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  1. As mentioned above, it would only be used if the device was hooked up to dumb Audio, or video Room connections would be used if you connected it to a monitor or something that was not necessarily controlled. RyanE
  2. RyanE

    Light switch without neutral

    Yes, as posted above and by others, *switches* will not work switch-leg, since when you switch the load off with a relay, you then don't have the load to run power through for the electronics of the switch. RyanE
  3. RyanE

    Light switch without neutral

    Please note 2 things: Control4 *dimmers* can be powered switch leg. Control4 *switches* cannot. Switch leg power only works if you have load types that allow for a trickle current to run through the load, even when the load is off. Some LED (and CF) lighting will flicker or actually be on enough to show light, when the load is 'off', since the dimmer has to run some power through the load to power it's electronics. RyanE
  4. RyanE

    Help Post

    PoE is inherently better due to it being a hardwired Ethernet connection, as opposed to WiFi, as others have stated. PoE is also better because you have the option to use a power managing PoE switch, with which you can power those devices down and back up if a restart is required. You can do that with a PDU, but if the devices are remote over PoE (cameras, etc.), you can't do that nearly as easily. RyanE
  5. IOX is not a controller, and can't update Embernet devices. HC-200/HC-300 generation controllers have Embernet ZigBee hardware. Newer controllers do not. Control4 OS 1.8 through Control4 OS 2.5 have support for Embernet updating. OS 2.6 and later do not support updating ZigBee devices from Embernet to ZigBee Pro. So, you'd need an HC200/300/500 running OS 1.8 - OS 2.5 for the Embernet update. RyanE
  6. RyanE

    Realtime Event Webhook Driver

    First step is to learn that it's spelled Lua, which is a proper name (which means 'moon' in Portuguese), not an acronym. RyanE
  7. RyanE

    Thermostat Scheduling

    You can do the same with Nest. i.e. have it go to 'eco' or 'away' mode when the security system is armed. RyanE
  8. RyanE

    Thermostat Scheduling

    Alan is correct. It was determined at the time, due to limitations in Nest's protocol (mostly the rate-limited nature of Nest API accesses, but other reasons as well) that we were not going to implement scheduling in the Nest driver. Nest was designed and marketed originally to 'learn' your schedule, and it was felt that forcing a 'traditional' scheduler on the device would be somewhat counter-productive. RyanE
  9. As someone mentioned up-thread, Control4 does not typically pre-announce new features or integrations. No one internally is going to be commenting on integration with Google Voice until the day it is a released feature. Sorry. RyanE
  10. RyanE


    As per usual, until something is released, Control4 likely won't be commenting on it. Sorry. RyanE
  11. RyanE

    Samsung Tv frame

    No, the 43" Frame is a 2018 TV, Art Mode fixes for that TV are still in testing. 2017 Frame TVs were only available in 45" and 55", I believe. RyanE
  12. RyanE

    Samsung Tv frame

    It's currently in testing. RyanE
  13. RyanE

    EA3 vs EA5?

    I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying say. I was saying that the audio stream that is on the HDMI is difficult to use in multi-room audio, not that it's not an independent stream. If my statement was unclear, I apologize. Certainly the HDMI stream is independent of any other audio streams on the controller, but it's not output as a port (Stereo or Digital Audio) on the back of the controller, so it's more difficult to use as a multi-room audio source. As far as whether the HDMI stream is handled by an audio processor, or by the main controller, unfortunately, I also don't know the answer to that offhand, and I'm on PTO. RyanE
  14. RyanE

    EA3 vs EA5?

    The main *feature* differences between the EA series controllers are IO and Audio Outputs. There are obviously other differences including faster processors in the higher end models. Yes, the EA-1 is a fantastic value for the money. So is the EA-3 and the EA-5. RyanE
  15. RyanE

    EA3 vs EA5?

    As mentioned up-thread, the main difference between the EA-3 and EA-5 is the number of audio zones. One important thing I didn't notice up-thread is that one of those audio streams is on HDMI on all EA-series controllers. That is, if you get an EA3, you have *2* independent audio streams, in addition to one on the HDMI output. An EA1 *only* has a single audio stream, on it's HDMI output. You can't easily add additional audio zones by adding an EA1. An EA5 has *4* independent audio streams, plus one HDMI. If you're doing whole-home audio, you can't typically use the HDMI output's audio to go into an audio switch, you need to use the other audio outputs. The reason independent audio streams are important is that you can only listen to as many different sources simultaneously as you have audio streams available. i.e. if you have 4 people in the house, each listening to their *own* individual audio stream (from any of the streaming audio providers Control4 supports natively), each one would require an audio output from one or more controllers. This does not depend on the audio distribution setup. Your audio distribution setup can be going to many more zones, but those zones will only have audio streams if they are available from the controllers. In my house, I have 12ish audio zones, an HC800 and an EA-5. I can have any of those zones playing streams, a total of 6 streams simultaneously (2 on the HC800, 4 on the EA-5). RyanE P.S. I don't think anyone has mentioned the Triad One, which is an amplified zone of audio, with it's own stream built-in. It *can* be used to add streams to a Control4 system, although it's typically used to create a 'remote' zone, that doesn't have speaker wiring run to it.