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    Remote issues continue

    I was having a similar problem, 2.9 and 2.10.. had my controller in a rack, so I switched my main zigbee controller to a 250 that was out in the open, fixed the problem now for 3 weeks.even though it showed my remotes had great zigbee signal I was still having problems until I switched the server to the 250
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    Recommend a Security Camera?

    I am with @msgreenf - you are way off. The cameras that you mention are the ones that try to make things idiot-proof for the lowest commond denominator. There are much better cameras available for specific purposes, especially for night vision. Check out the website that I mentioned above.
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    WiFi Solutions

    Not true.... I can tell you I'm on a beta version of CloudKey that is several version numbers past the current release version. Ubiquiti is actually on a tear with updates to all the Unifi gear, they are coming blazingly fast.
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    Recommend a Security Camera?

    Nope. Ring and nest are not leaders at all. Rings cameras are consumers junk. No poe. No ethernet even. Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
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    WiFi Solutions

    And that's exactly why it's not working......... There's no such thing as "Good & Cheap" when it comes to networks.
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    LED bulbs

    Those sound like wireless outlet DIMMERS. Wireless outlet switches would shut off completely, just fine. The LED bulbs you had in there were not meeting the minimum load rating on them. These dimmers still pass a small amount of current, even when off. Being under the minimum load means the bulbs are still trying to activate with the trickle current, but there's not enough current to fully turn on. Bulbs that pull a heavier load to meet the minimum load req., as stated above, will help. The LED bulbs MUST also be dimmable, or you risk damage.
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    Maybe it's just me, but it would be unacceptable, id find a way to move it
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    WiFi Solutions

    We have two houses w C4. One house I set up Wi-Fi with Ubiquiti AP Pro into ( Luxul router installed by C4 dealer). I’m pretty tech savvy. Ubiquiti now works very well. That said the very occasionally release buggy firmware. On the other house our dealer did the whole thing with ruckus APs. Frankly the Ruckus stuff is slightly better (better ping times). ubiquiti was prob $1200. Ruckus setup was prob $4k. If I had to do it again I’d prob do professional (non ubiquiti). The professional stuff is expensive but worth it. And no I’m not a dealer or installer. The dealers are correct re rock solid Wi-Fi. All APs should be wired (cat 5e or 6) and forget extenders and repeaters — I spent many man hours on those and they are slow and unreliable and make you crazy. My guess is you can’t go wrong with ruckus or Luxul or pakedge. These days I’d choose pakedge as I’m trying to use all C4 native stuff.
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    WiFi Solutions

    Honestly I like to completely take over the network a d sell you a full setup,router switch, 3 access points, maybe a 4th access point if needed. The reason is I like full control of the network, this way we know it's set up correctly and will work correctly. Depending on the size of your network and size switches you need, could be between 2500.00 5000.00 if you want a solid reliable network
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    IP cameras, battery operated

    I agree with you 1000000% on crowd funded tech. Been burned too many times
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    Ecobee Integration

    Everyone, I just want to big a big shout-out to Liran and Ran from DriversLab, over the past 6 weeks they worked with me to workaround the issues with utilizing the Ecobee thermostats during the Jewish Sabbath. Although it would be much easier if Ecobee could/would add a preference for this, the solutions that Liran and Ran came up make the thermostats very close to being compliant with "halacha" (Jewish Law). I expect they'll roll out the update soon.
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    7" Touch screen stopped working

    You could have just unplugged (power cycled it) it and had the same result.
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    Recommend a Security Camera?

    With all respect, I don't recommend any of the security cameras mentioned above. Today, the leading products in this industry are Nest Cam Outdoor, Ring Stick Up Cam and Arlo Pro. If you want a functional device, you must choose between them. Pluss, Blink XT is quite promising and stay away from Canary and Piper.