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    Getting Ready for C4

    Find another dealer. You won't be happy w him Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
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    Ps4 logitech ir peace

    What is this ir peace device? Does it stop ir signals from fighting with each other? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    LG TV IP Driver - Released

    I love this driver, wasn't sure about paying for it when my dealer suggested it but it has been great. We use the pop-up messages all the time. Started with 4 TVs and we liked the features of this driver so much the wife made me upgrade the other 4 TVs in the house to LG. You know things are worth it when the wife tells you to replace all the TVs in the house to be the same brand. Loving the LG integration!!!
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    IFTTT can detect Android phone rings which could then be used to mute. But thats only for Android unfortunately. Having said that though you may be able to use workflow for IOS to do it. Workflow is a pretty powerful scripting engine for IOS. Apple purchased the company last year and make the tool free. https://ifttt.com/search/query/wi https://workflow.is
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    How did you even find that thread is 8 years Old !!!!
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    I sent my wife to C4 training in Utah last year so she could have a better understanding of what I do. She had zero experience in low voltage or automation, however she is one smart lady. She breezed through without any issues. When she came back, she immediately logged into our demo system and started modifying and updating. Within a few weeks she was programming lighting scenes and setting up agents with an occasional question or two. I ended up sending her to clients homes to handle add on's and lighting. She was pretty good just before she quit cause she said I'm an A-Hole to work for
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    https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1p6gi4q47ci7z0/experience-button-hottub.c4z?dl=1 Happy Automating!!
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    Which we have seen at least a couple of times that I can think of. Sure it's nice while they work, until they don't work... then you're stuck. I am constantly trying new drivers and devices in my system to stay on top of things. My system is solid and IP drivers don't just "stop" working. I don't know what kind of networks people have out there that have had such poor luck with IP control. But to me, that's a poor network design or implementation that is causing the issues, and needs to be addressed. DO IP drivers solve every problem? No. Is it nice when an IP driver is available over IR or Serial? Sure. I'm not seeing the huge draw for control of game consoles, either. Maybe for DVD/Blu-ray control but that's it? It's a game console, that's why it has a game controller with it. If you want "rock solid" control for video playback, buy a dedicated player for that particular media. Otherwise, complaints need to be made to the manufacturers of these devices (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc.).This is not a Control4 problem, they have no control (no pun intended) over what these console manufacturers do or don't want to allow. EDIT: And long ago I thought IR capabilities on the remotes might be nice, but that just introduces too many variables. Using your phone or tablet to control the room? Out of luck. Didn't point the remote perfectly at a picky device? Out of luck. The list goes on.
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    Ps4 logitech ir peace

    It's part of the new IR Neutrality law. Peace via the piece.
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    Ps4 logitech ir peace

    Yes - it does that by blocking their Twitter accounts.
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    Any other SageTV users out there?

    There have been a few drivers around for SageTV through the years - both with IR and IP control. I am working on a new driver using IP control and am willing to share it and I am looking for ideas around functionality. My main use case is with SageTV HD200 and HD300 extenders but this should work with PC or AndroidTV clients as well, like the Shield, MiBox, etc.
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    ^ This. Exactly Huh. You clearly are ranting about a product you don't use. It's 4k HDR as is MA, more below... Again know your subject. WD set up Disney Movies Anywhere on a competing methodology. The locker joined to all major vendors. So buy on amazon and watch on iTunes or Google or vudu or (historically Microsoft or Version). This has morphed into Movies Anywhere which has the same concept for a bunch of studios now. Further those studios are still on Uv. I redeem on Vudu and get MA and UV rights. Friends and Family have access to the title without lending / scratching / losing the physical copy. But it's wrong. I was confused by your HTPC thread but the clarifies a lot. For most casual viewing I don't need a spinny disk or local storage. I can play moana for the kids in a plane or car or restaurant or on the big screen. Why heat the house and the electric bill with a HTPC?
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    Hi I have in fact integrated basaltes knx switch plates with control4, it can be done with either control4’s own knx integration suite or the tisco integration suite. Obviously this is not native like what they offer with crestron or lutron, however the end result is the same. Any questions i will try to help. Best carl
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    Yes I have been meaning to put together a video just been crazy busy with clients coming in town for the holidays so I have been focused on that. I will try to get one together in the next week.
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    Matt Lowe

    LG OLED WebOS 3.5 driver

    its a third party driver provided by @annex⁴ personally my favorite driver to date for a tv
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    Google and ye shall receive: https://www.chowmainsoft.com/ping/ The price is right - free (as in beer).
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    Mitch - have 2 T3 so we can use it already - just looking forward to some new tech
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    Matt Lowe

    Recommended TV for C4 Control?

