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    Thankful sale

    As Greenfield Solutions wraps up our 2nd full year in business I have a lot to be thankful for. To that end I am having a thankful sale. Purchase any driver from me and get free installation until Friday Nov 23 11:59pm. This is for all drivers I can sell. Message me for details Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Joshua Pressnell

    Google Home & notifications

    I now have a near-final version of a Google Home Assistant announcements driver. It sets up easily in programming and lets you easily post any text message you like to Google Home units. The trickier part is the actual assistant software setup. It absolutely can run on a NAS with docker (or technically without docker, if you're technically minded and don't mind SSH'ing into your NAS with root credentials). I haven't worked on that yet, as my NAS doesn't have enough horsepower to use docker. Instead, I used a Pi. If you're unfamiliar, I'm the guy that sells the Control4 homebridge setup (http://varietassoftware.com/control4). I'm going to see if I can't create a dead-simple pi image that you can install that will work "almost out of the box". It will still require a little setup on your end (to enable the proper Google services and such), but it'll be a fair bit easier than setting everything up front scratch yourself. That said, if you want to setup the assistant software on your own hardware and can get that running, you can get my driver now and it'll work with it.
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    I've written an enhanced driver for the NWK that allow easy Lutron Shades integration with no command line. It also automatically build shade group and offer a group control slider with bidirectional feedback. I know it still work with 2.10.x and it is available for free here: http://www.cmd4.co/drivers.php
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    100% You can program exactly that though: WHEN keypad button is pressed Press top button on light WHEN [keypad button] is released release top button on [light] For panel lighting it's called 'virtual button commands' but same deal. When programming however, it's not as smooth as using bindings
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    Here's probably a stupid idea...

    You're right. Stupid idea. I get the idea of what you're trying to accomplish, but it's likely not worth it even if it could be pulled off. First of all, you'd need to get access to the software, bypass the security measures in place that identify it, then find a way to somehow ID it into the system (ie develop a driver for it at a level even the best 3rd party developers don't have access to) or somehow fully emulate it as an existing controller. Oh and then there's registering it online so you can stream audio services, have remote access et al. Forget creating a driver, you'll have to emulate, and spoof a MAC of a real controller. Which can't be any controller you use or you can't ID it in the system. And if you use a type of controller, it will eventually be obsolete, and you're redoing all of it to emulated a newer version. After that you'd likely see ZERO increase in ability as current controllers are already overpowered for almost any system you can throw at them. Oh and a C4 zigbee card? Not happening, unless you once again develop it yourself. Not that you have to, you could off load that part to a true controller. You'd likely also have to deal with figuring out a way to deal with the audio side of things for streaming etc. as the master controller ALWAYS handles the audio stream, even if it's not being used as an output device. If you're having responsiveness issues now, the issue is NOT going to be your controller's processing power, unless you've got the wrong controller to begin with (ie an hc250 running a system that should be running on an 800 or EA5).
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    Liftmaster/MyQ options

    Correct. The driver gives you feedback, if you solder that would give you control and you'd need to add a contact or tilt sensor on the door for feedback. Quite honestly, even when guys use the driver for control I don't hate the idea of a contact for feedback. Just one less thing to rely on the cloud for. If this was my house I would go the solder route all day long.
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    Roku TV IR

    Here is what I did...copied from another discussion FYI here is what I did and it works flawless. I took the TCL driver I found on this site and used the standard Roku driver. The TCL driver had 4 HDMI ports but the TV only has 3. Since the Roku is built into the tv I bound it to HDMI4. The problem with this is it would not direct app launch because it was still receiving IR commands to go to input 4 which did not exist. I then went into driver works and deleted the IR code for HDMI 4. Now everything seems to work as it should. Dont know if this is the correct way but it works. The TVs are dirt cheap. After I run it this way if it stays solid I will defiantly use these TVs for random places that are not main tv watching places. For 120 bucks for a 32 inch tv you can put these places you normally would not. I will have more in control 4 hardware to control them then the TV. I have a card access zibee to IR on the way. Dont get me wrong I would love for someone to make a 2 way ip driver and I would pay for it but for now this seems to work. Thanks for all of the help. I did not post the driver as I did not make it but a quick search and it should show up.
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    Hey everyone! I just published version 1.1.16 of the homebridge plugin. For those of you "doing it yourself", please make sure to upgrade the plugin version installed on your units. For those of you with my OS licenses or hardware appliances, the web portal on your units will soon show you the available update. Please make sure to install it. I believe this update should correct *all* issues with errant status being reported as well as occasional issues where a command from HomeKit isn't processed.
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    How Long Should a System Last

