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    Kevin L

    C4 Release Cycles?

    Sounds like someone should get a job at C4 and "fix" everything
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    Matt Lowe

    My Rabbit Hole

    Going to be starting my what feels like 10th version of my home system, with my recently acquired video-storm system. Figured I would share about my personal control4 system and the products I use and some of the automation I currently enjoy. In my Rack from top to bottom EA5 IO Extender V2 Hopper Gen 2 Sony Blu-ray Key Digital 8x8 analog and 8x8 digital audio switch Pakedge Power pack 9 Re-2 Bakpak SX-24p Power Pack 9 Roku / Fire TV/ c4 Media / Sonos / 32x8 netgear modem Shinybow 8x8 4 zone matrix amp Anthem Receiver Yamaha Aventage All lights in the home are either Control4 or Phillips Hue Wk-2 for Wifi Play3 for dining room Garage is hard wired for control to extender DSC Powerseries 9 zones monitor Nyce Contact sensor on mailbox and side gate 3 Hikvision Dome cameras 1 dlink PTZ camera Ring Pro Some of my favorite automation 1 button away, press away on the keypad and over 2 miniutes so i can get out the door, all the lights music HVAC, locks shut off lock, or prep for away mode. Nyce sensor on the mailbox emails me when the mail man comes and tells me You've got mail! Dog whistle audio file for the pool speakers to quiet the dogs if barking Halloween Mode, before the doorbell is press all normal lights on the home. After the door bell is pressed, the entire home shuts off immediately. Then after a few moments of scary darkness speakers all around the house start screaming and growling from every direction as well as hue lighting changing to gory colors and flashing. Some photos of the current setup http://i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a509/lowecruiser/rack_zpsfdavsoi7.jpg http://i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a509/lowecruiser/Home office_zpsck23uz03.jpg http://i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a509/lowecruiser/home office 2_zpspsftefjt.jpg http://i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a509/lowecruiser/computer_zpsmcwug5ya.jpg
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    Years ago I had a script that made an announcement 'There is a window or door open and the A/C is on'. It annoyed the hell out of my family, but they got the hint and it doesn't happen anymore
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    Uhm. Any reason why you can't use the built in options? Press and hold select to toggle dim - or if you prefer, highlight the desired light, and pres 0 for 0%/100% 1 for 10%, 2 for 20%.......etc? do you really need the 5% step? Ye, this works for all C4 lighting (well dimmers) - also works for Hue lighting and many other 3rd party lighting.... That said as above, you can program a button to increment a light at 'x' level. go to the light's device variables (press those + signs!), find the LIGHT_LEVEL variable and.... WHEN [button] is pressed [room]->[light]->LIGHT_LEVEL = [room]->[light]->LIGHT_LEVEL + [x] yeah it's a long string there but it basically just means you'll increase the light's % by the number [x]. Obviously use "- [x]" to lower it on the second button
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    Control4 Users Facebook Group

    Hey everyone, I realized that there wasn't a Control4 Users FB group so i went ahead and created one so that people can ask questions and/or help others with issues or just chat about current and upcoming Control4 products... feel free to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/772048706289993/
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    Please Help Need image update tool asap!!!

    I would help but my email isn't working. Send over a private jet. I'll be the guy with a usb stick and a bright yellow life jacket
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    Moved into new house with Control4 and Vivint.

    Just rip Vivint out already....
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    You just sound sleaze Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    on IFTTT and pushover make the command the title and the room the message then in composer make a string variable that corresponds to the command. then in programing go to the ifttt driver> when an ifttt event comes in do an if conditional if the correct title, change the value of the variable to the message then in the programing of the variable> when it changes do a conditional for each room you want to be a part of this then put in the lights you want to control dont forget to put a delay to change the value of the variable to something so it clears the variable value so if there are 2 consecutive of the same commands over time it will actually engage the second instance
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    Home move-in

    Matt Lowe is a dealer in here who has kicked ass on remote support for me, he's in Arizona and I'm in Houston. I explained what I wanted, he gave an estimate, did the work asap, had a lot of helpful and insightful advice he didn't charge me for. Saved me tons of time, would highly recommend. http://www.c4forums.com/profile/134969-matt-lowe/ matthewslowe1@gmail.com
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    Worst app....4Sight

