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    @wappinghigh I had roughly the same issue, I've attached a driver that will let you use the serial and ir connections and if you add a Speaker Point to the project it'll let you use the audio outputs as it disables the advanced audio. It's a trade-off. This is just using the hc generic proxy and mapping the search targets for you. annex4_hc300.c4i EDIT: I guess it would help if i posted the 200 version. annex4_hc200.c4i
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    You wanted to upgrade and use your older controllers. You now have a driver that lets you do that, give it to your dealer and move forward. You asked for answers and you now have them. I think it's pretty disgusting some of the comments users are making toward you. That said you fuel it by not progressing the discussion beyond repeatedly asking the same thing even though you have more information. Your goal of what you are trying to accomplish is totally lost in your own stubborness. You make plenty of valid points, but it's tiring to participate in a onesided conversation.
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    hhhhhmmmmm . . . Hey Wap, some interesting posts this weekend and last. I'm old enough to remember when local area networking with a PC was new. You had to install your own card and IP stack and you had to get it all to work together. And don't forget layer 1 - because it wasn't there either. You had to hire people with knowledge to come do it for you. Now, it's all automated and comes standard out of the box "plug and play". So yes, with Amazon and Apple moving into the space, there will be evolution of lighting, av, etc. control toward the easier. But until then, even 30+ year tech vets like me need help. I think Control4's model still has legs. I think "getting easier" will take longer in this space because there are so many different technologies that converge in this space (to name only a few): Lighting and lighting control A myriad of different AV manufacturers with standard control technology, but no control messaging standards. IR has been out for decades and you still have to program each and every "universal remote" to the manufacturer's implementation. Evolving content standards HD, 4k, 8k, etc. Evolving content delivery standards and transports: HDCP, HDMI, HDBaseT, HDBase T over IP, etc. Evolving content providers: satellite, cable, internet, etc. Cameras, D/NVRs, NAS, etc. Networking 802.11 ethernet zigbee Personally, I think "rocket science" only gets so easy. I'm glad I have a dealer that integrated the Control4 product with all the other technologies I have in the house because I know I don't have the time to do it all, I don't have the time to keep up with the "state of the art" in all these areas, and I don't think I can get my skill level where it needs to be in all these areas not to screw something up. Heck, I have full-size rack of equipment in the house - are you kidding me? Ha! Who'd have ever thunk???? Rock on Wap . . .dreamers are often the change agents
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    Why can't I firmware upgrade?

    Wappinghigh does have a valid point, Control4's EOL process is a different situation than a manufacturer limiting support for a particular device to an 'endpoint OS' release. In general, Control4 obsoletes devices when they are no longer able to participate in a project using a meaningful amount of their hardware. Sometimes that means that a controller that's being EOLed may be due to the fact that audio / video hardware and codecs on that device can't handle the way things are done in the upcoming OS release (i.e. for new audio services, 'Advanced Audio', intercom, etc.). It also can mean that a controller may be EOLed, while a Contact/Relay extender or an IO Extender will continue to be supported, even though they have similar hardware levels, because the controller won't be able to handle the A/V requirements, while the IO Extender or Contact/Relay extender doesn't support Audio at all. The SpeakerPoint was supported long past the equivalent level of Controllers and touchscreens, for the same reason (it only did audio streaming). In some cases, the amount of flash or RAM on a device won't support the updated 'full' OS release. There is a *lot* more software running on these devices than when they were first provisioned. That was the case with some of the early remotes. They couldn't make it to ZigBee Pro, due to hardware limitations. They were also fragile as he**... Control4 allowing a more limited controller to function in a 'downgraded capacity' (i.e. IR only for the HC200) would require creating a custom OS release for each device being 'downgraded', which is an amount of work of the same order of magnitude to creating a new product, not to mention creating a new set of tests specific to the 'new (old) product'. It's expensive, both in time and resources which can be better used to create new products, services, and drivers. Trimming down the number of supported SKUs on a particular OS update allows Control4 to only develop against and test 'current' products, not all the EOL products going back to the beginning of time, and is a much clearer messaging for dealers and end users (i.e. "you can use feature X on device Y, but not feature Z on device Y, and device L only supports feature Q"). The whole 'downgrade' idea is IMHO an engineering, management, and support nightmare. I personally can't think of any cases where the reason something was being obsoleted was solely due to 'we need to push more boxes'. As far as Control4 forcing you to update, you are certainly *not* required to stop using EOLed devices, but you *are* limited as to what 'final' OS release those devices will operate in. I'll also point out that *every* lighting device I've installed in my house is still supported, none have been obsoleted. RyanE P.S. My standard disclaimer applies. These are my thoughts on when and why Control4 obsoletes hardware, I don't speak officially for Control4.
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    troll, troll, troll your boat, gently down the stream
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    Parallel Universe

