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  1. RyanE

    Samsung IP Driver Problem w/ New TVs

    Samsung 2018 TV models only have IP control in the highest-end models. I don't have a list of the models to check if your UN55MU6300 is on the list, sorry. Does it have the IP Control settings in the menu? If not, you may be better off controlling them over a serial connection. Samsung provides USB to Serial adapters for free from your Samsung distributor. RyanE
  2. One of the listed defects fixed had to do with remotes: 33756–The SR-260 is randomly showing an hourglass when browsing quickly (remote not responding). Most of the fixes had to do with Audio / Annoucement / Intercom issues, although there are some Composer fixes, and a nice firmware / functionality update for Z2IO that officially makes them range extenders. RyanE
  3. Yes, this mainly affects Composer, both Pro and HE, although Control4 mobile apps will also need to be updated, with the new versions already available in app stores. Controllers themselves if connected to the Internet will have their certificates automatically updated (most already have been updated). Dealers, if they install an old version of Composer will need to apply the patch again, which will patch all locally installed versions. RyanE
  4. https://forums.control4.com/ You must be a Control4 dealer to login. RyanE
  5. RyanE

    Get Dropdown of Thermostats

    You can create a property in your driver that allows the installer (or homeowner with HE) to select a set of devices by proxy (or device) type: <property> <name>Temperature Sensors</name> <type>DEVICE_SELECTOR</type> <items> <item>thermostat.c4i</item> <item>control4_thermostat_proxy.c4i</item> <item>cardaccess_wirelessrelay.c4i</item> <item>cardaccess_wirelesscontact.c4i</item> </items> <multiselect>true</multiselect> </property> RyanE
  6. RyanE

    driver development

    Parsing in Lua is *much* easier than that. You can often just use Lua pattern matching. -- For example, lets say the protocol gives us this: local inputstring = "The Temperature is 100F and the humidity is 90%" -- One line, and you have parsed out the decimal value strings: local _, _, temp, humidity = inputstring:find("The Temperature is (%d+)F and the humidity is (%d+)%%") -- Convert them to numbers: temp, humidity = tonumber(temp), tonumber(humidity) -- Print them out: print("Temp: " .. temp .. " Humid: " .. humidity) -- prints out: Temp: 100 Humid: 90 RyanE
  7. RyanE

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Done. I guarantee it will be released sometime this century. RyanE
  8. RyanE

    driver development

    Not sure what you mean by lack of buffering and parsing data. I've only *very* rarely had issues buffering and parsing in DriverWorks. Buffering is just a global string variable that the input string gets concatenated to. Parsing is pretty simple using string.pack / string.unpack and/or bitlib functions (or JSON / XML libraries). RyanE
  9. RyanE

    driver development

    Is it worth writing drivers? It completely depends on what you're writing them for. If you're writing drivers for something that Control4 or 3rd-parties already have drivers for? Probably not worth it. Your time is likely worth more than the cost of the driver, and the 3rd-parties and/or Control4 produce fairly 'bulletproof' drivers, that you'd be unlikely to improve to the point of making it worth it. If you're writing drivers for something specific to your install (custom hardware / cloud integration / etc), and/or you think you can sell the driver, then sure. I have a handful of drivers I've created in my home project that are *only* found in my project, but were totally worth my time in writing them. Some of those are now offered by Control4, as they were deemed useful to the general Control4 crowd. RyanE
  10. https://www.cepro.com/article/control4_q1_revenues If this keeps happening, probably not. RyanE
  11. Not for in-home, standalone installations. It requires internet for things like time, etc., and for dealer remote access (at no additional charge to the homeowner), and utilizes cloud services for things like the driver database, etc., but for-cost Cloud service (4Sight) is only required for access of things outside the home, or for additional cloud-based services, such as Amazon Voice, etc. RyanE
  12. RyanE

    Samsung IP Driver Problem w/ New TVs

    I'd suggest getting the TV driver identified via a static or statically-assigned DHCP IP Address. There is a known issue in the currently released Samsung firmware with SDDP. RyanE
  13. How many distinct products (apart from trim color, etc.) does Lutron have compared to Control4? I'm thinking 'A Handful'. How many of those are different 'types' of things (i.e. not lights, keypads, relays, or contacts)? I'm guessing 'A few'. How many 3rd-party devices does Lutron support controlling? That one's easy, 'Pretty much none'. Yes, Lutron can do 24x7 global support, but comparing the scope of required support for Lutron vs. Control4 is comparing Apples to Orangutans. RyanE