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    Chowmain Sales & Technical Support

    Dear C4forums Members, Let me start off by thanking everyone for supporting us throughout the years. It is thanks to you that our business has grown to what it is today.Chowmain Software & Apps is dedicated to providing dealers and consumers with the best experience for our drivers. Today we are announcing an exciting change to our business which will make it easier than ever to use Chowmain drivers.Effective immediately Chowmain Software & Apps will be handling all sales and technical support enquiries for our own drivers.We aim to provide the very best in customer satisfaction. With this change you will be able to get a better understanding of our drivers and get the highest level of support.FAQHow do i get support?Call us on +61 3 9028 6999 for support from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight time.Alternatively fill out our support request form for email support and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.Do you support XYZ driver?We develop a lot of drivers but not all drivers on the Houselogix marketplace are developed by us. Some are developed by Houselogix themselves or by another 3rd party developer.For a list of drivers that we develop and support please visit our website.Where do i buy my drivers from now?Our drivers are still being distributed on the Houselogix marketplace so licence purchases and licence management will still be handled via the marketplace.
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    Why is Lua used for Control4 driver programming

    Lua as a language is not as popular as a 'standalone' language as many others, but it's *much more popular* for the kind of things Control4 uses it for. Lua was never designed to be a standalone language, it was specifically designed to be embedded into other applications, to give applications an interpreter. Lua is: Small (important because you may have hundreds of DriverWorks drivers in a project) Fast (Embedded controllers are resource constrained, even big ones) Easy to embed and extend Simple to learn and hold in your head Efficient and Flexible data structures (Lua Tables). They can work as a stack, a queue, a table, a list, etc. Functional-programming available... Functions are first-class in Lua, and tail-call recursion 'just works'. The 3 languages I looked at when deciding on DriverWorks were JavaScript, Python, and Lua. JavaScript's big disadvantages are that it's fairly large, (used to be) very difficult to embed, and somewhat tied to a DOM. Some of that has changed a bit, but it's still not ideal. Python was not designed to be embedded, it's much better at embedding *other* things inside of it. Just like a Python. It's big advantage is that it is fully 'batteries included', but because of that, it's also very large. C/C++ derivatives were a non-starter because we wanted to get *away* from having version-specific compilation for drivers. I made the right choice then, and I stand by the choice, and if I were choosing again today, I'd still choose Lua. The same reasons makes Lua the *most commonly* embedded interpreter in the gaming industry. RyanE P.S. The only drawback to Lua that I could find is that they use the 'end' keyword...
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Besides houselogix

    I run Varietas Software and list my homebridge driver with them, but HL pretty much *never* provided support for my stuff, and I always maintain first-line support for my products when I can. It'd be nice to have a reasonably trained tier one service desk, but in my experience, there's nothing like the personal touch. If I'm flooded with support calls, that means I haven't done my primary job (delivering rock solid software). I try to make sure that *any* support call translates to improvements in the system so that further support for the same issue isn't needed. In the "real world" I know it doesn't always work that way, and there's always some level of support that's required.... but I feel I've done a fairly good job of keeping it to a minimum, in my case at least.
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    Inherited System

    Your home is "connected". It is not "automated". Switching between 6 different apps to control your home isn't automation, Control4 can solve that, but it does require a dealer. The media controller is very old and not compatible with current software and drivers, and drivers for your connected devices are probably not compatible with the OS that the media controller can run.
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    C4 for Kids

    kids aren't the problem. They figure stuff out. It is wives that are the problem.
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    New Driver: Battery Agent

    Now available: Battery Agent! Automatically monitor all battery devices in a Control4 project with automatic emails! Installs in a little as 2 minutes! Features: Monitors battery levels of Sr250, Sr260, Sr150, Card Access Equipment, Nyce Equipment, Kwikset, Yale, Black&Decker, Control4 thermostat, QMotion Shades, C&S (Dammit) Water Sensors. Has 'smart-notification' algorithm that will only notify the customer either in the morning, afternoon or evening of any low battery events. No more 'late-night' texts or alerts. Handles all the communication and event monitoring. Sends separate emails or text messages to a Service department or Customer. Support for Critical and Low Battery events Supports Cinegration Trial and Showroom License. Enjoy! https://www.houselogix.com/shop/battery-agent
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    Switching Integrators?

