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  1. lippavisual

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    Also for as small as the cameras are, I find the quality to be adequate. It’s not a security camera by any means after all. my kids call me on it everyday and none of us have problems with audio.
  2. lippavisual

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    You probably didn’t give it enough time to update. i have the original D101 and it is solid. There have been a few updates to the unit that has caused me to reset comm agent, but other than that, no real issues.
  3. lippavisual

    RGBW Lights

    You can go the DMX route without having to sacrifice on quality. You just have to purchase the right products and cobble it together yourself.
  4. lippavisual

    RGBW Lights

    Colorbeam is crazy expensive, so I may have saved you some research time.
  5. lippavisual

    iPad app is now unstable

    Oh I'm sure. Apple makes everything difficult!!!
  6. lippavisual

    iPad app is now unstable

    Yeah, the tech that was assigned to the support email sent a document of things to try and get it back working. Honestly, the things listed look like a waste of time. Shit doesn't just stop working out of the blue, oh wait, sometimes it does. But the client did tell me "hey I updated the app to the latest" It would be nice if C4 posted the different versions of the app so I could at least get it back to letting him select some sources in his rooms.
  7. lippavisual

    iPad app is now unstable

    I have a client that is having some problems with their older devices as well. Ipad 2 and Mini both on IOS 9.3.5 and can't go any further. C4 app is up to date, C4 system is on 2.9.1 still though. Neither device will show the Watch or Listen icons, but all others show fine. Very strange and haven't seen this before. Sent log to app peeps. Need to try and do a bunch of crap to try and resolve it, but my guess is that either the app just dropped support for the devices or its an IOS bug/intention of sorts.
  8. lippavisual

    HC300 and OS 2.10.3

    That 300 will run like dog poop on OS 2.10.2/3. I wouldn't recommend it, but hey, it's your home!!
  9. Well the relay module only has 1 terminal for Ground and Neutral inputs, but has up to 4 Line inputs. All power feeds must be from the same phase, FYI. Technically, the electrician will have to get creative with the Neutral and Ground connections to not only the relay module but also adding in the G and N from the shades wiring. Then the shades 2 hots would wire directly to the load terminals on the module.
  10. lippavisual

    Control4 with HVAC

    Intesis Box and the driver available from Chowmain.
  11. According to that doc, you will need 2 relays/switches per shade, for individual control. Each shade has 2 Hot, 1 Neutral and 1 Ground to the motor. Apply power to the hot leads to move the shade up/down. It also states that you can wire up to 5 shades per circuit for group control.
  12. lippavisual

    Combining Audio Zones

    For most speakers installed for WHA, 14-16 gauge is more than adequate. Doing a theater with some massive monster speakers? You can move down to 10-12 gauge.
  13. That report will be GOLD!!!! Thanks Jerome!
  14. lippavisual

    Pakedge RE-2 throttling network?

    Like eddy said, those screenshots are all speedyests using the wan connection from the re-2. That is not local lan speed. You need a new router indefinitely.
  15. lippavisual

    Pakedge RE-2 throttling network?

    How are you testing your LAN speed? if you’re using any speed test websites, that is testing the WAN. But yes, you need to get something better