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  1. SR260 w/ Charging Station

    red means its charging. green means its done charging.
  2. Integrating Epson EB-2155W

    Should be a setting within the menu of the projector. Communication on Power Off, I believe is the term. You need to select yes, and then serial and network stay alive when powered off. I'm going by other Epson models I've dealt with and not that particular one, mind you.
  3. Amcrest Bandwidth

    yes, especially if video is being sent to NAS/NVR.
  4. SiriusXM app on Amazon Echo

    I wouldn't use a controller input for this. The dot audio output could be set too high, which could cause cut outs/clipping. The dot kills all audio output until it is called upon, which I'd believe, could cause issues with the encode/decode process the controllers use.
  5. SiriusXM app on Amazon Echo

    Except that the dots/echo don't have localization features as of yet. So if you tell the dot in your kitchen to select the rack dot as source in kitchen and then tell it to play, nothing will happen because he has to tell the rack dot to play. If you only want to use the dots for streaming music, you would have to wire audio back from each to your amp or matrix and add each one as its own source.
  6. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    What's so great about Tapatalk?? I guess I missed the boat on it. I just use web browsers to browse my forums.
  7. New Built: Lutron?

    Another caveat, Lutron will have to be functional and fully programmed by you. Then you will have to supply your C4 dealer a device ID list. C4 dealer will have to add in the Lutron lighting system and configure each load/keypad ID with the ones you provided, in order to control it. More/double programming. I guess its not that bad if you program the Lutron (don't have to pay an electrician or dealer for that), but will certainly add labor/programming cost from the C4 dealer.
  8. Does c4 have the capability to change the temp presets for one room and automatically change the other rooms throughout the house.  For example we have a preset for summer and two for winter. If we change the temp range in one is there the ability to have that duplicated for the remaining rooms in the house. Or do we need to change each room individually?

    Thank you for the advise


    1. lippavisual


      Certainly possible.  This would have to be programmed.  The presets you refer to are only available for each individual thermostat.