    Just to clarify, we don't need the login, that information should always be private. I'm sure you mean the name in the account. Actually, dealers shouldn't ask for any info at all. What you do is you select a dealer in your customer.control4.com portal. Once you select the dealer, he/she can access your system remotely. Once a customer sent me his actual login; which means username and password for his account. He didn't understand what he had to do. That's why I'm clarifying.
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    +1 Keys to a successful C4 system: 1. Spend money 2. Trust your dealer 3. Like your dealer 4. Be able to learn from your dealer 5. Spend more money 6. Program on your own 7. Spend more money because now you can program
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    Dude, don't wait 2 weeks for a some dealer and quit screwing around yourself because it's locked up and you will not make any more progress. Pay one of these guys $75-100 to log on to your system and tell you what you are working with. You could have $20k worth of automation gear or just a pile of trash. The only way to know 100% is to have a pro look at your system.
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    Varietas Software is pleased to announce the release of version 1.6 of our Homebridge driver. This new version supports thermostats. In addition, for those folks using either our network appliance hardware or our appliance OS image, we now support secured connections between the driver and the appliance. This prevents unauthorized tinkering with your home by outside parties. Version 1.6 is available for download now, along with the updated appliance firmware and homebridge plugin.
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    That would be a surreal piece of hardware Sent from my E6603 using Tapatalk
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    Instant Weather Forecast View...Solved

    Backstory...My wife and I are laying in bed for the night as she yells over at Alexa and asks for the Weather forecast for tomorrow. In typical Alexa form, Alexa responds with "I don't understand" blah blah blah...you know the drill. My wife looks over at me and says "I really wish I could just see what the forecast would be, that would make this so much easier". And thus my wheels start turning. Here's what I did. I bought the https://www.houselogix.com/shop/internet-weather-forecast driver so I could have access to all their variables, and programmed my light keypads to show accordingly. Simple and makes the wife happy. FYI - I keyed my colors off of TODAYS_ICON and TOMORROWS_ICON.
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    HTPC Build for Control4

    Oh my. I wouldn't recommend an HTPC at all, but setup a good NAS instead (personally I prefer FREENAS but lots of options are available - and stay away from 10TB (or other huge capacity) drives for that matter, but that is a discussion all on it's own). From there, the option would be to use either a dedicated media player like Dune, or possibly use KODI or PLEX on a compatible device for playback. Nothing against HTPCs as such, but they are just not the best (or easiest) choice within C4....
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    Greenfield Solutions Change in Support

    effective immediately Greenfield Solutions will be handling pre and post sales support directly in order to provide the best possible service to our customers! We will be standing up a ticketing system by end of week, but in the mean time please use the contact form for support. If you have any outstanding queries to HouseLogix, please resubmit them directly to us. Thank you for continued support during this transition that will enable us to provide the top notch support we strive to provide! Mitch Greenfield Sent from my Pixel C using Tapatalk
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    Matt Lowe

    Custom buttons on EVERY page

    With experience button you can have a form of a customized buttons with feed back
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    Video Matrix Input sources

    Consider this - ignoring the most rare cases, how many different things using the same source do you normally watch? ie how many cable channels, how many appleTVs etc. That would be the basis for starting to determine how many you need... Switch wise there are more options than 8 or 16, there are 10x10 and 12x12 out there, something you probably need to consider is that you need 12 outputs already. There's also Just Add Power and Videostorm NETplay, which are modular, allowing you to get 10 sources for 12 tvs now, and adding sources or tv's as time goes by.
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    Amazon Echo Show

