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  1. Meyerssb

    need box for MTS

    I'm sorry, I was wrong about what I had on my shelves. The mini touch screen boxes that I have are new construction boxes. I had them listed in my inventory incorrectly.
  2. Meyerssb

    need box for MTS

    Did you ever get a response to this post? I have a couple of these on a shelf in my garage if you are interested I will take a look and see what I have out there. Blake Meyers
  3. Meyerssb

    C4 4 Zone Amp and Multi Tuner

    Thanks for all of the inquiries. The amp and the tuner have now been sold.
  4. I have a NIB C4 4 Zone Amp for sale, it's a couple of years old and only ever been pulled out of the box to look at it and update the firmware about a year ago I believe. I also have a multi tuner with an XM module, I added the XM module to it because I had a client a while back that was going to buy it and have me install it, but he backed out after the module was installed. I am open to offers, I don't need MSRP but I need something realistic, I lost my full time job just before Christmas and I'm still looking for a new job... Thanks for looking. Blake Meyers meyerssb at hotmail.com
  5. Meyerssb

    For Sale: Embernet Switches

    I got these all sold. Thanks!
  6. Meyerssb

    For Sale: Embernet Switches

    Any takers? I've gotten several emails expressing interest, but I haven't heard back from anyone. If anyone is interested let me know, my email address is listed above. Blake Meyers
  7. I have a 10 pack of Embernet switches I need to sell. They are brand new, still in the box, version 102. I bought them around a year and a half ago, I was going to install them in my house, but I still haven't finished my basement where I had intended to install them. I'm still a Control4 dealer so if the local job/housing market turns back around and I get my basement finished, I will buy more, but for now I need to pay some bills. If anyone is interested shoot me an email at meyerssb @ hotmail.com. Thanks! Blake Meyers
  8. I have one thermostat that I upgraded to pro a few weeks ago when I updated my home system. It is several years old, I had it installed and running my propane fireplace several years ago, but I eventually pulled it out and just used it to keep tabs on the temperature in another part of my house where it sat on a bookshelf. If you are interested, drop me an email at meyerssb @ hotmail.com and we can talk about it. I edited the email address... I'm not sure how internet spamming works...
  9. Meyerssb

    Embernet T-Stat

    I have a thermostat (or two) that I haven't upgraded to pro yet. They are several years old and the boxes are a little beat up, but the thermostats are basically in new condition, never been used. I don't know if the batteries would need to be replaced since they are so old. If you are interested, drop me an email at meyerssb @ hotmail.com and we can talk about pricing. I edited the email address... I'm not sure how internet spamming works...
  10. Meyerssb

    CYTEXONE interface skin

    Nice touch! I can see clients going wild about having a custom skin for Control4. I have had several people ask for more skins or a custom skin... looks like you're setting up a hot ticket item. Nice job! Blake
  11. Meyerssb

    Best Label Maker?

    I use the Rhino 3000 also. I've even started to use it for labeling electrical panels. My only complain like Junebug and others is that it isn't Qwerty. Blake
  12. Meyerssb

    Bench testing dimmers and keypads

    Jamman, that's a pretty good idea. Do you have any pictures? I got my first product in July and the only way I could think to test everything was clip the end off the power cord for a computer, wirenut it to the dimmer, keypad, or switch and test everything. The biggest problem that I had at that time was having the devices on the right channel. Since then I have had a couple of switches just die all of the sudden and one remote that identified just fine and from that point on it would only say Control4 Remote or something like that on the screen. Overall I've had pretty good luck with everything. Blake
  13. Meyerssb

    Management Training

    Are they still offering it? I'd like to go if they are still doing the class... Blake
  14. There seems to be a little good and a little bad mentioned on all the forums. I still feel like Control4 fills a void that no other company has yet attempted. For me - I really like what a broad range of clients it can make accessible. Most of the people that I have worked with up until now have had to be new construction, but now I can target remodels and retrofit locations. I was surprised at how many people mentioned they have little to no contact with their rep. That seems odd to me, but I guess I'm not overly surprised as I have not heard from mine since June. Blake
  15. Meyerssb

    Control4 Copycat?

    Looks like they are part of the Z-wave group of home automation developers. One thing I noticed is the Composer pragram format seems to be in use a lot lately. The program that is used to program the new Vantage Controls Infusion system is a lot the same as Composer too... Blake