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  1. RyanE

    Return to EmberNet

    I know this isn't what you're asking, but it's been almost 10 years since Control4 upgraded from embernet to ZigBee Pro, and you're unfortunately likely to have a hard time finding embernet switches, since there's no downgrade path to get them back to embernet. It might be more productive to get a newer controller that runs 2.x, and upgrade your current dimmers/switches to ZigBee Pro. RyanE
  2. RyanE

    What Driver for Samsung Q8F

    In General -> Network -> Expert Settings, ensure that 'Power On with Mobile' is enabled. RyanE
  3. RyanE

    SR-260 Update

    Control4 has pushed updates on other releases and in-between releases for critical updates. It's not incredibly unusual, but it's not often, either. One instance I can think of off the top of my head is when a 3rd-party certificate was going to expire, before that happened, Control4 updated the certificate on affected controllers. Just because Control4 *can* push firmware updates without breaking systems for critical issues, it doesn't somehow invalidate Control4's business model, or make it so that Control4 should allow end users to update their own systems. No one has stated on these forums that some subset of sophisticated end users would not be perfectly capable of for the most part managing their own systems as well as some dealers. That's not the point. The point is, Control4 is a dealer-installed system, always has been, and likely will remain so for the foreseeable future. Control4 has not tried to hide this fact, and hasn't hidden the fact that if you check those boxes on your customer.control4.com account, you agree to Control4 being able to push critical updates. Control4 *does* have a full schedule of multiple beta releases before every release, both internal (to employees), as well as external (to dealers). RyanE P.S. Wappinghigh: you may want to check with your doctor to get your Rx adjusted...
  4. RyanE

    Google Assistant coming soon?

    Note: the existence of this page on customer.control4.com does not indicate timing or even whether a Google integration will actually be released. But yeah, it's still there. RyanE
  5. Yes, those keypads are basic. While Control4's line of KNX keypads are fairly basic, it would be difficult for Control4 to OEM keypads from a different manufacturer than the one they're currently using. Because of this, Control4 has updated their 'Automatic Update' functionality to support keypads from a number of different manufacturers, including some that are quite modern and sophisticated. http://knxtoday.com/2019/02/13038/control4-expands-knx-line-and-ecosystem-with-support-for-popular-keypads-including-basalte-cjc-systems-ekinex-gira-jung-tense-and-vitrium.html I think it's a perfectly reasonable solution to increasing keypad support without having to have all those 3rd-party keypads available as Control4 products. Of course, if you want to use a different keypad that isn't listed, you still can do that, but they would have to be addressed manually, which, while not hard, is a much bigger pain in the butt. RyanE
  6. RyanE

    2.10.6 released

    Control4 doesn't pre-announce features or products, but I would characterize it as more along the lines of an officially supported way to Control AppleTV devices than to control Control4 through the AppleTV. RyanE
  7. RyanE

    2.10.6 released

    Appled is to support the not-yet-released AppleTV integration. RyanE
  8. RyanE

    WTB: fan controllers, APDs, switches

    It's probably going to be *very* slowly, as in-wall dimming devices are one of the last things that customers will sell. They don't get upgraded quickly, and so far, Control4 has never EOLed any in-wall dimmers or keypads. Your most likely source of specifically these devices are Control4 dealers. RyanE
  9. RyanE

    Scheduled To Talk To Rep!

    Good Luck! RyanE
  10. Just FYI, Alan is at ISE in Amsterdam, which ends tomorrow (but I believe he will be doing some travel in Europe afterwards), so he may be a bit slow to answer any questions regarding his drivers, etc. RyanE
  11. RyanE

    What Driver for Samsung Q8F

    That's a limitation of the protocol. If the driver doesn't wait out the full 'power off delay' time, it can get the driver into an unusable state, where the TV responds, so the driver assumes the TV is on, where it's really still shutting down it's IP stack, which takes a surprisingly long amount of time. RyanE
  12. RyanE

    Control4 buys Neeo

    Love the Happy Fun Ball reference. RyanE
  13. RyanE

    New to C4 from URC!

    Yes. Control4 is a dealer-installed (only) system. Without a dealer account, you can't access the full ComposerPro installer software to add hardware and make installation changes. RyanE
  14. RyanE

    Control4 buys Neeo

    For a non-member of this cult, you sure seem to come to a lot of the meetings. RyanE
  15. RyanE

    Control4 buys Neeo

    I only talked about the two examples of STB manufacturers that I've worked with, and how they don't equally support using D-pad for transport controls. That doesn't imply at all that I don't care about other markets, just that I'm using examples I'm familiar with. Certainly, if in your market, there's a device that requires more non-hard buttons, that's something to take into consideration. RyanE