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  1. Actually, I don't have any official (or unofficial) info on it, and it's not my team... (CYA)... RyanE
  2. New Control4 Controller, C4-CA1

    I only consider those that still have a strong (German) accent. RyanE
  3. To clarify, there's no reason to think that release of product A would influence the release of product B. RyanE
  4. I wouldn't hold your breath. RyanE
  5. New Control4 Controller, C4-CA1

    Yeah, I was there last year. There were definitely more Germans. RyanE
  6. New Control4 Controller, C4-CA1

    ISE is like InfoCom + CEDIA, with more Germans. RyanE
  7. Controlling a PC in C4

    I'm guessing making a generic Windows driver would not only not make money, it would likely be a support nightmare. Typically Control4 makes drivers for devices that have well-defined protocols. Windows is not such a device. If it was a huge money-maker and had a large demand, a 3rd-party would have made a for-cost driver for it. <sarcasm_mode>It's probably got something to do with the HDMI cabal causing it to not happen, because that would somehow break their model.</sarcasm_mode> RyanE
  8. Controlling a PC in C4

    The hardest part, if I remember correctly (it was like 7 years ago, I used the HTTP get functions of an IP camera to make it work at the time...), was creating the configuration file for EventGhost. You did most of the mapping there. If I remember correctly, I just named my commands in the config file the same as room commands, then the Control4 driver just sent the room command names. RyanE
  9. Secure Connections Only

    Secure Connections Only is talking about Director's C4Soap communications port (5020), which is used by Composer (Pro and HE), and Navigators (touchpanels, on-screen, and apps). You should be good turning on Secure Connections Only, as Composer and Navigators know to use the secure connection. Previous versions of touchpanels (mini-touch, specifically) could not connect over the secure port (5021). RyanE
  10. Controlling a PC in C4

    You could also probably use EventGhost and it's HTTP plugin API. RyanE
  11. Unless you're me. Then it's turtles all the way down. All Lua, all the time. My .c4i/.c4z build scripts are Lua, my Lua Output window is Lua, my Lua Execute window is Lua. But maybe that's just me. RyanE
  12. Basically, all channels but 24-26 can 'go to 11', but most of the time, that would not be used anyway. RyanE
  13. Silabs' (a ZigBee silicon vendor) RF Testing app note indicates there's something to this, although it states that channel 26 has to be limited much more than channel 24 and 25 (only at very high output powers): Band Edge Concerns: The top end of the 802.15.4 channel band (Channel 26 and occasionally Channels 24 an 25 at very high output powers) usually pushes up against the limits of the band, encroaching into the reserved area in the adjacent (higher) frequencies. Therefore, it's often necessary to artificially limit (with software) output power on these upper channels (as much as -9 or -10 dBm) in order to pass FCC TX testing. https://www.silabs.com/community/wireless/zigbee-and-thread/knowledge-base.entry.html/2012/07/02/tips_for_fcc_certifi-8WcL ZigBee radios would typically only transmit at the power level they need to in order to communicate, so unless you have some far-flung devices that are at the edge of being able to communicate with the mesh, I doubt it's an issue. It's certainly not something I'm staying up nights worrying about, and I'm guessing the benefit of being mostly out of WiFi's spectrum far outweighs the slight drawback of a little less output power on channel 25. RyanE
  14. I could certainly be wrong. My system (and those at shows) are not physically spread out across a wide area. I know I have never had any issues with 25, especially in high-Wifi usage areas. RyanE
  15. If you're implying that channel 25 is weaker/different than any of the other ZigBee channels, I don't believe this is correct. All the ZigBee channels are the same bandwidth, and are all equally spaced apart, but yes, ZigBee is a fairly narrow bandwidth, as it's not intended to be used for large data transmission (audio/video, etc.). None of the ZigBee channels overlap (unlike Wifi), and all but Channel 25 are within the overlap of WiFi. Control4 has successfully used Channel 25 at CES, where there were 500+ access points (and CEDIA/ISE, with 300+) within range of the Control4 booth. RyanE