    Unless Donald Trump is tweeting or talking he is always telling the truth...
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    Outdoor remote options

    I've used these cases from poly case for a few applications including outdoor remote storage. I've also used them to mount a touchscreen outdoors. Protects from the elements very well
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    Outdoor remote options

    Glue a flat magnet to the battery door of the remote. Establish a place inside where the remote is to be put back too, install a window style security sensor (mount under a table, or a recess style, etc,). Have composer check the remote is put back after couple hours, or specific time, play announcement or push notification if it's missing.
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    If I'm understanding correctly - you want the AC off if a door has been opened for more than five minutes, and when all doors are shut, turn back on the AC. Now I don't have any way of testing this, and I don't like "when variable changes," so give this code a try and let me know if it works. Might need some additional tweaking. When DoorA opens do DoorOpenMacro !I like macros - helps keep code in one place When DoorA closes do DoorCloseMacro etc. --- DoorOpenMacro DoorVar += 1 if DoorVar = 1 !if more than one we've already done this ACVar = status of AC !need to know status of AC - it could be off - like in winter (if you need help with this code let me know) if ACVar = on Start 5MinuteTimer --- DoorCloseMacro DoorVar -= 1 if DoorVar = 0 Stop 5MinuteTimer !this line of code is actually not necessary - can wait till timer expires if ACVar = off start AC --- When 5MinuteTimer expires if DoorVar > 0 !is door still open? stop AC ACVar = off
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    You could do it by programming the button to trigger the light level variable to "+ 5 or -5" on each button press. But maybe I can suggest an alternative. I have my wireless dimmer set to custom button 3 and have a series of if commands to cycle from 0-25-50-75-100. Basically, your if statement has to follow the pattern of "if light level = 0, then ramp load to 25, if light level = 25, ramp up to 50 etc etc....ending with if light level = 100, ramp down to zero to cycle back to the beginning. Does that make sense?
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    If you don't have a control4 controller in place (an HC or EA product), then these dimmers and keypad will be useless to you. They are not stand alone products. If you do have a controller, then follow msgreenf's links for how to wire properly. Enjoy your intro to home automation!
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    Greenfield Solutions Summer Sale

    Since Amazon is having a big sale on a lot of Cameras and other home automation solutions Greenfield Solutions decided to jump on the bandwagon Purchase any Greenfield Solutions driver at Houselogix before Friday 7/14/17 11:59pm EST and get 20% off using coupon code "summersale" https://www.houselogix.com/shop/greenfield-solutions Now go buy some camera's on Amazon...
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    😬 There was a bug I found in iOS and if it is fixed in the future there's a chance I would make them smaller but at the end of the day it would depend on the user experience. If it doesn't work any better they'll just stay large drivers. Each little icon adds up. 🤷‍♂️
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    Control4 was also the first to integrate with Nest, first with IP Control of the Dish Hopper, Sony and Samsung TV IP Control, etc. No one does 3rd-party device control better. Not that I'm saying Control4 is perfect, by any means, we still make mistakes and have issues, but it's mostly solid. RyanE
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    Talk to your dealer and get engraved buttons. They are about $5 each and look awesome. They are backlit as well, so you can see them in the dark. It's really the only way to go!
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    Is C4 for me?

    And prevent forest fires.
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    Date/Time Access Within Scripts

    With the variable manipulator you can do this using os.time() and os.date().
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    IP Camera System

    I don't think you will find that the "kits" necessarily improve speed of installation to any significant degree. Think of them more as "bundles" to simplify purchasing with some discount attached. But really all you need is cameras, NVR and possibly conduit bases depending on your mounting needs. This is a very crowded field - we do a lot of Hikvision.
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    Matt Lowe

    End users and drivers

    the problem is the market for this is limited. The users on this forum are exceptionally knowledgeable of their tech more so than the typically customer. Even dealers are not aware of the Great community of third part developers that we have and some of the awesome drivers available.
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    Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    1.0.4 released with support. Available via houselogix and auto update too!
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    Wireless Outdoor speaker system

    I've never seen landscape style wireless speakers. the issue is you'd still have to get power to them, so if you're going to run a wire to them anyway why not just make it a speaker wire.
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Amazon Dash Buttons?

