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  1. Driver for Honywell or Nest thermostat



    Is there any driver for wifi thermostats produced by Honywell or Nest?




  2. Looking in Long Island New York

    Hi and welcome - in what town is home your located? What is the scope of the job / what are you looking to accomplish? Andy
  3. New Driver for Twilio

    this is awesome - thanks for posting!
  4. Looking for Lutron Grafix Eye Installer

    What questions do you have exactly? We've integrated (as have others, I'm sure) the Lutron QSE-CI-NWK-E successfully with Control4 via IP or RS-232. As long as you have a qualified Lutron Dealer install your shading system properly, then: Install the NWK piece close to the Lutron panel.Have network connectivity for the NWK piece (on the same network, or subnet if you have multiple networks as your Control4 controller).If integrating with RS-232, you'll have to take into account wiring from the NWK piece to the Control4 controller.With these points in place, you'll setting yourself up properly for successful integration with Control4. The Control4 dealer can then integrate your Lutron Shades into the project.
  5. FollowMe Find My iPhone Geofence Driver

    I'd love to try this - maybe upload to downloads section? How do I get my hands on it?
  6. psyched new c4forums.com is online.

  7. HC300 Power Supply DIY

    I like it, Sean - thanks for posting... it's better than stocking spare HC-300's
  8. Message thread disappears?

    Just to confirm - definitely wasn't maliciously done by us. We started this forum to help Control4 information/ideas propagate & flourish (or at least always have the opportunity). If the thread was deleted, as Ryan said, it was simply accidental as a result of the rampant spam postings. If that was the case, I sincerely apologize (on behalf of CytexOne), and will be more cautious in the spam-cleaning process. Andy
  9. I just tried this and it worked. Thanks for the head's up.
  10. Hey what happened to my Avatar?

    Hiya xc420 - I know I sure didn't do anything with your avatar and I can't imagine dan would either. As RyanE stated, we're pretty hands-off and fans of free speech. Perhaps it's the root of a bigger problem if you try to upload it again and it goes away... Give it a shot and let us know the results please. Additionally, if it was a Linux Penguin, we'd be all for it, and dare not snuff the penguin. Without Tux & Linux, there would be no Control4, and I'm sure you can imagine we're definitely not for that Additionally, as a side note to all, for fastest response from anyone at the CytexOne crew, we please ask you to email support@cytexone.com. That way, messages don't fall through the cracks as a ticket gets created in our system and can be followed up upon.
  11. Wireless hdmi

    that's actually really cool - thanks for posting.
  12. The CEDIA 2010 Thread

    great thread - keep us posted!
  13. On the network side...

    That looks really cool I'm curious to hear if anyone has used these?
  14. Oh, and c4forums just passed 50K posts!
  15. Samsung TV keeps going into standby

    Sounds right to me, Controluserguy. Also, there have been issues with the Samsung displays of the audio dropping out as well - upgrading the firmware of the display will fix this issue. As an aside, some displays now power off the display after, say, 15 mins if there is only audio connected and no video (even after turning off power-saving)... for example, if you are listening to say pandora via an iPhone/iPod, and have a stereo-to-1/8" cable plugged in to an input and no video is plugged in (and therefore sensed), the display will power off (even if music is coming out of the speakers)... the solution/work-around is to feed the input a video feed that is off. For example, I just plugged in a cable box (via RCA) that was powered off... This fixed the issue...