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    It sounds like there might be some confusion about what all of the devices do - APD- a regular dimmer. Rocker button. wired to line voltage and load. - Configurable keypad - DOES NOT MANAGE A LOAD DIRECTLY. this only works programmatically. Does require line voltage to power, just not a load - Keypad dimmer - a hybrid of the two above. It can control a load directly and other buttons can be programmed for scenes, music, Shading, anything. The load control buttons are assigned in composer connections. Uses line voltage and load - slave for 3-4way situations. A ‘dumb’ device that doesn’t even a driver in composer. Uses the traveler wire to communicate with the APD or KD Hope this helps!
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    Why not get a control4 keypad dimmer? It will control a lighting load, volume and whatever else you want to program in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where to you download 4k movies?

    We're not suing Hollywood.
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    Where to you download 4k movies?

    I'm surprised @wappinghigh hasn't chimed in on this thread yet.
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    C4 2.10

    this thread is tired and done...bye
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    C4 2.10

    Sorry to jump back in but I want to point out that the controllers dropped in support (HC200/300/500/1000) came out BEFORE THE FIRST IPHONE came out. Which is (just) over 10 years ago. The HC250 and HC800 are still fully, 100% supported. The only arguable point is that the HC250 cannot support some of the newer streaming services/airplay/spotify connect) IF it is running the system as a main controller. I never recommend buying hardware that is not the current lineup because I cannot predict the future, and any hardware end-of-sales COULD become end-of-life anytime. But C4's track-record of supporting older hardware by and large has been excellent. That doesn't guarantee anything of course, and certainly doesn't guarantee EVERYTHING keeps working especially when there is outside influences (see Napster's change in file format, or iOS 11 no longer supporting the old app for 2.5.3 and older systems, or Sonos forcing a driver change), but I do not believe this 'panic' reaction concerning HC250 and 800 devices (or even infinity edge or v2 touchscreens) is warranted.
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    Would you like to take more ownership of your Control4 system? Do you (like many others I've met) own Composer Home Edition (HE), but don't really know how to use it very well? I am offering 1 on 1 personalized training sessions for people like you! PM me for more information or to schedule a session. I am a certified Control4 tech and have been programmed dozens of homes over the past several years. Thanks, Ari
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    First world problems...
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    Just get VSSL A.6 - https://vssl.com/ 6 zones of matrixed amplified audio with built in Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect and Google Cast. You'll setup as follows 3 zones will be through the amplified outputs on the amp 4th zone will be through the BUS output to your receiver in the home theater room. If you want to add in control later on you can add in an EA-1 SR Bundle to your home theater to control the AV equipment in there.
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    My brother has been displaced by Hurricane Harvey (living with us) and I'm selling off a few Control4 items to help raise some funds. All proceeds will go directly to him so he can begin the rebuilding process. PM me for details. This is what I have and will be adding more items as I find them or remove them. All prices including shipping. 5 - Adaptive Phase Dimmers White C4-ADP120 Used. SOLD 1 - Used Wireless Outlet Switch LOZ-5S1-W $65 1 - HC250-BL-1 Used running 2.9.1 - open to offers 1 - Card Access Zigbee-to-IR Module (ZCA-Z2IR10A-ZP) Brand New, never used - $120 2 - HC300 Used running 2.9.1 - Open to offers 1 - HC200b Used - Open to offers 3 - 6 button keypads Used - Open to offers 3 - 3 button keypads Used - Open to offers Shipping to lower US 48 only please.
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    You can remove the original fire TV driver Our driver hdmi output should be bound to the matrix (so C4 will know to select it). We are working on a new version of our driver that supports all the direct app launching and mini drivers as well. Maybe released next week.
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    4Sight Problems?

