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  1. danlevine

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    I believe the tapatalk issue has been resolved. Please let me know if you have any further issues. Sorry for the inconvenience. Dan
  2. danlevine

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    I submitted a ticket and hope to have this resolved shortly. Sorry for the delay.
  3. danlevine

    Forum Moderators?

    I’m definitely all for this, and I really appreciate everyone who has reached out about it. As things settle down on my end I will get the moderator program going. There is no doubt it’s really important, and it does requires a framework in order to maintain the neutrality of the site which has been here since the beginning. In the interim I’ve reached out to the software vendor to hopefully resolve this programmatically. Dan
  4. danlevine

    Has this become the SPAM forum

    I’ve put a request in with the software vendor to look for a better fix than fly swatting. Sorry for the issue. Dan
  5. danlevine

    Future of C4 forums?

    Pagination issue should be resolved now. Thanks for reporting it.
  6. Going from page to page issue has been resolved. Thanks for reporting it
  7. Sponsorship would be great, this way more applicable products can be displayed.
  8. Hi Everyone You probably noticed some ads now embedded in the site. I am testing this to cover the site expenses, there is quite a bit of tweaking to be done to optimize them. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Dan
  9. danlevine

    Future of C4 forums?

    Hi Everyone Sorry for the delayed response, It's been a very trying few weeks. We are planning on keeping c4forums online for the foreseeable future. Likely we will be setting up donations to cover the hosting costs or something along those lines. As more information becomes available I will let you know. Thanks Everyone Dan
  10. danlevine


    This has been resolved. Sorry for the issue.
  11. danlevine

    Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Ok you are all set too
  12. danlevine

    Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Awesome. I’m really sorry this took so long.
  13. danlevine

    Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Ok I just updated to the latest version of the App and upgraded c4forums tapatalk account to a premium account. Please try again Thanks
  14. danlevine

    Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Working now?
  15. danlevine

    Best Add-ons/3rd party hardware?

    This sounds like a great plan. The only product manufacturer that has me a bit concerned is Tripp lite. We went through a period years ago where we deployed their batteries and mostly pdu's to about 20 projects. Every single project we lost access to the pdu remotely and had to go through painful firmware replacements and unit swaps. This was very painful of course losing access to a pdu which entire purpose is remote access of power management, but what is worse is after at least 30 bad units Tripp Lite still doesn't know what is wrong. We cleaned our warehouse last month and did a full inventory. We found a few Tripp lite pieces brand new that a few people at the office wanted to go office space on. We opted to put it in the eBay pile. Hope this helps with a very small but critical component of your system. Dan