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  1. System Remote Control

    I wish it had backlight, and some custom buttons.
  2. Double & Triple Taps on Keypads

    Ok Here goes... Let's say there is a keypad button that when you tap once it executes Lighting Scene "All On" Tap it twice it executes the Lighting Scene "Mellow" First thing create a number variable. Lets call it "keypad_1_tap" In programming mode select the keypad button you would like to use, and choose the each time this button is pressed option. Set the programming to increment the variable keypad_1_tap = keypad_1_tap +1 (Basically add one to the variable keypad_1_tap) Ok next part, In programming select the variable keypad_1_tap on the left, and choose that you would like to set the programming each time that variable changes. Create the following programming steps. Wait 2 Seconds If Keypad_1_tap = 1 Execute "All On" If Keypad_1_tap = 2 Execute "Mellow" Keypad_1_tap = 0 That's it
  3. [IR] Scientific Atlanta 8300HD NYC

    Hey Eric, It is custom. I basically learned every IR code from the remote into the device, it was a real pain... The only thing that I have to modify is the ABC functionality which I'm going to use the Back , DVR, and Next buttons as the ABC... Other than that it works perfectly... We made it for Time Warner cable in NYC.
  4. 10.5 Inch Screen

    Well I think as time progresses they will get better... C4 equipment runs on a stripped down version of Linux which is extremely powerful. I think their 10.5 screen definately needs some work, especially the wireless card in there.. Not being able to use WPA encryption is a bit annoying...
  5. We have finally figured out the way to get the double and triple taps to perform different functions on the Keypads. Let me know if you want me to post the method. Dan
  6. 10.5 Inch Screen

    Is anyone else having the issue where the 10.5 will get disconnected from the network, and then when you go into the Configuration for Wireless the wireless networks are gone? The new 1.2.3 upgrade has seemed to help but it's still not perfect. The device also says no boot device present sometimes. Dan
  7. Welcome Everyone

    We are really going to put alot of effort into tailoring this site specifically for dealers/installers. Update - This site is open to the public!
  8. Pioneer Plasma PDP 504CMX *Now Located in File Library http://www.c4forums.com/uploads.php
  9. [IR] Denon Receiver 886

    Denon Receiver 886 *Now Located in File Library http://www.c4forums.com/uploads.php
  10. Scientific Atlanta 8300HD *Now Located in File Library http://www.c4forums.com/uploads.php
  11. [IR] NEC 50XM3 Plasma

    NEC 50XM3 Plasma *Now Located in File Library http://www.c4forums.com/uploads.php
  12. [IR] Harman Kardon AVR65

    Harman Kardon AVR65 *Now Located in File Library http://www.c4forums.com/uploads.php
  13. Hey Everyone, Welcome to the new c4dealers.com site. We are committed to making this the best possible (unbiased) resource for Control4 Dealers to go and find information, help, and products that will make their installations better and more profitable. We are really looking to build a very strong community, so if you have ANY suggestions, comments or even if you want to roll your sleves up please don't hesitate to post. Signup right now is available, over the next month we will be moving to a validation method so only Control4 Dealers will be allowed to access the dealer section. Looking forward to building this great community with all of you. Dan CYTEXONE -- Updates 12/26/05 - You can now access this site via www.c4forums.com