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  1. Origin Acoustics introduces Valet AmplifiersThe world’s first and only premium amplifiers purpose-designed to combine the voice control genius of the Amazon Dot with the performance and ergonomics of the finest in Custom Installationhttps://www.valetamplifiers.com/
  2. The hovering home security drone that can do everything from check you switched off the oven to snap pics at a partyhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4900756/Alexa-controlled-drone-fly-home-security.html My first thought, from Star Trek 'The Changeling'
  3. OS 2.10 Features

    I was waiting when my HC-500 was going to be EOL. I need to check my HC 200 series controllers to see which ones are HC-200s, thankfully I've already had previously replaced two older controllers with a HC-800 and a EA-3, I see an expansive upgrade in my future. Thankfully my parents aren't using their system to the fullest, so no need to upgrade all their HC-300 and HC-200 controllers.
  4. Google Assistant Arrives for Android TV Platform, Nvidia ShieldTV http://www.droid-life.com/2017/09/28/google-assistant-android-tv/ Now waiting for the Nvidia SPOT (video) devices to be released and hopefully Control4 voice control using Google Assistant
  5. I would just like to cut & paste code. I have a HC-500 and some HC-200 to replace, I haven't read the release notes to see what devices are EOL now or soon.
  6. Electric Water Heater

    I use the CardAccess Heavy Duty Relay on my water heater, I hadn't thought of doing tempature control too. Card Access InHome Heavy-Duty Power Controller Installation (PDF) Card Access InHome Heavy-Duty Power Controller Quick Start and Installation Guide (PDF)
  7. Since I skipped buying a bluray player after purchasing several 400 Disc DVD players, I'm seriously considering getting one of these.
  8. I have my Master Bedroom's ShieldTV setup to output over my video/audio Zone2 output (with an HDMI media converter), which I can watch on any of the other room TVs and just control the ShieldTV from the Control4's IR control.
  9. Using Sling account to authenticate into ESPN's website, a cheaper access to ESPN's content. http://help.sling.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Can-I-use-my-Sling-TV-credentials-to-log-on-to-the-WatchESPN-app-26 I haven't tried Sling yet, but am trying out Playstation Vue on the ShieldTV, which also lets you use its account to authenticate to several online network TV websites. With Playstation Vue on ShieldTV I've only had two issues, having to use a mouse or the controller's right stick and since its a mobile app, I've run across some mobile restricted shows. I would be nice if Sony would make a native app and also integrate the Playstation Vue's Live Streams into AndroidTV's Live Channels.
  10. Nvidia Shield TV

    I FINALLY got around creating a driver with the ShieldTV IR commands, works good for the native Shield UI. Using the driver under Kodi, its picking up the commands as if they're being sent twice, I'll have to play with the driver settings some more.
  11. Just announced at CES 2016, the Ring Stick Up Cam - weather resistant and night vision https://ring.com/stickupcam
  12. Nvidia Shield TV

    I haven't done it yet, but here's some info Discrete IR code list for nVidia Shield TV http://www.avsforum.com/forum/93-remote-control-area/2126570-discrete-ir-code-list-nvidia-shield-tv.html Hope this helps.
  13. 2.6 Considerations

    Thanks Cyknight, it looks like I'll HAVE to update my two HTCs, one was for serial control and the other IR control. Its also nice to know the HC1000 works under 2.6, since I had bought it JUST before the HC800 was released. After each release I get really nervious the SpeakerPoints will be dropped, since I use those in my kitchen and bathrooms.
  14. Its been "months" for me, I will be looking for a new dealer.