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    2.10 Considerations

    First, I want to say that his thread is intended for use as information on the new requirements for 2.10 and is not intended to discuss it’s new features or their merit, other than listing any relevant features themselves. As such please refrain from such discussions or arguments on this thread – to keep this one ‘clean’ for information purposes. Should you see any errors or missing info on here, feel free to mention it and I will update the main article. Chances are I'll add items on here as more of the smaller details get clear. The new operating version 2.10 comes with numerous limitations on hardware, so consider if it’s worth it to update – but also take these limitations into account if you’re buying older hardware from this point on. Controllers: ALL controllers older than the HC250/800 will now need to be REMOVED to go to 2.10 In other words, only HC250, HC800, EA-1, EA-3 and EA-5 can be in the system – all of them can RUN a system, but note that the HC250 cannot handle Spotify Connect (if running as a director). The arguable exception is the I/O Extender ‘controllers’ as both V1 and V2 are fully supported, HOWEVER they will operate on a release version of 2.9.1, though that has no impact on their function. Note that these I/O units may well get updated later on if/as required. Touchscreens/doorstation: All touchscreens will continue to be supported, albeit with limitations. T3 screens will update fully (and gain all new features). V2 screens (wall and portable) will update to a terminal release of 2.9.1 and will not have all the new features. The screen MUST be using the newer (as in introduced several versions ago to replace the old intercom agent driver) communication agent driver or will block the update. IE screens (5” and 7” both revisions) will update to a terminal release of 2.9.1 and will not have all the new features – and will not have a functional intercom ability. The screen MUST be using the newer (as in introduced several versions ago to replace the old intercom agent driver) communication agent driver or will block the update. The older doorstation will remain functioning, albeit on a terminal release of 2.9.1, and needs to run the newer communication agent driver - the newer unit fully updates to 2.10 Speakerpoint: The speakerpoint will remain supported under it’s existing terminal release version of 2.5.3. However UNLESS it’s used in local amp mode (ie loses it’s ability to stream music) it will block the system from using the advanced audio option. This is nothing new as such, but advanced audio is a requirement for the new Advanced Announcement option to work. Lighting: Don’t worry – all old lighting is fully supported. However as before, the new features for lighting will only apply to the current ‘gen3’ lighting. Software/Driver: -Spotify Connect will NOT be available if an HC250 is running director -iHeart Radio is only certified for the USA -Please note that if you are using 4Store drivers (including but not limited to StartHere, QuickControl and VideoWall) these will no longer work in 2.10 -MyQ Houselogix driver, and possibly other drivers that call to remote services, may experience issues in 2.10, the extend is unclear at this time - this appears due to changes in the underlying system and should be fixed via driver updates -The native Media Scan option will not populate cover art at this time - under investigation. Minor Considerations: -Advanced Announcements Just note that the new options will not automatically 'activate' and that you'll have to go in and set things yourself/your dealer will have to. Also note that only T3 screens can ‘ring’ and that it requires Advanced Audio to be running to work. Note that the speed increase should happen by itself, provided you have Advanced Audio running already, but that any programming to work with the existing delay, volume transitions etc will need to be manually removed. -Panelised Lighting now have auto on/off Just keep in mind that if you activate this feature that existing programming to mimick this may need to be removed -Changes to Advanced Lighting Scenes The change means a MUCH higher limit in the number of scenes (4096 vs 256) but it DOES mean there is now a limit of 10 actions per light (that said, there are no known cases of someone using even 10)
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    annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver - FREE

    In light of our recent conversations at CEDIA we are making this driver FREE. This driver is fully supported by us, will get updates if needed, for features and or bugs. After talking to dealers that have bought other drivers and tried ours the only downside was having to pay for a driver again. Well now you don't have to!!!! We have spoke with Doorbird and as our driver is made to an open API we are fully able to promote our driver, and it's our responsibility to support our product just as any other built to their API. Pair our Doorbird driver with our LG driver for awesome no fuss on screen notifications. No other drivers do this! Enjoy happy CEDIA. We will keep giving you more for less!
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    Matt Lowe

    Give me your ideas.

