C4-ADP120 - C4-FPD120 I already have C4-ADP120 but someone I know has C4-SW120277 and C4-FPD120 for sale. Not sure if I can do the same thing with the new models. Regards.
  15. Adidaswood

    Nintendo Switch Driver

    Didn't there used to be a way to do video sensing? Is that still an option these days?
  16. Hi All, I have a EA1 controller with many LED ligths (mr16, gu20, regular) controled with standard switches or C4-ADP120-WH switches. Q1 : In the programming section of C4-ADP120-WH switches in the composer, we can specify a color. What means ? Q2 : Any advices to add smart color LED ligths with normal switches or not in my C4 system ?
  17. I have the following C4 equipment from my personal system for sale from a non-smoking house. I was a C4 installer for many years but had to replace my system because I no longer work for a C4 dealer and my HC1000 died. All devices are running the last software version that was available just before C4 started locking down Composer Pro. Sorry I don't remember the version. All hardware was in working ordered before I replaced it all in early 2018. I will ship to the contiguous US. Buyer pays all shipping costs. Payment via PayPal. I will sell the lot pictured below and containing the following for $250 plus shipping costs. I would prefer to sell it as a lot and not break them up but I would sell some of it individually. Outlet switch - $40 Outlet dimmer - $40 SR250 remotes qty of 2 at $45 each (The screens are not cracked and they are in great shape) t-stat - $45 Contact relay (never used) - $40 Contact switch (never used) - $40 Motion sensor (never used) - $40 Here is a better pic of the remotes. I have also have an HC-300, about 17 dimmers (LDZ102), 4 switches (LSZ101) and a few two button keypads and will be uploading pictures and prices shortly. Regards, Alan
  18. drmark12pa

    Virtual buttons?

    I've noticed in programming some of my lighting buttons that in the lower right in Composer HE, there are commands for VIRTUAL BUTTONS. What are these commands used for or how do they work?
  19. Driver update release? - Pleeeeeease 🙂 - Kodi is in last RC5, that is like final version.
  20. bigdaddyo811

    Update Infinity 5" touchscreen

    I tried that and it gave the same error Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. SY3

    Inexpensive shades or blinds?

    Sounds like Ikea is getting into the game with their own automated shades. Coming in April. Be interested to see the price point and if/how to integrate into C4.
  22. dw886

    Nintendo Switch Driver

    Following up on this - once charged, the switch uses as little as 4-6w when powered on, and 0w when powered off. I have Min watts set to 2, and Max watts set to 4. This gives the desired result, but if someone grabs the switch playing it handheld, and then puts it back into the dock to charge, the TV will turn on until it finishes charging...not sure that there's a good way around this...
  23. In adding and updating some programming, I'm curious how most people set their button behavior. My most typical room buttons are for lights (green on, red off) and music (yellow on, blue off). In looking at the Properties one can select for LED Behavior, there are 3 options: FOLLOW CONNECTION, PUSH/RELEASE, and PROGRAMMED. I typically have used PROGRAMMED and then use a macro to change button colors which seems to be the easiest way I have found. However, I'm wondering if the FOLLOW CONNECTION would be more efficient. I assume this has to be changed in Composer Express or Pro to link it to a specific "load"? Any ideas on the best way to use this LED Behavior setting?
  24. Does anyone know of a temperature which will read high water temperatures? I need this for a wood fired heatimg system. The water accumulator (thermal store) typically ranges from 50˚C (122F) to 90˚C (194˚F). This is very high for a heating system and is out of the range of most water temperature sensors. I would like this to report on my C4 touch screens and also trigger actions (e.g if the water temperature drops below 55˚C, switch the oild boiler on).
  25. Ok, I had to reset controller, update it to 2.10.5 and reload the project gain! Pain but fixed the problem, 35 mins work and a total site down, keeps u on ur toes ...
  26. All drivers are updated, it’s only TuneIn ... Anyways, when I refreshed the drivers side the TuneIn Icon had a question mark on it? So I will see if I can reinstall composer again to fix this issue ...
  27. Ok, this has to do with your device itself, try to update it without replacing the restore image and see if it will update ...
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