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  1. lippavisual

    Amana ComfortNet

    I have no problem admitting that I don't know much about HVAC. I'm an AV and Networking guy!!! I do know of Daikin though. Good luck!
  2. lippavisual

    WTB -HC800 Power Supply

    Splice it!! I mean it ain't working at this point right?? It's out of warranty, correct?? Get er done!
  3. lippavisual

    Directv remote buttons

    The IP doesn't drop, just the control. The deeper menus can't be controlled on the mini's. I'd assume its an API issue thats been around for a long while. Try a search on the forum, I'm sure there are more knowledgeable DTV people than me. i don't really deal with DTV in New England, too many weather related issues, so not really popular up here. Cable/Fiber is king.
  4. lippavisual

    Networking Equipment Advice

    Draytek isn't really popular here in the states, at least I've never seen anyone offering them, so no experience there. The Cisco SG's are fine, no issue there. Zyxel for wireless???? How many Ap's are being installed? I'd take a long hard look at Ruckus for the wifi. They can't be beat, IMHO.
  5. lippavisual

    Amana ComfortNet

    Doesn't sound like its as popular as you think. The only time I've heard the name Amana was when I was looking at refrigerators and they were cheeeaaappp.
  6. lippavisual

    Humidity Sensors

    Have you looked at CoolMaster?? I'm far from an HVAC expert so someone better than I would have to chime in with experience. I've heard CM is pretty rock solid but $$
  7. lippavisual

    FS: Ubiquiti UniFi G3-Pro PoE Camera

    now now boys...
  8. It all depends on what driver is being used. If your dealer is using an NVR driver, then he is correct in that you need to lower the res on the cameras for them to be seen on all navigators. However, he could change the driver he's using. The generic camera driver will allow any stream available because you have to input the url for it. I'd go the generic driver route if it was me. Keep the high res for the NVR and the substream for c4 only. Also will depend on what the substream is capable of for res. You don't get a lot of features with cheap cameras, unfortunately.
  9. lippavisual

    NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    Dude, you need to stop. It's one thing to voice your opinion once, it's another when you constantly say the same shit daily and trolling the forum. Zip it!! Everyone has heard the same song and seen the same dance already.
  10. All C4 equipment on 1 Vlan All security equipment on another Vlan. Your network should allow intercommunication between the Vlans for the system to work properly. Most likely, your Vlans are setup to not allow communication between the Vlans. This can be changed within your firewall rules.
  11. lippavisual

    Directv remote buttons

    If your DTV is being controlled by the IP driver, this is a known issue for any of the mini's (?) I believe. I don't deal with DTV much, if at all. But from what I've read over the years, getting into the deeper menu settings of DTV, will drop IP control.
  12. lippavisual

    Humidity Sensors

    Are your split systems being controlled already though??? May want to take a look at IntesisBox if they're not.
  13. lippavisual

    SR-260 Update

    You're on the latest. 2.1.109 is for the SR260 remotes. 2.1.104 is for the SR250 remotes, which are solid remotes and have never exhibited this and other problems. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though...
  14. lippavisual

    IP controlled blu ray

    Yet, but, why invest in something that you may lose support on eventually? I've never spec'd nor used Samsung players, so not sure if this will be a big deal or not. I only use Sony players.
  15. lippavisual

    IP controlled blu ray

    Just an FYI, Samsung will be out of the Bluray market in the US shortly.