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  1. Also, nowadays there is 'Micro Python', available on microcontrollers. Sadly, Python devs struggle with it, because making it fit on microcontrollers, you basically slim it down by removing 'the batteries', so you don't have the voluminous libraries that make Python Python... You end up with Python syntax and a small standard library, but in the end, it's a lot like Lua, but with significant whitespace. And it's runtime is 2X the size of the Lua runtime. RyanE
  2. Lua as a language is not as popular as a 'standalone' language as many others, but it's *much more popular* for the kind of things Control4 uses it for. Lua was never designed to be a standalone language, it was specifically designed to be embedded into other applications, to give applications an interpreter. Lua is: Small (important because you may have hundreds of DriverWorks drivers in a project) Fast (Embedded controllers are resource constrained, even big ones) Easy to embed and extend Simple to learn and hold in your head Efficient and Flexible data structures (Lua Tables). They can work as a stack, a queue, a table, a list, etc. Functional-programming available... Functions are first-class in Lua, and tail-call recursion 'just works'. The 3 languages I looked at when deciding on DriverWorks were JavaScript, Python, and Lua. JavaScript's big disadvantages are that it's fairly large, (used to be) very difficult to embed, and somewhat tied to a DOM. Some of that has changed a bit, but it's still not ideal. Python was not designed to be embedded, it's much better at embedding *other* things inside of it. Just like a Python. It's big advantage is that it is fully 'batteries included', but because of that, it's also very large. C/C++ derivatives were a non-starter because we wanted to get *away* from having version-specific compilation for drivers. I made the right choice then, and I stand by the choice, and if I were choosing again today, I'd still choose Lua. The same reasons makes Lua the *most commonly* embedded interpreter in the gaming industry. RyanE P.S. The only drawback to Lua that I could find is that they use the 'end' keyword...
  3. Control4 has never as of yet obsoleted ZigBee lighting devices / keypads, and isn't going to in the upcoming release, whatever it's version number... I also have a *ton* of Gen1 lighting devices and 6-button keypads in my home, and they're still running, and the ones at my desk are fine running an Alpha version of the next release. RyanE
  4. BTW, a couple of clarifications: While Control4 doesn't reveal future release features or confirm whether something is on the roadmap or not, that's not to say that Control4 isn't listening. There are Control4 employees at multiple levels within the company reading these forums (not only me). Suggesting features and/or mentioning problems with current Control4 functionality is always welcome, and although it sometimes appears that it is not acted on, posts here can definitely have an influence on Control4's outlook and plans. Lastly, although as others have mentioned that Experience Buttons are great, and that they can expand the UI and be placed on many pages, unfortunately there are also pages where Experience Buttons cannot be placed, and situations where they aren't an ideal 'custom' solution. Thanks to everyone who contributes here. RyanE
  5. Control4 doesn't comment on future features / plans for features (or things Control4 isn't planning on making as features), so if you're holding your breath for Control4 to comment as to those future plans, you're going to be waiting a long time. RyanE
  6. The Nest driver does not connect to the local Nest devices, it uses the Nest Cloud API. Typically when this is happening, the Nest driver can't connect to the Nest Cloud API. I would check / restart your Internet connection, and especially verify that your local LAN can DNS resolve Nest's servers... i.e. do a nslookup and connect to 'developer-api.nest.com' and 'api.home.nest.com'. RyanE
  7. I just purchased a Rachio, and I really needed 18 zones. I may be controlling a couple of my flowerbed zones (which don't really need much in the way of a schedule, i.e. same time / duration every day) with Control4 relay outputs, and/or figuring out a way to use the Rachio output for multiple solenoids (not sure it'd be a power issue, possibly). RyanE
  8. Martinrogstad, What DPT is it, and how would it display it? Via the Humidity, or Temperature? I don't understand what 'heating percentage' you're talking about. RyanE
  9. *Version 22* of the KNX drivers is in beta at the moment. What KNX driver do you want to develop? RyanE
  10. Defects that go across several rows / columns are often the LCD/Plasma driver chips, which are typically bonded "in-line' on the flex strip that goes from the mainboard to the display. If that's what it is, I'm guessing there wouldn't be a replacement "board" that would fix the issue. That said, I'm not a TV repairman, and it can't hurt to get a quote. RyanE
  11. I've released to beta (on the Control4 Dealer Forums) a new (post-ISE) version of the KNX driver suite, which may fix some of the issues you're seeing. It's not available in the online driver database as of yet, but after a short beta test, it should be available. RyanE
  12. Would you mind if I looked remotely at your project? I've never seen KNX lighting not working on a Navigator device in a proper KNX <--> Control4 setup. If so, can you message me your customer email and project name? RyanE
  13. Just like any group of installers, some are clueless, and some are good. And you can't even spell 'two'. RyanE
  14. Define "these drivers". Does your project use the Control4-provided drivers, or 3rd-party KNX drivers? What drivers are you having issue with? Thermostat, Dimmer, Switch, etc.? Which 'Control4 Touchscreens' are you trying to control them from? T3? Flash-based screens? I think you're going to have to get a lot more specific before you're going to get any answers. RyanE
  15. Most 'end node' ZigBee devices don't show an online/offline status, because that's quite a 'nebulous' thing. i.e. battery-powered devices don't report in often enough to make online/offline make much sense. I don't think there's really any way you can get around it. When you write to a variable, that's a variable on the driver, which then sends to the device (whenever that happens). RyanE