    I am actively working with Arlo. Still waiting on api specs. Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
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    Sure. So is a house so you should never own a home. Just depends on what you want out of the system. Personally, I got a lot more than I thought I would and don't mind spending the money. Yes, it is a money pit but I enjoy it. :-)
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    You will be surprised at how much power you have with Composer Home Edition. I can do basically anything except add devices to my system but honestly it takes an hour for me to do what it takes my dealer 5 minutes so I let him do most of the programming for me. I use one of the dealers on here (who logs in remotely) and has done a phenomenal job for an extremely fair price. Reach out to Matt Lowe if you are interested in that route and I promise you will be happy. Don't let some con artist charge you thousands to fix an IP address. As far as closed system it has pluses and minuses... I could do anything if I had the software but these guys do it every day for a living, are fast, reasonably priced and just make it work without you having to spend tons of time looking up how to do it yourself. I'm not going to debate what C4 should be doing as far as this but I can tell you having a solid dealer is oh so nice! I guarantee this system will work better than ANY cobbled together diy one out there. This is all coming from someone who loves diy. I took the Lutron class to learn how to do my own lighting and installed/programmed all my own lighting which was added by my dealer to C4 remotely. I buy C4 used gear all the time on eBay and Matt always gets it added into my system in a day or two max. 99% of my system was basically DIY with the dealer just adding in devices and fixing my programming mistakes. I strongly recommend you keep the system and find a dealer on here to work with. Good luck. Luke
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    Sonos/Control4 Extra Vegetable Driver

    Dude, if you actually read what I wrote, it's pretty obvious I was talking about the hijacker and not the OP. Considering I didn't mention the OP at all is another blatant overlook. The OP was helped...let me look here, oh yes, LAST Month!! Get off your high horse and keep the name calling to yourself.
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    Next Update

    Control4 has never as of yet obsoleted ZigBee lighting devices / keypads, and isn't going to in the upcoming release, whatever it's version number... I also have a *ton* of Gen1 lighting devices and 6-button keypads in my home, and they're still running, and the ones at my desk are fine running an Alpha version of the next release. RyanE
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    Home Theater Advisors

    Zigbee Extender 3 question

    Not sure if this is available in HE, but you can go to tools:network and look at the Zigbee routing tree. This will show you how everything gets back to the EA3. If it isn't taking a path you like, there is no way to force it other then to remove power to the motion sensor and re-power it with the extender in place and hope it latches onto the extender. Mark Feinberg Home Theater Advisors
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    Kevin L

    Ring Events Driver for Control4 🔔

    We are switching to a new authentication method that ring asked us to use. A new driver will be released this week. It has been a huge work in progress.. The new authentication method is a serious under taking and will result in some amazing new features features everyone wants......
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    Got it now. I cant wait to toy around with all this fun stuff. We need a thread that shows all the crafty and niche ideas everyone has come up with for making the systems fun and intelligent. Especially the dealers, I am sure that some customers have requested some interesting ideas.
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    Bgriff, I'm sorry about your home and the difficult times. Where are you located? The Control4 DS2 is a great Doorstation. Doorbird is another favorite at a lower cost. The Ring doesn't fully integrate with Control4, but there's an event driver for it (no video).
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    Hiding Rooms from other rooms in Navigator

    You can use two different project and then use the project combiner driver to share states of Rooms that overlap. Simply double up on everything in the two projects. Identical even. Then load the duplicate project Ina second controller. Now, hide the appropriate rooms from navigator in each project. Then using the combiner driver, write programming to turn on an overlapping room on the other project and vice versa. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can't add room to current session

    Sonos is not a digital media source as your C4 system understands it. Therefor there is no 'session' for the master to join. You'll have to go to the master room itself and select the 'sonos kitchen' as the source in the master.
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    With team viewer a second dealer can remote on to your network and do the work with you looking over their virtual shoulder Also get your zigbee onto ch 25. No WiFi interference. Less dropped pocketed and better performance. Sent from my E6603 using Tapatalk
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    HTPC Build for Control4

    Control4 products do not stream any video whatsoever. So you can build whatever HTPC you want. However, each display in the system will need either 1) a media player to attach to the display and can be capable of pulling the video files off of the server to play them on display, or 2) a HDMI feed from the HTPC (if video card is installed). Other than that, there isn't any other information required for your build. Most users will utilize KODI, Plex or MyMovies for the categorization of movies and those programs dump that info into Control4's local media database. This will allow your customer to pick up any Control4 interface and select Watch>Movies, then all the movies on the HTPC will populate for selection. For example, at my own home, I use a Synology NAS that holds all of my BluRay rips. Then I use an old laptop that runs MyMovies. I also have a couple of Dune Media Players that are connected into my house video matrix system. Using the free drivers provided by C4 for MyMovies and Dune, I get the experience that is explained above. However, some of these options are provided by third parties for the drivers and will cost extra $$ for the licensing of said drivers.
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    Custom buttons on EVERY page