    Most customers that are building a home don't want this. They want someone to come in and hang a tv for them. They don't want to do it. They don't want to be on the phone tapping buttons and doing stuff. They just want it to work. Now there are definetly a subset of people that want to hang their own TV's and tap buttons and tinker. but that is NOT the majority of the market.
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    we are all victims from having to read this thread
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    Parallel Universe

    CONTROL4—HEADQUARTERS 11734 S. Election Road Salt Lake City, UT 84020 T. 1-888-400-4070 (toll free) T. 801-523-3100 F. 801-523-3199 they will absolutely support you- by helping find a dealer that is worth a shit. There is absolutely no way C4 could or would ever put a customer tech support line together. C4 gear makes up maybe 10-15% of a full automation install, you expect them to trouble shoot wiring, connections, TVs, AVRs, security systems, 3rd party lights, shades, streaming devices, etc? This is the same reason 90% of dealers are weary of taking over projects its a dealer model because they are the ones that are supposed to do that. You want to pay for a service plan? We would love you as a client and accept your money and provide a maintenance / support package. We have a 24/7 on call hotline. If you really want to help, Report the awful dealers to C4
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    Like for the controllers? They are right there. Clearly you didn't pay attention in training or you have hacked composer pro Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    IR reliability

    Lol how much glue are you using? I glue all my emitters on and you can’t see any glue because I use a tiny dab. You don’t need to squeeze out a dime size amount. Get a tiny little glue gun at michaels
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    That's funny as hell. Thanks for the laugh
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    Your experience is much different than many c4 systems. I would say 90+% have sat or cabletv so distribution is still a thing. Also syncing the content between zones in open concept floorplans is important. Also you lose quality in streaming. Many wont care about the loss but a DTS or atmos, 4k hdr bluray in a room that can take advantage of it is worth it depending on what you are watching. If it is just regular tv I am ok with less quality, but if it is a marvel movie or John Wick additional quality is worth it if I am in the media room
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    I find it works 100% for some things but has a long way to go for others. We use the one in our main bedroom for the following (we have lots of other things programmed but don’t use them in real life): 1. Alexa, turn on/off Television (we often say this as we are walking to sit down on the couch and pick up an SR260 to continue our control); 2. Alexa, turn on Apple TV (and replacing Apple TV with Explora, Apple Mac, Movies, Camears, etc.); 3. Alexa, trigger close blinds (and replacing close with open, partial and half); 4. Alexa, trigger close left blind (and replacing left with right, center or middle) (and replacing close with open, partial and half); 5. Alexa, trigger xxx’s playlist (xxx being one of the family’s names). 6. Alexa, turn on / off various lights. 7. Alexa turn on / off panic (activates the alarm normally or silently - have not used this in real life - fortunately). However, we also use the SR260 remote for TV control and other things when we are watching TV and a T3 in the bedroom for more intricate house control, checking things etc. In fact we have 4 T3s in total and despite Alexa having been set up primarily for the main bedroom, our main bedroom T3 is used more than any other T3 in the house. To summarise, love my Echo Dot but it compliments other devices in my ecosystem and is nowhere near replacing them.
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    Parallel Universe

