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    Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    We are happy to announce open beta testing for version 2 of our popular Wink Driver Pack. This version is a major overhaul with greatly expanded device support and will be a free update to everyone who currently owns the driver. Features Ring Doorbell button press detection Ring Doorbell motion detection Arlo, ArloQ, Nest Cam and Ring stick up cam motion detection Blind support Door lock support MyQ and other Wink garage doors Dimmers and binary light switch drivers supporting Z-wave, ZigBee, Philips Hue, Lutron and others Sensors including leak detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, motion sensors and others Read access to any device in your account through a new generic Wink device driver Greatly simplified driver structure and easier installation with drop down lists of device names How do I get it? The open beta can be activated by having your dealer install the driver files linked to below and activating with the key “BETA”. Download How can I help? We are interested in any feedback you have. We are especially interested in hearing from users with blinds and door locks. What happened to the old drivers? The older drivers for different devices such as spotter, refuel, garage doors, etc. are discontinued in favor of a simpler driver structure. Now all these devices can be represented with a single generic Wink device driver. This driver will automatically configure itself upon linking with your account and setup all the appropriate variables, relays and contacts. This allows us to support many more devices and reduces the number of drivers that have to be maintained. We still have the binary switch and dimmer drivers in order to provide the appropriate UI experience in navigator. Your other devices can also be displayed in navigator by linking relays and contacts to the appropriate control4 generic device drivers. Details are provided in the documentation. Limitations and requirements This driver requires OS 2.9 or later Video on cameras and doorbells is not supported Wink is in the process of updating their integration with Rachio. We will try to add support for sprinklers when this is completed. We have not yet implemented a thermostat specific driver. It’s the next thing on the roadmap for this driver.
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    Conditional Statements

    It’s my understanding ( haven’t tried it so can’t be 100% sure) that you need to use the STOP statement as an ELSE condition. Example: IF (condition is true) Do something Stop do something else So once the stop command is executed all code thereafter is discarded. IOW, if the condition is NOT true the do something else statement would be the only line executed.
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    Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    Everyone has always wanted a way to rename devices in Composer HE, well today is your Lucky day! Download the Greenfield Solutions device rename driver for Composer HE and you can now rename devices without calling your dealer! Install one instance of this driver in your project. You simply select the device you want to rename from the device selector list, type the new name and click set and the device is now renamed! Refresh Navigators and PROFIT! https://www.houselogix.com/shop/composer-he-device-renamer Available on HouseLogix for less then one phone call to most dealers This will allow you to rename: lights tvs remotes dvd/ bluray projectors fans receivers tuners speaker points thermostats security panels pools touchscreens If you find a device you can't rename I can update the driver to allow updating of it! ENJOY! Note: This driver does require a dealer to install one time. We also recommend having the HouseLogix auto update driver installed as we will be adding the ability to rename additional devices over time. With the auto update driver, you will be able to have the ability to rename new devices within 72 hrs of them being added and without the need to contact your dealer.
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    Epic Systems has just released an IP driver for Rachio irrigation controllers. In addition to having some additional functionality that is not included with the Houselogix Rachio driver (such as reading in zone names, and being able to turn features on and off), ours is significantly less expensive - currently priced at $75! https://www.epic-systems.com/products/rachio-irrigation-controller-driver-for-control4
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    DSC Neo Integration

    All, thought I would list some useful info if you are installing a newer version 5.0 TL280 card for a DSC NEO C4 integration. The C4 driver instructions tells you to access section 851 then subsections 651, 652, 663, 664, 693 and 694 for TL280 setup. The newer version of the DSC card changed the subsection numbering where those subsections don't exist anymore. The new numbering is on the right: 651 = 422 652 = 423 663 = 425 664 = 426 693 = 428 694 = 429
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    Moved into a Control4 house, nothing works

    You'd be absolutely crazy to move away from the system after having it all of the EQ in your house. It sounds like you've got upwards of a $20,000 system. Some simple networking fixes should not detour you from the system, regardless if you are DIYer. At worst case, you have to call a remote dealer and have him throw you a few drivers, and then you can basically do anything else you'd want to.
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    Made this video for a friend, but REALLY happy with the control4 app running on my new unifi executive phone in the office.
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    C4 thermostats and radiant heat floors

    Schedule your HVAC contractor and C4 dealer at the same time. Let them dual.
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    Control4 is spamming me AGAIN!

