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  1. lippavisual

    Audio Zone Question

    I’d recommend doing it the right way, which would be audio matrix and dumb amps. question would be how many sources are you planning? You can do things a little cheaper, but overall, I find it to be more of a pita with the hodgepodge of stuff. Dumb amps also typically have audio outs per zone, that you can daisy chain to the amps that drive your subs. Most decent inceiling subs have their own outboard rack mount amp.
  2. Hopefully you don’t have C4 products setup on that WiFi either, or you’re going to have issues.
  3. lippavisual

    C4 Zigbee Wireless motion issues

    The amount that it’s costing you in trouble bleshooting would have paid for the axxess motions. Swap out the card access. Never had good luck with any of their product.
  4. Bingo!! for what you probably paid for that network, you could have received Ruckus unleashed and it would have mitigated any of these issues.
  5. No one said that C4 zigbee isn't capable of receiving and displaying the metadata. The reason being is battery life. RTI remotes need to be docked daily to charge and have a larger battery to boot.
  6. Or get him to replace the Zuum's with newer cameras that provide 3 streams (2- h264 and 1- mjpeg) The new Pakedge cams would be a good fit, although I believe they are only 2MP. Why is he only insisting on replacing with old Lilins? He should have known better that they wouldn't work with C4 Nav and touchscreens that you have.
  7. lippavisual

    120V Rope Light

    You can do that for certain. Just need to buy the right products!! https://www.zoro.com/altronix-cctv-acdc-wall-mount-altv1224c/i/G0252646/feature-product?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9c3F3uz83gIVymSGCh2GQQ6_EAQYBSABEgJXePD_BwE
  8. lippavisual


  9. But how is the NVR working with your C4 system?? Is it providing camera views? i doubt it. It has the same specs as the cameras. Yes, the NVR may be working with the cameras, but it still doesn't provide the functionality you're requesting though. HC series and older infinity screens require mjpeg streams for camera viewing. The Zuums only do h264, so not compatible.
  10. Correct, phono is low level sound. The pre-amp will boost that to normal line-level to then be inserted to the audio matrix. Better off reading your manual for that Turnrable to see if in fact does have a pre-amp out.
  11. Those Zuum cams look like they only offer 2 streams at H264, with no mjpeg support, so Yes we you will never get these to work with the equipment you have. Same with the NVR. Lots of ways to work around it though: replace cams with something else (he shouldn't charge you for his f'up), upgrade C4 devices ($$), change out NVR, etc.
  12. lippavisual

    Sony XBR falling off network

    Ya, totally falls off. CMD ping and get nothing, same with ARP pings. Reboot the TV and everything comes back like nothing happened. I personally haven't called Sony because, well, I didn't supply the TV but have asked the customer to do so. He hasn't yet. I also found out this TV was a floor model previously at Best Buy. Can take that with a grain of salt. Firmwares for Android OS and Google are all up to date. I've offered to put in an external decoder to relieve the TV's burden, but that was shot down. I doubt they would add a controlled outlet to make things "easier" for them. Moving patch cable directly to router is one thing I haven't tried yet.
  13. lippavisual

    Sound delay

    If the ea5 hdmi is bound to the matrix; is available to the avr; and ea has audio enabled on hdmi, then the avr always gets the hdmi audio stream because it’s the higher class path. I still think normal streaming latency from tunein server is what he’s asking.
  14. Have your Lutron programmer print out the integration/Id report.
  15. That Tripplite was under powered to begin with. 500VA ain't gonna last you that long when power goes out.