    I just deleted the app entirely from my phone and reinstalled it. Seems to be working now. Odd. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
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    Lock Question for front door

    No you would not. UHPPOTE Electric Strike Fail Secure NO Mode Lock a Part For Access Control Wood Metal Door https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V45GWTI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_zBEdAbAC56E9X Or similar, this is a random selection from Amazon to highlight the device. This allows the door to be opened when locked. Or you use a key.
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    Hi guys, We are working with Video Storm to include support of this device in our drivers. This will add FireTV, Nvidia Shield and other Android 5.1+ device support to our Kodi and Plex drivers. Should see an update before the end of the year hopefully.
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    I don’t think you really want an answer... do you?
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    IFTTT with multi user home setup

    Understanding how IFTTT works with a multi user google home is essential to understanding how you can best utilize Alan's IFTTT driver. I recently made the jump to a multi-user setup with my google home and I found out that IFTTT integration works in a way that is beneficial for custom trigger phrases. For a long time I avoided multi-user setup. I have 6 google homes in my house. Each home is associated with a separate google account linked to a unique IFTTT account. This allows me to use a phrase like "OK Google, Lights" Depending on the home that heard the command it would send that command to a unique IFTTT account that could then send the proper command through Alan's driver to just turn on the lights in that room. I was worried that multi-user would break that functionality, but with new features coming like Broadcast and the ability to have only one home respond to your request I needed all the homes in my house connected to the same account. My concern was that multi-user would work like calendar stuff. It would detect who spoke the command and send that command to that person's IFTTT account. This would obviously break the setup I have above because if my wife's IFTTT account was set to control the master bedroom when she would say "OK Google, lights" in the kitchen (My account) it would turn on the lights in the master bedroom. I am happy to report that this is not the case. IFTTT across multiple accounts does not key off the voice. It uses what's called the "pooling method". This method searches through the multi-user accounts attached to the home "in the order they were added" to the home to find a trigger that matches the phrase. Using this understanding I just had to make sure my wife's account was the first user added to the master home and my account was the first user added to the kitchen home and the second user added to all other homes as my account holds all the generic IFTTT recipes. Now even when I say "OK, google lights" in the master bedroom it turns on the lights in the master, but I also now have all the multi-user goodies that google home provides.
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    Derrick Cain

    C4 Amp Mfg. Defect

    Hi FLA, I can work with you and the dealer regarding the amp. We still support the replacements of AMP108s through warranty. The doorstation can be in 2.10, however the driver has to be the Communication driver, not the older Intercom driver. The new DS2 does have some awesome new features available as well. You can PM me your account information and I'd be happy to work with you and your dealer.
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    C4 2.10

    Yes, but you gotta pay to play. Especially when we are talking about luxury items. Chromecast audios are cheap to get spotify
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    well isn't that what we are here for Glad you got it
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    yes! that was it! it was a little different, i have to connect the RF from the dish, to the "dish media" part of the driver. but that was all that needed to be done! i have to test it, but at least the stations are showing up in navigator now thanks @msgreenf you really are an asset to this board (you too @sonic30101 !)
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    Dealer will have to do the binding, let's see a screenshot of the connection page of the sat box. There should be a connection from the cloud to the rf input of the sat box
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    Yes. Keeping up with software updates is difficult. I made some patches that should hopefully fix problems for users on 2.10, but I haven’t had time to fully test yet.
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    Make sure in windows you are on a private network. Your file transfer session from composer to the controller is blocked.
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    Wiring a new house

    Conduit is a must, fiber is really cheap today, even termination is cheap if using cleerline fiber. Also for the conduit we run minimum 1 1/2" for TVs. I see lots of people get the builder to put conduit but then when there you find it's 3/4 or 1/2 you can barely run anything in that let alone a cable that doesn't exist so you don't know the size. We run 3 CAT6 and 1 Coax with conduit at minimum to all TVs
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    Just make any connection from the TV audio out to the AVR. Consider ARC as an analog wire going back to the AVR built in to the HDMI cable. As long as you then tell Control4 the right source to select it will know anytime the TV is generating audio that is the path to use. I do it all the time I haven't had a single one fail. Anthem, Denon, Marantz with LG, Panasonic, Samsung. It's all the same C4 just needs to see an audio path the cable type means zero. Consider a driver that has only analog for audio out from the TV but it physically has optical and you choose that to go to the AVR. Bind the analog audio from the TV driver to the AVR to the correct input and it just let's C4 know it has a path and to switch inputs. Cable type doesn't mean much.
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    and when C4 doesn't pre-announce things everyone complains...there is no winning with pre-announcing...
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    Upgrade advice

