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  1. I have an axxess motion humidity sensor

    have been able to get it to display temperature on navigator

    how do you display the humidity on navigator

    1. Sim


      Control4 stopped supporting apps in version 2.9.1 due to which you can't display humidity on your navigator. Axxess is working with control4 atm to get that interface back.

  2. Years ago I had a script that made an announcement 'There is a window or door open and the A/C is on'. It annoyed the hell out of my family, but they got the hint and it doesn't happen anymore
  3. FS: C4 16ch 3-B amp

    I have a C4-16AMP3-B that I replaced with a new one. It works fine, but the fan periodically starts to whine. I assume it going out and needs to be replaced. Pm me if you have interest. I am in Columbus Ohio if someone is local.
  4. Looking to replace my 10 year old C4 outlet switches. Is Wemo still the best replacement? Thanks!
  5. Free Dead HC-300

    Any one need a dead HC-300? I believe its a bad power supply. I hate to just throw it away. Just pay for shipping.
  6. Matrix Amp

    What would you recommend if going over 8 zones?
  7. Appreciated the info. But I am looking a dealer to help me set-up and install remotely. Thanks!
  8. I am looking for someone who can help me set up Plex and integrate it into C4 through my Roku's. Also some one familiar with the Hue driver. Thanks!
  9. Karaoke

    Consider a compressor/limiter between your karaoke device and the receiver. I use a separate sound system for karaoke.
  10. FS: Wireless Music Bridge

    Its is the Control 4 Wireless Music Bridge. http://www.control4.com/docs/product/wireless-music-bridge/data-sheet/english/latest/wireless-music-bridge-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  11. FS: Wireless Music Bridge

    Price has been lowered
  12. FS: 2 Popcorn Hour C-300

    One C-300 has been sold, still have one available
  13. Media Player Reccomendation

    I have a couple Popcorn Hour C-300 I am selling
  14. I am purchasing a Mier DA-500 drive alert system and had a question about wiring into my HC-800 Thanks in advance Meir.pdf