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  1. For high-voltage, I still prefer wire nuts. I don't trust the stab and grab connectors, there's no way they make as good a connection as a wire nut, which provides both a solid physical connection as well as an electrical connection. The stab and grab do provide a physical connection, but I've seen stab and grab built into plugs that have worked loose from the plug being plugged in and removed. If you're specifying wall boxes, definitely get the deepest ones that'll fit (mine go within 1/4" of the back drywall with 4" studs). RyanE
  2. SR-260 With Charger or Not

    I also use eneloops on my SR250's, and charging stations on my SR260's. I always have a charged set or two of eneloops, so as cyknight says, it's immediate. Personally, I like the charging station most where I'm always going to put the remote back (i.e. in bedrooms, on the nightstand), less in rooms where it's less likely to get placed back, and/or where a plug is not as convenient to where you would put the remote (i.e. family room, theater, where the remote is usually on the arm of the couch, and/or on the coffee table in the middle of the room, where there's no plug). They're both good solutions, but the charging station only works if the remote gets put back into it... RyanE
  3. Triad vs. C4 Audio Matrix

    CEPro just posted this, seems applicable: https://www.cepro.com/article/when_the_customer_says_i_dont_need_good_music_quality RyanE
  4. I wonder if serial codes are different in Europe (i.e. if the services are different). RyanE
  5. Browser = "08 22 0c 00 00 01 c9" Netflix = "08 22 0c 00 00 02 c8" Amazon = "08 22 0c 00 00 03 c7" Vudu = "08 22 0c 00 00 04 c6" Pandora = "08 22 0c 00 00 05 c5" YouTube = "08 22 0c 00 00 07 c3" Hulu = "08 22 0c 00 00 08 c2" Try those. RyanE
  6. Crestron vs Control4

    I don't think Pyng is much more user-centric than 'classic' Crestron. From what I've read, Pyng still requires a Crestron dealer to sell and install the product, Pyng *does* allow you to adjust lighting scenes, etc., after install, but not programming the same as ComposerHE. Mind you, I'm not a Crestron dealer, and I am more than a bit partisan, so take it for what it's worth. RyanE
  7. There are plus and minus to each. As the Screen Size is part of the model number, it was determined to create them for each model number. RyanE
  8. Unfortunately, it still depends on the TV driver. SDDP's benefits are mainly for the installation (i.e. correct IP address, correct driver, etc.). Whether the driver supports built-in apps natively in Control4 (with mini-apps), or whether the installer has to create their own icons to trigger the built-in apps depends on how the driver was created for the Control4 system, regardless of whether that TV supports SDDP or not. The Control4 App store basically *has* been retired, as it only worked for the Flash-based Navigators, which are now a few generations old, and haven't been sold for years. When we talk about 'mini-apps', we're not talking about 'apps' like you'd run on your phone, we talk about a *source* within the system, that doesn't do much, except for being a placeholder for apps on your TV. For example, the Samsung 2017 TV drivers have mini-apps for the most popular TV apps, that show up on the screen, and when you select the 'Netflix' mini-app, Control4 turns on the TV, and selects the Netflix app on the TV. I don't know the status of built-in app support on the Sony and LG TVs. RyanE

    Removing the Power Off delay timer won't cause your TV to switch back on any faster. The Power Off delay timer is because the TV takes that long before it will respond to a Wake On Lan message. The Power On delay timer is automatically truncated if the driver is able to talk to the TV any faster than expected. Turning an IP-controlled set off, then expecting it to immediately turn back on is not something that is going to happen with nearly any manufacturer, due to California regulations on shutting down a *lot* of the TV for power savings in standby mode. RyanE
  10. KNX Dimmer Driver

    Sounds like the Group Addresses you're using for the Dim Set and Dim Status are either incorrect, or the wrong type. For dimming Set and Status, they need to be DPT5.004 (0..255) percent addresses. It only supports the percent dimming, not 'dim/brighten' only. RyanE Edited to Add: Of course, that's going off memory, I don't have KNX here at home.
  11. Triad Audio Matrix

    Delay also could be to your audio sources. You didn't mention if you were listening to streaming audio, or local streaming audio, or to some analog source, like an FM tuner. It's normal to have a small delay before streaming media plays, due to the fact that the Control4 system needs to buffer enough audio to allow for correct audio synchronization between streaming zones, i.e. if some zones are being streamed through the Control4 controller, and others are through the Triad Zone Amplifier, those two streaming endpoints need enough buffer to maintain sync. Also, Internet streaming buffers quite a bit, due to the possibility that the Internet connection (and any connections between your ISP and the source servers) could vary in it's ability to get the audio to the streaming endpoints. RyanE
  12. One big deal is that it makes it nearly impossible to get the wrong model TV driver for the TV. The driver comes up in the 'Discovered' tab, and the installer just needs to double-click on the SDDP item, and Control4 automatically downloads the exact driver for that TV, and identifies it via SDDP. It's one less thing for the installer to worry about, and it makes it that much easier. Without SDDP, installers either have to set the TV to a Static IP, and/or make a static DHCP reservation on the router (either of which have their downsides), or risk losing control of the TV if it gets a new IP address (which can happen on firmware updates, factory reset by homeowner, etc.). With SDDP, the TV continues to work flawlessly even if the address changes. Also, it's news because it's validation from another large manufacturer of Control4's vision. Getting companies to put SDDP in their entire product line (Samsung did it for nearly all of their 2017 TVs and their IP-controllable Blu-Ray player) is a big deal. RyanE
  13. C4 dimmer life expectancy

    Controllers only become obsolete if you want to keep up with the latest OS release. Other than a bad batch of power supplies quite a while back, controllers should also last quite a while. They go obsolete because new OS features require newer, faster hardware. Such is life. RyanE
  14. C4 dimmer life expectancy

    All new Control4 equipment comes with a 2-year warranty, which if you're familiar with the failure rate curve for electronics, which is shaped roughly like the outline of a bathtub, with more failures early and very late, takes out the 'front end' of the bathtub. After the first 2 years, it's unlikely to fail for many years. The failure rate on Control4 current-generation dimmers is extremely low. In my house, I had a couple of devices (I think it was one dimmer and one switch) fail in the first year or so, but they were all the original Gen1 devices. Other than those, I don't think I've had any of my dimmers fail, and I have around 100 of them, most of which are still original Gen1 dimmers, and they've been installed and working daily for 12+ years. The original Gen1 switches (less so the dimmers) tend to get a bit mechanically 'mushy' after 10 years of daily use, but they still work. A handful of those in my house have now been replaced by Gen3 Fan Speed Controllers. Like anything, they can wear out, but they're not as likely to electronically fail. RyanE
  15. Nest thermostat & Eco mode

    The latest version of the Nest Thermostat driver, Version 9, posted on Monday 10/9, allows you to see the Eco mode on the Control4 UI, turn it on or off, and include it in presets. RyanE