    Just to prevent anyone from looking for old and new announcement 'drivers' - It's an agent not a driver and there is no 'old' or 'new' agent. It's still the same one. The improvements for the announcements are all on the digital audio side of things - speed but also proper handling of the announcement file vs other digital audio (ie no music before the announcement anymore)
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    Why pigtails rather than terminals?

    Hah me neither.
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    Great to hear, thanks! You have set a service response standard some other developers could learn from ...
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    Control 4

    Also who is your ISP and are you using their router?
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    No. They are reasonable. Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
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    Any word on control of Roon through Control4? I thought I heard this was being demoed at CEDIA.
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    The Driver Guys

    Yeah, we all went a bit off topic there, but hey-ho that's what forums are for!
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    EdgeRouter PoE

    You will love the unifi gear
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    Spotify Questions

    Hello, I am not overly familiar with the capabilities of Spotify Connect with the Amazon echo, but I can certainly provide guidance on the integration of Spotify Connect within Control4 using a Spotify family account. I have this set up in my home and it works very well. First, you will need to upgrade to OS 2.10. Once you have 2.10 installed you can add as many Spotify Connect drivers as you have family account users. Each user then would only send their Spotify stream to their Spotify Connect "device" and all devices will show up within the Spotify app for all users, regardless of what account they are logged into on the Spotify app. Additionally, you can set each driver instance to turn on a room (or rooms) automatically when you stream to it. This is a great feature in that it allows you to quickly get Spotify going by just streaming to the appropriate Spotify Connect device. Finally, once you are streaming to a Spotify Connect device you can save a preset, which is essentially a snap-shot of whatever is in your Spotify queue. This could be a playlist, album, radio station, etc. Once you have presets set up you can trigger them to play back from any Control4 touchscreen, keypad, scheduled event or scene without having to even go to your Spotify app. Not sure if you are a Control4 dealer, but if not, your dealer has very clear instructions that we provide within the driver documentation on how to set this up properly. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions. David Acton - Product Manager, Control4 Listen Experiences
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    EdgeRouter PoE

    There is also the USG line from Ubiquiti. The advantage of this is that it integrates into the Unifi Controller software along with your WAPs and Unifi switches, if you choose to buy them. For some reason the Edgerouter does not integrate into the Unifi Controller.
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    Nice find. I looked at the code and found the problem. Have updated the driver to resolve. I've set it so that everyone using the old version will automatically update when they next check in (within 24 hours).
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    @AWadsworth Unbelivable! That was it! I am surprised the tech support didn't advise me that and shipped a replacement unit instead. Anyway, DS 210 driver requires 2.10 software running on the controller. Everything seems to be normal. Thank you all guys for trying to help. Appreciate it.
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    I updated the controller to 2.10 and that was my fix! You could try that.
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    We have very few amazonFireTVs in systems (not officially available here) - but we do have a few, indeed did one this morning, and I've neither noticed or heard complaints on the speed at all?
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    You will need some sort of control. Run Cat5/6 and you will be fine. IR RS232 or Two way IP - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/pjlink-control4
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    Anyone add Zwave outlet?

