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    FREE Control4 drivers for Blustream AV distribution products Blustream is the custom installation's industry's fresh new option for advanced HDMI distribution. Their products have been designed and engineered by a global team of AV specialists with over 30 years of experience. Extensive research highlighted the market need for an AV distribution brand that could deliver both industry leading performance and most importantly reliability. This has resulted in Blustream developing a range of HDBaseT and HDMI solutions that deliver advanced AV integration within any installation environment. As an official HDBaseT adopter and alliance member, Blustream is firmly positioned at the forefront of this advanced technology. Through integration of the HDBaseT chipset Blustream engineers have developed the world’s most innovative range of AV distribution products. Chowmain is proud to announce that over the past year we have been working with Blustream to bring you high quality FREE drivers that integrate their range of solutions to the Control4 home automation system. Features MFP112 / MFP72 Driver Two way IP / RS232 control Matrix switching Volume control Audio Input port selection/analog LR section control Scaler Bypass control Scaler Output Aspect Ratio control Scaler Resolution control Scaler Zoom control Signal Overscan control Splitter / Matrix mode control VGA input auto adjust picture position Ability to copy EDID from output to innput / set default MX44VW Driver Two way IP / RS232 control Matrix switching Video Wall / Matrix mode control Multiview control Multiview audio input selection CM100/IP100-RX/IP100-TX Driver Two way IP / RS232 control Matrix switching Audio Source control Input EDID control Input Reboot control Output HDR control Output Reboot control Output Resolution control PLA88/MX88ED/MX44AB/MX42AB/HMXL44/HMXL44V2/HMXL88/HMXL88V2 Driver Two way IP / RS232 control Matrix switching Volume control Audio Source for HDMI/HDBaseT Output control Audio Source for Analogue L/R and Coaxial Digital Output control Output delay control Priority Video Input Source control For more information about Blustream and to download the FREE drivers please visit the Blustream website.
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    Epic Systems has just released our driver for Google Home! If you have used our driver for Amazon Echo, you will feel right at home. It works in a very similar fashion, with some added benefits: -Does not require any actions from within composer in order to discover devices. Just link the Google Home to our driver once, and then after that, any new triggers or removed triggers will automatically synch with the Home in a matter of a second or two -Side benefit of using Google Home - it has much fewer restrictions on reserved words. I have successfully implemented trigger phrases such as "shades", "blinds", "CNN", "ESPN", several other channel names, several individual Artist names, etc. -Another side benefit - Google Home responds with "Sure, turning the <trigger name> On/Off", instead of just "okay". The driver can be purchased now on www.epic-systems.com I recorded a video showing how easy and quick it is to setup and program the driver (embedded on the product page for the driver). As with our Echo driver, no 4sight license is required, and no 3rd party cloud-based services are required (other than what Google Home itself needs to operate itself). As a result, it is extremely fast, and extremely reliable! Enjoy!
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    This driver is now in the final stages of beta testing.
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    TV's On/Off Intermitent with SR250's

    sounds like a Matrix IR Balun issue
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    Are you running the IR thru the matrix? Do the IR flashers blink or are they solid red? Are they on the right spot on the TV? Were they glued on or just stuck on with the 2 sided tape? My 1st guess is bad location of flasher. 2nd is IR routing thru matrix/balun
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    Ok. So this is for folks who have been following my Control4 Homekit discussion here: The driver beta has been going pretty well, and I've had no complaints or bug reports from any of the beta testers I've heard from so far. I've shifted focus to the drop-in network appliance that will act as the "bridge" between HomeKit and my Control4 driver. The software for that is nearly done. I just need to create some good "getting started" documents to go with the hardware so it's easy to just plugin and get going. I'm ready to offer a beta of the appliance hardware to the first 5 people that request it at 30% off MSRP (MSRP = $225, beta version = $150). The beta version will be fully functional and will be able to update easily to any future release of my code, so once you've got it, it's yours and will continue to work. The only thing you'll need to go "full production" is a licensed copy of my driver, once that's finished. The only thing I ask in return is that you keep me updated about how it's working for you, positive or otherwise. First come, first served. It will take me a bit to get the hardware ordered and assembled for shipping, so expect delivery at the beginning of January. Currently, there are 5/5 beta devices available. Currently, there are 4/5 beta devices available. Currently, there are 3/5 beta devices available. Currently, there are 2/5 beta devices available. Currently, there is ONE beta device left! Sorry.... beta devices are all gone. As soon as I'm done with beta and go to full release, I'll let you all know!
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    Zigbee mesh, offline devices

    YES. Got it. IP address changed on that device from .20 to .21 so C4 could not find it. Luckily .20 went to an ipad so put it on airplane mode, when in to shade controller and changed static ip to .20 All up and running.
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    Amcrest driver

    Awesome! love these cameras, great functionality for a great price.
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    Broken RJ45 connectors

    I am no expert but have been building cables for my home for some time. The crimper that msgreenf suggested is a good one. Recently I picked up the following ends and found the "load bars" really helpful to get the wires organized before crimp. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0072JVT0W/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Depends on what type of CAT cable you have though - solid or stranded. Some good videos on YouTube for terminating also.
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    Chromecast Audio