    I'm preparing a driver and just such a "productized" server appliance now. Nearly done with it. The driver will receive inputs from any number of named dash buttons, and you can program whatever action you want for them. The server is based off of my homebridge appliance. I already have all the components of the system working, and I'm just finishing up the web configuration portal (to make setup/management super easy). After some thought, the driver itself will be free. If you already have my homebridge appliance, the update that includes dash buttons will be free. You can either buy my homebridge appliance (which also lets you use it for HomeKit) for $225, or a stripped down Dash Button only version for $100. I also allow you to license the entire OS image of either for $50.
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    HTI Customs

    Luxul WiFi Manager

    We are pleased to announce our latest Control4 driver. Luxul WiFi Manager. HTI Customs Luxul WiFi Manager Description of driver: Gives easy access to end user to change SSID & Passwords without gaining access to network gear. Gives dealer insight of important information. Confirmed Working Models: XWC-1000, XWR-1750 Properties Page: Driver Status - Readout of whether license is valid or not Version - Readout of current driver version License Type - Displays the type of license that has been applied. (Driver, Suite, or Site) License Origin - Where the license key originated from Support Ticket - HTI Customs built in support ticketing allows for you to create a support ticket from within the properties page to get in touch with us about your needs. When YES is selected additional fields will appear to type in your email address and then SUBMIT TICKET Model - Model of Luxul Wifi controller. 2.4 SSID - Active SSID of 2.4GHz 2.4 Security Mode - Active 2.4 GHz Security Mode 2.4 Encryption - Active 2.4GHz Encryption 2.4 Channel - Active 2.4 GHz Channel 2.4 SSID Password - Active 2.4 GHZ SSID Password 5 SSID - Active SSID of 5 GHz 5 Security Mode - Active 5 GHz Security Mode 5 Encryption - Active 5 GHz Encryption 5 11n Channel - Active 5 11n GHz Channel 5 11ac Channel - Active 5 11 ac GHz Channel 5 SSID Password - Active 5 GHZ SSID Password Firmware - Active Firmware Version Firmware Status - Active state of current firmware System Uptime – Uptime of WiFi Controller MAC Address - Active MAC Address of WiFi controller IP Address - IP Address of WiFi controller HTTP Port - HTTP Port of WiFi controller Username - Username Password - Password Lock Code - Optional field, when left blank user will not have to enter a lock code to get to WiFi setting screen on UI. Action - Dropdown to update Active info NOW License - Insert license key here Composer Instructions: Step 1: Receive our appreciation for purchase of our driver! Step 2: Enter the IP address of the WiFi controller in the connections tab Step 3: Insert license key on the properties tab Step 4: Enter a Lock Code on properties tab if desired Step 5: Create a new room called WiFi Step 6: Bind WiFi Settings End Point to Video End Point of room WiFi Step 7: Refresh Navigators UI Instructions: Step 1: Navigate to room WiFi Step 2: Tap WATCH Step 3: If a Lock Code has been entered on the properties tab then enter it on screen and press SUBMIT. If a Lock Code has NOT been entered press SUBMIT to proceed to WiFi Settings page. Step 4: Enter respective SSID and Password information you wish to change. Step 5: Press SUBMIT
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    Pentair Pool Integration

    You need to confirm which panel you have. Initially you thought it was EZ touch now you think it's intellitouch. That's going to make all the difference in the world.
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Buttons, buttons, and more buttons!

    Right... the real trick will be keeping it "elegant". I really like the ease of use I've been able to manage with the HomeKit stuff. I'd prefer to keep anything else I add into that ecosystem with the same level of "easy button" approach.
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    The log said more you cannot have more then 2 streams? If you have more information and have done some troubleshooting it would make more sense to provide this information if you are looking for an answer. To ask can something be done and multiple people tell you yes, to then add more information you likely knew long ago yet didn't share just makes for a drawn out process of helping you get a better result then you already have. Provide the log information.
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    Gate "Opening" Status Possible?

