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  1. WtB: directv am21 OTA

  2. WTB: Single ELK 930 Doorbell Board

    Sent you a private message.
  3. Mail has arrived. Car in driveway. Alarm armed. Weather related warnings
  4. WtB: directv am21 OTA

    If anyone has one they dont need, message me. Thanks!
  5. WTB: Single ELK 930 Doorbell Board

    I think i might. I'll get with you.
  6. Wtb: Hc250 and/or EA1

    Let me know what you got. Looking for decent prices.
  7. CEDIA 2017

    https://www.control4.com/o/cedia Triad and pakedge?! Probably nothing too exciting...
  8. It have the battery compartment if you want to use AAs?
  9. Card Access Water Leak Protection

    Good seller. Arrived quick and as stated. Thanks.
  10. Figured it out, disregard.
  11. Not seeing temperature or correct mode on my android app. Any ideas? HC800 and others on myHOME Android app on Thanks!!
  12. CARD ACCESS RELAYS & REMOTES (updated list)

    I will take the contact sensor (ext antenna) if it is 80 shipped.
  13. SOLD

    (1) -- WCS10-R-ZP (Card Access wireless contact sensor) 45 shipped?
  14. FS: 2 Wemo out switches

    Just thought I'd throw it out there, no offense. Doesn't look like they are flying off the shelf.
  15. FS: 2 Wemo out switches

    My offer of 75 for (2) still stands.