    LG and the annex webos driver is freaking awesome more so if you plan to take full advantage of the smartv and its options. pm me i sell all of these tvs and have a price match too!
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    Took some time to be able to go back on site and I finally manager to get there and try what Cyknight suggested, and I confirm it work, I can now manage my system locally without Internet connection. Thanks! C4, with Crestron, are two of the few control systems that does not rely on a cloud service to run, which is a GOOD thing! I really hope this will stay as is.
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    I love this forum and all the ideas on it. This is an incredibly powerful and customizable system. I ask questions and for the most part get several points of view which empowers me as a consumer to ask my dealer the right questions. There is so much that can be done with this equipment that you can't expect any one dealer to know all the available options and configurations. Hardware is constantly evolving and drivers constantly improving and being created. I like that I can educate myself but still have, AND PAY, for support with a dealer network. *because I always have 2 cents to toss in the hat*
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    Exactly. The issue isn't that there aren't options in C4, the issue is that the 'smart' TVs often aren't 'smart' enough in their design.
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    New Control4 Controller, C4-CA1

    Yeah, amazing how two companies in two different industries, making completely different products for different amounts of time are so similar. RyanE
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    Adding speakers to system

    Advanced audio as a whole is unavailable, all across the system. It's just bad investment at this point.
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    Benn Howard

    UK Digital / Freeview drivers

    Just curious if there are any reliable drivers out there for any uk recording freeview boxes such as YouView / Humax / Now TV with decent functionality. (More than just a IR codeset, smart feature functionality etc) I've been spoilt by the Sky IP driver and now when an install has no sky box im sad.
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    Dealers only or buy the super cool renamer driver from @msgreenf which will allow you to do this in HE!
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    There isn't much required to prepare for Tech 1 and as your distributor mentions you only have to bring a laptop. However there is ALOT to learn in order to become a SUCCESSFUL integrator and run a SUCCESSFUL integration business. As you mention knowledge is always good and in my opinion the following is required for integrators. Network Setup and Troubleshooting knowledge The network is the backbone of any home automation system and is required for parts of the system to communicate to each other, communicate to third party devices and distribute content such as audio and video from sources like your NAS drive to media players or audio players such as the Triad One, another controller or stream video from an IP Camera. A poorly setup network will cause intermittent communication or no communication which can be caused by physical problems (poor ventilation, electrical interference, poorly terminated cables, etc), setup/configuration problems (routing problems, incorrect subnetting, wifi and zigbee network overlap, etc) or poor design choices (too many hops, network loops, etc). A networking course such as Control4's PCNA will assist any integrator regardless of skill level to learn the necessities to design, setup and deploy a strong rhobust network for any sized installation. A/V Design, Installation and Setup knowledge A great audio visual experience requires the integrator to have a good understanding of today's A/V products. There is alot to learn when it comes to distribution or products via HDbaseT, AV over IP and digital modulation. HDMI is ever changing and with it so are the products. Product A may work extremely well today with the existing standards but as the standards change support for newer products require an update to hardware. As such it is extremely important that in new construction additional cabling be run to ensure that that home is future proofed for technology which may be introduced in the coming years. The same goes with sources. As time goes by consumer preferences change. 5-10 years ago media player technology was wide spread. Individuals stored their audio and video libraries locally on USB and NAS drives. Today streaming services is preferred. Having said that Bluray is still big with consumers who are less tech savvy and prefer higher quality. Basic Low Voltage Electrical knowledge Every home automation system requires low voltage wiring or some type. This is used to integrate sensor type devices such as motion sensors, reed switches, doorbells or motorised or controlled devices such as gates, garage doors, screens and blinds. An understanding of what voltage, current, amp, AC, DC, relay, contact closure will be required at a minimum to connect these sorts of devices up. Basic High Voltage knowledge Alot of devices require an electrician for installation. It is common to outsource part of an installation to an electrician and for the integrator to provide the equipment. It is important for integrators to understand basic high voltage for design purposes and have the electrician check over the design to ensure it adheres to code. General IT knowledge More and more products require setup via window's programs, web interfaces or some sort of programming. A general IT knowledge is a must. Brownie points for those who understand fundamental programming concepts as that is required to taylor a customized solution for each home. Imagination The difference between a successful integrator and an average integrator is their imagination. It may be ok to get by with the basics but what really sets them apart is the attention to detail. Remember home automation is used to make people's lives easier not harder. Talk to the home owner about their needs. Wow them with your showroom. The home of tomorrow is here today and you as an integrator can help make it a reality for everybody.
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    New Control4 Controller Soon?

