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  1. There is no ETA or promised feature set at this time
  2. Events Driver will stay at $50. Video + Events will be more. There will be a discounted upgrade path for current driver owners. It will still be affordable. Its not going to be be priced stupidly.
  3. We are switching to a new authentication method that ring asked us to use. A new driver will be released this week. It has been a huge work in progress.. The new authentication method is a serious under taking and will result in some amazing new features features everyone wants......
  4. probably a bad switch.
  5. Thank you. Working hard on coming up with cool uses like this.
  6. BlackWire On-Screen Display DriverBlackWire is happy to announce our Just Add Power OSD driver. This driver allows you to do something our industry has been missing for a long time.. On-screen volume, mute, and source feedback for distributed AV!! Any Control4 zone that supports volume feedback will automatically show the volume feedback and mute status. No crazy programming is required. Additionally you can have it display the source name to pop up when you change it. This driver is a free add-on to any Just Add Power system purchased from BlackWire Designs. Here are a couple of examples of how the screens will look:
  7. The gsw-4800 is bullet proof and will work great with control4. It is fanless and unmanaged
  8. The price is much more affordable and it's project based.. you can have a dealer contact us for pricing info.
  9. I dont think there is a difference in the base control of the thermostats. The cool feature we added is the remote sensor icons. Its a cool way to see what all of the rooms temps are in one place. If you would like a demo I can give you a 30 day trial key
  10. because people with older systems still use it....
  11. There has not been development on the 4store for many years now
  12. A key is required for a trial. Your dealer will need to request one