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  1. Kevin L

    Nanoleaf Aurora

    That is really awesome! Nice work.
  2. Kevin L

    houselogix client MAC address

    The Push Notify driver has been re-written. There are no transfer from the EV or HL purchases to BlackWire for Push Notify. You will need to purchase a new license if you would like to use the latest driver.
  3. Use timer_sprinkler.c4z (dated 2016)
  4. I will update our site to mention we don't support the old relays. They are super out dated. Use the newer timer relays. I am not sure why you don't see an on / off variable as mine have it just fine. There is an event for each zone turning on and off. I suggest you delete all of the old drivers and make sure you only have the newer one installed.
  5. Are you using the super old relay drivers or the newer timer relay drivers?
  6. What eaxctly are you trying to do? I get zone changes with in 1 second. I have multiple keypads around my house that track the status of what zone is running and LEDs track perfectly.
  7. Are you using the latest driver? It should by near instant.
  8. Ecobee switch driver will be released into Composer when the switch is on the developer API.
  9. Yes. We are a direct partner with Rachio. They have had some serious internal changes and with the latest API debacle they are well aware of the mistakes they made. We are going to be releasing a URC Rachio driver shortly as well. We sell Rachio hardware and of course offer the driver and will maintain it as well. We have a direct line to all of the dev teams over there as well.
  10. To be clear the driver works 100% fine at controlling zones. Your issue was with some power variables and weather variables. I made it very clear in the email we had that It would take a bit to get to that. "We are looking into the issue you had with the driver but they wont be fixed for a few weeks." We did not deem the power issue as an emergency issue with the driver as the core functionality of the driver is there. We did find a few other things ended up being changed so we are addressing them and its in our queue to be done very very soon. I dont expect it to take a few weeks but said that to ensure we have a buffer to get it done.
  11. Kevin L

    Ecobee driver - Native now

    You must delete the BW drivers and install the C4 version as new.
  12. Kevin L

    Ecobee driver - Native now

    @msgreenf It's for all controllers @koxkp No. The BW driver will continue to work how ever there are no updates or new activations allowed.
  13. Kevin L

    Thermostat and HRV

    Ecobee 4 supports HRV
  14. thank you. I really dig the combos available from C4.
  15. Many of these things are not possible due to how the Rachio API works. I will look into them all again just to make sure.