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  1. Not at this time. Ring is 100% cloud based.
  2. The driver is VERY popular. We should see video soon once Control4 fixes something on their end. Video history like what you get in the app is coming to the T3 as well as full control of things like the flood lights so they are a light switch in C4
  3. System unstable since 2.10 upgrade

    what video wall driver are you trying to load? If you are using anything that uses 4store is must be deleted 4Store does not work on 2.10
  4. Ecobee Driver

    Next week after CEDIA youll have the fix.
  5. Ecobee3 or Ecobee3 lite

    Ecobee 3 = 1 remote sensors included and can control HRV, humidity de-humidity units. It also has a occupancy sensor built in Ecobee 3 Lite = works with remote sensors, does not do HRV stuff and does not have an occupancy sensor built int If the thermostats are in main areas of the home go with the 3 or 4 and use the remote sensors in other areas. If the thermostats are stuck in halls do the Lite thermostat with at least a 2 pack of sensors
  6. Ecobee Driver

    Found the issue. Will be issuing an update soon.
  7. Ecobee Driver

    That looks correct. Let me double check it and ill get back to you.
  8. Thank You. You too
  9. That is not correct. There will be a slew of new things for Just Add Power and C4 very soon. I am confused why a Control4 dealer is asking you to re-write a Just Add Power driver. That does not make much sense. I can not post specifics as to why there is no SIP driver but its not our fault. Also not sure how I had anything to do with Irrigation Caddy? The company had a good product, it took a negative turn and they went out of business. My driver worked fine. Why are you talking so much trash in this very small community?
  10. hahaha I have been told that you and others have tried to talk to them over and over.. Same goes to when you called Just Add Power and insisted to do their drivers. and they told you no thank you. Stop copying other peoples work. Try creating drivers that aren't out there.
  11. Why is Ring on this list? We are the official parter with them on Control4 and more automation platforms are coming soon. Any attempts to development a driver for them would result in a cease and desist from Rings legal department which is rather large.
  12. Man some of you guys are so angry. C4 had to moved services over. 4sight was down for a short amount of time. Dealers were all notified of the maintenance window. C4 isnt going to alert every single customer who has a system. $100 a year for automatic secure access to your home is nothing. Its cheaper than pretty much any service you already pay for and this one ensures your home can only be accessed remotely in a safe manner. Port forwarding is very very very very very very very very STUPID!!! If you port forward you deserve anything bad that happens to your system. Pay the money and simply touch the C4 icon on your phone and watch it connect to your home Dont pay the money and setup a vpn then open the vpn app or setting on the phone, connect to it, then load the c4 app and wait and use it. One method is super quick and easy the other at least keeps the security but the experience is not great. ,
  13. Ecobee Driver

    Log into your BlackWire Account and go to the showroom demo license box and add your Mac. You can test any of our drives using that system