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    What have we learned about pre-announcements so far?
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    2.10.3 released

    Partners and developers already get time to get ready. They're usually involved in the beta. I've seen Kevin release drivers the day of new OS releases. I hope they DON'T do what they did with the Intercom app ever again.
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    Gary Leeds UK


    I get over excited 😜
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    Prometheus Metric Logger driver

    I have no idea. I have dashboards for everything in my house (sleeping quality, air quality, machines, plex stuff, etc). obviously YMMV. Its a free driver.
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    It's incredibly awesome! Above and beyond anything else out there! Your system has to be upgraded to the latest OS, version 2.10.3
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    Testing nest hello doorbell

    Picked up a nest hello, an elk930 and elk924 to wire it into my hc250 and am playing around before buttoning it up neatly Programing accomplishes If the family room is on> pauses the source, takes a snapshot of the active source, switches to the nvidia shield, launches the nest app with kodi full driver, plays an announcement in the speakers with voice genie driver. Then press cancel on the remote and it reverts to the source that was playing before the button press and presses play Button press and motion via IFTTT turns foyer and front porch lights on for 5 minutes https://www.dropbox.com/s/gvey0uqltxbdp3p/20180714_125423.mp4?dl=0
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    Updated driver can be downloaded here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1103/4622/files/amazon_echo.c4z?8431783045295061859
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    FYI - Ari has a beta driver update for the UP/DOWN/SET issue that is working for me. I'm sure he will post news as soon as it's officially ready.
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    Communication Agent is under Agents in HE. Try deleting the App and re installing - That's what we had to do. Its great getting this working - Had some Fun with it already.
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    They are set in the intercom portion of the DS2 in the driver's properties.
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    Yessir. Very easy. If you downloaded the app previously and tried to login, that is the issue. It’s using your failed cached login. Delete the app. Then reinstall it and try logging in again. It should work. Hope that helps!
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    I really hope we can Brexit this type of dialogue and celebrate when the intercom app comes out with wide open arms and much forgiveness.
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    True, but if these devices have the capabilities to do every thing that a T3 can then does it make sense for C4 to keep making T3s or try to broaden the market for their overall system by bringing down the cost total cost? Maybe this is another area where there is conflict between the needs of the dealer and the end user. All things being equal the end user would like $200 touch screens that they could put in every room. But the dealers may not like that as they are giving up the profit margin on the T3.
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    Web interface drivers

    Very little ROI involved. Care to list the top 5 "missing" apps that everyone would find useful on a daily or weekly basis? If the API's and capabilities were better you might see more useful apps. At the moment the restrictions on the interface and cross platform differences make developing anything with a UI a pain.
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    There is a fine line between love and hate...
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    So, what do you guys think? I think it's a really big deal. Curious to hear your thoughts. Control4 Hires Charlie Kindel, Amazon Alexa Smart Home Mastermind
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    You can still add an io extender to a project on the latest OS but the io extender highest OS will remain on 2.91
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    Amazon Fire HD C4 App

    @JoeT This is expected to be resolved with an update to the Control4 app on the Amazon App Store should be released any day now
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    SnapAV media over IP

    Network video systems can be grouped into two categories: Systems that use a proprietary (ie, non-standard) cut down 2D video codecs. There are lots of copycats using the same chips, each of them tweak the firmware a bit to make sure their systems only work with their own equipment. These systems are characterized by high data rates, the required use of VLANS or dedicated networks, and lowest latency. The actual video compression is non standard, so you can't make any claims about its specific performance. However, it is accurate to state that they have a lot in common with MJPEG / JPEG2000. Systems that use industry standard H264 and/or H265 or other video codecs. H264/H265 are industry standards for the best video compression that is inter-operable between all modern video equipment. These systems are characterized by moderate data rates, standard networks, and inter-operability. In some cases (like NetPlay), they support the option of using standard consumer or professional video hardware instead of expensive single function proprietary black boxes. The Snap system here is category 1. NetPlay is category 2. Different systems each with their own advantages / disadvantages.
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    Home Theater

    Thats an odd combo using Sonos and Fusion. Any way to split those up or eliminate one? Then you can do the above mentioned work-around.
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    Also believe netplay by @videostormcan do this and you can buy a DIY system from them too
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    This is a clear illustration of C4 quality control. If it's not a quality issue, then it how C4 looks to the end users. Last month issue, C4 responded only after this thread got longer! And users started complaining on the social media.
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    I thought there was a current issue in regards to the driver or information as the thread had been silent for over 9 months. We did have a few people confused about webview stuff early on but I haven't heard anything in a long time. Might be worth while posting a PSA about webview if you've seen a good chunk of dealers not understanding it. Opengl/webgl would be nice to have although I can't imagine too many applications from a Control4/Driver perspective. I feel like most things could be done in the 2d context. I also don't know how well the T3 would handle webgl if it was supported. Can still do some cool things with 2D:
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    Light naming tips from dealers

    Which is why I advise it - create scenes specifically named for Alexa
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    Global Cache IR tach IP2IR - SOLVED

    I have a IP2IR connected to my HC250. But when I press a button on the control, it repats the IR command three times. The log says : data: <ircode> <id>11</id> <name>Number 1</name> <transmit>PULSE</transmit> <repeatcount>3</repeatcount> <delayafter>0</delayafter> <pattern>0000 006b 0022 0002 015c 00ad 0015 0017 0015 0042 0015 0042 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0042 0015 0017 0015 0042 0015 0042 0015 0042 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0042 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0017 0015 0042 0015 0042 0015 0042 0015 0042 0015 0042 0015 0042 0015 0042 0015 0657 015a 0057 0015 0e71</pattern> <altpattern/> </ircode> --------> sendir,1:1,1,38740,3,1,348,173,21,23,21,66,21,66,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,66,21,23,21,66,21,66,21,66,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,66,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,23,21,66,21,66,21,66,21,66,21,66,21,66,21,66,21,1623,346,87,21,3697 <-------- completeir,1:1,1 How to solve ? Edit : The problem was not the driver for the Itach, but the satelite driver...