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  1. R_Willis

    Cheap TV

    2016+ smartcast I think?
  2. R_Willis

    Cheap TV

    Supposed to work over wifi, they claim.
  3. Anyone got a 5" or possibly a 7" IE touchscreen they want to get rid of cheap? Thanks. PM or email me.
  4. trey: yep, 4store apps won't work with the newer controllers and touchscreens. Probably have to consider the weather underground driver.
  5. This driver work well? worth it?
  6. R_Willis

    Weather station updates

    If you go EA controllers or t3 screens we lose the cool EV Cumulus display. Stinks.
  7. R_Willis

    Smoke Detectors

    I use this in conjunction with my smokes wired to a Card Access wireless setup. https://www.kidde.com/home-safety/en/us/products/fire-safety/safety-accessories/auxiliary-devices/sm120x/
  8. I realize that, but have $500 invested in my backyard Davis Vantage Pro2 also.
  9. Any work around on this? This Cumulus driver/app by ExtraVeg was pretty cool.
  10. Need a quote on an 8ch 501 Series Luma DVR unit. Thanks.
  11. I don't need recommendations of $4k gear to replace $400 gear, need it to be about the same. Thanks so much, I have tons of tracking down receipts and have to research new stuff to buy. Argh! Epson Pro Cinema 4030 Projector (maybe Sony HW65es? - had an old Sony HS20 Cineza I loved) GE Concord4 Security Panel [panel isn't near controller but has cat5e between] (need new panel to work with GE's wireless sensors - got lots)(want to self install)(no monitoring)(work well w/ C4) Tripp Lite HTRL15UPS & Monster Power HTS-2500 MKII Reference Power Center Onkyo TX-SR705 Theater Receiver HC800 (currently using 2 serial RS232, 1 audio out, 1 relay, 2 contacts, 4 IR outs, and HDMI out) - would EA3 be enough for me? (couple of 250s, thermo, 2 touchscreens, lighting, amp16) Netgear FS726TP 24port Professional Grade POE Switch
  12. R_Willis

    WeatherHawk Driver

    I use Cumulus with a Davis Vantage Pro station. I don't know if it works with the new T3 touchscreens or EA controllers. I had an app from 4store that showed Cumulus up on the Infinity Edge touchscreens and navigators.
  13. I presume the old Cumulus weather driver will not work with the newer touchscreens and controllers? Thanks.
  14. R_Willis

    WTB HC-250

    I'm looking for one also. Not looking to spend more then 100.
  15. I use the flip clock app on my 7' infinity edge touchscreens. It used to be accurate and work well. Now it will lag behind and not show the right time until you do something with the screen and it'll go to the right time. Not sure whats up with it.