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  1. poisenoire

    RTI processor and JAP 2G items for sale

    Yes the JAP receievers fully support multichannel PCM audio such as dolby 5.1. It's like a pass-through....your AV receiver does the decoding of course. Kevin Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. poisenoire

    RTI processor and JAP 2G items for sale

    PK - they are the original 2G versions: Receivers: JAP VBS-HDMI-208A Transmitter: JAP VBS-HDMI-408A
  3. *Update - all JAP items sold. RTI still available. I know it's a C4 forum, but heh- thought I'd post to my fellow forum members here first in case....* Greetings, Cleaning up the old warehouse / lab this weekend and found a few surplus items I'm posting for sale. All of these items were intended for an in-house demo but we never got past building up the concept rack. I estimate there are less than 10 hours of use on any of these devices. Very pristine. SOLD QTY 4: Just Add Power 2G Receiver w/ Power Supply- $70 each or the lot for $250 SOLD QTY 1 : Just Add Power 2G Transmitter w/ Power Supply - $ 175 QTY 1: RTI XP-6 with manuals, original box, power supply and accessories - this is almost LNIB but it was taken out and programmed once. - $140 PM with questions or offers. Serious offers considered. Needs to go soon. Thanks, Kevin
  4. poisenoire

    Future of C4 forums?

    Lippavisual - same thing here - ad network seems to hang on first load and I have to hit refresh each time I go into a thread
  5. I use the VRXs as well and it has been totally solid. Excellent system, and when paired with the audio matrix from Videostorm you get some great additional features in a hybrid whole-house audio situation.
  6. Chris, I'm interested in your GC response as I am running a GC itach w/ dual output DMX box but still on old firmware. My installation requires the GC itach due to location constraints, so won't be upgrading until I see what you come up with!
  7. poisenoire

    Help hope controller isn't dead.

    in case anyone following this thread cares: http://status.winkapp.com/ they actually do have a system status page
  8. poisenoire

    Help hope controller isn't dead.

    Thanks - I thought for some reason that driver was having issues with myq due to service changes and everyone recommended going to the wink driver.
  9. poisenoire

    Help hope controller isn't dead.

    Thatguy: understood - my timing statement wasn't exact as that's the earliest timestamp I could find where people started reporting Wink problems on their facebook page (which unfortunately seems to be about the only public facing method of getting insight into their service status)
  10. poisenoire

    Help hope controller isn't dead.

    I just uninstalled the driver and synapse master driver and the system has been fully stable since. Looking at Wink support - appears Wink went down around 10:58 Central or so...and that's right around when my system started slowing down. Looks like that driver can't handle the Wink API service being unavailable. It was completely consuming resources trying to constantly connect. msgreenf: I only use the driver for my chamberlain garage door setup. Any other options to consider? Can't wire direct unfortunately
  11. poisenoire

    Help hope controller isn't dead.

    hmmm.. I wonder if there isn't something else going on. Same exact thing happened to my HC800 starting around Midnight Central last night. I can do a full system reboot and everything will work for a few minutes, but it gets slower and slower until about 15 minutes later it becomes unresponsive. In the logs I start seeing socket errors. Network is healthy though. Looking further I do see the Wink beta driver is unable to get Wink credentials. People are complaining on Wink facebook page app is not working either. Do you have this driver installed? Wondering if that Wink outage could case the driver to misbehave.
  12. poisenoire

    2.9.1 Update issue / question

    Yes it is, and double verified on that. It's getting an error that it can't even find the authentication URL, but I can see the controller communicates and checks in on the C4 account page just fine Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  13. poisenoire

    2.9.1 Update issue / question

    thanks - I'm just getting the resolution error on the authentication tab - no error regarding version unknown. Unfortunately already using google DNS ( so I'll probably have to take it up with the ISP.
  14. Greetings, Finally getting around to installing the 2.9.1 update coming from 2.9.0. However, I've been getting the following error in the update manager dialog: "Unable to authorize update. Connection to the authentication server failed: licenseUrl = ..." I'm assuming it's something with the ISP, but thought I'd check in case anyone has seen that error before. Haven't been able to find a workaround and didn't see anything in the C4 KB. Thanks
  15. poisenoire

    NetPlay AV is now NetPlay Pro

    Congrats. Any progress you've seen from C4 on the multi Ethernet bonding issue in 2.9 and netplay audio? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk