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  1. Email me directly if you run into issues or have questions
  2. If you are a dealer you can join our group here
  3. Delete your drivers and install version 1.8.2 from here You must install these as a NEW driver.
  4. Nothing new. Just licensing updates and changes.
  5. This forum is not monitored like our email or ticket system. In the future please contact us directly. Is your ring app working?? If everything is setup and assigned correctly and you see nothing in debug of the master driver then most likely the ring is offline
  6. @cybuch if you add and remove a space from the email address and press set the driver will start to work again. its an authentication issue but there was no easy way to fix it so we moved forward with the new method which eliminates all of the issues.
  7. Updated driver that resolves log out issue is next week. We wanted to wait as we worked out a few other small things and have to redo all of the setup instructions and such as it's completely different.
  8. Sounds like someone should get a job at C4 and "fix" everything
  9. There is no ETA or promised feature set at this time
  10. Events Driver will stay at $50. Video + Events will be more. There will be a discounted upgrade path for current driver owners. It will still be affordable. Its not going to be be priced stupidly.
  11. We are switching to a new authentication method that ring asked us to use. A new driver will be released this week. It has been a huge work in progress.. The new authentication method is a serious under taking and will result in some amazing new features features everyone wants......
  12. probably a bad switch.