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  1. In your case the issue Seth is talking about is not correct. We are seeing a random issues with big power cycles and long internet disconnects where our license server gets angry and requires you to click set on the license key again. Your project was missing the binding from the Ecobee network driver to the thermostat. I made the connection and with in about 10 seconds it pulled down the thermostat information and started pushing it to the thermostat driver. It looks like it is an amazing 63F inside I sent a NAV fresh to your system so you should see that update. FYI the remote sensors need to be assigned before they can work. There is a drop down with the sensor code that needs to be set. Then an additional NAV refresh can be sent to make it all look perfect.
  2. https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/help/how-to-give-blackwire-access-to-your-customers-control4-project/
  3. Black wire ring doorbell driver

    You can email me directly. My name @ blackwiredesigns.com
  4. Black wire ring doorbell driver

    Ring decided it would be fun to change something with motion and ding events yesterday. Please update to 1.8.5 We released it a few hours ago.
  5. Black wire ring doorbell driver

    It is an event only driver at the current time. You get a programmable event for button presses and motion events.
  6. If you want a great affordable Rachio driver BlackWire has released one. It has a ton of programming options as well. https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-rachio/
  7. All pricing needs to be discussed with your dealer.
  8. Weather there will be video on the TS is based in something being fixed with C4 software. Anyone who buys a driver now will most likely be upgraded for free with new features. You can trigger the lights with your camera with the current driver.
  9. Ecobee Driver

    We have released version 1.0.8 today. You can obtain the latest version from here https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/help/ecobee-driver/
  10. Not at this time. Ring is 100% cloud based.
  11. The driver is VERY popular. We should see video soon once Control4 fixes something on their end. Video history like what you get in the app is coming to the T3 as well as full control of things like the flood lights so they are a light switch in C4
  12. System unstable since 2.10 upgrade

    what video wall driver are you trying to load? If you are using anything that uses 4store is must be deleted 4Store does not work on 2.10
  13. Ecobee Driver

    Next week after CEDIA youll have the fix.