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  1. poisenoire

    SplashTiles Builder tool released!

    I've been playing with this and having a blast. Love having customized info displays in addition to standard video sources. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. poisenoire

    Chowmain - Plex Full Driver for Control4

    Thanks Alan and understand. In the meantime is it possible to use the video storm IRUSB driver in conjunction with Plex full driver or does that create a conflict? I am mostly concerned with two things: 1. Ability to launch movies from C4 navigators to plex directly (and get rid of kodi and dune player solutions) 2. control of basic plex interface (up, down, play, pause, etc...) when in plex app. This is all running on shields and / or Firetv
  3. poisenoire

    Chowmain - Plex Full Driver for Control4

    Alan - has the Plex Full driver been updated to fully support IRUSB yet? I'm a user of your KODI full but been making the change over to Plex but can't make the jump until direct app launch works. Alternately, if this works in conjunction with video-storm's IRUSB driver I suppose it could still work. Running plex clients on both Shields and FireTV 4ks
  4. Good day, I cleaned up our rack last night and installed the 2.10.5 update. Everything seems to be running fine but I noticed a ton of repeating errors in my director log. They repeat every few minutes and seems to be hitting just about every active IP address on the network. It's almost like a SDDP or Upnp process gone wild. The error message is ERROR: Flash: Failed to retrieve device info from x.x.x.x The interesting thing is none of the IP addresses it is reporting are system components - they are all non-control 4 things like router, switch, nas, pc. Any ideas what this might be or means? Thanks
  5. I agree with your point but this is a personal (family) project so I'll be obligated regardless. I would certainly not take this approach for a customer project.
  6. While it goes against my very being, I've got a location that "needs" to take a stereo out from a matrix wirelessly to the amp. There is no way to get a cable here and the amp must remain local in the remote location - thus a wireless interconnect. Does anyone recommend a specific unit? Outlaw Audio seems to get good reviews on the OAW4. My main concerns are stability, latency, quality and interference. Area could use a triad one instead but that is beyond the project budget by far. Thanks
  7. poisenoire

    Weather Radio Announcing

    Bill - sorry I've been away for a few days. I do not have the problem you have as the radio I use has an actual trigger output (not audio) that only triggers when the SAME codes I chose are alerted by the NWS. I can set the hold time for the trigger (X repeated alerts) so it will shut off after that. Here is the radio I use. I'll admit, it looks clunky (it's small) but it has a lot of the features that commercial alert radios are using with the RS232 integration and programmability EAR II weather radio 5250 Not sure if posting links are ok, but you can purchase it from a very large online bookstore that is now the world's largest ecommerce company (and cloud company, and so on...)
  8. not to revive an old thread, but...I'm reviving an old thread. Does anyone know the approx. street price for the BW Rachio driver? I was using the old Chowmain for my needs but it no longer works. Hasn't been a big issue but would like to get Rachio control setup again on my T3 screens.
  9. poisenoire

    Weather Radio Announcing

    Bill - I have a somewhat similar setup with a weather radio but I use a radio that has an "alert line" out...these are available which can send a contact out when your alert parameters are setup (county, region, warning, etc...). I have the contact output going into a controller and all my program is based upon that trigger. Done that way works well Kevin
  10. poisenoire

    RTI processor and JAP 2G items for sale

    Yes the JAP receievers fully support multichannel PCM audio such as dolby 5.1. It's like a pass-through....your AV receiver does the decoding of course. Kevin Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. poisenoire

    RTI processor and JAP 2G items for sale

    PK - they are the original 2G versions: Receivers: JAP VBS-HDMI-208A Transmitter: JAP VBS-HDMI-408A
  12. *Update - all JAP items sold. RTI still available. I know it's a C4 forum, but heh- thought I'd post to my fellow forum members here first in case....* Greetings, Cleaning up the old warehouse / lab this weekend and found a few surplus items I'm posting for sale. All of these items were intended for an in-house demo but we never got past building up the concept rack. I estimate there are less than 10 hours of use on any of these devices. Very pristine. SOLD QTY 4: Just Add Power 2G Receiver w/ Power Supply- $70 each or the lot for $250 SOLD QTY 1 : Just Add Power 2G Transmitter w/ Power Supply - $ 175 QTY 1: RTI XP-6 with manuals, original box, power supply and accessories - this is almost LNIB but it was taken out and programmed once. - $140 PM with questions or offers. Serious offers considered. Needs to go soon. Thanks, Kevin
  13. poisenoire

    Future of C4 forums?

    Lippavisual - same thing here - ad network seems to hang on first load and I have to hit refresh each time I go into a thread
  14. I use the VRXs as well and it has been totally solid. Excellent system, and when paired with the audio matrix from Videostorm you get some great additional features in a hybrid whole-house audio situation.
  15. Chris, I'm interested in your GC response as I am running a GC itach w/ dual output DMX box but still on old firmware. My installation requires the GC itach due to location constraints, so won't be upgrading until I see what you come up with!