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  1. If its not a keypad dimmer, then no, they won’t work without a running zigbee mesh.
  2. Wireshark for dummies

    Well aware of that. I’ve run into a few devices that have seemed to bring the residential network down to a crawl. These included some UBNT waps, cheap ip cameras and some IoT devices. All of these cases, they were requesting new IP very quickly. Once pulled, network back to stable. Then on to seeing why the device is doing such things. Requesting that frequently is not normal behavior. Hence why I said it is a simple way to pin point a faulty device and not the network equipment per se.
  3. Lighting Schedule

    Yes, use the scheduler agent to create the times you want these settings to happen. In programming for the schedule, add all your lights set to the levels you want.
  4. Wireshark for dummies

    If the Draytek is capable, you already have the “tool” you need to see which devices are being problematic. Hopefully, the Draytek has some logging capabilities. Enable some logs for Errors, warnings for both tcp/ip and dhcp. see what pops up. ususally bad devices that flood the network request a new IP from the dhcp server every 1-5 minutes. That is not normal. So look at those devices.
  5. button push cycle's stations

    NO problem. Been using this kind of variable programming for a long time. My kids use it the most to switch through all the kids TV stations. I don’t like them playing with the remotes.
  6. button push cycle's stations

    Create a number variable on button push, variable =+1 on variable programming: when variable changes value If variable = 1 Tune to 98.1 if variable = 2 Turn to 100.7 etc, etc. on the last station line, you need this If variable = 8 Tune to 107.9 Variable = 0
  7. Wireshark for dummies

    I have a vpn into all my systems. That’s all I need to troubleshoot a local LAN. OVrC has been a nice add on for sure to quickly reboot something from my phone but that’s about it.
  8. Wireshark for dummies

    Just because C4 bought them doesn’t mean I have to use them. I chose my networking equipment many years ago and stick with that because it just works reliably and in my 10 years of using it, never a failure.
  9. Wireshark for dummies

    I’m a C4 dealer and don’t use Pakedge at all. I tried them about 15 years ago and never wanted to try again. Same with Luxul.
  10. Wireshark for dummies

    The problem is, is that if you know what you’re doing, they are easy to use. Doesn’t matter what make or model is in place. Network fundamentals are all the same. Just some products expose more functionality than others.
  11. Wireshark for dummies

    Terminal? You mean command prompt from your Mac? That has nothing to do with your router.
  12. My apologies for the frustration

    And to answer your question, no, I don’t believe Pakedge has that functionality that you’re looking for. I don’t use Pakedge so someone please correct me if I’m wrong.
  13. My apologies for the frustration

    Again, if you have a proper router, you could look in it’s log to see if there is a problematic device. I feel like a Mikrotik salesman but they have logs for everything that you could think of. You just need to enable what you want and watch the info come in.
  14. Wireshark for dummies

    Any router that is worth its grain of salt has these capabilities built in. Mikrotik, for one, has a plethora of tools built in like ping, traceroute, torch, bandwidth tester, sniffer and more. If your router doesn’t have these capabilities and you’re running a large network, then I’d say it’s time to start shopping for some new gear that is not a toy and maybe someone to set it up for you.
  15. Have him add a driver for a 2 input HDMI to 1 output hdmi. Bind it to an IR port, bond your hdmi devices and endpoint. That will get you a virtual switch (that doesn’t actually do anything). It’s just so the system thinks there is a switch so you can bind/route things accordingly.