    Just an update regarding my situation. Control 4 have sorted me with a local dealer who is coming out next week to inspect and hopefully correct my system. I am replacing the HC300 & 200 with a EA3 & EA1. I must say a big thank you to Derrick from C4 for the help and the tremendous offer on the new kit.
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    Integrate a Jacuzzi

    Yes it does run year round and gets used more in the winter. Nothing like lounging in the hot tub with a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster when it is -15C outside! The tubs are well insulated, or they are supposed to be. The top cover has 4" or so of foam and there is foam between the tub and the enclosure walls.
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    1. And around and around and around we go. If dealer model is your beef, just say it - don't use it as an argument to avoid proper setup within that model. An argument does not provide a case for itself. 2. And how often do you think I hear that line? The point also isn't that your dealer needs to know MORE about networking. He needs to know that portion of information that is required for the system, so THAT part is what matters. Just because something is dealer setup and installed does/should not mean you do not have full access to it. We do not BLOCK you from doing anything on your networking gear that YOU own. We just note that if you mess it up - that's not covered under any warranty. One does not exclude the other - as a dealer I can setup your network as is appropriate for the system, from there I inform you of any known issues with specialty setups as approriate, and from there you can setup all the other settings as your heart desires. Heck in 'your' case I'd just make sure I have a config backup
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    No but it does tell me he does a lot of installations. As mentioned I trust my friends reviews and having seen their systems working flawlessly I like the dealer. He has been very responsive, easy to work with, and has been pretty flexible.
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    This is why outlets shouldn’t be dimmed. And if they are, then ONLY lighting should be plugged into them. DO NOT plug a heater in - that could be dangerous. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Google Home & notifications

    i haven't done anything more. lol. life.
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    Control4 and MQTT?

    I have a full MQTT driver that supports SSL. I use the driver to control Sonoff kit but also it can send and receive any MQTT messages which can be used for programming. If you would like to help me beta test then give me your email address and I will send you the drivers. Thank you David
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    2018 C4 Black Friday Deal Thread

    Hmmmm. I can have a driver sale! Why not? What would you all like on sale? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    The best method is to use bindings that require a dealer to add. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Good point about CA-1 but more expensive and definitely more reliable.
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    HTI Customs created the driver above and they sell it on the Blackwire site. The free C4 roku driver only controls a Roku. No TV Commands
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    Liftmaster/MyQ options

    You got it. If you don't have wiring back to your controller or other C4 relay device, then yes, you can wire the 3 button to those wireless relays. I don't have experience with those Nyce sensors, I've only used their motions. Most of my systems are hardwired or use security systems/sensors. You will basically learn the remote to the motors. Once learned, you're in business. Do some googling on how to solder those buttons, there are a couple videos floating around i believe.
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    Only issue is the encoding delay so if you have echos in the rooms as well as speakers and you try to do groups they will be out of sync. If you only use the echo that is connected to the c4 controller for playback you would be fine
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    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Yes, good idea.
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    Presence Detection

    How is it we haven't made any strides with presence detection? It seems one of the major pieces missing to make Home Automation really take off is a reliable way to know who is home if anyone. This seems like such an easy thing to make work but it seems very elusive as well.
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    The dealer added each of the sensors and now i can do what i wanted with doors open/closed. Thanks, Ted
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    WTB Dimmer Color Change Kit

    I have 5-6 dead gen1 dimmers that are white- if you need JUST the toggle and the trim I can sell them to you- PM me.