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  1. Also, just to clarify, when you are saying 'Control4 Rep', I think you probably mean your 'Control4 Dealer'. Control4 Reps are typically what are referred to as Area Sales Managers, etc., who the *dealer* would get ahold of, not the homeowner. RyanE
  2. No, the IP Control firmware in the US is still working. The TV at my desk is updated to the latest firmware, with no issues of IP Control. RyanE
  3. Control4 was also the first to integrate with Nest, first with IP Control of the Dish Hopper, Sony and Samsung TV IP Control, etc. No one does 3rd-party device control better. Not that I'm saying Control4 is perfect, by any means, we still make mistakes and have issues, but it's mostly solid. RyanE
  4. Glad to hear it's working. RyanE
  5. The backup (and Director while running the project) only has a single copy of a driver, no matter how many times it's used in the project. 60M is not terribly large, and yes, the jump in size is likely due to the Emoji pack driver. RyanE
  6. Is this a 2017 Samsung TV, or an earlier year? RyanE
  7. Where are you located? If you're somewhere other than the US, the firmware that supports IP Control is not available as of yet. In the US, you have to go into General -> Networking -> Expert Settings, and enable IP Control before pairing will work. If you don't see the Expert Settings section under Networking, your current firmware version does not support IP Control, and the driver will not work, unfortunately until you have the firmware that supports IP Control. RyanE
  8. KNXNET IP Connection

    Right, but the Network driver isn't specific to any particular type of device. You should be able to modify the knx_thermostat driver for your Berker Thermostat, and that driver is not encrypted. It shows you how you can *use* the KNX network driver, which can send / receive most of the common DPTs. The Thermostat driver registers which Group Addresses it wants to get asynchronous updates about, and sends values to those Group Addresses through the network driver. RyanE
  9. KNXNET IP Connection

    All data going through SendToNetwork is binary data. You just need to generate the binary data. You can either build it as strings, using tohex: local mydata = tohex('06 10 02 05 00 1A 08 01 C0 A8 05 3B 8A 3D 08 01 C0 A8 05 3B A4 3A 04 04 02 00') Or you can use string.pack to build the string. It works by binary packing data into the structure based on size (and big/little endianness) of data. That's the way the KNX Network driver does it, since it knows what the structure should be, and builds it that way. local packet = string.pack("bb>HHbbbbbbHbbbbbbHbbbb", HEADER_SIZE, KNXNETIP_VERSION, CONNECT_REQUEST, 0x001A, HPAI_LENGTH, IPV4_UDP, caddr1, caddr2, caddr3, caddr4, gCtrlPort, HPAI_LENGTH, IPV4_UDP, caddr1, caddr2, caddr3, caddr4, gDataPort, 04, TUNNEL_CONNECTION, 02, 00) Just out of curiosity, why are you wanting to make a new KNX Network driver? It's pretty complicated. RyanE
  10. About to purchase license

    Sounds like you may need to do some reading on Control4. Control4 is a dealer-installed system. While ComposerHE allows you to make many changes and adjustments to a system, it will *not* let you setup a system by yourself. ComposerPro (which is only available to Authorized Control4 Dealers) is required for that. Control4 does require a Control4 controller (current generation controllers, which would be recommended, are the 'EA Series' controllers). The Controller is the main 'brain' of the system. Other Control4 equipment may be required, depending on what you're trying to accomplish. 3rd-party systems and devices may be integrated into the Control4 system if there is a Control4 driver for them. Your dealer would have to add those drivers into the Control4 system. RyanE
  11. Frustrated

    Unfortunately, as the other two posts have referred to, most people on this forum don't have a lot of knowledge of Crestron or specific Crestron equipment. You might want to look on a more 'generic' forum, like RemoteCentral, where more Crestron installers may hang out. They don't hang out here. Good luck with your project. RyanE
  12. Unlikely. The VPN functionality built-into Control4 for 4Sight and other remote connections isn't configurable by the installer or homeowner. Your best bet would be to run your (hopefully configurable) VPN server on a different port. Sorry. RyanE
  13. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    It's being looked into, but I don't have any additional info at this point in time. RyanE
  14. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    The IP Control firmware should be released for the US for all supported 2017 Samsung TVs, I don't know if there's a separate release date elsewhere (i.e. Canada). Sorry. RyanE