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  1. Controversial Topic

    Stock Results not guaranteed. RyanE
  2. How to get "action" parameters value

    What Alex is calling 'events', are really 'commands'. Events are something entirely different. RyanE
  3. You also have to remember that ultimately, speed is not just a function of the Control4 side of things. It also depends on what protocol and technology is used to send those keypresses to the device. Specifically, if a device uses HTTPS to send individual keystrokes (which is not unusual), each keystroke involves a full round-trip HTTPS communication, which includes (at a minimum, I'm leaving out a lot of detail): Setting up the TCP connection SSL negotiation Possibly client certificate negotiation Sending the message Device parsing the message and acting upon it Receiving the reply SSL / TCP teardown Parsing the reply This is likely going to be slower than sending an IR or serial code. If the device supports a direct TCP or SSL (socket-style) connection, you avoid many of these steps, and can make a more responsive keypress scenario. The Dish Hopper's protocol does a hybrid of this, allowing for 10-15 commands to be sent through the same HTTPS connection before a new connection is required. RyanE
  4. SiriusXM

    I don't know the schedule for the Intercom Anywhere app's beta. Typically when we show something at CEDIA, we'll release within 30 days, but Intercom Anywhere we are messaging that it will definitely be longer than that. It's going into an invite-only dealer beta, as Control4 needs to ensure that services are ramped up sufficiently to be able to support a larger audience for Intercom Anywhere. RyanE
  5. Choices are choices. You make them, then you live with them. Fortunately (and/or unfortunately), I'm not someone in the company who makes choices as to UI toolkits, etc. I've made exactly *one* important architecture choice while at Control4 (DriverWorks using Lua), and I continue to think it was the perfect choice for that particular environment. RyanE
  6. Yeah, that wasn't the best of timing, but you also have to remember, that by the time Control4 publically 'announced' the flash choice, Control4 had already been developing in the Flash platform for a year, in preparation for the announcement and subsequent release. At that point, it was a bit late to pivot to another environment... RyanE
  7. Light Switch Driver

    0 = off, 100 = on. RyanE
  8. Light Switch Driver

    As mentioned upthread, you have to send an ONLINE_CHANGED with value of True when you get a GET_CONNECTED_STATE message from the proxy... function ReceivedFromProxy(idBinding, strCommand, tParams) if (strCommand == "GET_CONNECTED_STATE") then C4:SendToProxy(idBinding, "ONLINE_CHANGED", "True") return end -- The rest of your ReceivedFromProxy code goes here... end It should work if you do that. RyanE
  9. Is 4Site down

    Fortunately, account balance is *not* the only prerequisite to Control4 dealership. That said, there certainly are bad apples in every field and group, and Control4 does try and weed them out. I'm sorry the OP has had issues with their dealer. RyanE
  10. SiriusXM

    SiriusXM does require 2.10. I believe it should work with HC800s as well as EA Series controllers. Sadly, native Spotify support is unlikely, unless Spotify changes *their* policies. RyanE
  11. While I'm sure When->Then can and will be updated, you certainly can still use ComposerHE for those more advanced Whens. RyanE
  12. You can loosen the screws slightly, and press the metal shield further out to the sides. It's usually not the screw itself, but the metal RF shielding that's more at issue. This is a something that was identified and fixed in current models, but you'll still occasionally find even new keypads that need adjustment. Once you slide the metal shielding over a bit, it should loosen up. I think there's a dealer knowledgebase post about it, that basically says this. I had to adjust one just yesterday, setting up the booth for CEDIA, but don't have to do it very often. It's a bit more difficult to put the button on closest to the screw, but the buttons shouldn't bind when the shield is adjusted as mentioned above. Sorry you're having issues with it. RyanE
  13. CEDIA 2017

    heh. I've trained it well enough that I don't even have to say it. RyanE
  14. Control4 3.0

    I'll just say don't get your hopes up. RyanE
  15. Control4 3.0

    Ignore... Double-post...