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  1. Local control is possible and is included with the purchase of a controller. Meaning licenses are built in. 4sight is C4's remote access and that is $100 a year and provides remote access from phones, etc. also allows push/email notifications from the system.
  2. Good luck!! You'll be waiting a while.
  3. You shouldn't use that extender. It is old technology and most likely suffering from some sort of interference. Try a HDBaseT solution and that should resolve it.
  4. Not as of late. Typically, Costco purchases equal bottom of the barrel, which in turn means TOADs. (No discrete codes)
  5. This is also true for us. You pay with a card, we pass along any/all additional fees. If customers want convenience to use a card, then they pay for it.
  6. I know. Not sure if its a HL or Paypal problem. Just don't purchase through them enough to warrant figuring it all out.
  7. Everybody is different when it comes to charges. For me, if I know that the customer already has the driver installed and setup and requires no other interaction on the purchase, then I would just charge MSRP. But, if it requires me to order it, then remote access and install driver and setup, you bet that up charge is going to be bigger. Plus, Houselogix is a pain for us when it comes to purchasing and I'm sure for many other dealers. We only use Amex for our company purchases, which HL does not accept. So now I have to use my personal cards (Visa) to buy the license, then have to fill out an expense report to get my money back. Now I know we can use Paypal with our Amex card, but for some reason, it never allows us to select the Amex when purchasing.
  8. Well, that shouldn't matter really. You can still install a switch just for that outlet and still continue full 120V to any other outlets that are in-line after your landscape outlet. I've also used some plastic, outdoor rated boxes with no degradation of wireless control. Usually the ones with the clear plastic coverings.
  9. Could you put a C4 switch on the circuit that feeds your light transformer. That way at least you get ON/OFF control with scheduled settings, etc.
  10. How much drive space are you looking for? You can still use a thumb drive plugged into controller and still be able to access it remotely over the network to change things out, etc. Otherwise, I use Synology for my NAS selection.
  11. Alexa voice scenes for their favorite movies at the current time. Right now, mine are Moana, Trolls and Sing. Kids just ask "Alexa, turn on Living Moanna" I use MyMovies with Dune players. In my programming script, I select that movie to play in the living room, but also add some timer delays to push select upon Language setting and then another delay to actually skip the previews and start the dang movie. It works pretty slick and the kids love it. Their bedrooms have in-ceiling speakers, but no Alexa, so I used a keypad button that selects Kidz Bop from Pandora and set it to a defined volume level that they can't change. That's really all I've done for them so far. Keeps 'em happy.
  12. So change the option in your account. I don't see the problem here. Everybody and their mother sends out marketing emails for their products, especially when its known that you've purchased them before.
  13. Pull out the C4 switch and the switch at the other location. remove standard switch from wiring. tie the red travel wire (that goes from one box to other box) to the yellow on the C4 switch and the yellow on the Aux keypad. this is all based on the assumption that power feed and load feed are located at the C4 switch location.
  14. The problem with this is that it relies on your phone, tablet, or computer. Most people will naturally just use their phone because it's on them, which will in turn cause frustration when the phone rings and music stops.
  15. True, in regards that the Synology is just a NAS. I feel more comfortable keeping my clients recordings on quality hard drives, instead of the junk they usually install in the NVR/DVR's. With that amount of cameras and based on actual recording streams, I would probably set up a VLAN just for the camera system. If you can create a proper network, nothing here should slow anything down.