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  2. Hi all, just received this quote from my dealer to start off my audio set up. Seem's a bit pricey although i think the speakers are not a bad price. Any thoughts guys?
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  4. It's the network like 90% of the time. That's the whole reason control4 bought pakedge and started a dealer network training and certification
  5. Check out VSSL.. 6 zone amp with airplay, google cast and spotify connect built into every zone. http://vssl.com
  6. alanchow

    Fixing an HC-250 (Experimental)

    You can do a factory restore on it using the pin hole in the back. Note that this clears EVERYTHING. Project, firmware, etc. Do not use this if you want a network reset.
  7. To break up the cacophony of C4 hate/pain on this thread, I would just like to say that at least one comment on here made me realize that I had an unrelated issue unaddressed via C4 customer support. @Derrick Cain from C4 responded promptly on here when I brought it up, called me directly a few minutes afterwards, investigated my issue and gave me some solid recs as to how to address it (for the regulars on here...it was the network! haha). My dealer had been giving me non-answers for 3 solid weeks. @Derrick Cain/C4 stepped in and really helped my situation. Just something to show that C4 does care about it's end-users. I was certainly appreciative of it today.
  8. In a similar story... I am SO ANGRY! That VCR I bought a while back no longer has movies made for it! So now are you telling me I have to upgrade after paying for this thing? In a similar story... I am SO ANGRY! My accounting software is 3 years old. Now it won't work with my online banking without updating it? So now are you telling me I HAVE to upgrade after already paying for a previous version??? YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!
  9. I know it doesn't help to hear this, but the 'push' of the certificate update went out today, the ComposerHE application is targeted to be released tomorrow. Again, I'll give the disclaimer: assuming things go to the current plan. As anyone who develops software should know, releasing software outside of the 'normal' release channels takes longer and is more difficult, and this "release" definitely fits in that category. Sorry. RyanE
  10. I just tested this again and it definately works.
  11. Hi Alan just tried it and it didn’t work.
  12. dnwilner

    Weather Stations

    Hey, digitaltrader, any update on the weatherflow? It looks perfect for my application. Any luck getting it integrated into c4?
  13. slevittmd

    Motorized shades wiring

    TL:DR: Can the Cat5 cable that was pre-wired through my house to power motorized blinds actuall handle the load? When my house was built recently, it was prewired for just about everything, including motorized shades. I trusted my dealer at the time and didn’t ask maybe as many questions as I should have. It appears that they pre-wired all the location for motorized shades with Cat5 cable (I’m assuming, it’s a single cable with 8 smaller cables inside). Unfortunately, the people who I bought the shades from (local budget blinds dealer) also haven’t done this much, but assured me the Somfy motors would work well. They just installed them, but now have no idea how to hook them up. From what I understand, once the Somfy motors work with the Somfy MyLink, C4 integration is pretty easy. However, theyr’e currently installed, but not powered. The dealer said that hooking them up should be an electrician’s issue (which I disagree with). Will the Cat5 cable I currently have run be able to power these or did I get screwed? The motors are Sonesse 30 RTS.
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  15. We had some server issues which is now resolved. This should be working fine now.
  16. Iceman07

    HC-800 Broken?

    Hi there @Mjhill1234 i know this is a old thread but i would just like to know did you ever get this unit working? Or any possibility that you still got this unit laying around? I got a working HC-800 with a blown chip and if i can get a pic of the chips code and replace it maybe... just maybe i can get my unit 100% again.
  17. CFUG

    Thermos in one room

    ...or TEMPERATURE CONTROL binding is correct but TEMPERATURE is not. Either case, msgreenf is most likely correct.
  18. Don't see it happening. Control4 sells audio to sell automation.
  19. msgreenf

    Thermos in one room

    Sounds like the room level binding is wrong. Tied to the wrong tstat.
  20. Thank you @HRT for your feedback and suggestion. I'm in a middle of writing and testing the programs when HE went down and leaving for a holiday in few days.
  21. C4tune

    WTB DSC NEO W/ Ethernet Communicator

    Thank you for the info. Can someone who figured out composer pro (slowly albeit) figure out the dsc software? Is it available to public ? Is the transceiver only in the keypad? Is it a 4-wire that runs the keypad? Prob best not to use ethernet I assume.
  22. Have either of you actually contacted your dealer? My company has 100's of control4 systems out there, and 7 (just checked the dashboard) of them have purchased CHE. I know three that actively use it as they email me questions about programming from time to time. I was contacted by one of them today about the issue. I logged into his system and made his programming changes he requested as it was the right thing to do. I would imagine your dealer would also do this. For Zuhair, I know you mentioned you want to run some schedules and some other things that only you can do from CHE, but as pointed out these can be tied to experience buttons, keypad buttons, remote buttons, and on and on. Is there a reason why you dismissed him so bluntly? As a dealer with access to the software, I programmed my personal system in a way that would eliminate reasons to use composer as much as possible I would think as an end user you would want the same.
  23. drinking I`m OK for once - just well feed up. No Control4 App now no HE and Control4 Just sit on there hands giving us Bull On top of all that I get a email Message on this Forum saying Control4 are getting upset about talking about the intercom app on Twitter Looks like it not my week ??? Lucky for them I will be aware for few days, however a few of them days are North America
  24. This is why drinking and computers don't mix.
  25. thegreatheed

    Alexa - more than lights and stats?? 

    There's an updated FAQ here: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/alexa/frequently-asked-questions/english/latest/alexa-frequently-asked-questions-rev-e.pdf I think the major additions are locks, fans, transport controls, and video device selection.
  26. Dave w

    WTB DSC NEO W/ Ethernet Communicator

    Try these guys...several of us have had great results: https://www.alarmsystemstore.com/
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