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  2. I do when it stops sensing to start the timer (5 minutes in case there is a good pause or I take a quick phone call). And when the timer expires if the current source is the dot to turn the room off
  3. That is sounds like the right choice to me since Sonos connect amps don't have digital input so hauling it down to the rack in anything other than analog is a waste
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  5. If you have heos players in each room. no need for zone matrix amplifier if you want Heos Links for each source into the zone matrix for the rooms thats good too. that would allow you to pick which player played in what room or combinations of rooms Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. And actually, I have to add and share - I have 2 cousins that go to school there. They watched their friends and teachers, football coach be killed. They lost people they care about. They are physically ok but mentally hurt. I am sorry NO CONTROL4 PROBLEM EVER COMPARES TO THAT. EVER. EVER. EVER. EVER.
  7. Actually this is just down RIGHT offensive. Offensive to the innocent children that you reference in your post. The fact that you are even saying what you are saying is just BEYOND offensive. People were KILLED. BRUTALLY gunned down. And somehow you find someway to bring control4 into the conversation. Again, I can't even fathom that. It actually hurts my mind.
  8. This forum needs some rules and mods to enforce them imho
  9. This is just getting ridiculous and plain weird...
  10. ^ No need to over think it.... Simple really Control4 is rock solid and dependable in a world of tech chaos. The rest of the world certainly is not. W
  11. I just can't even fathom a post that ties control4, trump and school shooting together - that is just too much
  12. Cheers for that Gov'ner. W
  13. Wapp your posts are colourful, haphazardly flamboyant and totally ridiculous all in one. Some people like to let go with a strong drink or a night out, you like to post on here, and thats totally fine.
  14. UK wanted C4-AMP-108

    Bump in hope someone might have one
  15. Fave Programming Thingies

    My light switches all have different default on levels depending on the time of day. Tapping a second time turns the light to full, regardless of the preset level. If any window or door is left open for more than a few minutes, the heat is turned off. It returns to the previous level when the window or door is closed. Using HomeKit and Homebridge, I blended my Domoticz Zwave system with C4, passing state back and forth between the systems. This lets me control all kinds of Zwave devices using C4 and lets me talk to both systems using Siri. Say “Hey Siri, good night” and she shuts down the whole house, including devices in all three systems. That also lets me bridge things like having a camera that C4 doesn’t support arm and disarm itself when the C4-connected alarm arms. It also allows me to use HomeKit’s per-user geofencing to trigger events in C4 when we leave or arrive home. I also use Raspberry Pi’s as Airplay receivers which use HTTP callbacks to turn rooms on and off when I Airplay to them from iTunes or iOS. Then C4 can turn other equipment on and off as needed, even though it’s not managing the audio stream itself (because their Airplay implementation leaves much to be desired). Brendan
  16. Check your hikvision post I repplied, it may help with the network problems
  17. Go into Agents. Add/create a timer and name it Kitchen Echo Dot Timer. Set it to 5 seconds or a little more. Programming Event - Matrix Amp Input 2 starts sensing audio When audio starts being sensed on Audio Input 2 (echo dot) --> Select Echo Dot as the audio source in the Kitchen --> Stop Timer 'Kitchen Echo Dot Timer' Event - Matrix Amp Input 2 stops sensing audio When audio stops being sensed on Audio input 2 ? If Room Kitchen Selected Audio Device is Echo Dot Kitchen --> Start Timer 'Kitchen Echo Dot Timer' Scroll down to the bottom and find the Timer you created When timer 'Kitchen Echo Dot Timer' expires -> Turn off Kitchen They key thing here is the expiring of the timer is what executes the action. This is basically "occupancy timer" programming.
  18. You know all is now good and I am at peace with the world... Control4 is a rock solid platform even under extreme stress with my network being pulled down at random over recent weeks by some weird sh!te going on with Sony Android TV's and Unifi WAP's the Control platform hung in there on the network until the last straw ...it was pretty much the last thing to go down sending out prowl messages until it died... What makes it so good is just that. The Lua and the Linux and the Zigbee mesh is just that little bit different from the run of the mill sh!te that can be hacked and taken down so credit where credit is due: it is as a rock solid backbone as you will ever get IMHO... But it sure is a crazy world out there with young youths as high as kites shootin kids and crapped out loonies harassing people and Kim's with Nukes, and Hollywood and Catholic priest perverts and all the other carry on with Trump and the FBI and Russians and BTC out there! SO ROCK ON CONTROL4... Stay positive ya'll and be grateful for what we have - our health, our loving families, a robust sense of humour, a sceptical approach to all the HDMI/HDCP and 4K shinanigans, and an ever questioning mind. ROCK ON C4 and happy HA everyone! W
  19. You can't id apple TV with sddp that I am aware of Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  20. Thanks nawty - so I will not need to use the C4 4 zone matrix then? The X3400H looks good!
  21. OK I’ll keep that in mind thank you very much I’m new here and any advice you can give me is much appreciated.Us Chris’s got to stick together.
  22. oh i'm not either! that is actually quite unfortunate, it would really piss me off if it happened to me. i generally don't identify by SDDP though if i can set the IP address itself in connections or in the driver properties. this is especially true over subnets larger than /24, and then you need to ensure you've added other subnets into the "allowed subnets" list for the project. i don't know that i have worked with any SDDP-identified sony TVs, but for apple TV i always just use IP address and skip SDDP (i didnt even know they did SDDP actually).
  23. Christopher if you have any suggestions I would definitely love to hear them.I’m not being facetious maybe you’re doing something I’m not.
  24. Just in the past couple weeks I’ve had multiple problems using IP drivers SDDP for receivers mainly Sony and Apple TVs even if they’re on static IP address’s.
  25. can't say i agree with your points there. most manufacturers don't spend a lot of effort upgrading firmware of embedded network chipsets (hence lots of long-standing vulnerabilities around the world). that being said, you're correct that IR and RS232 controllers are virtually untouched. if a system is built properly with quality gear, then you shouldn't need to reset/restart devices to prevent them from running like garbage. i have UPS units and generators in tandem with load shedding to keep the systems in homes online when power fluctuates or goes out: purely for survivability.
  26. Which driver? Mine right now, I have them bound to toggle on press on a keypad button. So they don't do anything when I hold it down. I am using the stock (free) driver right now. I am thinking of getting the other driver.
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