    You need the zwave USB adapter Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Thank You C4! I have to say upgrading fixed the announcement issue(s). Nice to see that they realized a few issues since 2.10's release and have addressed them. I'm sure their are more, but when it makes your system function as intended while your upgrading to latest version to have the latest tech, shows they are moving forward in many respects. Giving credit were credit is due...now a days, seems that isn't always the case, so thanks for listening!
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    Articles a little short sighted in my opinion. Why didn't they go zwave? Because Amazon plans to introduce their own lighting and associated products. If they did zwave, they end up providing support for the wild and crazy frontier that is zwave. And any products they introduce probably need to be compatible with other zwave hubs, opening up more tech support calls. Then there's profit. Make a dollar a switch selling their lighting products, vs the cent's they'd make selling third party stuff. Zigbee's a small pond, and they'll be the whale. And when you're looking at the growth potential in the control market, do you really care about alienating the 1% of early adopters, there's no profit in them anyways, they already bought prodcuts. And you already kind of support their hubs anyways. One Alexa per home. Then one Alexa per room. Then 30 switches per home. $$$$$
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    sell it and move on....you aren't going to get value from it without control4.
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    Made one for ya http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/59edf494b4532/roku_CBSAllAccess.zip
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    One big deal is that it makes it nearly impossible to get the wrong model TV driver for the TV. The driver comes up in the 'Discovered' tab, and the installer just needs to double-click on the SDDP item, and Control4 automatically downloads the exact driver for that TV, and identifies it via SDDP. It's one less thing for the installer to worry about, and it makes it that much easier. Without SDDP, installers either have to set the TV to a Static IP, and/or make a static DHCP reservation on the router (either of which have their downsides), or risk losing control of the TV if it gets a new IP address (which can happen on firmware updates, factory reset by homeowner, etc.). With SDDP, the TV continues to work flawlessly even if the address changes. Also, it's news because it's validation from another large manufacturer of Control4's vision. Getting companies to put SDDP in their entire product line (Samsung did it for nearly all of their 2017 TVs and their IP-controllable Blu-Ray player) is a big deal. RyanE
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    I must be brain dead! I finally manually deleted all the wavs and then rebooted and the agent finally worked! Now starting again creating announcements...ahhhhh Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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    Derrick Cain

    XM Radio audio stops randomly

    So we've been testing multiple sources (Sonos, Denon, C4), and the URL stream for SiriusXM seems to be timing out, no matter the source. Our engineering has been working with them, and letting them know of the issues we're experiencing with their streams. I'll provide any updates we get, otherwise they are aware of this now.
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    You need an iTunes client and an AppleTV for this to work. You pick a movie, C4 uses the iTunes driver to contact a copy of the regular iTunes desktop application running on any PC or Mac. The driver tells iTunes "play this movie (or song) and AirPlay it to that AppleTV." Then C4 switches your TV to the AppleTV. Because the driver is talking to iTunes, and not the Apple TV directly, you don't have full control of the AppleTV at that point. For example, you can't press "menu" to get back to the AppleTV OSD. It appears that even fast forward and rewind don't work - you're limited to play/pause/stop. But this makes sense when you remember you are talking to iTunes, not Apple TV. There is no way to tell an AppleTV to play a particular library item. This isn't C4's fault - Apple has not exposed that functionality. So your choices are: To have C4 talk directly to the AppleTV, in which case you get all the remote control commands, but your workflow to watch a movie starts at the AppleTV OSD, then arrowing over to "Movies" then arrowing around to the movie you want, and then pressing "Play". To have C4 talk to iTunes, which gives you a more "Kaladiscape-esque" experience where you pick cover art from the C4 Navigator and then your TV turns on and the movie starts playing. (I'm ignoring for the sake of this argument that Kaladiscape also has an available OSD of movie posters that you can arrow around in, and instead focusing on their native app or C4 integration through the Chowmain driver.) There are clearly drawbacks and benefits to both. I started this thread because I want the Kaladiscape-esque experience and I had a discussion with @South Africa C4 user several months ago that showed it was possible for media in an iTunes library. I also know it's possible for DRM-free media in a NAS, but that option is not available to me. I was wondering if there are any other services that would also integrate with the C4 media database.