    Looking to gauge interest in doing a series of how to videos for composer Home edition. I am looking to format the videos around dispelling myths and misconceptions of what can and cant be done, with a completed control 4 project. I want to keep these videos entertaining short and to the point regarding, programming, drivers, and overall automation of the project. So what I would like to know, does any one care or want this type of content? Secondly what topics would you like me to cover? So let me have it!
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    Dave w

    Controversial Topic

    If you can't afford a full blown system I'll let you in on a trick I used to get my whole house automated for free courtesy of C4.... instead of buying a system I invested the equivalent amount into C4 stock last year when the new systems were announced. 9 months later the stock price has now nearly tripled. Which also seems to indicate that their business model is working, as frustrating as it is for DIY types like ourselves.
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    Gary Leeds UK

    Controversial Topic

    More chance of me having a nite out Gwyneth Paltrow
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    Give me your ideas.

    Just kind of rambling here. Things I've run across or wish I'd known earlier (although I admit I didn't read all the docs first). May or may not fit in your vision, or might trigger some ideas: Best practices. Right time and place to use Macros. Naming conventions to make your life easier. Logging. Organization. Things to have your dealer do (like clean up rooms/names and locations of drivers like you did for me) - make it easier for owner to continue with HE. Scripting/debugging tips. SNMP use. How to find out if you "got here" in code (flash LED or log). Highly recommended additional drivers for the do-it-yourselfer (i.e. "how to own your system"): Renamer, Variable Manipulator, Event Logging. More advanced: Advanced Announcements, IFTTT. Advanced Lighting Scenes. In particular, proper use of tracking. Light device tweaking. Getting the most from your bulb - properly setting Cold Start and Minimum. Getting the most from your buttons. When to use press/release vs. tap. Best practices for combining that with a double or triple tap. Using timers for a long-press (really easy and handy). Some of the tweaks @South Africa C4 user talks about where you combine press and tap with some careful ramp rates. Some "gotchas". Forgetting to refresh nav. Not realizing there's more stuff on the screen (usually scrolled off the edge at the bottom of actions). Certain documentation you should keep for yourself (so you don't forget important things about your variables, macros, ... and get lost in your own project since you can't really add comments to script). Ask your dealer for a dump of your code (and bindings).
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    CEDIA 2017

    Preview of what we're showing at CEDIA: https://youtu.be/6e8mj7r7V60 Keep it hush-hush!!!!! RyanE
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    Super excited about this. We launched this today. Works on OS 2.9.0 and above. For now here is a demo of our generic scheduler we built for the T3 and the CEpro exclusive on it. Will add the usual forum post based announcements later on when i get into the office. http://www.cepro.com/article/control4_custom_buttons_scheduling_webview_drivers_for_home_automation
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    Greenfield Solutions not CEDIA Sale

    Not going to Cedia like most of us? No problem! The Greenfield Solutions sale is open to all! 50% off all drivers purchased from Blackwire until 9/9/17. Just message me or email me for a code! A quick chat about what you are looking to do and a code is yours.
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    Wow guys! I don't know the history here (and don't really want to!). Personally I love this forum and don't think that the direction this particular thread has taken is doing anyone much good. Apart possibly from those who get the free Beer and Steaks... wish I was going to be at CEDIA. As an end user, I have drivers from all the major players (and some of the minor ones) that participate on this forum and from other developers that don't and I appreciate the support that I get from all of you. The one exception is Annex4 whom I have not yet bought a driver from but I look forward to doing so soon (and am sure their support will be first rate also). Reading this thread and the older one posted by Alan, all I can say is that I have little doubt that all parties are in the wrong in some regards (and in the right in others). And two wrongs don't make a right... Maybe we should all take a breather... hold back on posting negatively on this particular topic. Turn the passion to what matters... That all said, competition is good guys, I am all for all of you writing better drivers, competing drivers and lowering the price. I'm in! And finally, thank you to all of you who do develop these great drivers (Alan, Blackwire, Mitch, Domosapiens, Annex4, Epic etc. etc.). In many cases it is your drivers that make our systems great. Keep them coming!
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    I'll be at Cedia, though I have no quarrel here, I did see something about free beers? You had me at free beers. Please put me down for free beers.
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    First of all, stay away from while statements Second of all, stay away from while statements. Third, a while statement needs other info to be buried to work same as IF statements. Fourth as Sonic said, just program at a room level: WHEN CURRENT VOLUME CHANGES IF safety is on IF CURRENT VOLUME is HIGHER THAN xxx set CURRENT VOLUME TO xx Fifth - stay away from WHILE statements Sixth - don't use WHILE statements
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    Give me your ideas.