    Just to close this out, here's what happened. I did tie a C4 contact to the gate controller's "lock" terminals. As Cy pointed out, it activated just before opening AND closing, and stayed on until the gate stopped moving. The net result was basically a "gate in motion" status. Between that AND the gate contact switch, I can get reliable and useful status: Any time "gate in motion" activates => Gate Status is "Open". Actually the cool thing is that it means gate is "Not Closed" - more useful than (fully) "Open". Any time "gate contact" closes => Gate Status is "Closed". That's it. Very reliable and immune to wind. No MyQ nonsense or other drivers. Many thanks to Matt Lowe for working with me to make this happen! Couple of additional cool items. This whole thing started for me because of my gate setup. It is probably true that this would never have come up if my gate hardware were different/better (gate operator arm with less play, gate contact sensor that was less sensitive, gate maglock or solenoid lock). But, I got a couple of things out of this that I wasn't expecting - another point for using a proper/robust Home Automation solution. Since I have access to "is gate closed or not" status AND "is gate aligned with post or not" status... If the gate is closed but the contact consistently says it's not (say 3 times in a row) then send notification "Your gate is out of alignment. You need to adjust the close position before the cat gets out.". If the gate is closed but the contact is seeing frequent open/close status changes within some threshold (say more than 5 times in one minute), play an announcement throughout the house "The wind is really blowing the gate around. You might want to open it until the wind dies down. I'll remind you to close it." (then use a weather driver to note the wind and announce a gate close reminder when the gusts drop to 50% of current value).
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    Newbie question on managing my expectations

    C4 can integrate almost any gear - all dealers will have a preference/standard set of items they use and know though - and will work better with that gear for it. We do too - though we do not say you cannot...etc. The bigger the project, the more familiarity with gear counts. That said, you'll find any number of opinions on what gear is best, and they're all right - or all wrong Here's what's truly important: Make sure you see eye to eye with the company doing it.
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    Matt Lowe

    Newbie question on managing my expectations

    As stated control4 is not the limiting factor. Make sure you interview your dealer well and that you see eye to eye on things. Control4 will only be as the dealer programming it.
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    Jonny Cross

    Control4 best HVAC+Floor heating control

    I use Aube 240v relays attached to the older Control4 thermostats. It use this along with remote temperature sensors in the floor. They are available in 240v and 120v. Works as intended! https://www.aartech.ca/rc840t-240-aube-240v-relay-with-transformer.html
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    Apps for T3 Touchscreen

    May of 2017 and most things originally done with apps in flash are now replaced with drivers and/or experience buttons. Control4 is doing pretty good.
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    Varietas Software is pleased to announce version 1.5 of our Homebridge driver, now available for download/update from HouseLogix. This new version coincides with the newly released version 1.0.21 of our homebridge-control4 plugin and version 1.0.4 of the appliance firmware. These updates are dependent on each other, and all 3 must be installed for proper operation. This is a major release, with some extremely important updates: * The driver and plugin are now fully event driven. I have eliminated the need for polling entirely. This means that the "refresh interval" has been hidden in the appliance configuration portal. For those configuring your own homebridge servers, you should leave the refresh_interval in the device configuration, but you should set its value to 900000. This causes homebridge to manually check on system state every 15 minutes, just to check-in. The C4 driver and the plugin will communicate with each other in real-time as changes happen in the system. This also significantly reduces the network load and the processor load on the director. * The Homebridge appliance now supports more than 100 devices. The system automatically detects when the device limit is exceeded and starts up a second homebridge server instance under-the-hood. The process is almost entirely hidden from the user. The device list stays the same. There's just a few places where the user sees status for multiple services instead of just the one, and you need to add multiple bridge devices into HomeKit to have them all available in Home instead of just the one. * I've also fixed several bugs, and have added the ability to view and copy/paste the homebridge system logs from the configuration portal, which will help us support users better. * I also added support for "doorbells". In Control4, doorbells are just tied to a contact sensor, so anybody using a simple relay to detect doorbell presses can use this to get HomeKit notifications when someone's at the door. It's fast and responsive. If you want to know more about this, contact me.
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    Ideas Needed for a Room

    Also, i did this so the room know when the dimmer turns the room on vs an interface (remote, app, tp). Sorry, this was done before I had a chance to play with string variables so it is a bit crude, but it works and i dont really have a need to make changes. The remote controls commands are found in the room not the remote itself since a remote can change rooms BTW
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    Announcement file via Control4 direct

    I use audacity for all my audio conversion / editing. Good free program. https://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Dash buttons on sale for Prime Day