    Unfortunately I feel like you are over generalizing the local dealers. I will absolutely agree there are plenty of bad ones out there, we have a couple locally we go behind all the time to fix things. Most of the remote dealers that are praised so highly are local dealers as well. I would be willing to bet that less than 1% of Control4 customers have any interest in DIY at all, and want a dealer who can maintain their systems for them. In fact, we have 1 customer who wants/has HE, and that’s only so he can change the sound his doorbell plays throughout his house. We have never had a customer complain about we couldn’t get to them fast enough. We are not in a super high end market either, so a large majority of our customers are middle/upper middle class, not the super rich.
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    its not the company - its an employee of the company in a non-corporate setting. Lighten up.
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Lol, somehow I knew you would understand! It is so simple! In all seriousness though, I think I’m going to start using the “it’s complicated and still in beta” excuse when my wife asks me why I haven’t done things around the house. I wonder how long that will last before she gets a new husband [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    oy vey. this thread needs to die. All the complaining about new products this and that. You guys do realize that these single companies are focusing on a SINGLE device and not thousands, like C4 does? Homekit. I don't see the big hub bub about it. Its still not a fully integrated system. Apple has been working on this for YEARS.
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Control4 has built solid, steady growth, through the worst recession in our lifetime. It is constantly rated the top CI automation system and receives tons of awards for quality and service. If you question the company's trajectory based off this one thing, you are superbly shortsighted
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    Zigbee network

    1 to maybe 2 zigbee servers IF you have a sheer large amount of devices. Otherwise the minimum number of Zaps needed to give the minimum number of hops with the least number of possible APs to make zigbee as efficient as possible based on floorplan
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    I went to the training class and 2 of the magnolia guys were in there and they didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Sorry OP hopefully you will get sorted out either locally with a new dealer or with someone on here remotely. Side note, I got one of those guys good in the class when they had the part where someone makes 3 changes to someone's program and you have to troubleshoot to fix the issue to get it working again. I deleted the controller running director, put in a cable box and renamed it hc800 and he couldn't figure out why his zigbee net didn't work and the teacher had to look at it and his response was "well, that is the first time I have seen this" then logged out and connected him to someone elses bench test system lol. Didn't have the heart to change a 3rd thing because those 2 were more than enough watching 2 people fight over changing another test back at the same time for 20 minutes
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    Your gen 1 will continue to work for years to come. This concept is not new that a new feature is not backwards compatible with previous generations. Apple does it all the time. Also not a c4 problem
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    Love my video matrix. Everything just works every time... and I have a couple of everything (Apple TVs, Dunes, satellite TVs) feeding the matrix, so if a box dies - as happened to my satellite TV, I can use the second box while the first box gets fixed. I don’t even notice the issue (albeit, the kids can’t watch a different satellite channel from what we are watching for a few days... but hey they are kids)... Not cheap though...
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    Someone really should hide the key to the liquor cabinet. RyanE
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    Shivam Paw

    Darth Vader Controls you....

    that's what i thought when this stuff first happened and then........it got boring and annoying real fast
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    Roku or AppleTV in CANADA

    Ummm, there is no finish line. you will always be yearning for more c4. While your wife may appreciate it when the system finally works, you'll be in there adding more stuff as you gradually become unimpressed with what you've done and hungry for more challenges and new ideas to explore. You'll want to program all sorts of automatic scenarios based on all sorts of conditions. And when there's a small flaw or bug in the logic, you won't sleep untill its fixed. And when it's finally fixed, ONLY YOU will be impressed but only for a short while. You'll want to do it all over again. It's a healthy madness but my wife doesn't understand.
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    Ready to buy Composer HE

    Now THIS is what I'm talking about.
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    Here it is again: Because HC200 was announced (via email and the website) that it was EOL. It isn’t compatible with 2.10. So it runs 2.9. Now the other gear is compatible with 2.10, but 2.10 isn’t compatible with 2.9. Therefore you can’t have a 2.9 controller in a 2.10 project. But of course you know all this, and get some sick twisted pleasure out of arguing petty stupid details with random people on the internet. You don’t want a real answer...you want a fight. If you wanted a real answer you’d ask the person that made the decision. Good lord... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I admire your persistency, but I think youre barking at the wrong tree.
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    Kevin L


    On each mode you are using you can tell it to ignore the motion sensors etc. You can do a ton of stuff via ecobee or manual programming on the driver
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    Remote Integration services offered

