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  2. Every thing is updated still crashes iPad - but phones are OK - software on iPad 9.3
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  4. New Apple 4K TV

    what is the neg of IP driver for this? Currently using gen 2 IR but bought new 4k and not sure if I should switch to IP.
  5. New Apple 4K TV

    I used the same ip driver for my existing ATV 3 and it works fine. You’ll just have to make sure you set the IP to static and re pair the remote using the action button.
  6. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Looking forward to trying this out! How is is this different than the older generic “shield” IR driver? Thanks!
  7. I am currently develop a thermostat driver use DriverEditor. Does anyone know how to change the main UI color based on the HVAC mode? For example, if current mode is heat, UI button should be orange; if current mode is cool, it should be blue. As showed in the Attachment
  8. Had a small scare at my house that kind of makes me want to integrate some home security into my system. This seems like something I haven't really gotten into at all yet and a little intimidating. Could anyone give me the basics when people mention alarm panels, window contact sensors and what not. I think I'll start with cameras, was looking at Ubiquiti (I have the cat cables ready in the attic) with Blue Iris and a NAS NVR. Looks like Amcrest is much cheaper and I see reviews you can't even read license plate numbers with Ubiquiti. Help me get started!
  9. Ip drivers available? Same as the old generation or updated for the next box? thanks
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  11. Havent seen anything but their stuff tends to have IFTTT capability so @alanchow's driver will get you some functionality out of the box
  12. Does anyone have any idea when all these will integrate with C4? Do they even have plans to talk to each other? Thanks
  13. Delete all that programming Instead on the right hand, got to the ROOM - click select video source and choose 'Theater Cable' Done. WHEN "Turn on Theater Cable" is received Select Theater Cable as the Theater Video Source What you're doing in that screenshot is bypassing the system in source selection, meaning the system has no way of knowing what you're doing.
  14. Keep C4 remote synced with Voice Scene

    Click on the theater room itself on the right and you can choose from the audio or video sources. Delete all the manual input stuff since c4 will turn the devices on and switch to the appropriate inputs as long as the dealer put in the proper bindings
  15. Thanks for responding. Here's a screenshot:
  16. A few questions for me as a user using the Domosapiens driver. 1) I see all of my sensors (Windows and doors) in my project and I see my water sensors and my carbon monoxide detectors. I have it programmed that I get 2 texts - a general alarm is activated text and then a notice of the zone(s) that are tripped/opened. Situation: The other night an A/C air handler leaked and the water luckily quickly got into one of my smoke detectors on the floor below (handler sits on the floor in the attic and right under was a smoke detector on another floor) so at 3:30am my alarm went off because the smoke got the water and I guess technically shorted out. I got the first text that the alarm went off but never got the follow up text about what zone was "open". Once the monitoring company called and said it was fire we did a check of the house, noticed no fire, and while going room to room saw some drops of water on the floor and figured it out. Question: In my project I do not see smoke detectors, so I could not program "if smoke detectors go off > send text to..." - make sense? Is something a deficiency with DSC/driver or just an oversight on my original installer and we just need to ID the smoke detectors into C4? Would have been nice that when the alarm went off at 330am and my phone is next to me I know exactly what is going on. 2) Is there a difference in alarm states between fire, burglar, etc? I have a line of code that should turn my TV on if it is between 10pm and 8am and put a screen shot of my cameras on the TV if the alarm goes off. I get the cameras on the TV via Videostorm. I've tested it, it works. When the fire alarm went off, the TV did not go on. Do I need to put that line of programming somewhere else? It currently resides in: Security System (how the driver is named) Panel (Partition 1 I guess where everything is) When AV Rack > Panel is in Alarm I have the "Alarm has been triggered" text there too and I got that text, so wondering why the Video Display did not show up. Any thoughts?
  17. Composer HE 2.9.0 Download Help

    And a dealer...
  18. I have a Doorbird and an announcement chime going through my Control4 8 zone matrix amp and there is a slight delay, but nowhere near a minute. Probably somewhere in the 5 second range. Not entirely sure if my installer put in a relay or not, but I've never had a huge delay issue so I would at least give it a shot and see how it works before you take more time/cost intensive measures. It's pretty easy (and free) to program an announcement for it in Composer HE (or maybe even When>>Then??) and see what your actual situation is first.
  19. Keep C4 remote synced with Voice Scene

    Can you upload a screenshot? I am assuming you are turning the tv on and putting it on a particular input instead of going to the room itself and selecting a source. If so, control4 does not know you are trying to engage that source so the remote is not reflecting it is active in the room
  20. Hello, I've recently programmed a few voice scenes for my A/V system using Alexa. However, I can't keep the C4 remote synced to whatever I've activated through voice scene programming. If I want to use the remote, I have to push the same buttons as if I've not used the voice control. Does anyone know what programming I can do to keep the remote synced to whatever voice commands I've used? Thanks!
  21. Different light levels at night

    If it's individual, single LOADS that they are triggering, you can program a schedule to change the default on levels using the the PRESET_LEVEL variable. This will mean that a single button push will take it to that % - press and hold can force it past the preset level. This wouldn't work if the buttons are triggering scenes though as scenes set the level directly. Alternatively you can also program the MAX ON level on a schedule - this will BLOCK the light from going higher completely however- so if you set it to 50%, it will NOT go above that no matter what. That said, you COULD change the max on level for multiple lights in a scene and maintain the button binding.
  22. Composer HE 2.9.0 Download Help

    You cannot register a controller using ComposerHE (or update a system for that matter) AFAIK. If you could, having composer 2.10 wouldn't actually matter - as it's not a blocked system change. The problem here is likely that your old controller WAS on 2.10, and registered, so your account reflects that, until THIS controller is registered. In short - Pro is needed.
  23. How to program an entry scene

    Note that when using security systems, depending on the system and/or driver - the 'armed' state may not be reported until the entry/exit delay is finished (which would make it useless for the scenario described).
  24. Best way to play doorbell sound?

    This is ONLY if you're using power amps - and note that a lot of the delay has been removed in 2.10 (provided you have advanced audio enabled). For the power amps, there is a trigger switch and a contact and relay connection. This is used to have full control and feedback using the system to directly control the amps shutting off (removing the delay for the amp to first sense a steady signal). You can force the amps permanently on by instead of wiring the the terminals to an actual relay, wire the the +5v to IN directly. Note that this is NOT a (control4) recommended way of doing it. Mind you, even if there's a delay- even a delay is better than NOT hearing it.
  25. Best way to play doorbell sound?

    This intrigues me, but not being that much of an electrical engineer. How do I put a jumper and where? Just run wire from where to where? :-)
  26. LMK if anyone has any knowledge about Araknis networking gear. I am having an issue and I am sure it is in the network configuration with the system. So far no one has been able to help. thanks!
  27. what resolution are your camera streams?
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