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  1. Kevin L

    Ecobee driver - Native now

    You must delete the BW drivers and install the C4 version as new.
  2. Kevin L

    Ecobee driver - Native now

    @msgreenf It's for all controllers @koxkp No. The BW driver will continue to work how ever there are no updates or new activations allowed.
  3. Kevin L

    Thermostat and HRV

    Ecobee 4 supports HRV
  4. thank you. I really dig the combos available from C4.
  5. Many of these things are not possible due to how the Rachio API works. I will look into them all again just to make sure.
  6. C4 just released a new firmware for the RK-1 which does add some new features and bug fixes etc.
  7. I updated the site to list more features The BlackWire driver is 2 way. The Houselogix driver is 1 way. The polling function can no longer be used due to the API call limit Rachio has added. If any HL driver poll time is set to 1 min or even 2 you run the risk of the driver unable to control or talk to the rachio account for 24 hours. Current triggers are the all zones being off and any single zone turning on. You can also do events based on the temp and status of the actual unit. What other functions would you like? I have a keypad that has the sprinkler zones on it and its nice to see which zone is running with LED feedback and also to be able to run a zone for a few extra minutes.
  8. The HL driver cost a considerable amount more and is not 2 way.
  9. Thanks HL driver is no longer 2 way and lacks things like supporting the timer experience buttons. The BW driver uses instant events so you can program some nice stuff with it.
  10. Kevin L

    Ring acquired by Amazon

    this was announced weeks ago
  11. as mentioned above once the API is released for the switch a driver will be released for it.
  12. troll, troll, troll your boat, gently down the stream
  13. Kevin L


    On each mode you are using you can tell it to ignore the motion sensors etc. You can do a ton of stuff via ecobee or manual programming on the driver
  14. Kevin L

    Ecobee Alexa Smart Switch thoughts

    When Ecobee releases the switch into the public API a driver will be released for it. Currently it is only on their private API