    Yep - 2nd time he received that advice too - now if he did indeed do have it unchecked, it's a different situation, but until you do....well you've agreed to be receiving those emails.
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    Composer for PC

    There's always the webstite for remote use - but I'd like to see a 'proper' Windows/Mac App that does it as well - heck have it do intercom while you're at it!
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    Varietas Software is pleased to announce our dealer program and showroom policy. We have partnered with HouseLogix to offer dealers one complimentary driver license for showroom/test purposes, and a 10% discount on driver licenses purchased together in quantities of larger than 5 units. The 10% discount will be automatically applied to your purchases if your shopping cart contains the appropriate quantity. Starting today, you can use the single-use coupon code HBSR100 at checkout to receive your complimentary showroom license. In addition, I offer a 10% discount on all hardware appliance purchases in quantities of larger than 5 units, and I would be pleased to provide a complimentary showroom/test *license* to my Raspberry Pi OS images, for those dealers than want to load up on their own hardware to test things out and showcase the capability. Please contact me directly for details on these. Warm regards, -Josh
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    Control4 System for sale $1000

    Hey bud, hate to burst your bubble but at those prices, Youll be here a while. Just my 2 cents
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    Gary Leeds UK

    C4 4Sight for UK Customers $100

    For all the UK end user you can now subscribe for auto renew of the 4 Sight Licence and its $100 Go to mycontrol4 web site and login (https://my.control4.com/) Then go to 4Sight and fill out the details - Zp code is our Post Code Last time we bought a licence it was £100 from our UK dealer. Hope this helps
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    Interesting question for our pro's

    Ohm my lord this is Treble . I shall Tweet to all to stop and Resist this string of Sub - par jokes. Do Watt must be done to stop these Bass urges!
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    Three TVs, One Room, One Remote

    No - no you can't. At least not in any way that techsupport should have told you yes in. To be clear - you CANNOT programmatically change what room a remote controls/is set to. Now..depending on how limited the desired control is, you could fake a very simple (simple control) setup. This is assuming that each TV has a dedicated Cable/Sat box First, have your usual three rooms setup as normal Second create a FOURTH room called 'all screens' We're assuming here that the Yammy is the only one outputting sound and controlling volume. Now, add a fake video switch (3 in 1 out) - doesn't matter what driver as it'll be fake anyway, but IR is best because C4 isn't expecting feedback that way. Add all three dedicated boxes to the video switch - and connect the video switch to the input the actual box is in on the yammy. Note this is all in programming opnly, no physical connections. Now, briefly going back to the original room for the yammy - hide the 'false' sources under navigator. (just in case) The 'All screens' room now gets a virtual TV (again, something IR, doesn't matter what) - set video endpoint to it, and set audio and volume endpoints to the (actual) yammy - yes Composer will allow multiple rooms. Now program for the 'All Screens' room that custom buttons 1,2,3 (or color if you prefer) to select each of the cable boxes (ie WHEN custom 1 is pressed, select room 'left' Cable box as the source in 'all screens'. Voila - when you press the button you control the cable box for the left TV - you get the idea? Now, add some programming on 'all screens' room off to turn off the other three 'real' rooms. Up to you/client if you want to retain any or all of the 'actual' rooms as individual rooms or hide them and just have 'all screen' - my guess? Hide the left and right TV 'rooms' and keep the 'main' surround room as I'd guess there's the occasional movie watched on the main screen. Capisce?
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    South Africa C4 user

    EA-5 has died

    Up and running and loving being automated again. Kudos to my dealer and Control4 head office for great support.
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    Custom buttons with code

    The mentioned coding is only for older drivers, the new security proxy doesn't have it. to disarm directly you need to have remote disarm set to allow (off being default) and set a default user code (which once entered is scrambled, not visible to someone using composer). That said, I'd agree post #2 - programmatically disarming isn't recommended to put it mildly.
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    Moved into a Control4 house, nothing works

    I will donate $5 to a gofundme page if you make an office space video where you take a baseball bat to the component video switch
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    Moved into a Control4 house, nothing works

    +1 Keys to a successful C4 system: 1. Spend money 2. Trust your dealer 3. Like your dealer 4. Be able to learn from your dealer 5. Spend more money 6. Program on your own 7. Spend more money because now you can program
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    Moved into a Control4 house, nothing works

    Dude, don't wait 2 weeks for a some dealer and quit screwing around yourself because it's locked up and you will not make any more progress. Pay one of these guys $75-100 to log on to your system and tell you what you are working with. You could have $20k worth of automation gear or just a pile of trash. The only way to know 100% is to have a pro look at your system.
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    Derrick Cain