    BTW, a couple of clarifications: While Control4 doesn't reveal future release features or confirm whether something is on the roadmap or not, that's not to say that Control4 isn't listening. There are Control4 employees at multiple levels within the company reading these forums (not only me). Suggesting features and/or mentioning problems with current Control4 functionality is always welcome, and although it sometimes appears that it is not acted on, posts here can definitely have an influence on Control4's outlook and plans. Lastly, although as others have mentioned that Experience Buttons are great, and that they can expand the UI and be placed on many pages, unfortunately there are also pages where Experience Buttons cannot be placed, and situations where they aren't an ideal 'custom' solution. Thanks to everyone who contributes here. RyanE
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    Liftmaster Internet Gateway

    Which is probably what you want to set it back to as it's that low because lower values have a habit of flagging your account and MyQ shutting it down.
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    Alexa Integration remote state

    You have two things wrong. First your if statement is improperly nested. You need to drag the lines of programming under the F on top of the question mark to Nest them. The second thing is you're turning on the device instead of selecting the device in the room don't select the TV select the room and change the video source to whatever your Source should be then the remote will know what is going on Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Home Theater Advisors

    Alexa Integration remote state

    Also make sure you are turning on the room and selecting a video source, not just turning on the tv. On the right side programming, the room should. E selected, not the tv itself Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SKY Q Driver?

    I have this latest update in and working and it is absolutely brilliant. Well done Alan, you are a certified Genius Jason
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    Instant Weather Forecast View...Solved

    I do the same thing and also have "A/C" buttons on my keypads that are programmed to operate on different weather variables. yellow= hot outside red = heat is on aqua = cold outside blue = ac on green = rain
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    Web Based Control4 App and Composer?

    They already have one.. and its been out for years. Ever heard of Composer Express? That's an HTML app wrapped up for iOS and Android. I saw it introduced (sitting next to alanchow) in 2014 and I knew it wasn't native. The EV acquisition was bigger news that year for most people. C4 has some awesome development opportunities ahead of them with this infrastructure in place. Its probably the biggest sleeper feature I've ever seen. No one paying much attention to it but once the switch gets flipped they'll blow our minds with some of the cool things they will be able to do. Crestron Pyng is probably the only other product (in the traditional CEDIA space) that is built like this.. but C4 has this in every controller now.
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    New Driver: Savant Matrix Switch

    Savant HDMI and Audio Switch Drivers with 2 way feedback Allows full control with 2 way audio and video switching for the Savant HDBaseT and Audio matrix units. FEATURES: - Full integration with Control4 - Cinegration Showroom license support - Cinegration Trial license support - One license for both audio and video drivers - Status, source and output information and adjustment via Drivers properties REQUIREMENTS: Savant SLN-3220 or SLN-88BT https://www.houselogix.com/shop/savant-audiovideo-matrix-driver Driver is provided by Cinegration LLC. All rights reserved.
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    Instant Weather Forecast View...Solved

    I use the weather underground driver and it shows as a thermostat in my system when I click extra it gives a full forecast
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    Instant Weather Forecast View...Solved

    If you can see this from your bed then you must have a high tolerance for light while you sleep - I find that anything other than red LEDs from C4 keypads on at night is distracting.
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    C4 Newbie - help me get started