    Hell i would tune in. I just like to see individual peoples programing style because each persons process is different and can have limitations per scenario.
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    New press release from control4 http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170831006021/en/Samsung-Integrates-Control4-SDDP-Technology-2017-4K
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    Control4 3.0

    I can unequivocally say your Control4 installer is not "in the know".
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    CEDIA 2017

    4 stands now:)
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    I'm making a few more changes I consider core functionality. After that I'll start releasing beta builds so people can get their hands on it and suggest features. Today I wrapped up grid view for movies and added a detail screen to show some movie information much like "My Movies".
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    Tomorrow at 10 am EST we will be starting a livestream for some driver development, during this time you're free to ask us any questions or bring up any concerns you may have for any of our products. Based on the current poll results we will be developing a Kodi driver Saturday and Sunday, if we're unable to complete the driver over the course of the weekend we will wrap it up some short time later. You can catch us when we go live at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ajt469HZVw
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    Kevin L

    New user doesn't want 4sight

    Man some of you guys are so angry. C4 had to moved services over. 4sight was down for a short amount of time. Dealers were all notified of the maintenance window. C4 isnt going to alert every single customer who has a system. $100 a year for automatic secure access to your home is nothing. Its cheaper than pretty much any service you already pay for and this one ensures your home can only be accessed remotely in a safe manner. Port forwarding is very very very very very very very very STUPID!!! If you port forward you deserve anything bad that happens to your system. Pay the money and simply touch the C4 icon on your phone and watch it connect to your home Dont pay the money and setup a vpn then open the vpn app or setting on the phone, connect to it, then load the c4 app and wait and use it. One method is super quick and easy the other at least keeps the security but the experience is not great. ,
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    Dave w

    Controversial Topic

    I think the most messed up part with the current dealer model is many dealers allow untrained self-taught technicians/employees who really have zero programming experience to use their credentials for Pro. I've come across several who had pretty much no idea what they were doing beyond dragging and dropping some drivers and creating bindings. You could tell they never went through any training and were using their bosses login. The lutron RA2 model is the best. Same outcome more flexibility.
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    Why do we all put up with this BS?

    Everyone, tell all you know to stop copying movies, stop downloading movies and illegally streaming movies. Once everyone stops doing that and starts paying for movies, we can talk to the movie companies and tell them - hey we are all no longer pirating, so let's spread the cost out across people better, lowering everyone's cost and let go of all the security in place. That'll work right
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    New App and 2.10

    I know many complain (me too sometimes) but I have to say with the release of 2.10 and the new App (iOS) everything is faster especially cameras. Good Work C4!
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    SiriusXM does require 2.10. I believe it should work with HC800s as well as EA Series controllers. Sadly, native Spotify support is unlikely, unless Spotify changes *their* policies. RyanE
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    I reported that a few users were unable to connect to When>>Then through the customer account page. I'll see what our web services reports back. In the meantime, there is a local way to connect to When>>Then. Use the local IP address of your Control4 Director in a browser (certificate warning may appear). As long as you're local you can retrieve the GUI, and login with the primary login credentials. You'll see When>>Then as an option. Dealers can also refer to KB 2103 (same information). See if that allows you to connect.
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    Matt Lowe

    OS 2.10 Features

    Why force control4 to not continue to innovate and bring us new features and drivers. There is a lot of process that happen in the background. writing code to make the older controllers to act like an io extender is a waste of time imo as they already have extender and would take away from them bring new features. I sympathize for you it does suck have to remove them if you have a bunch. On the bright side they brought even more options for io in the form of ZIO2 Zigbee contact Zigbe2ir TriadOne Amp IO and IOV2 and there are several third party. and technically you've been warned since 2.6 that the older hc controllers were no longer supported so it was a tick time bomb, it sucks but rejoice in all the new features they continue bringing to the table.
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    OS 2.10 Features

    Less than a year actually, so nice try
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    OS 2.10 Features

