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  1. RyanE

    Samsung Tv frame

    No, the 43" Frame is a 2018 TV, Art Mode fixes for that TV are still in testing. 2017 Frame TVs were only available in 45" and 55", I believe. RyanE
  2. RyanE

    Samsung Tv frame

    It's currently in testing. RyanE
  3. RyanE

    EA3 vs EA5?

    I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying say. I was saying that the audio stream that is on the HDMI is difficult to use in multi-room audio, not that it's not an independent stream. If my statement was unclear, I apologize. Certainly the HDMI stream is independent of any other audio streams on the controller, but it's not output as a port (Stereo or Digital Audio) on the back of the controller, so it's more difficult to use as a multi-room audio source. As far as whether the HDMI stream is handled by an audio processor, or by the main controller, unfortunately, I also don't know the answer to that offhand, and I'm on PTO. RyanE
  4. RyanE

    EA3 vs EA5?

    The main *feature* differences between the EA series controllers are IO and Audio Outputs. There are obviously other differences including faster processors in the higher end models. Yes, the EA-1 is a fantastic value for the money. So is the EA-3 and the EA-5. RyanE
  5. RyanE

    EA3 vs EA5?

    As mentioned up-thread, the main difference between the EA-3 and EA-5 is the number of audio zones. One important thing I didn't notice up-thread is that one of those audio streams is on HDMI on all EA-series controllers. That is, if you get an EA3, you have *2* independent audio streams, in addition to one on the HDMI output. An EA1 *only* has a single audio stream, on it's HDMI output. You can't easily add additional audio zones by adding an EA1. An EA5 has *4* independent audio streams, plus one HDMI. If you're doing whole-home audio, you can't typically use the HDMI output's audio to go into an audio switch, you need to use the other audio outputs. The reason independent audio streams are important is that you can only listen to as many different sources simultaneously as you have audio streams available. i.e. if you have 4 people in the house, each listening to their *own* individual audio stream (from any of the streaming audio providers Control4 supports natively), each one would require an audio output from one or more controllers. This does not depend on the audio distribution setup. Your audio distribution setup can be going to many more zones, but those zones will only have audio streams if they are available from the controllers. In my house, I have 12ish audio zones, an HC800 and an EA-5. I can have any of those zones playing streams, a total of 6 streams simultaneously (2 on the HC800, 4 on the EA-5). RyanE P.S. I don't think anyone has mentioned the Triad One, which is an amplified zone of audio, with it's own stream built-in. It *can* be used to add streams to a Control4 system, although it's typically used to create a 'remote' zone, that doesn't have speaker wiring run to it.
  6. RyanE

    KNX Control 4 Integration

    Control4 has drivers for many KNX devices. As far as connecting to the KNX network, if you have KNX Net/IP Gateway, or a Routing Gateway, there are 2 network drivers, "KNX Network" and "KNX Routing Gateway". One of those is required to connect to the KNX IP hardware. If you have a Multicast Routing Gateway, it's preferable to use the KNX Routing Gateway driver. Once you have your KNX Network driver in place, you (or your Control4 Dealer) then add Switch, Dimmer, Thermostat, Blinds, and other drivers to the Control4 project. Once those drivers are added, connected to the network driver, and addressed properly (with all Group Addresses in the appropriate places), the KNX devices work within the Control4 UI as if they were native devices. It's pretty straightforward, although tedious, to setup. RyanE
  7. RyanE

    Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    None of the 2017 (or 2018) Samsung TVs have ex-link natively on board. They all use a USB to ex-link adapter, which is available through Samsung distributors. There is a serial control option in the IP drivers for Samsung. RyanE
  8. RyanE

    2017 Thoughts for Control4

    When a person doesn't have Control4, isn't planning on getting Control4, and just wants to post 'Doom and Gloom' posts, maybe he's short position on the stock. Ultimately, yes, there are a lot of large (and small) companies that certainly could release competing products. This is certainly discussed at Control4. There also could be an asteroid headed for earth that will make it not matter as much. I'm not sticking my head in the sand, but I'm also not thinking the sky is falling for Control4. It's a good product, and keeps getting better. RyanE
  9. RyanE

    Best way to send cloud events to control4.

    I'd suggest something in your web services that accepts an incoming connection from Control4, likely WebSockets if I were doing it. The main reason is security. I'd be wary opening up your firewall to any ports on the Control4 controller (or a driver running on that controller). RyanE
  10. RyanE

    Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    Unfortunately, Control4 has no control over this, nor any additional info on whether/when Samsung TVs outside the US will receive the IP Control update. Sorry. RyanE
  11. RyanE

    Samsung Tv frame

    I think you're mistaken. I believe the model of your TV is UN43LS03N. I don't believe there is a 2017 LS003 in 43" size. As mentioned on the above thread, there is currently an issue turning the TV off from this driver when in Art Mode. If the TV is setup to power off instead of entering art mode, it should turn off normally. We're currently working on the defect. RyanE
  12. RyanE

    Samsung Tv frame

    There is a known issue with the 2018 Samsung Frame TVs. (Not an issue with the LS003 model from 2017). Control4 is looking into the issue, it appears that the manufacturer has subtly changed how Art Mode works, and the driver will need to be updated to properly handle it. I've been told that Control4 tech support has a workaround, if a dealer calls in. Otherwise, we hope to have an updated driver out shortly. RyanE
  13. RyanE


    I only threw the EA-5 on top of my rack in order to get additional Audio Outputs. It sat waiting to be installed too long already. I need to really take the time and put it in the rack and do the cables right. RyanE
  14. RyanE

    Kohler DTV Plus

    There is currently no external API available, and thus no 'proper driver' from Control4. Sorry. RyanE
  15. RyanE


    There was no limitation on the EA-1 as to how many rooms were in the project, it just could not be used as the primary controller in a system that had secondary controllers. That limitation has now also been removed, and you could architect a system with many secondary controllers with a main EA-1 as the primary controller. Wouldn't make too much sense for reasons outlined above, but the limitation has been lifted. My house has an HC800 as the primary controller, with EA3 and EA5 as secondary controllers. Mostly because I'm too lazy to swap it to the EA5... RyanE