    It could still be AV as long as you have IP controlled devices
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    LOL you're all assuming it even exists beyond paperwork....and that the paperwork is even real.
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    Custom Driver Icons

    The only thing I noticed was your 70x70 icon directory is different than the others. <Icon width="300" height="300">controller://driver/Luma_Navigation/icons/device/default_300.png</Icon> <Icon width="90" height="90">controller://driver/Luma_Navigation/icons/device/default_90.png</Icon> <Icon width="70" height="70">controller://driver/experience-button-scenario/icons/device/default_70.png</Icon> Besides that make sure that the c4z file is named properly when adding it. If it's not named "Luma_Navigation.c4z" when you're adding the driver in composer it won't put the images in the correct location for being referenced.
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    Lone Pine Farmhouse

    48 Port Network Switch?

    Thanks all! The Ubiquiti looks especially up my route @Control-IT
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    Not to mention almost every driver based on a hack method not a public api breaks Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    My experience with Bluetooth -- every version of it, even the "good" version -- has been less than stellar. Its shit technology that is never implemented correctly by the vendor or manufacturer. Maybe next year they'll get it right. 🙄 Hard pass. Use something that works. Bluetooth -- It'll be awesome next year!®️
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    annex⁴ - Amazon Polly (TTS)

    I'll be releasing a new update shortly with some quality of life changes. You can see some of that stuff here: https://imgur.com/a/MpgkO
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    I can honestly say that I can't remember a dealer ever asking me about adding BT to a controller. It just doesn't come up and I spend all day everyday with dealers. I'm not saying there wouldn't be a few uses for it but it's not something that dealers seem to want.
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    Matt Lowe

    Account disabled and project locked

    sounds like the original dealer put a password and or droped the controller registration. you'll just need a dealer to re-register it and you should be fine, this can be done remotely not easily though
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    Ps4 logitech ir peace

    I logged in just to like this post.
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    Inexpensive shades or blinds?

    I believe the somfy/Bali branded blinds from Lowe’s, Home Depot or jc penny’s will work with the proper somfy hub and or driver. I did some research awhile ago and will try to find some old info.
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    Cinegration is proud to release the next driver: Garage Agent! The garage agent was designed to enhance the customer experience when integrating garage doors. By using an experience button Cinegration was able to give customers a dynamically controlled garage door control that includes: Moving Up/Down icons Alert Icon + popup on all control4 touchscreens + TV interfaces Automatic garage left open alert Ability to 'snooze' the alerts (example: working out in the garage and do not want to get notified that it's open, just double click on the garage agent and you're done!) Failed to Close alert Ability to lock or disable the control of the garage door (example: AirBnB homes) Garage door icon can be located in: Watch, Listen, Security or Comfort on any screen! History Agent Support Works with existing Garage door integrations (MyQ, standard contact/relay) Driver DatasheetTo Purchase or Read More FAQ: Does it work with MyQ Garage Doors? Yes, it works WITH the MyQ driver, it does not replace the MyQ driver Do I need to put the standard garage motor into the Control4 project? No, this driver provides all the same control and more! What garages does it work on? Any garage door that can work with Control4, this driver can enhance the experience Do I need to redo all my existing programming if I add this driver in? No, the driver can be used in addition or standalone with existing installations Can I try out the driver? Yes, all Cinegration drivers come with a 7 day trial I use DriverCentral's Showroom Project, does this driver work with that? Yes, this driver is compatible with the DriverCentral Showroom License/Project
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    What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    This IS part of the basic training information, and something you'll often hear techsupport state as well. Not just drivers, but also more complex programming work. But yes a lot of dealers/technicians could benefit from doing that more consistently.
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    Projection Clock

    So you wife wants something to look at on the ceiling of your bedroom. This could go a lot of ways...
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    Sounds more like your dealer let you down. PM if you want some help to get it fixed.
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    Streaming Video from NAS

    We are currently working on adding samsung support for our Plex driver. You will need to utilise the new 2017 Samsung drivers by Control4 in conjunction. No promises yet until we get it 100%.
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    Google WiFi as main router. Any issues

    That really doesn't make sense. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Sunday mornings are for bloody marys.
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    Hi. Just wanted to reassure you that we (Control4) are aware of this (battery charge level) issue and are working on a resolution. I cannot give you an ETA at this time other than to let you know that we have a potential fix ready for QA. While I'm here, from reading this and other threads on these forums, it is clear that in some cases folks are reporting issues that are clearly the result of a misconfigured remote. LiPo and Alkaline batteries have very different charge/discharge curves. If you are using a recharge cradle and the LiPo battery pack and you fail to configure the remote for recharge, you WILL get incorrect battery level readings. Regards, -Ross
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    Thoughts on QNAP NAS

    Better off with a qnap or synology and a shield than waiting
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    Use Coax cable to extend IR bud?

    Like what? You mean, hey you actually care to make this a permanent connection?
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    Dave w

    Thoughts on QNAP NAS

    I'm running QNAP TS-251 2-Bay, its been rock solid for about a year now. And it has no issues transcoding w/ plex...