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  1. Similar to these.
  2. Axis is by far, IMO, the best cameras to work with.
  3. If they are the C4 ones, then no, it is not high. Those are screwless faceplates, which look awesome.
  4. I prefer that if it is capable of being wired for control, then wire it. MyQ driver relies on their cloud service, which can be another stopping point of broken integration. Where as, if it's wired, it will always work and have almost immediate notification.
  5. Milestone is very well known in the industry. But it is typically used for large scale IP cam deployments. If someone is using any Milestone product in their home, it's most likely their NVR's for smaller camera installs. I believe the Husky line, IIRC.
  6. Are you using the MyMovies (software) driver and also a Dune driver? You need both for successful operation. What are you using for storage? Do your devices (NAS drive and Dune) have static IP addresses or at least DHCP reservations?
  7. NO Do not run high voltage over any CATEGORY CABLE. Instead, you can use the Cat6 cables to power the keypads using a low voltage power supply. Control4 sells a power supply specifically for powering keypads on low voltage. That is your best approach, although the wiring of it could get ugly at the headend without a proper plan. How many keypads? And you are still using panelized lighting, correct?
  8. Here. Before adding the main securitypanel (OS 2.8+) driver and any of its associated companion drivers to the project, you want to prepare the HAI panel configuration by naming some of - if not all - the Areas, Zones and Thermostats as well as all Units and Access Readers you plan to access with this driver, using the HAI PCAccess configuration utility. This allows full and easy setup of this driver. 1. At a minimum, name the highest-numbered item used in main categories (Zones and Thermostats). For example, if zone 27 is the highest-numbered zone you plan to use, then you must give it a name in the configuration. The driver will always add the zone number as a prefix to your zone connection name, as was done in the legacy drivers. Similarly, the driver will add the thermostat number as a prefix to your thermostat connection name. Naming the lower-numbered zones and thermostats is optional and the driver will give all unnamed items a generic name as required. Also, please note that only named zones will be displayed on the navigators as NOT READY or BYPASSED. 2. Areas are treated differently: the driver will always generate the maximum number of areas supported by the panel. Areas, including Area 1, if named in the panel configuration, will have their name set accordingly. (New in 8.0.0) Areas which are not configured in the HAI panel will be disabled and named “UNUSED”. 3. You may define special names for some Units in your HAI configuration. This will trigger the creation of a RELAY or an HAI_LIGHTING connection for each such Unit. A RELAY connection will mirror the ON or OFF state of the Unit or Flag and can be used to give feedback to the user or perform other tasks as appropriate. Simply prefix the Unit or Flag name with “&” in the HAI configuration (for example: &MyUnit). The driver will remove the “&” character and add the Unit number as a prefix to the connection name. This would primarily be used for HAI Outputs and Flags. Similarly, if Units are used for HAI/UPB lighting loads and keypads, you need to name all such Units and prefix their names with “$” or “>” (instead of “&”) in the HAI panel configuration (for example: $MyLight or >MyLight). The driver will remove the “$” or “>” character and add the Unit number as a prefix to the connection name. See the separate section on HAI/UPB Lighting Support, later in this document for more Version 8.0 © Domosapiens Inc. 2015 5 information. Loads (Dimmer and Non-Dimming) may be included in Control4 scenes as well as programming and together with keypads, loads will generate button press events for programming. 4. You may also define special names for Access Readers. For each such Access Reader, this will trigger the creation of a RELAY connection which will mirror the state of the controlled door lock. Simply prefix the Access Reader name with “&” in the HAI configuration. The driver will remove the “&” character and add ‘R’ and the Access Reader number as a prefix to the connection name. 5. Be aware that if you have specified in your HAI panel configuration new devices (by defining a name for Areas and/or Zones and/or Thermostats and/or special names (“&” and/or “$” and/or “>” for Units and/or “&” for Access Readers) for the first time in a given category, a reboot of the Control4 director will detect this and create the appropriate bindings for each such new category. All you need to do after this is to make the appropriate connections.
  9. Yes, all zones in HAI need to be changed.
  10. From a snippet right in the link you posted. Simplified installation, based on naming different items in the HAI configuration. (New in 7.4.0) A new "friendlier" character (">") may now be used to indicate lighting units. You can also download the driver and documentation yourself. Pretty sure the naming convention never went away. The last I had to deal with a HAI was less than 2 months ago, so if it changed, I'm unaware.
  11. Wow, your security guy installed the HAI and is also a C4 dealer and still doesn't know how to get things properly set up and working? Oh boy. When in doubt, READ the **$% MANUAL. It is clearly stated several times in the documentation what needs to be done. Tell the old guy to put his glasses on and read. I feel bad for you.
  12. Not a network issue. See my post above. THAT is your problem. Those changes need to be made in the HAI software and then C4 will be able to read all zone names.
  13. Do you program the HAI yourself or did they do it?? There are some special characters ($) that need to be placed in front of the zone names within the HAI software. Once that is done, all zone names will transfer into Composer for bindings, etc.
  14. Snow White color of the gen2 line of products is used to match against gen1 White products. although gen2 seems to be a bit more glossy, the coloring for gen1 and 2 in the same box doesn't look too bad.