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    Chowmain 3 Year Anniversary Sale

    Hi guys, Sale Sale Sale. We're celebrating 3 years of business with a sale. Read more in the link below. http://eepurl.com/cAQWlT
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    Hello all, I am starting this thread with the hope that we as enthusiasts will have a place to share our small and large programming tips to help others with the want and need to program their systems. We all, as dealers and experienced programmers, seem to have our own programming style and even language sometimes. More to follow. Happy Automating!
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    If you need help utilise your TFM. Their job is to hold your hand for the first few jobs until you get the hang of things.
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    Cost of C4 Install

    It always starts with "just one room..."
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    Derrick Cain

    Driver Editor/Driverworks SDK

    Hi Nevets, Which number are you calling? Our number is (801) 523-3100. We're in office Monday-Friday 8a-5p MT and have a voicemail for after hours. Another way to contact us, is through our contact page below: https://www.control4.com/company/contact-us If you use the "I'm a current customer in need of support." that will email us and we will contact you via your preference. You can also direct message me through these forums.
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    Thank You c4Forums!

    Thank you guys for all your support as I start Greenfield Solutions! As way to give back to the community - I have made a coupon code that is good for 5 uses (aka the first 5 people to use it), can get 15% off any Greenfield Solutions Driver at Houselogix! If you are interested, call up your dealer and now is great time to buy! coupon: green15 https://www.houselogix.com/shop/greenfield-solutions
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    For those following along at home, the last beta driver is scheduled to expire the day after tomorrow (the 15th). I have put together an updated driver that is functional until April 1. Scary, but arbitrary date. This new version auto-detects the Clipsal drivers that some folks have used for "generic programming". It also should auto-detect a few new dimmers (as dimmers) and locks. Yes I still need to add thermostats and blinds. I also updated the driver so that it *will not* output duplicate names during configuration import. This was causing lots of confusion and the appliance to not be detected by HomeKit. I still need to update the firmware in the appliance to disallow duplicates, and your can still manually rename devices to be duplicates, but if you just import the config from the director, any duplicates in Composer will now be auto-renamed with "Device 2", "Device 3", etc. The latest driver is here -> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13324724/homebridge.c4z
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    Ring Pro w/ IFTTT vs Doorbird for C4

    Yup, went with Ring and more then happy. Don't need the video in C4, the new Ring driver is more suited for our lifestyle and gets done what we need. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's fine with me, although since the purpose of a beta is to help iron out issues I can't possibly see using just my own setup, I'd really like to figure out what was blocking Eddy's setup if possible. If not, having the unit in the hands of someone else who wants it and who will give me feedback is a valuable thing for me.
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    Advice for House setup with C4

    This really drives me nuts. 3 dealers and you end up here to get questions answered? This is why people hate their c4 systems. If you don't understand the pros/cons of what the dealer is trying to sell you because they didn't take the time to explain it that's a problem. Where do you live? I'd call more. Remember that dealers are ranked on sales volume not actual knowledge. First of all using Video distrobution (HDMI matrix) will required each tv to have a Control4 remote (please let me know if they quoted that) allows you to distribute multiple sources across any TV and allows you to not have a cable box for each location (especially lightly used areas) as well as other sources like I mentioned above. Also when that new gadget comes out, you plug it in one place and it's on all the tv's. Most matricies come with baluns, but who knows what those clowns quoted you so
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    https://www.houselogix.com/shop/unifi-nvr Have a UniFi NVR? Looking for a way to integrate it with Control4? Now is the time! This is a simple driver that supports H264 & snapshot. That means that it won't work display video on all Control4 interfaces as older non-EA series Navigators require MJPEG and the MyPC app require MJPEG. This will display video on mobile Navigators and newer EA series navigators. The UnifI API is VERY limited and not documented. If more capabilities become available, I will update to support them.
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    How are you using Digital Audio?

    Streaming is PART of digital audio distribution. Within C4, 'digital audio' also includes TuneIn, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, Pandora and Shairbridge (Airplay). In it's most basic use, remember that any native services are running on your main controller, and you may have multiple controllers outputting audio (to have more streams, to feed a local AVR). If you're talking about the digital inputs on a controller - with advanced audio especially - these can easily be used to digitize audio only sources (Sonos or other streaming 'receivers'). This then allows you to 1) distribute these to local controllers for use and 2) input several of these and not use up inputs into a matrix switch NEXT to controller outputs (in other words, allowing more available sources). Wether those functions are of value to you you'll have to judge for yourself.
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    Best driver for Outdoor Gate