    I have a UI button one I modified with Chromecast icon. Will upload it later
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    Chromecast Audio

    I got one. Pm me Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Boring - It did in the UK until we got them to amend the web site. We have it in writing, see below RE: Your ASA Complaint Ref: A16-357935 EE Elisabeth Erwin Reply| Further to my email below, we have now received a response from Control4. They have agreed to amend their website to make clear to consumers that Control4 products currently sold in the UK are not yet compatible with Amazon Alexa. They also explained that all customers, regardless of location, need to purchase an additional software subscription in order to use Alexa with the product. They have agreed to make this information more prominent. We consider that this will resolve the complaint without referring the matter to the ASA Council, and will consequently be closing our file. In a formal investigation, if the ASA Council decides that an ad is in breach of the Code, the advertisers are told to withdraw or amend it. Because Control4 has already assured us that the advertising you complained about will be amended, we consider there is little to be gained from continuing with a formal investigation, which would achieve that same outcome. Elisabeth Erwin Investigations Executive Advertising Standards Authority Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn London WC1V 6QT Telephone 020 7492 2222 www.asa.org.uk
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    3 relay blind driver

    Ah cool. Yeah I did something similar with a motorised screen I have installed at my place for my projector. the remote was powered off of 12v so I hooked it upto my security system where I had a spare 16 outputs.
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    After using my Amazon Dot and Alexa for a couple of weeks now it seems obvious to me that it is more than just a fad. Is there any chance that Control4 would start adding voice control capabilities to their existing or new touchscreens? It looks like Amazon is looking for companies to build Alexa into their products https://developer.amazon.com/alexa-voice-service. Would be nice to have 1 less device laying around.
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    sounds like you have something going on on your controller - maybe a corrupt driver or a bad driver. What was the last driver you had installed?
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    Matt Lowe

    t3 screensaver

    you can just go to the cameras page and turn off the screen saver. hopefully we can do this again in programming
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    I will have a driver out shortly.
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    I think that is an excellent idea! That would really be a very neat way to incorporate touchsceens into more rooms!
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    Alexa and C4

    Yes we are leveraging the out of the box Hue integration for Google Home. Works great...very similar to the way that our Echo driver works, with programming events for ON, OFF, UP, DOWN, and SET for each trigger phrase that you define. Home has much fewer reserved words so you can use words like shades, blinds, artist names, etc. It is also nicer in that there is no need to click the Send Discovery button in composer. Just add a trigger and within a second or so it gets auto-discovered by the Home! No cloud services are required, programming is super quick and easy. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    I have tried it. I've used it in my own system for a year before I got fed up with what the poster I replied to is experiencing. These are not shuttering or slowdown issues from a cheap box or crappy network. I built my box myself from scratch, it's super fast with no issues. Changing to Alan's driver has made the transports within movie playback perfect. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Welp, maybe I am late to the game but I just blew my own mind programming my house and wanted to share. Originally I had my porch light come on at sunset and off 1130ish. No big deal and it's nice to come home to a lit porch. Time went on and it's probably not using that much energy, but I asked myself, why do I need my porch light on while I'm here? I can turn it on if needed the switch is next to the front door. long story short - I made a lighting scene called "any on" and added common loads we use while home. Kitchen, den, bedroom, etc. and tracked all loads as "is on". Hid the scene everywhere as this is just tracking, and adjusted my programming to when "porch light schedule" executes, ?if "any on" is inactive" turn on front porch light. Therefore, if we are home with some lights on the front porch switch stay off. If we are gone it's on. could probably use security system state to do similar, but some do not poll often enough. not a game changer in the least, but opened my eyes to think about how i can use light tracking.
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    Ok... one more update. For folks following along, an updated copy of the driver is here -> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13324724/homebridge.c4z I'm updating the "current driver version" value on my server this afternoon, so any existing installs of older driver versions will stop functioning. Please update your projects to use the updated copy at the link here. Also, I've updated the homebridge control4 plugin. On your homebridge servers please "sudo npm install -g homebridge-control4" and make sure your installed version is 1.0.12. This update includes support for Door Locks. Also, I expanded support to attempt to find lights and dimmers by generic proxy, so that if they're not picked up by the specific driver names, they'll still be found and output in the config. Devices identified this way will be classified as lights (not dimmers), so if you have a dimmer that's picked up and mis-identified, you'll need to manually modify the config.json to account for it. Any questions, let me know. Cheers.
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    Blocking/Ignoring Users DOES NOT WORK

    We've been working with our vendor to try to get this issue resolved permanently. I'm sorry about this, it's something we are really trying to fix.
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    Sonos vs Heos

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/dmusic/promotions/PrimeMusic Sounds like it's just going to be more for more $$.So nothing changes Sent from my Pixel C using Tapatalk
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    C4 has directly said what is happening. The smart home skill is in certification with Amazon. I know this gets your panties in a bunch, but it doesn't change the facts of the situation. C4 never announced the smart home skill for anything but the US. It directly said it is working on certification with Amazon on getting the smart home skill released elsewhere.