    Here's a button template in Photoshop, with a layer mask. If you're familiar with Photoshop, you can just apply whatever you want in a top layer to setup your button, then merge the top layers down into the mask. Choose "preserve" when asked, and it'll auto-mask the button template against whatever layers were above it. There may be a simpler way to do this, but this works for me. button.psd
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    Spotify integration

    The best Spotify integration is Tidal.
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    Seriously....not this again. Yes, there have been vulnerabilities found which Hikvision has addressed with firmware upgrades. This happens with many, many technology products.
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    C4-DM1-x. 2 switch scenario. Use as 3-way

    basically follow this guide https://www.control4.com/files/dealers/documentation/200-00179_RevA_Wireless_Switch277_Online.pdf
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    Seems like it is time for a LONG overdue upgrade
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    New Build - Thinking About Control4

    Hi guys, my family is going to be building a new house specifically to accommodate my sister who is disabled. Our house plans are already roughly designed and the house will be around 3,500 square feet. In our current house, we have Lutron Caséta light switches which really helps her as she is able to turn off the lights with her phone. (She wants to be as independent as possible, so the ability for her to control her own lighting without having to ask one of us to help her really has made a huge difference for her.) My dad was a huge fan of it and in our new build wants to take it a step further. One of our family friend's did a huge remodel and add-on of their house and installed Control4 for their media centers and a few light switches. I am contacting our local dealer to kind of get an idea of what we are looking for, but I was hoping to ask the forums as well and see if you all have any recommendations and perhaps general price estimates, I am aware that nothing is concrete. I will outline what we are looking for and any help is appreciated. I want to help my family make their lives so much simpler as it currently is hectic and very difficult for them to live in our current house with a disabled child and stairs everywhere. To give a little bit more insight into the build, a rough estimate of total light switches that need to be able to be controlled is about 30. I have looked at Centralized Light Panels, but I believe we are open to anything. I do know that I will need to contact our local dealer but I thought you all might have some insight or ideas to help out in the planning process. Thank you for your time. (I will be using the Control4 Home Automation Project Planner for simplicity) What do you want to achieve with your automation project? Improve the function of our home Incorporate energy efficiency Provide added security We would want a camera at the front door and there will be a gate. Access and control from anywhere Home Theater/Entertainment We would like to control all devices with a single remote We would like the remote to also control other functions in the home (lights, temp, shades, security) Dad has a Nest, not sure what the Control4 option is like. We would like to be able to access media from the cloud to stream movies or TV shows Currently use Plex for this. Whole Home Audio We would like to be able to listen to music from anywhere in my home or business There will be multiple people listening to varying music in different rooms at the same time We would like to be able to control my music from a touch screen interface We would like to be able to stream music directly from my phone throughout my Control4 system Lighting We would like to have all lights turn off with one button press We would like to have shades or blind controlled with our same lighting controls We would like to be able to control lights from smartphone/tablet
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    Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I wanted to jump in and agree! And it's not about customers...its about me! Joshua has helped above and beyond through beta and after. That said... Everyone go out and sell this driver! I've had C4 in my home for almost 10 years. This driver has brought new life to a system! Hopefully Joshua will master the challenge of finding a way to use my phone to automate the theater and I would never buy another C4 remote again...(hint hint)
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    Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Just want to bump this thread. Joshua has worked over and above in helping me keep my clients happy and this driver and its appliance is a great product. More features have been added and some more to follow. Happy Automating!!
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    Pics before I break the racks down and move

    Don't forget to add chases to key locations for future upgrades. I ran several 2" extending through the attic with enough exposed tubing to find it!
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    Event from phone connecting to network

    I also use that driver 4 when my phone disconnects from Bluetooth if I'm within the geofence to do programming when I arrive home
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    C4 remote temp sensor integration

    You can, but it'd be better to get a Card Access contact sensor with their recommended external thermistor (which is submersible: http://www.cardaccess-inc.com/automation/products/index.php?a=details&i=50) Also gives you the option of going battery powered if that's preferable due to location etc, and avoids having to deal with powering the the thermostat with a messy 24VAC powersupply (the CA pice handles a wide range of voltage and ac/dc so a standard 12vdc supplies work. Probably ends up cheaper too.