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    Issues with Amcrest Drivers

    Many thanks for your prompt reply and quick help, your driver saved me throusands of dollars using Amcrest’s instead of many other brands ...
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    Matt Lowe

    Amazon Echo

    there was a driver out there that did not require 4sight but i think amazon killed that functionality. theres more to 4sight. you get the voice access to your system remote. email and push notfications, intercom anywhere, cloud backups on a schedule, and they are always adding more all the time. for less than $10 bucks a month its not that bad.
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    Remote Programming Services.

    Matt is right, I would just get a new EA controller and cut your losses. The new controllers have better performance and more bells and whistles anyway.
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    Comcast/Xfinity IP control

    Note that the driver ONLY controls the specified boxes - in other words not the little 'slave' boxes
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    I think I found the problem with my setup. I believe I have tracked it down to a faulty switch, I believe it has something to do with it's ARP table which explains why it couldn't find a DLNA server on the same device. Thanks @neil12011 for your help!
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    Matt Lowe

    HC300 SSL Error upon Registration

    its online from the dealer portal
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    2 TVs in one room

    You need separate rooms or use the video wall driver from control4 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    South Africa C4 user

    am i just nuts?

    Possible: yes? Nuts: who am I to judge! Done before: Not that I’ve heard of.
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    Neeo Remote for Pro Channel

    Yes, I did have a chance to play with it at CEDIA. It's possibly the most inane remote design I have ever seen. Yes, it does interface with Control4, BUT, there aren't nearly enough hard buttons. No, pause, no play etc. You might as well use your Smartphone.
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    42-45'' Native driver IP controlled TV

    Samsung NU7100 series works well with the C4 Samsung IP driver. I just put a 50" in my basement last month. There's a 40" and 43" available in the series.
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    Issues with Amcrest Drivers

    well i stand corrected. you are 100% correct. I am sorry. here is the new version - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4rupiv5grf3yjdp/amcrest.zip?dl=0 Houselogix is failing to allow me to upload it. NOTE: Before updating make sure you have your license key. Your license key will be erased during the update.
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    What OS are you on? There was a problem a couple of versions back so you probably want to be on OS2.10.2 or later.
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    One of the coolest things that we did recently was to enable Airplay on Control 4. Setup some standard speakers and volumes and then on your phone, or a visitors phone, or your wifes phone simply play ANYTHING you want - pandora, ANYTHING and swipe up on your apple phone and send it to Airplay. TA DA - you are playing from your phone or your friends phone directly through your house. Just too cool. Bill
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    i know, but for moment then check wat is the problem make this reboot program…..
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    Cheap TV

    FYI here is what I did and it works flawless. I took the TCL driver I found on this site and used the standard Roku driver. The TCL driver had 4 HDMI ports but the TV only has 3. Since the Roku is built into the tv I bound it to HDMI4. The problem with this is it would not direct app launch because it was still receiving IR commands to go to input 4 which did not exist. I then went into driver works and deleted the IR code for HDMI 4. Now everything seems to work as it should. Dont know if this is the correct way but it works. The TVs are dirt cheap. After I run it this way if it stays solid I will defiantly use these TVs for random places that are not main tv watching places. For 120 bucks for a 32 inch tv you can put these places you normally would not. I will have more in control 4 hardware to control them then the TV. I have a card access zibee to IR on the way. Dont get me wrong I would love for someone to make a 2 way ip driver and I would pay for it but for now this seems to work. Thanks for all of the help. I did not post the driver as I did not make it but a quick search and it should show up.
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    Thanks for the advice! So far the Infuse Pro app is the easiest and best thing I've ever done with my Control4 system. It's too bad C4 wasn't able to make their own media player work better years ago...
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    Comcast/Xfinity IP control

    I saw a post on Reddit stating the X1 IP driver was out. Has anyone tried the Xfinity X1 IP driver that was released 9/20/18?
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    I have the same issue with it not knowing the state on a reboot, and then if there has been a power cut a ring from home asking why the stupid system is not working.. My work-arounds included: Binding the keypad to the toggle on the garage door rather than open or close commands Initially I started using programming with select rather than open / close - although changed for some reason and I can't remember why If I wanted to open the gate checking to see the state was not open, then open it (captures unknown state) for the garage door set a variable that changed whenever the state of the experience button changed, and then on the project loading set the experience button state to that variable for the gate at project loading I set the gate state to "Closed" because the gate is normally closed, and if its open its because someone is home and locked the gate open and so will be able to close the gate using a keypad etc if in fact the gate is open The last one seems intuitively right but I have not tested for a while as I have not had reason to reboot the system and don't want too until I have too. Off-topic, might be an interesting game of rugby this weekend ....
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    Lutron or C4 for lighting

    I’m mixing. C4 lights. Somfy shades. I like the multi tap feature and increases zigbee coverage with c4 lighting.
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    End of Support HC300

    That is exactly what that means. The 300 can not go past 2.9.1. If you need another controller for something, grab a HC250 from eBay cheap. Or get a EA-1.
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    Recently I switched to a dedicated sonos per floor of the house. Each navigator only has the sonos for its floor. So I am not really using the matrix portion of the switch so much anymore. I turned autosensing on in the amp. Now when I start the sonos with the sonos app, the amp turns the speakers on the main listening room on the floor on. I sometimes use Control4 zones to turn on other rooms (like backyard or kitchen).
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    Room Temperature Monitoring

    Add the temperature display driver.
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    South Africa C4 user


    Definitely worth you getting HE then. With HE you can program anything your dealer can. The only thing you really cannot do is add devices or drivers.
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    Yea with 75 bulbs you will do like an "all on" and like 71/75 bulbs will work just fine, Then there will be 4 that don't change colors, then you have to reconfigure them and reprogramming them and the hue device ID will change. Then 3 months later you go to do an all on and like 73/75 bulbs will turn on and change colors, and the two that didn't change colors will be completely different from last time. So then your re configuring them and reprogramming things. If you only have a few bulbs locally in a room it would likely be perfect. 75 bulbs installed outdoors wrapped around the soffit of a 10, 000 sq ft mansion all changing colors automatically. Halloween = Orange, Birthday = Blue, St Pattys = Green. Probably not the best idea looking back on it now. Then the customer will come home on Halloween and only 72/75 bulbs will be orange. and the 3 that aren't the right color stock out like a sore thumb. So frustating. Espcially when you need an extension ladder just to climb up and try and service them... I dunno I would likely try DMX if I had to do something like that again. If speccing/selling Hue just set the expectations that it probably wont be perfect. Especially on large installs.
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    RGBW Lights

    Stop using lighting that requires wifi or proprietary wireless protocols then?? DMX is the way to go for LV lighting. They also have wireless DMX decoders for the areas you can't get cabling to.