    Use the right driver - there is a gate driver that has a relay AND a contact sensor connection.
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    Chowmain 3 Year Anniversary Sale

    Yes, via someone who IS a dealer
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    Make Sonos great again...
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    OS 2.9.1 out

    Don't you remember the survey they sent out asking about benefits of a lower priced controller and woul you be able to sell more for OSD? Maybe that's where I got the idea for it bein billed both ways. Im glad they made the IO look prettier. And if I ever use the PoE I'll eat the box it came in and post about it t here
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    3TVs and Audio zone in one area with a sports scene. In this example, I have four rooms created for a bar area. In this bar area there are three different TVs connected to a matrix. And an audio zone for the entire area. I created one room for the sound. And the room for each individual TV. The reason the sound has its own room is so that you can easily select the music you want without disturbing the video. The keypad has two "scene" buttons. Sports and music. When sports or music is held for more than 2 seconds, the room(area) turns off. The music button also has been programmed for three music channel presets by using the 1-2-3 tap programming built into composer. The led lights follow the state of the area to indicate whether the sports scene is active or not. In this scenario, if devices are on but not to correct scene specs, a tap on the sports button will force everything to reset to sports scene. This is also a common set up use for restaurants and pubs. Happy Automating!
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    Random sounds

    Here's how you could do this.
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    Matt Lowe

    Ring Events Driver for Control4 🔔

    Have had this now for almost a month and can say I love the c4 driver and the ring app. combined these have been so much more effective and responsive in finding out who is at the door. I have even been contemplating replace my wired cameras for stick up just due to the ease of use that the ring app provides. I just wish there was an option for 24/7 recording.
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    When garage door opens... -Start Timer When garage door closes... -Stop Timer When timer expires... -Send push notification You could also make it a repeating timer and get a push notification every 10 minutes the garage door is open.
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    UniFi Drivers Coming Soon - Ideas

    IP Camera Drivers would be awesome!
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    Greenfield Solutions Reolink Camera Driver

    And the reolink driver is released! https://www.houselogix.com/shop/reolink-camera
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    Chowmain - Hebcal Jewish Calendar Driver

    Chowmain - Hebcal Jewish Calendar driver for Control4 Many Jewish people who strictly observe Shabbat refrain from what turning electricity on or off during this period. They may also refrain from making adjustments to the intensity of electrical appliances. The Chowmain Hebcal driver for Control4 imports data from Hebcal.com. This driver helps by automating detection of Jewish holidays and your standard Shabbat (observed from a few minutes before sunset on Friday evening until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night). By firing these events it assists with notification of Candle lighting (18 minutes before sundown) and Havdalah (after the appearance of three stars in the sky) along with the automation of electronic devices during this period. Features Automatic detection the Control4 projects latitude, longitude and timezone information for automatic information gathering. Automatic daily update of information from Hebcal.com Automatic update of information from Hebcal.com when the system boots up. Variables for IS_HOLIDAY – Is there a holiday today (checks once at midnight every night) HOLIDAY_NAME – The title of the holiday today HOLIDAY_MEMO – The description of the holiday today IS_SHABBAT – Will fire when candle lighting starts and finish when Havdalah starts (including holidays not just Friday/Saturday). Events for Candle Lighting (property to execute event x minutes prior) Havdalah (property to execute event x minutes prior) Holiday Start – Fires at midnight of the day when there is a holiday Holiday Finish – Fires at midnight the day after the holiday finishes. FAQ Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?? Automate the electronics in the home so that no touch is required during special Jewish holidays and Shabbat. Combine with our Advanced Announcments driver for Control4 to announce what holiday it is through the speakers. Why do you only support OS 2.6 and above? OS 2.6 offers a superior security encryption algorithm and a new and improved driver format. We have decided to only utilise this new format to ensure that the integrity of this driver is not compremised and that we can provide the best dealer/user experience available. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary.
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    FYI, folks, I'm still here. Had to travel to NYC for a business meeting at my day job, so have been out of touch for a couple of days. I'm back now, so will be working to drive the C4 driver over the finish line and get it posted to HouseLogix and will be working to finalize the last couple of glitches in the appliance firmware.
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    StroTek LLC

    Cost of C4 Install

    Get the EA3 now.. it will save you on programming in the future when you want to upgrade.. and you have to switch from the EA1 to the EA3 as the master. Also how many lights are on the caseta system?
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    Multiple if statements...

