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    LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Picked up 3 more LGs (Black Friday is my weakness)... so yeah...
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    At this point just let your dealer do it. You spent more time then it would have cost Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Door Station 2 Mini - Its new and looks nice
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    No different from Houselogix, it requires a dealer to do this for you.
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    New remotes in the pipeline??

    I would hope that C4 is working to put voice control (either Alexa,native or both) in their touchscreens.
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    4-zone matrix amplifier

    Good luck!
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    What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Oh, and no you don't HAVE to change to IP - but the IP driver is far more responsive - the only issues I've heard of with it is if you jailbreak it, and then only within certain apps it's missing a few commands.
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    New remotes in the pipeline??

    Yeah, I agree with many here. On initial examination, I was a little disappointed in how the SR260 looks. Then I use it and realize it feels great and am in the camp that I really shouldn't even have to look at my remote control to use it. Other than starting my operation or changing devices, I can operate the SR260 just off of feel very quickly. The biggest reason they will beat touch screen interfaces for that purpose for a long time to come.
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    Composer HE

    Okay, thank you. Been fun messing around anyway. I have learned more in one day then I have in the 6 years I've had the C4. Thank you everyone for helping. It really is appreciated. Its amazing that you all take time to assist one another (and me). I guess for the weekend it will be the new fancy Apple remote. Lot nicer then the old one, even though it feels weird have two remotes. Lol. Cheers
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    Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    Actually I meant it. It's an awesome thing to do.
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    Use mymovies with Redfox and when copying copy to MKV not ISO
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    Just to add to this... Epic Systems driver may not require a constamt internet connection but Alexa does (at least Echo and Dot anyway) so I cannot use the Epic driver if my internet is down. I use the Epic driver, the C4 driver and the Chowmain IFTTT driver (which can also be used to link into Alexa). The key advantages and disadvantages of each (my personal view) are: ADVANTAGES 1. Epic Systems has the fastest response times by far. Probably because it does not go out to the internet and back (I think). 2. Native C4 sets up all your lights and lighting scenes in minutes (the other options could take hours and I mean many hours if you want to automate hundreds of lights and lighting scenes). 3. The Chowmain driver is not restricted by reserved words (this is a bigger problem than you may think at first). This driver is by far the most flexible. DISADVANTAGES 1. Epic Systems only disadvantages are the converse of the advantages of the other two drivers - see above. 2. Control4 native is quite slow (at least in South Africa) even though I have a 100MBps line. 3. Chowmain is also quite slow and requires (comparatively) a lot of programming (both within C4 and in IFTTT).
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    New remotes in the pipeline??

    Get the recharge kit. That will lighten it up a good bit
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    New remotes in the pipeline??

    If you ask me swiping with the remote to perform certain tasks is a gimmick and more trouble than it’s worth. Maybe if it had a mic and could accept voice commands that would be cool. I think the size is great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We are having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALE 35% OFF Your entire purchase no limitations, all drivers included, heck buy a years worth of drivers. CODE: GOBBLEGOBBLE While you are at it you can even throw some FREE Doorbird licenses in your cart.
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    HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    I do actually use MoCA to stream video to a couple of my SageTV extenders which can use bitrates of as much as 19.2Mbps for HD OTA MPEG-2 files. When I tested it years ago I was able to maintain transfer speeds of about 50Mbps as measured by file transfers in Win7.
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    HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Has anyone done a write-up on the pros and cons of centralized sources vs distributed sources? I have never understood why having it centralized with a matrix switch is so much better, maybe I am missing something.
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    LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Just picked up two LGs... the original plan was to put them in my basement, but after seeing this driver in action, they may need to take a more prominent place in the house.
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    LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Yes, I have, it will be in the next version. As will dynamic button bindings in the properties.