    Many have asked the same question as you. Even though you are experienced in the field you're in, unfortunately for you, Control4 is a "dealer model" type of system. It is not a DIY system. You won't have access to change or add the components of your system, nor get technical or warranty support on your own merits. However, there are parts of the system that you can physically tackle yourself but as far as setting up the system to suit your equipment and needs is going to require hiring a local dealer or a "remote dealer" to help you get started. For a cost, there is a home version of Control4 software for the consumer (you) that enables you to do a lot of your own custom programming but you won't be able to add or remove devices. It is the dealer's job to do that and properly configure not only the system, but also the network. If your system is already "online", the account is transferred to you, and is for the most part working, then you can save yourself some money by hiring a remote dealer from this forum. I am one, as well as many others on this forum. If the majority of your system is literally in a box, then I would hire a local dealer. Control4 is a solid system if its set up properly, ESPECIALLY the networking gear. If you have really old equipment, it may not be worth the cost of a dealer to set it up and may require some upgrading. Send me a PM. I'd like to see a list of what was left behind.
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    Very glad to hear that you're enjoying my work! For any of you out there that are happy with your setup and the capability it offers, I would greatly appreciate reviews on the HouseLogix listing for my driver. The more folks who give me positive reviews there, the more credibility I have that this is a working system. And of course, if any of you are out there and something isn't working right, please allow me the opportunity to get you fixed up. I support my systems 100%, and I'm sure I can turn your experience into a good one, if I have missed the mark somehow so far.
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Garage Door Integration

    I'll post it here, as others might like them. Honeywell Ademco 958 Overhead Door Contacts https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0006M1I1W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_897azbJ1621MZ These are what I used on my 3 door garage. They work great, and there's a few different ways you can mount them. I put mine on the top of the door, and ran the wire up along the ceiling through a whole to the attic, where the controller is. Our attic is insulated, so it's nice up there so no worries about heat problems. Then I ran wire from the garage door to the relays on the controller. From there a standard garage door driver linked to the relays/contacts on the controller does the job.
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Garage Door Integration

    I personally prefer good old fashioned sensors and either running wire to the controller or putting a spare (or cheaply purchased) controller in the garage. Bonus with the controller is you potentially get audio out in the garage too, if you ever do work out there. Simple garage door contact sensors are pretty cheap, and you can wire the relay on a controller directly to the same spot on the garage door unit that the wall button is wired to. Total cost for one door could be < $50 and it's directly integrated in Control4.
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    Add Zones list

    In general hiding Digital Media should be avoided. Use cases are pretty uncommon indeed. That said, it's not as if there isn't logical reasoning behind why hiding it caused the behavior you saw there. Putting it very simple, you would have seen the same thing with native sources, and connecting the Express to a controller input mwans it essentially became a digital media 'service' much like TuneIn or stored music. Though, simply put, the ability to prevent the zone page from combining a zone with others while retaining the ability to select all the sources is one of the reasons you WOULD hide it. Think office use where you want each individual office to have all the native streaming services available, but you want to block people from combining rooms and 'taking over' other people's offices that way. Or prevent offices from overtaking the waiting/reception room audio, or the 'big boss' office or a meeting room or.... PS - good catch on that being the issue though!
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    Add Zones list

    Of course it was :-) Despite what people may think...having that driver hidden (just in one room) will cause problems with zones page and digital streaming services in general.
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    Switching Integrators?

    Not unfair, but at the same time, that will be influenced at least as much by the dealership/management itself as well as how long it's been around, not to mention the market and market size itself. A dealer operating in an area with 100k population is be default going to be exposed to a lot less product and requests than a dealer operating in an area of 2 million. Both due to the fact that is much more likely to be a more homogeneous community with less diversity in wishes, and because the community itself is less likely to be exposed to more option maintaining that situation because there are simply less stores/wholesalers available for both the potential clients and the actual dealer to be exposed to more options. The internet may have alleviated that to a large extend, but by no means completely. Some dealers will work in a 'package' only style, while others will gear exclusively to custom builds. And the majority will be somewhere in between. Plus, while being 'exposed' to many different options/setups/methods can be argued as a good thing, it also be said that that creates the 'jack of all trades' - but not 'ace'. There's no right or wrong there really, but I think the 'quality' of a dealer is best measured to it's work, not any vague idea on whether it does 'remote' work or not.
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    tell him to search in composer pro under the category experience buttons
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    In addition to our free countdown experience button, we have made a series of free FireTV mini-app shortcuts and a series of No Control Drivers. They can be downloaded on our site: http://www.greenfieldsolutions.site/free-control4-drivers/ Who doesn't like free?
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    DS2 e-mail notification

    You set it up from the DS2 config website. Goto the IP address of your DS2 in the browser to access. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can't Add Wav Files To Announcements

    Your network connection on your computer is likely set to public, make sure it's set as a private network