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Neil who helped me put a great starter system together based around an EA-3, EA-1, SR-260 and wall mounted iPad Mini. We worked in real-time over the phone today and knocked everything out in 2-3 hours. This included integrating my Sony XBR TV, Sony sound bar, TiVo, Sonos, Lutron Radio RA2 lights and shades, and more. Even my gas fireplace and pool are controlled perfectly. Everything is controlled by either IP or serial, so no ugly emitters or unreliable control. Still have some tweaking I might want to do, but my copy of Composer HE takes a day to get fully licensed, so hopefully in a day or so I can download and make some programming changes to better suite my daily usage. Thanks again Neil for the great experience and very fair pricing! I'll be adding Control4 integration to my basement theater in the near futrure, and will be sure to call upon Neil again when the time comes. -Dino
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    Parallel Universe

    Consider me customer #2 for this future C4 integrated, beer-delivering home robot!
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    I just think some people get a bit over protective and instead of just saying Oh we made a mistake they blame the person for pointing it out and trying to get it amended. I tried
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    Parallel Universe

    I learned from this forum that you can force ZigBee to use a different channel (25?) to prevent any conflict with WiFi. But I too prefer hard-wired. My previous post was guilty of fuzzy-thinking on my part ... what I meant to stress was "end-user easy install", and that can encompass a simple plug-in to an RJ45 jack for wired ethernet instead of joining your home WiFi. Well not for Echo, since there is no hard-wired option. But for other stuff. My main point was that a combination of (1) a good remote dealer, and (2) "just-plug-it-in-and-get-it-on-your-network" (whether wireless or wired) devices, an activity made trivial by device manufacturers that think this process through and implement in correctly, plus (3) a local electrician to install load-type devices, and you don't need a local hands-on, on-site, truck-roll dealer at all. Example: your new smart LG TV arrives from Amazon. You unbox, plug it into the AC, connect the HDMI cable from your source, and the CAT-5/6 cable from your RJ45 wall jack (or follow the prompts on the TV to have it join your WiFi network). Now sit back, send you remote dealer an email, pop open a nice cold long neck, and you're done. The dealer knows how to get (purchase) and install the C4 driver for LG smart TVs, you told him in your email what you want it named, and then the C4 magic happens. All your C4 remotes, tablets, and smart phone apps now control the TV perfectly. The dealer knows your channel favorites, and has built that in to various scene scripts for you. He has modified your "I'm really at home" simulations for your vacation mode, etc. No need for a local dealer IMHO. You come home a day later, hit the top button on the keypad inside your entry door, the garage lights go out, the path to your family room is nicely lit, and the TV is tuned to your favorite news channel. I am going to go this way and eliminate the local dealer. We'll see what happens. And I hope to live enough years so that, in the scenario just described, my home robot has also been commanded by C4 to bring another one of those long-necks, nice and cold from the fridge, and put it on the table by the sofa-for-viewing-TV. I need the drink to watch the news, believe me.
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    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    Agreed with @therockhr... My family, and its my belief most people, have a handful of playlists they listen to regularly which is where the C4 app works perfectly. Beyond this the Sonos app has always been the better option for music discovery. Even with the integration was at its best I would more often then not use the Sonos app for searching for new music or to listen to something different then normal. Heos and Mirage Media Server both worked well, but the GUI and user experience just wasn't as good as Sonos, in my opinion. Back to Speakers, whats the budget? I like the Triad Gold Omni SE but they are pricy compared to other options, I'd also add a Triad Slim 4 inwall sub. I've got two of the subs, in opposing corers, in a 30x20 living room and they are amazing.
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    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    And we're back to where C4 doesn't and shouldn't pre-announce things. IMHO even mentioning the app to DEALERS was a bad idea, let alone the public. Regardless of the state of it right now - that was poor judgement. And just underscores that the position they have (minus that 'glitch' and are taking on this is the correct one: there is nothing to announce at this time. As for the 'false advertising - Gary that will VERY much depend on how freely accessible that PDF is. For example - is there a link to it right from the website main page, or does the document show up under google searches, or did your dealer send you a link. If it's not being pushed but just a document you can gain access too, then its not advertising. I don't give a rats ass how UK law defines it - because if it DOES consider it advertisement in that scenario, it goes against its intended function. That doesn't mean I think there shouldn't be any laws for this sort of thing - I'm just very saddened by the continued decay of self-responsibility I see everywhere. Think for yourselves, and own up to your own 'mistakes'. Even if there's an argument you could read things a certain way, you're still (at least partially) responsible for reading it that particular way. One of the things that I noticed first when I moved across the Atlantic is that here, so many people swallow up 'news' as fact without thinking about what is actually said (and more so any advertisement) or who is saying it. I grew up to always be critical of and analyze any information given to you, regardless of it's source (indeed be very AWARE of it's source). By putting too many boundaries (laws) in place two things will be accomplished: 1) those intending to give out false information will just get extremely good about doing it without being noticed and 2) the public will start assuming all information is truth because they assume it's being checked for them. In other words, it'll achieve the exact opposite of what it is intended to do.
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    oh your buddy certified you. Cool. Why does this read like OP is gonna be aaking for bank accounts and SSNs soon
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    Parallel Universe

