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  1. Best Add-ons/3rd party hardware?

    This sounds like a great plan. The only product manufacturer that has me a bit concerned is Tripp lite. We went through a period years ago where we deployed their batteries and mostly pdu's to about 20 projects. Every single project we lost access to the pdu remotely and had to go through painful firmware replacements and unit swaps. This was very painful of course losing access to a pdu which entire purpose is remote access of power management, but what is worse is after at least 30 bad units Tripp Lite still doesn't know what is wrong. We cleaned our warehouse last month and did a full inventory. We found a few Tripp lite pieces brand new that a few people at the office wanted to go office space on. We opted to put it in the eBay pile. Hope this helps with a very small but critical component of your system. Dan
  2. Blocking/Ignoring Users DOES NOT WORK

    We've been working with our vendor to try to get this issue resolved permanently. I'm sorry about this, it's something we are really trying to fix.
  3. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Joshua We believe this could be a great solution, let's discuss this live. We would love to help and be part of this very exciting idea. Please call me at 212-792-6721 or email me at dan@cytexone.com. Thanks Dan
  4. I have had some weird results with the group driver. Have you tried individually putting the lights in a scene vs a group?
  5. Download section - drivers

    What does the warning say? Perhaps just zip it up and then upload it.
  6. Download section - drivers

    All Set
  7. What do you think of the new software upgrade?

    Tapatalk is back Sorry for the delay
  8. Tapatalk App

    Sorry for the delay everyone. Tapatalk has been installed and is fully operational again. Dan
  9. I'm having a problem with ldz-101-x i don't know the process on how to get it out of embernet to miniapp mode so i can program it to a new hc-800 on 2.8 please help thanksĀ 

  10. Ideas for Programmable Buttons

    Changing surround sound mode Ceiling Fan Whitenoise Button Alarm Sleep Timer
  11. Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Split AC - IR Driver

    Have you looked at this product? https://coolautomation.com/products/coolinknet/
  12. Sub Forum Idea

    Yes that's definitely possible but seems like it would be quite a bit of work. I will investigate.
  13. Rank in Profile

    Ok... I adjusted the settings a bit
  14. Sub Forum Idea

    Done... Renamed File Discussion to Driver Discussion and moved it higher along with links