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    Ultimately, when the intercom app rolls out, the first thing it will do is calm some people down in this forum. Other than that, it'll be great.
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    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this yet (because the first page or two was dumpster fire crap again) but Apple did actually announce a feature called Siri App Shortcuts which is all the "Siri integration with Control4" could be. The feature allows you to create custom key phrases to trigger the C4 system via the Control4 iOS app we already use. C4 doesn't have to work closely with Apple on this at all. Seeing this announcement was from the AppleTV team (not the Siri team or anyone else) it sounds like, to me, the AppleTV will get an official API (rather than using the iTunes control hack) and they are working with Crestron, C4, and Savant initially to get this done. Notably missing was Logitech. I'm not sure why they weren't up there... very odd. What would be another cool feature is if we started seeing media info show up in the C4 navigator from the AppleTV. So you could select Game of Thrones on a T3 and the C4 system would be able to trigger that all the way to the HBO App. Or maybe Apple Music integration using the AppleTV. Not really sure but if you look at the teams as individual businesses this was the AppleTV business -- not Apple as a whole -- making this announcement. In any event I will be excited to see what the partnership brings.
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    The FAQ posted at Reference Home Theater above is the only public announcement Control4 is likely to make in regards to Apple's WWDC announcement, and even Control4 dealers don't have more info than that as of yet, although those in beta (and under NDA) will likely see things pre-release, as usual. I'll publicly say: It's nice to be included in the WWDC announcement. There are definitely some exciting new prospects for home control coming down the pike. RyanE
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    Well, I for one am very excited! This could open up a whole slew of opportunities. I know that many people on here are not Apple fans but I have slowly moved towards Apple. In particular, I now use my Apple TVs for Netflix, streaming movies (Apple) and playing movies from my NAS (since the Apple TV 4K release, I have stopped using my Dunes as the Apple TV does this for me). So I can see great integration options in the future: 1. Better Apple TV (and app) control - an improved driver; 2. Mini drivers (Experience Buttons) for popular apps like Netflix, Infuse etc. 3. Integration of music and movies to the Control4 MyMovies and MyMusic or similar cool front end. For me, this is really exciting. It does not feel like the app announcement (enough said) but rather it feels like the T3 release which was a new platform promising a whole lot of new functionality over time but nothing up front. I was skeptical initially as we lost features like Favourites, Screensavers and apps like StarteHere! But over time my scepticism was proven wrong as lots of new features were added and today the T3 feature set (as well as speed and resolution) is much better than the old V2s etc. To summarise, I am excited by this development.
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Haha, my profession tends to be intense, but I prefer to describe myself as passionate. 😂 And you are correct in that we currently have no choice but to accept. Occasionally though I feel the need to voice my disappointment, as I think other have done. Also, you are correct that the success of the app is probably not going to make or break c4 by itself, but a failure here is certainly not a good look at all, especially given others have succeeded...
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    It's being worked on - what other status update do you expect? It has been pointed out exhaustively that they do not pre-announce features. The fact that they DID do it for the app is the issue - not that there hasn't been communication afterwards.
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    Remote Integration services offered

    Switched to Neil to help me get Alexa actually running my C4 setup. (Hint: Have him install the 3rd party Alexa driver for instant response to commands). He pretty much knows everything about programing for C4, but his ability to integrate Alexa to take my house to the next level was awesome. Even my wife, who hates gadgets, is loving having someone else to boss around besides me. I suspected my original dealer was a novice at this stuff, but now I know what a real C4 programmer can do.
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    My 2 cents, for what it's worth... My car integrates components from MANY manufactures. So do jet planes. When my throttle gets stuck and I can't stop and I drive into a wall, who gets the blame? Ford, or the company that sourced the throttle cable, or maybe the computer chip that opened the throttle? When a fan blade separates from a jet engine, slicing through the cabin and killing someone, who gets the blame? Did a "GE Powered Passenger Plane" have a fatal accident, or did a "Southwest Plane" have a fatal accident? Control4 is not so unlike Ford or Southwest, that when their product (which is really built off 1000s of other products with C4's "glue" as the secret sauce) fails, then C4 fails... not Sony, not Samsung, not Apple, not the crappy network in the house... Control4 fails. Control4 knows they have a complex set of kit, and posts on this forum notwithstanding, it works to the customer's satisfaction the majority of the time. A lot of that is because of the dealer network. If I were C4, I would weigh the amount of additional revenue from DIYers, offset by the loss of revenue from people who muck it up and trash the reputation, making the non-DIY customer wary of "that C4 junk" and make a business decision about their distribution, installation, and support model. Oh, wait... I bet they did.
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    Perhaps. What's HomeKit again? Oh right, the product everyone keeps saying will 'take off soon..' ... 'now it's going to be a player' ... 'this time...' That said, if they manage to get Siri up to par, it would be another option over Alexa, and may prompt Google to open up for the same sort of thing. I ALWAYS like more options.
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    Sony Bravia TV - Mini Plex Driver