    Funny I feel like you are the one from a parallel universe Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Flagship Store

    I think most control4 customers don't want to be bothered even shopping for it. I really do mean that. Then there are folks that use this forum. Opposite ends of the scale.
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    Seems to me the delay is an issue due to the pent-up need for a good solution. If there were a dozen good choices nobody would care.
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    Dr. Venkman

    time frame (from to and action)

    I'm sure there are several ways to do this, but here's one... If you can live without the push notification telling you exactly which light was turned on, it's easy to do. Put all of the lights you want to force off during the day in a scene, set tracking to show it as active if any light is on at any level. Create a variable (called, for instance "ActivateLightsout"). You could also use an experience button, so that it can be toggled on/off. Every morning at 9:00, have scheduler deactivate the scene and set the variable to 1. Every day at sunset, have scheduler set the variable to 0. Program off the scene: when scene becomes active, if the variable is set to 1, delay 5 seconds, deactivate scene. The delay may not be strictly necessary, but I'm not sure exactly what would happen if you programmatically deactivate the scene while someone's hand is still on the switch. Might as well give them a moment to get out of the way of your automated command. Also, if you must have notifications, this will give them time to execute. If you want a notification, but needn't know exactly which light was turned on: Create a notification that says whatever you want it to say. (Perhaps, "I am a crazy person, and one of my lights was turned on." Program off the scene: when scene becomes active, if the variable is set to 1, send notification (I would put it before the delay above). If you must know exactly which light, it'll be annoying to set up (assuming we're talking about more than a couple lights). You could do the above, but create the programming and notification for each lighting load (rather than the scene), but I would do it like this: Create a notification for each light, saying that it is on Package all of your notifications into one macro, and have the macro be a series of if statements (If xxx light is on, send xxx notification; if yyy light is on, send yyy notification). Programming: when the scene becomes active, if the variable is set to 1, run the macro (again, before the delay). This keeps all of your programming at the activation of the scene, rather than having to program off each lighting load. (It'll also be easy to clean up when they decide they don't like not being able to turn their lights on). There's probably a better way, but that's how this relative novice would program it.
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    As far as I recall, the Gatling gun option is blocked by the C4 police...
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    Control4 "App" for Windows 10

    Bluestacks + Android App ftw
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    Zigbee network

    Oh sweet baby Jesus. There is absolutely no reason that every controller should have zigbee enabled whatsoever. You might wanna start back at a training in Charlotte/Chicago/Utah.
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    Not defending c4. I agree with you. But it's volume and brand recognition imho. I agree c4 should make sure they are trained better Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I'm still upset about XP
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    No Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    less security. lol. If you use Firewall settings/port forwarding/DDnS you can access the camera directly. That externally accessible checkbox tells the mobile app hey, don't go thru the control4 proxy and access the camera IP directly. This is, in some instances faster, then proxying the camera access thru control4.
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    New Sony AndroidTV Questions

    Also dhcp reservation because I have seen them wipe out a static address after a firmware update. Very seldom but it has happened
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    Do I need Video Distribution?

    For the OP the cost/benefit probably ist there with the number of tvs and what little they do with them by only needing 2 sources, one of which is OTA
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    I would find a reputable c4 dealer instead of Best Buy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk