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  1. C4 Leaf 4k Matrix Switch

    Most installers wouldn't even think to look at the generator. Typically, I've seen most output around the 53-56 Hz range. Its usually some knob of sort on the generator itself to adjust the frequency. 60 Hz is where it needs to be and also tested to make sure that it outputs correctly. I had one customer with all V1 lighting, when his generator kicked on, all the switches would flash a crazy led color sequence and wouldn't control anything. As soon as I set the generator properly to 60 Hz, all lighting behaved normally. Also, some generators produce square wave instead of true sine wave, thats another thing to look for.
  2. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Yes, but those are the things that get ironed out during system design. Plenty of parents have said to me that they don't watch TV separately, so they only need one box for the parents. Most of all the youngins I know watch plenty of TV. Cost plays a huge factor into this, so yes, it may not be for everyone. IMO, it is well worth it just to keep the clutter down in these local areas. All I want to see is the TV and speakers.
  3. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Any HDMI to IP solution has an encoding/decoding delay. VS has theirs at about 400-500 ms. I'm not a gamer at all, so whether that is a big deal or not, I don't know, I'd assume so. But, you can always just hook that up locally. If you want to keep it in a rack and distribute without delay, there are many 1 In to 4/8 Output HDBaseT Distribution amps.
  4. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Yes but Sage TV is dead technology. Cable boxes are king for most of my customers. What I always suggest for matrix systems, is 1 cable box per person. So Mom, Dad, Joey and Lucy each have their own box/dvr and can be accessed anywhere they are watching the tube. You can certainly keep the matrix system cost down by adding local ATV/Fire/Whatever. In order to do the above scenarios, a matrix system is required, imo.
  5. certainly, it would all be C4 programming using a scheduler.
  6. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Do you have any Sony Android TV's or FireTV/NVidia Shields?? That would extremely reduce your price if you went IP with Videostorm Netplay.
  7. Latest 2.10 Release

    DS2 has a new driver as well.
  8. Digital Projection HIGHLite 4K 12000 Driver NEEDED

    Protocol isn't in the link you sent. Just the Controller software setup executable. What's the application, commercial or residential?? Do you really need to move the lens shift once it's installed? What is your requirements for 2way? 1way should be all you need for projectors since they are discrete commands so the C4 system will keep track of everything you need.
  9. HDMI 8X8 Seamless Matrix Switch

    Then you need to look at an IP-HDMI distribution product. Just Add Power, mentioned above VideoStorm NetPlay Others that I haven't worked with= Miravue, Liberty's DigitalLinx Products to stay away from= Aurora Multimedia, too much inconsistency and product failure.
  10. Help with new build

    I sell QMotion shades but have worked with Lutron as well. Both are integrated very easily into C4. Look at Leon Horizon Soundbars. The width is custom made to match the display. Looks much more professional and sound great too. Have used in-ceiling subs dozens of times, certainly makes a huge difference on the low-end of the spectrum and increase in fidelity, IMO. WHA speakers will all depend on what your budget is. Episodes are my entry-level speakers, but they've satisfied even very stingy clientele.
  11. Digital Projection HIGHLite 4K 12000 Driver NEEDED

    What do you need for control? Just input and power commands? Do you have the protocol list? 1 way or 2 way?
  12. Latest 2.10 Release

    fixed bugs for pixelated video on the DS2/T3 integrations and some other intercom things.
  13. It's been asked for several times over the last few years. A new proxy does need to be created or at least the lighting proxy revised, in order to get this functionality.
  14. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    It does just work. My guess would be installation error. Read the directions and perform the steps as indicated in the documentation tab of the driver.
  15. Where to you download 4k movies?

    That I do not know. I don't anything 4K yet except one movie my wife mistakenly paid extra for. That digital copy was not 4K, but was when 4K just started emerging. personally, I don't think content is there yet.