    EA-5 has died

    Hi South Africa, You can PM with your dealer information, I'll see about following up with them about your EA-5. See if there's anything I can do to help ensure it's back to you in a timely manner.
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    T3 home screen

    I feel like such an idiot! All this time I've been using the button, I didn't even realize I could just touch the screen and it would wake up
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    i use the Yatun driver. it's licensed per director MAC address (per-site). you install once instance of the driver per IP address you want to control. for example, i have two digital picture frames that can accept HTTP requests to control items. i have two instances of this driver installed. see screenshots of how i use it and here is an example of using it in programming. very simple.
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    As a minor point, you *can* go to 2.8.2+ with a HC-250 or HC-800. They're available in a variety of ways for much less than the EA series, if you don't want to spend the money on a full upgrade to the latest stuff. I really do like the EA series devices, though.
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    iPhone App Security Issue

    This is not a "Security Issue". This is a parenting issue.
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    iPhone App Security Issue

    ultimately it was a weak system password that was the problem?
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    What Market/Users Are Control4 Targeting?

    The cable/sat company installing a c4 system would only work if they wore go pros and it live streamed for comedic relief
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    Deleted for being uninformative.

    And then he can explain that you can do the same thing without loops, using a timer. RyanE
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    It's not Control4. It's Spotify being unwilling to allow integration away from their GUI
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    Kevin L

    Fusion Research New Driver

    Ive been testing it for a while now. it works great
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    Conditional Statements

    Which doesn't cover all of it. OP: Basically view C4's conditionals as a read script being triggered in order as each line is read. Example of if/ifnot or if/else: WHEN button is pushed IF light is on do this and this stop do such and such note that alternatively you can do: IF light is on do this and this IF light is off do such and such Provided you aren't turning that very light on and off that is! Example of if/andif: WHEN button is pushed IF light is on IF door is open do this and that Note the multi layer nested IF statements Important to note is that the system will continue a script to the end unless told otherwise, as hinted in the first code section. This can be important: WHEN button is pushed IF light is on turn that light off IF light is off turn that light on This piece of coding will ALWAYS leave the light on as the system 'reads' and executes line by line. So: WHEN button is pushed IF light is on {system checks - yup the light is on, so it knows to read the nested line} turn that light off {executes this immediately} IF light is off {well yeah, it will ALWAYS be off - even if it wasn't before, the system just turned it off!} turn that light on {end result, light will never turn off with that button - but it sure will turn on!} To prevent that from happening there is the STOP command which ends the reading of the current script: WHEN button is pushed IF light is on turn that light off STOP {this then prevents the system from reading any of the script below - so take care here that additional programming is not also stopped} IF light is off turn that light on Select radio station in the room {ie if you want to have it start music any time the button is pushed - it now will not do it if the light was on, you'd move this line ABOVE the first IF statement instead} Note that as mentioned before, technically the "if not" conditional is redundant so can be skipped Of course, it's even easier to just program the button to just toggle the light - the above example is just for simple demonstration purposes Lastly, if/elseif is simply a matter of having multiple IF statements with or without stop commands Should conditionals be mutually exclusive: WHEN button is pushed IF current device is cable box whatever you want IF current device is AppleTV whatever you want IF current device is BLu-Ray you get the point In case of possible overlapping IF statements and having a priority: WHEN button is pushed IF the cable box is on Do this stop IF the bluray is on {in other words, if the cable box is NOT on but the Bluray is) Do something else stop IF the TV is on Yet another thing to do....
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    Composer for PC

    Oh - Doesn't HE allow remote access? If so - connect it, THEN open PC app......
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    @nevets23, just because you need the generic lock driver to show in the user interfaces doesn't mean you can't continue to use the base driver for programming Front door has been opened by ${Main Area::Kwikset Zigbee Lock::USERNAME} the generic lock driver "Front Door Lock" is used in the UIs, but the programming above is actioned directly from the "Kwikset Zigbee Lock" driver
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    With the 50% off starting tomorrow and where we have priced this driver anyone with an existing competitors driver can upgrade fairly inexpensively. Both drivers have experience buttons with zone status to give a much better indication of what is happening with the zone. We also support relays bound to those experience buttons for traditional zone status. We will also have a driver coming that will let you easily disable/enable zones based on room status or other lights, or sensors. This will let you automatically disable some sprinkler zones if you were in your backyard and audio was playing. So if you had a party/company that day maybe you don't want some zones to run. The underlying framework is also much more robust.
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    Dimmer danger?

