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    Alans KODI driver is amazing.. I use it all the time with zero issues what so ever
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    Installing used C4 equipment

    Haven't used much used stuff but the 2 or 3 things I did get used weren't a problem but it was a simple rule/agreement: Integration was charged separately according to actual time it took, no free service in case of warranty (shipping costs and basic handling feel - was never needed but it was fixed cost I can't recall now, but it was reasonable compared to the savings of buying it new) Personally I think a "good" dealer should do it because a lot of used stuff out there is still in very good condition which makes no sense buying it new. And secondly: a satisfied customer will stay a customer and buy again new stuff later on. However I agree that there are some limits i.e. if the piece is junk then well..it's junk...