    This is a simple 3 line script to make this work. Am I missing something? The OP had it right the first time, just needs to nest the lines.
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    Cost of C4 Install

    The EA3 is better suited if you plan on adding onto the system in the future.
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    Strong financial performance from control4

    This is my problem with and opinion of many cloud solutions: https://twitter.com/internetofshit/status/832267826698256384 Not ready for prime time, poor to no fallback functionality, and as a bonus, every time you want to control system A from system B, you get a free round trip or three to "the cloud", with additional latency each time. The cloud server could be in the US today, could be in India tomorrow. Not saying it won't ever get over those issues, but there's a lot of crap out there right now. RyanE
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    Strong financial performance from control4

    Google doesn't want to dominate home automation, Google wants to sell advertising through its channels. Google has no desire to make a ZigBee Access Point when it can make Google Home and simply interface with a ZAP.
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    What determines which controller runs Director?

    I'm not sure where the confusion lies. This is not an image update via USB, it is done via the network. You download the tool, run it, it scans the network for the device, you choose the device (IOx in this case) and point that device to a target OS. The lowest you can target IOx to is 253 and the highest...current OS.
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    Can I setup Control4 by myself?

    If setup right, you'll likely find you'll use it far more often than that.
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    EDS MyQ Driver Revival - AND FREE

    So the EDS driver isn't free any more? Makes the thread title what you Americans call an "alternate fact".
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    Integrating movie/music collection with C4

    Well yes, ANY driver is dealer installed. No - well I suppose it technically could, if that PC was also the file server, which I'd strongly recommend against. But I'm guessing you mean you have a database on your computer, unless it's MyMovies (see further down) and/or iTunes. Yes, and yes - but it may not be applicable. There's an iTunes driver, but it requires actual iTunes to work from, plus that doesn't import the music as such but assumes there is an external device that outputs the actual audio - so NOT a controller, plus is limited to ONE stream only. Note that the native scanning of music is better than movies, but not perfect and designed for 'cd' style libraries, and not 'single song' libraries This one is more complex. First of all, yes you need a hardware based external media player. As in - you NEED to have hardware to play it from. That said, there are 4 basic option available for you. 1) Basic Media player setup. C4 scans media and populates info, you edit as desired, and you have however many media players you want (DuneHD, Popcorn Hour are more or less the standard choices there) 2) Advanced Media player setup. 2.1) Involves having some form of server. Can be MyMovies on a PC or Server (the 'DIY' option) - uses (free) collection management driver - better media scanning than native C4, limits you to what media players to use (basically the ones mentioned above - they ARE good media players mind you) 2.2) Full 3rd party setup - Fusion, Kaleidascape. Pretty much set and forget, auto ripping, especially K-Scape very reliable. But expensive, may require paid driver. 3) PLEX setup. Requires a PLEX SERVER or NAS that has PLEX plugin, still need media players, ones that run PLEX well (Roku for example) Paid 3rd party driver, - gives you one database much like the above options (what that means is you browse one library even if you have multiple players) 4) KODI setup. Does NOT require a server like PLEX does, KODI runs on your media player. Downside over PLEX is that if you want multiple players, you need multiple drivers. GREAT if you have dedicated local players per TV, can get more cunfusing/messy if distributing one or two compared to the others. Still need media player, one that runs KODI (AndroidTV, Rooted is a popular option there) Requires 3rd part paid driver. Now there's 2 'other' options as well that I'll add: 5) Use iTunes and AppleTVs. Not enough experience to give you much feedback there, but I never had a great 'feel' for this option 6) Use ANY media player, and simply use the built in scanning/browsing options - certainly an option, but always felt rather 'old fashioned' to me. Not to say some built-in browsers aren't very well done. With what you mention, I'd say either 1) if you're willing to spend the time to setup you initial database, or 4) are likely the best fit (at least, easier and cheaper to go to). Note - any paid 3rd party driver will have to be bought by your dealer (and, yes, installed by your dealer). Small addition to that is that drivers are per SYSTEM - so only one needs to be purchased for KODI, even if you end up using multiple player (and thus drivers) Note that all 4 options (and the 2 added ones) have possible limitations on file types and functionality they support!!!
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    Engraved buttons different brightness

    Fair enough, but the question is still if it's the button, or the kepayd - if not a setting.
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    Ring Pro w/ IFTTT vs Doorbird for C4

    I also went with Ring Pro after reading negative reviews of the Doorbird integration. I have actions programmed off the button press and also off the motions (they work instantly using the Blackwire driver). I use the ring app for video as it just instantly pops up on my phone and works 100% of the time. Even if it could be piped into my TS and OSD there is no way it would provide the instantaneous reliability of Rings own app. I guess I'd like a future update just so I could look thru the camera using my TV, but pulling out my phone is NBD. Plug for my dealer... if anyone here is interested, Matt Lowe installed this for me remotely and did a fantastic job.
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    Experience Buttons