    Nope because I read the instructions and tested bulb list from c4 before installing a $200 electrical device
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    If you did # * 13413 on the remote, the remote is now removed from the Zigbee mesh. The only way to get it re-ID'ed back into the project is going to be through Composer Pro. What is your main Control4 unit?
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    Numeric variable UI

    Yes, it's completed....But I just don't have the mail list finished and website ready yet....Please PM me and we can release for you now...
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    Lights not working

    Maybe my late wife is playing tricks on me, but nobody was home all day till I got there. It's a mystery, but it's all working now so that's good.
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    Why is everyone trying to persuade this guy?? he obviously wants to install/program on his own. Stop beating a dead horse. OP, Sell your stuff on this site or eBay and get it over with. doubtful that the money you recoupe from selling will pay for a lot of replacements. You will end up paying more in the long run. another thing, Eero is crap. Get a real network in place and you may be able to chug your science project along.
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    Moved into a Control4 house, nothing works

    HC300 lol the guy should've done you a favor and took that with him too.
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    Moved into a Control4 house, nothing works

    You will be surprised at how much power you have with Composer Home Edition. I can do basically anything except add devices to my system but honestly it takes an hour for me to do what it takes my dealer 5 minutes so I let him do most of the programming for me. I use one of the dealers on here (who logs in remotely) and has done a phenomenal job for an extremely fair price. Reach out to Matt Lowe if you are interested in that route and I promise you will be happy. Don't let some con artist charge you thousands to fix an IP address. As far as closed system it has pluses and minuses... I could do anything if I had the software but these guys do it every day for a living, are fast, reasonably priced and just make it work without you having to spend tons of time looking up how to do it yourself. I'm not going to debate what C4 should be doing as far as this but I can tell you having a solid dealer is oh so nice! I guarantee this system will work better than ANY cobbled together diy one out there. This is all coming from someone who loves diy. I took the Lutron class to learn how to do my own lighting and installed/programmed all my own lighting which was added by my dealer to C4 remotely. I buy C4 used gear all the time on eBay and Matt always gets it added into my system in a day or two max. 99% of my system was basically DIY with the dealer just adding in devices and fixing my programming mistakes. I strongly recommend you keep the system and find a dealer on here to work with. Good luck. Luke
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    1. when system is ARMED and weather is equal or greater than 78f, close all shades in house 2. when system is armed, turn off all rooms and lights 3. when system is in exit delay mode and front or back door is opened and then closed, lock the door. I have a "goodbye" button by most doors so when that button is pushed, it also unlocks the door closest to it. 4. if system is armed at night and sensors detect motion, bathroom, kitchen and hall lights dim and then turn off after 5 min 5. when system is armed turn off touchscreens 6. when system is armed turn off surveilance tv monitors (i have tvs that are dedicated for cameras) 7. when system is in entry delay mode and door closes, then lock it.
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    Audio source -> Video source

    Or...those devices truly aren't available in those rooms as a video source - ie they are local AppleTV/PS4 to a room, with their audio fed back to the audio matrix to allow using the speakers.......
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    This is a peach :)

    Ahh, so it actually a son of a peach!
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    Joshua Pressnell

    iPhone App Security Issue

    Sure... "root cause" is that my kid knows me well enough to know the passwords I normally use. But I have to figure that anybody who has the app installed and is permitted to connect to my system is probably "close enough" to be family or similar. What I'd REALLY like is a way to have an alternate login for my kids so they can have access to control their rooms, but not the rest of the house. I just found it somewhat amusing that you can reset "security" settings by just entering them incorrectly and re-adding the system.
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    Why aren't you guys calling your dealer or an IT guy before you chance your router? LOL. Wasting so much of your time.
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    Yes. The question is asked regularly. Control4 can only work with people that want to work with them... Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
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    JUST RELEASED: August Smart Lock Driver

    $100 for the August Driver seems a bit steep.
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    Chowmain - No Control Video Game Pack

    *EVERY* video game console *EVER* made? I don't think so. You don't even have VirtualBoy, or Apple's failed Pippen. Not that it matters, but that's a pretty bold claim. RyanE P.S. Here's another 15 you don't have and probably don't need to add: http://www.pcauthority.com.au/Gallery/271730,top-15-obscure-video-game-consoles-for-collectors.aspx/
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    People go to work to get a check, absolutely. Best way to get LOTS of checks, keep your customers happy and don't over sell them simply because you can. Relationships, excellent customer service, and a quality product will earn you far more in the long run.