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  1. Dude, if you actually read what I wrote, it's pretty obvious I was talking about the hijacker and not the OP. Considering I didn't mention the OP at all is another blatant overlook. The OP was helped...let me look here, oh yes, LAST Month!! Get off your high horse and keep the name calling to yourself.
  2. Many people are out at this time, including my own home. C4 is aware of the outage and working with Napster to restore functionality, no ETA yet.
  3. Well if replacing a 300 with a 200, there were never any 3.5mm RS232 ports on the 300, only DB9 RS232. So if using the C4 supplied 3.5mm to DB9 cable and it's not working, swap pins 2 & 3 to essentially create a null modem. PS: Thats why I don't use those and make up my own cables. I usually have loads of stereo 3.5mm cables lying around. I cut them in half and then use BTX Maxblox for my devices. The MaxBlox have screw terminals for each pin, making it very easy for null or straight conversions.
  4. If going the C4 route, you will need to purchase a dumb fan (pull chain style) so you can use the C4 fan speed controller. If it has a light, then you will need to make sure there is a spare Hot wire you can use for the light load and will also require a separate switch/dimmer. Typically, you would have your power feed going to the wall box location. Then a 14-3 (white, black, red) with ground up to your fan box. You wire the load output of the C4 fan controller to the black of the 14-3 wire and then wire the C4 switch/dimmers load output to the red of the 14-3. Then up at your fan box, using the 14-3 and fan leads, wire all neutrals together (white), wire all grounds together (bare copper or green), wire black to fan load, wire red to the light load. You also have some choices of using some "smart fans" that can integrate with the Matterlinx RF controller. Will require research on your part if the fan is compatible with the frequencies that Matterlinx works with. I also think that there is a driver for BAF, however I've never used it nor do I know where to find it. That should get you going.
  5. Please, no one help this guy. Clearly stealing software he has no right to have.
  6. sounds like a miswire to me.
  7. Dahua makes the cameras for tons of so-called manufacturers, including LTS, Hik, Dahua
  8. You need a Videostorm Netplay HDMI distribution system for that functionality.
  9. No idea about Bali. However, the skinny I heard about all blind manufacturers, is that they all use the same few factories for fabrics. One does not have exclusivity over the other.
  10. Free solutions, not native to C4, can and will break without any notice. I know I wouldn't sell that feature using a DS2.
  11. I dunno, call OPPO and ask them. Serial control is an analog control method that is absolutely rock solid. It should work every time all the time. If the only way to regain comms with the player is from a reboot after updating, then logic seems to be the updates!
  12. That plus no ringing to your cell phones/tablets. There are work arounds available, but to me, it should have been native and included from the get-go. The most stable way is integrating your own VoIP PBX. But that equals more $$$$
  13. Yes on T3's, not sure about EA's though, haven't tried it but assume it would work the same considering its the same interface.
  14. un-hide digital media from ALL tabs and just move it to the bottom of the list. Make sure bindings are correct, ie: audio output from controller tied to the device that powers your speakers in that zone. Also make sure you refresh navigators after adding music.
  15. I would use something like the above. If walls are open, run an 18/2 or 22/2 to the location, depending on distance. Changing batteries after these are installed are a PITA. Wiring could tie directly into your security system or to a C4 controller for easy programming. Better off in the long run, trust.