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  1. Your dealer can reach out to me and I can show them how to do it if they cant figure it out.
  2. If you have the Hikvision driver installed and are on 2.10+ then yes it can be done. I have this at my house right now. Works great. Even added the ring chime sound to the announcement agent and play it in the T3. Same for the motion alert sound.
  3. You can not rename a driver. You can change its name in composer and then set its URL but if you are changing out the images etc then you really can only have 1
  4. I had that phone and had to get rid of it.. Slow POS
  5. 5 GHZ is a short range high speed wifi protocol. Who cares if a thermostat supports it. There is zero difference in 5 and 2.4 when it comes to sending bytes of data the app works fine. What was the problem? Because its black you think its bad? There is no need to learn. If you use the sensors properly and set it up correctly then it will work amazing I agree on the plastic. It could be nicer the driver is free when your dealer buys the thermostat from BlackWire If you set a temperature and then tell the thermostat to go to it how else is it supposed to cool down? Note on Nest: Ecobee can also run the fan to circulate the air. It sounds like you didnt set it up properly. I removed Nests and installed Ecobee with a few sensors and it works 10 times better now.
  6. Nothing is stopping you from installing the Ecobee thermostats at the AC unit and then disconnecting the built in sensors in it in the settings. Then you can pop the battery powered sensors everywhere you want. There could possibly be some range limitations is just depends on where your AC units are.
  7. Ring and C4 wiring

    The BlackWire Driver is linked to your Ring account. It works on any Ring device. As long as the doorbell is online it will work great. It gets the same events the Ring mobile app gets.
  8. Ring and C4 wiring

    Wire the ring doorbell up to the transformer like a normal doorbell and then use the BlackWire Ring Events driver to do your programming for button presses or motion events. You cant just hook up the doorbell to a contact sensor.
  9. It's a feature added in composer 2.10 that allowed you to page flip to a camera via programming
  10. If you have a voltage meter set it to impedance mode and put it on the 2 small doorbell plugs on the elite Ring the bell and see what it does. If you dont get contact closure aka 0 on the meter its not going to work. Click the doorbell in the app and click the gear icon then go to doorbell kit settings.. youll see mechanical and digital as options. Try either of those.
  11. The doorbell output on the Elite simply wont do what you need it to do. It is not designed to give contact closure in the manner you want.
  12. The Elite is a 1 Gang flush mount Ethernet/POE device but it has the same camera as the Pro. The other advantages of the Elite is the speaker is forward facing instead of down.
  13. Ring runs on 24V AC if you are using the transformer to power it. Or it can run on battery if you are using a battery model and finally it can also run on ethernet/POE if you have the Elite.
  14. How is the contact going to work if it has 24 Volts running through it all the time? You cant just hook the Ring doorbell to the contact inputs using a Ring Doorbell
  15. In your case the issue Seth is talking about is not correct. We are seeing a random issues with big power cycles and long internet disconnects where our license server gets angry and requires you to click set on the license key again. Your project was missing the binding from the Ecobee network driver to the thermostat. I made the connection and with in about 10 seconds it pulled down the thermostat information and started pushing it to the thermostat driver. It looks like it is an amazing 63F inside I sent a NAV fresh to your system so you should see that update. FYI the remote sensors need to be assigned before they can work. There is a drop down with the sensor code that needs to be set. Then an additional NAV refresh can be sent to make it all look perfect.