    Still selling those same crappy outlet switches/dimmers!
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    OS 2.10 Features

    My cameras are MUCH better with the new iOS app.
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    C4 Keypads Button Question

    You can loosen the screws slightly, and press the metal shield further out to the sides. It's usually not the screw itself, but the metal RF shielding that's more at issue. This is a something that was identified and fixed in current models, but you'll still occasionally find even new keypads that need adjustment. Once you slide the metal shielding over a bit, it should loosen up. I think there's a dealer knowledgebase post about it, that basically says this. I had to adjust one just yesterday, setting up the booth for CEDIA, but don't have to do it very often. It's a bit more difficult to put the button on closest to the screw, but the buttons shouldn't bind when the shield is adjusted as mentioned above. Sorry you're having issues with it. RyanE
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    Make C4 Great again!!!!

    The driver is actually paid for by VSSL and will be shown on their stand which is across from Control4 stand at CEDIA Expo. I don't quite know the MSRP cost to be honest. They just sent me the thing and told me to do my magic.
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    Sonos still best for multi-room?

    We had sonos and bagged it when it became clear the functionality with control4 was becoming cumbersome (esp given issues with spotify). We now using C4 native audio w Pandora and Tidal and couldn't be happier.
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    Win10- login issue

    Make sure your network is set to a private network.
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    Awesome work! I'm excited to check this out. I use the other Kodi driver on a daily basis. Grid view is much more user friendly for the Kiddo's. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Native Alexa troubles

    Now that you're controller is 100% registered again, you will also be able to get your dealer to successfully update the director os when a new version is available.
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    I just wanted to thank everyone that came to watch the live-stream. We'll be adding playlist/queue support, transport actions, more notifications and a bunch of other stuff to the media service proxy tomorrow. I'll be going live at 10 am EST once again.
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    CEDIA 2017

    You are both exactly right. RyanE
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    Public Shoutout To Sonic30101

    I just wanted to throw a public shout out to @Sonic30101 for all of his help offline today to try to get my devices working again with my C4 system. While we were not successful, it was not for lack of trying and I greatly appreciate taking that much time out of his day to assist. This is a great forum with great people and I am proud to be a part of it!!!
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    Tied up all day today, but will try again tomorrow when I am home all day. I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You for your assistance & patience in dealing with this technically challenged idiot. I'm sure any one of you could spot & fix the problem in 5 mins if you didn't have me as a go through!
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    annex⁴ - Universal Camera Driver

    There's more history there but sure.. I'm sure that is what it looks like. TBH I dont understand why most of these Annex^4 posts aren't over at the Official C4 Dealer forums. This public forum feels like an inappropriate place for some of them which is probably rubbing some of dealers/devs the wrong way. In any event.. more drivers less drama. Moving on.
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    this is literally the myq web page.. so it will control the gates as well as the doors
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    Jed Peters

    Control4 Matrix Switches

    If you look on avsforums.com, you will see that the monoprice slimrun cables are undisputed as the best to pass 4k up to 100’.
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    Identity agent, not access agent.
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    MicroBot Push (2nd Generation)

    I sent them an email asking for API if any.
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    Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    It is not currently working, confirmed.
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    Spotify integration

    Ahh Geez. I just googled "what is a CEDIA" and realized I should have booked the week off and headed over to San Diego!
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    Sonos still best for multi-room?

    I use sonos connect because the playlist feature through C4 app is flawless, at least in my setup. And then I use the sonos native app for all the other features. It's an extra step but for functionality it's worth it. I still use a WMB as a secondary source. I also have a fusion research dual output that works nicely. I really like the fusion research equipment. A little pricey but solid. I'm not sold on the shairbridge option.
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    Control4 3.0

    based on what comparison?
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    Energy Monitoring

    I use a vera z-wave controller. Created a virtual switch in its interface that is turned on and off when the wattage goes above and below a certain wattage and C4 can be programed to beep the remotes and send a push notification when the switch turns off to the person who is home using the vera geolocation as well. Also used some of @alanchow's experience buttons to show when the washer and dryer are running https://www.chowmainsoft.com/experience-button-suite
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    Eero Router

    If you are using Ubiquiti for WiFi why wouldn't you use the Ubiquiti router, which is cheaper and a better product then the ASUS routers you mention?