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  1. RyanE

    KNX Driver Issues

    Control4 doesn't specify which gateway you should use, as with the KNX Network driver, any KNX gateway that supports KNX Net/IP protocol should work. I'd recommend you get one that supports multiple simultaneous connections to Net/IP, so that an installer could use KNX ETS software while also connecting to Control4. It's also a good idea to go with a unit that supports KNX routing gateway functionality. I don't know model numbers, unfortunately. RyanE
  2. So everyone who was betting this would show up *at CEDIA* or later, you were wrong (but not far off). RyanE
  3. RyanE

    Web interface drivers

    I agree, it would be ideal if Webview was supported on mobile apps, and if there were a PC app supported to the level of the iOS/Android. It's certainly something that *could* happen in the future, but obviously I couldn't comment on it, and in fact, don't actually know if/when it's on any roadmap. Sorry. RyanE
  4. RyanE

    Copy C4 Experience

    'Channel Cloud' drivers are a media-based drivers, that allow for setting up channels (on the 'media' tab in ComposerPro/HE/ME). Channel clouds have a connection (sometimes called a 'binding') that is of type RF_UHF_VHF, RF_CABLE, RF_DISH, etc. These connections are connected to corresponding connections on devices that have tuners, or otherwise can select channels. For example, you could have an RF_UHF_VHF cloud attached to your TV driver, and a separate RF_CABLE cloud attached to your cable box driver. Any channels that are available through the TV/Cable devices in the current room you're looking at on the touchpanel will show up in the Control4 Watch menu. When you select one of these channels, it will select the appropriate device. In our example, if you selected a channel that was available over-the-air, which is one of the RF_UHF_VHF channels, the channel should be tuned on the TV, and the TV will be the selected device. If you selected a cable channel, that was one of the channels in our RF_CABLE type cloud, that channel would be selected on your cable box, and that would be the selected device. Having the right channel clouds and the media setup in those clouds is what sounds like is not correctly configured in your case. RyanE
  5. RyanE

    Web interface drivers

    True, it's a smaller market (developing WebView-based UIButton drivers) than developing drivers for Control4 systems in general, but currently, there's not much of an alternative, assuming you want to develop something for which Control4 does not currently provide a proxy. RyanE
  6. RyanE

    Web interface drivers

    More advanced popup at this point is not possibly using the UIButton WebView drivers, since I don't believe there's a way to programmatically trigger their popup. RyanE
  7. RyanE

    Panelized Lighting Questions

    In many locations in the US, homeowners can do their own electrical work, as long as it is approved by the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction, typically the local building inspector), and requires inspections at certain points in the installation (meter base set, pre-drywall, final inspection, etc.). Outside of that, licensed electricians are required for any 'line voltage' installations (110V+ in the US). RyanE
  8. RyanE

    Somfy vs Lutron

    We used a set of QMotion blinds in the Samsung booth at CEDIA last year, first time I'd played with them, they worked well. RyanE
  9. Follow these instructions: http://update.control4.com/patches/C4_Cert_Replacement_Patch/Composer_HE_Download_Instructions.pdf Basically, you download a *new version* of ComposerHE, and download and run the patch if necessary. RyanE
  10. Yeah, executives have to plan their stock sales far in advance and only with permission of company leadership. RyanE
  11. I can tell you *exactly* how many SVPs have sold shares in the past 22 days. Exactly ZERO. None. Control4 employees can only buy/sell shares during open trading windows, that typically start 3+ days after public release of Quarterly Reports, and end at the end of the same month. Executive level employees are more restricted than that. They can only sell after filing paperwork with an intent to sell some time in advance of when they want to sell. Control4's next earnings announcement is scheduled for Thursday, August 2, 2018, which means that the next trading window will open at 12:01 AM (EDT) on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. All this, of course, is to avoid issues with insider trading. Control4 takes that *very* seriously. RyanE
  12. Don, As I'm on PTO all of this week and Monday of next week, I unfortunately can't help you and won't have the answer for your question. Sorry. RyanE
  13. I had hoped to hear yesterday / last night, but I'm now on PTO, and have been driving for the last 9 hours. I think an email went out with this info to those affected, but it appears some of you are not getting the ComposerHE emails: http://update.control4.com/patches/C4_Cert_Replacement_Patch/Composer_HE_Download_Instructions.pdf Note: I think you may not have to do the ComposerHE patch mentioned near the end of this document, as it should have already been applied remotely. Give it a try without, if it doesn't work, apply the patch. If you continue to have issues, I suggest you contact Control4 as Derrick Cain suggested up-thread, with the contact method he recommended. RyanE
  14. If you have 'upgraded' your Alexa setup to V3 (by using your customer.control4.com account, Alexa page), when you discover devices, the 'Voice Scenes' driver will be automatically added to your project. RyanE
  15. It also includes video device control. i.e. Transport controls, etc. And more importantly to some people, it's available in more countries than just US and Canada: US, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia. RyanE