    Yes, i used this in my home, on my Sony 55X8500E.
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    Not typically. ComposerHE lets you do nearly everything dealers can do with ComposerPro, with the exception of: Adding / Renaming new devices and rooms (including 'swapping out' TVs or other devices for different models) Making *bindings* (connections) between devices, including network addressing Doing loops in programming There are many 'on-line' dealers who will (for a small fee) add and connect new devices, and loops in programming are rarely needed with timers, which are typically a better option. Most other programming, including ad-hoc things like programming 'When motion sensor triggers, and it's nighttime, turn on lights' can be done with ComposerHE. RyanE
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    If actual, real, home automation was easy, there would be more than the 3 or 4 companies that do it at the volume and quality of Control4.
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    Dont know if these guys have some inside knowledge or not... https://referencehometheater.com/press-release/apple-announces-plans-to-develop-new-integration-capabilities-for-control4/ What exactly was announced? Apple announced that they are enabling better integrations with Apple TV and 3rd party control systems, like Control4. The announcement today is simply that, an announcement, not a release. The Apple TV software that supports these new capabilities won’t be available until later this year. What is Control4 intending to achieve with this new integration? Working with Apple, we intend to support Siri voice control and new IP control integrations for Apple TV. We are early in the development process, as such we won’t be sharing the specific features and functionality until we’re ready for public release. When will Siri voice control and the new Apple TV integration be released? This new functionality will become available sometime after Apple publicly releases their new software. Consistent with our other development projects, we are not announcing a specific date at this time. Does this mean Control4 is HomeKit compatible? No. This announcement is enabling better integration with Apple TV and support for Siri voice control.
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Regardless, this is technology that is no longer cutting edge and more than likely expected from any potential new customer. C4 might consider beefing up the software development team to meet publicly announced projects.
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    LOL, unless you feel like the whole hype around the keynotes is a ridiculous over statement
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    South Africa C4 user

    OSD Pop-Up Image URL

    Trial and error has been my friend here!
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    Best whole house audio solution....

    If you are doing it on a budget you could get a used C4 audio matrix for a few hundred and mate it to a couple of Dayton Amps. Honestly, I would invest in the speakers, but that's just me. I'm not sure you can hit your target with good speakers if you need 24. The other question is how many concurrent different streaming audio sources will you need?
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    No, the 10% is on any Control4 gear (not partner) and a controller is not required to be upgraded or ordered.
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    Remote Integration services offered

    Just wanted to give some Kudos to Neil. He was very responsive with helping get a starter EA1 setup at our vacation house that is lacking a good selection of local C4 dealers. I was up and going in about 2 hours total.
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    Your not going to find anything that much cheaper that will work well than HikVision Araknis gear is fairly reasonably priced, though yes the access points seems a bit high. Again I will point out that UBQT is on the do not use list. Not saying don't use ut, but you will find that dealers will generally follow that list. IMHO, if you choose to replace gear in this list to save any worthwile amount of money, you're going to be doing so by sacrificing quality
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    Outdoor remote options

    This is what it looks like. I ordered the stainless steel back drop for asthetic purposes. But fits a 250/260perfectly.
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    Yes. We are a direct partner with Rachio. They have had some serious internal changes and with the latest API debacle they are well aware of the mistakes they made. We are going to be releasing a URC Rachio driver shortly as well. We sell Rachio hardware and of course offer the driver and will maintain it as well. We have a direct line to all of the dev teams over there as well.
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    Just heard it's actually a certificate change on the tunein side, just a coincidence that they made a change the same week C4 did. There will likely be a patch written to fix the issue. So yes, don't worry about trying all kinds of stuff to fix it
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    Both the EA3 and EA5 have audio sensing. Works well and very responsive.
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    You need the patch for remote connections