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  1. Roku Replacement ?

    Every HDMI audio extractor I have worked with has some sort of configuration that needs to be done on them. Usually its at least the EDID settings. Have you tried making sure your EDID is set properly??
  2. LDZ-102 firmware

    Unless if the dimmer is still on Embernet zigbee, then there is a longer process to update to zigbee pro. It will require a system on 2.5.3 and needs to have a HC200/300/500 in the project to be used to change the zigbee radio to embernet.
  3. LDZ-102 firmware

    That should happen automagically when you update the system or when you add it to your zigbee mesh.
  4. SiriusXM

    Its in certification with SXM at the moment. It was planned to have been released for Cedia but got held up. Once approved, the driver will be released.
  5. Is 4Site down

    City or state?? Big difference between the two!! i was going to try to point you in the right direction.
  6. What TVs support IP Control

    IP is available for Epson.
  7. Do you only have a single instance of the Shairbridge driver?? or do you have multiple like, living SB, kitchen SB, master SB, etc.? If it's only one instance, then shairbridge or digital media is most likely hidden under room>navigator>music. Digital media should not be hidden anywhere in navigator, except for Listen. When it is hidden, these are the types of issues that pop up, like adding zones and such.
  8. Is 4Site down

    Where are you located??
  9. Spotify Connect in 2.10

    I don't use Spotify at all so don't know really how it is/works but I don't see the issues here. Play your stations during one setting and save each one as a preset. Then the controller uses that info to stream without the phone/tablet ever again. Can also then be used for programming as well. Yes maybe the initial setup will suck but it gives you more flexibility this way, especially if you're trying to stay within the one app, C4 eco system.
  10. MyQ IFTTT Channel

    Most of the lower end MyQ motors allow you to tie into the motor directly for relay control. If your model doesn't allow that, then buy a spare wall station and solder a cable to the push button. That will act just as if its directly connected.
  11. 3rd-party wired lighting options

    Where are you located?? Are you planning on panellized lighting or standard wireless switches?? Lutron, Rako, KNX, DMX, Vantage are some names to look at.
  12. What TVs support IP Control

    Sony, Panasonic and Samsung, Control4 provided drivers (free) LG, Annex4 provided driver ($$)
  13. I believe differences between V1 and V2 audio matrix switch was either a different power supply or fans. Been too long to remember. AMS didn't get 1% volume increments until V3.
  14. Eero Router

    Yup, thats the doc. #2 is the best setup.
  15. Eero Router

    That's a different way of hooking up Verizon service from the ONT. I forget the URL, but there is a page that shows all the different setup configs with Verizon service and also lists the pros and cons of them. I've tried every single one of them and the only stable way to do it is how I listed it above. Every other configuration, you lose some functionality somewhere or an update from Verizon resets all your configs. My company is not the sort to constantly keep refreshing a network because the ISP pushes updates, nor will my company be the blame for them. So we've standardized on our method and it has worked flawless for us for the past 6-8 months.