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  1. lippavisual

    Recommendation: Door Bell / Camera

    Then I’d point to the way your announcements are setup or how your equipment turns on to play the announcement.
  2. lippavisual

    Router recs to replace Apple routers?

    Thanks for that Pounce.
  3. lippavisual

    Alexa in Multiroom Control 4 Automation

    Alexas are not currently room aware. The only way to do this is to have separate accounts, like mentioned above. Otherwise, room locations are needed so that the appropriate coding is triggered for said command.
  4. lippavisual

    Router recs to replace Apple routers?

    The only reason it would be on the list, is because someone thought they knew what they were doing and didn't properly protect the router. There is a "quick setup" option with them, but it does not fully lock down everything. That has to be done manually.
  5. lippavisual

    Router recs to replace Apple routers?

    For a home, I don't see the need for separate security/firewall device. If you purchase a great router from the start, you'd have all those features built-in on one device and the tools needed for any network inspection. Vote: Mikrotik
  6. What browser are you using for the download page. Chrome caches a lot, so force a refresh or clear cache, if using Chrome.
  7. lippavisual

    Audio zones order

    Yes, now I remember, it is based on the ID of the room in the project. So dragging and dropping will not change anything. The order must be created from initial project creation. Tech support was correct.
  8. lippavisual

    Audio zones order

    Order is based on how the order was when rooms were added to the project. You can move the order around but just dragging and dropping, but I recall that option didn’t work for one particular spot, maybe the zones page?
  9. lippavisual

    Kantech Integration

    I’m familiar with Kantech access control, but don’t know if they have an http API or not. if they do, you can use the generic web events driver to trigger things in C4 world.
  10. Chrome probably cached that C4 page. Force update or clear cache and it should show for you there.
  11. lippavisual

    Speaker point issue

    Your system needs a controller to start/stop any audio on the SP’s. which controller to purchase will solely rely on how far you want to go with the system. If you want new and would like to continue to grow the system, then an EA-3 at minimum. if you just want to get what you have working, then you could probably find older controllers on EBay. The problem you may run into is finding a dealer to setup an older system.
  12. lippavisual

    HTC1B unregistered

    Best answer is, no, it’s not supported any more.
  13. lippavisual

    Remote lighting up with no movement

    Do you have motion sensing turned ON? A good thump nearby can certainly wake it up.
  14. Nice. The video does say fully compatible with Play store.
  15. lippavisual

    iPad vs anything else

    Agreed. Replaced a few client iPads for this reason, not on my dime though. If you have the right networking/power products in place, scripts can be written to disable POE power on the switch on a scheduled basis. All current customers with the above products, now get this automatically.