    I started doing this until I realized it was a duplication of effort. I deleted all the variables and just check/change the state directly with the specific experience. It made a lot of things simpler, though it was a lot of work because a lot of the on/off type experiences were dummy generic light switches (Chowmain driver). Now the things that don't make sense as "lights" are experience buttons under watch or listen or, for state variables I want to monitor or change, in a dummy room called System.
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    EDS MyQ Driver Revival - AND FREE

    Not sure this is the issue and it most likely is related to the recent API changes. I'd think if the account was disabled because of excessive API calls then the MyQ app would also be down. I finally started getting this same issue just about an hour ago but the MyQ app still works just fine
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Apple home kit

    Because I have a vested interest, even if search would turn it up...
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    Timer Experience button?

    Yup, and I can see a use for one that counts down in seconds as well. But this is so much more flexible than using the Wakeup agent.
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    OS 2.9.1 out

    I forget what it's actual name is, and no, unfortunately they're just drivers, there's no special 'agent UI' for DriverWorks drivers as of yet. Looks like the updated LED Wizard is just called 'LED Wizard' in the online database. The Light Timer is called 'Light/Fan Button Timer'. RyanE
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    Advice for House setup with C4

    You two are talking about different things. Bad: ALL or most zigbee dimmers/switches for the whole house/floor in one "closet". Poor mans panelized lighting. If you're a dealer doing this...I think you should lose your dealer privileges lol Not all that bad: A single room's zigbee dimmers/switches located WITHIN that room's closet. This is what Larry has... Not really an issue and yes it's a good way to reduce wall clutter.
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    Advice for House setup with C4

    You need more cable boxes. Forgo the matrix. hopefully you have coax/2 cat at each location
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    Time Warner to Spectrum

    Same boxes. Same codes. New marketing. Same crap Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    C4 Media Player File format

    Advice: Ditch the C4 media player and purchase a Dune Solo. The Dune will play just about anything you throw at it.
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    IFTTT ideas (and issues)

    We wouldn't want to make it easy to find out , gotta work for it!
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    I don't see that happening. To "officially" support HomeKit, you have to go through MFI certification and include a hardware encryption chip in your hardware. I sincerely doubt Control4 wants to deal with that, and it would mean that even IF they did, it would only work for future controller releases and wouldn't be available on any existing hardware. Also, even with Siri functionality coming to 3rd party devs in iOS 10, what's available to us doesn't include HomeKit grammars (since Apple expects users to interact with HomeKit via HomeKit), so I highly doubt that will ever be something the native C4 app can do. Now, certainly, I think Control4 should definitely expand its view on what "should" be in their native app. Force Touch menus, Control Center widgets, etc, should all be something they could easily build, but I think they're going with the "we must keep our apps consistent across platforms" line of thinking, which means the native apps will always only have the "least common denominator" for features. Sad, but I can at least get the logic of it. I don't actually use the C4 app for much anymore. I do everything through HomeKit and I'm much happier for it. The only time I pull up the C4 app is if I need to manage multimedia, like if I want to start Pandora playing back in my office, or choose a TuneIn station.
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    This is how I'd do it: Set the LED Behavior in every button to "Programmed" Set the Up/Down behavior to "Track Last Button" Create a macro to set all the LEDs in the keypad to off. (This is optional to make programming easier) In programming: When button 1 is pressed Execute macro LEDs off Set LED button 1 to Blue Do the same with the other buttons.
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    David Paxton

    Limit TV Usage

    the best way I found to do this was with We-MO outlets ( or C4 outlets if in the US) hook up to the Tv power outlets Set up events in the schedule agent for bed time or home work time When --> home work time is triggered --> toggle outlet power to Off when --> home work time over is triggered --> toggle outlet to power On I found this the best to way total stop the customers kids from bypassing C4 and manually turning on Tvs
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    Ecobee Controlled With C4

    It. Should just be a few minutes. You need. To look at the polling interval in the driver. It also sounds like you have an old version That change is a room level binding. Need pro. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    48 Port UNMANAGED Switch

    Yep, once you tie L3 into it across VLAN's its fine. I can certainly see the challenges if you are not familiar with enterprise networking gear. On a comical note I was at Magnolia awhile back renewing my 4sight as my guy was out of town, they asked me about my setup... when I got to networking he chuckled and said they wouldn't touch it with a ten foot poll. I guess not many customers have Aironet's, ASA's and Catalyst's running the backbone.