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  1. R_Willis

    IP controlled blu ray

    Any of these region free?
  2. AM21 replacement. https://support.directv.com/equipment/local-channel-connector-faq
  3. Does anyone know where to get a board that actually has 60-783-02?
  4. My Davis Vantage Pro2 is uploading to WU, so lets hope it continues to work for me.
  5. .....and rumor is come 1.1.19 it will no longer work...
  6. I have ordered a ITX 60-783-02, but the actual board i recieved is a #56-738-02-INS. I am getting RS232 errors in Composer such as 52A and 322052A. Wonder if the board is my issue. Thank you.
  7. R_Willis

    Cheap TV

    2016+ smartcast I think?
  8. R_Willis

    Cheap TV

    Supposed to work over wifi, they claim.
  9. Anyone got a 5" or possibly a 7" IE touchscreen they want to get rid of cheap? Thanks. PM or email me.
  10. trey: yep, 4store apps won't work with the newer controllers and touchscreens. Probably have to consider the weather underground driver.
  11. This driver work well? worth it?
  12. R_Willis

    Weather station updates

    If you go EA controllers or t3 screens we lose the cool EV Cumulus display. Stinks.
  13. R_Willis

    Smoke Detectors

    I use this in conjunction with my smokes wired to a Card Access wireless setup. https://www.kidde.com/home-safety/en/us/products/fire-safety/safety-accessories/auxiliary-devices/sm120x/
  14. I realize that, but have $500 invested in my backyard Davis Vantage Pro2 also.