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  1. poisenoire

    Non c4 - wiring issue

    Depending upon which Klein tester you got, they have an "additional" tone probe you can add instead of getting both components. I have a klein tester and it has a tone function but doesn't come with the probe. I think the probe I ordered separately for around $50. The klein I have also has the remote plugs for ID like your new one. As to your existing tester link you provided, I see a few reviews are mentioning their malfunctioning / failing and giving false readings of shorts or opens. I'd have to agree with the above folks it looks to be a tester issue after all. I doubt you will find the same likelihood of this sort of failure on the more average price tools, and almost never on the high-end testers. I think you'll have good look with the Klein, and if yours supports the tone function the addition of the probe will give you a very good kit for residential use.
  2. poisenoire

    Non c4 - wiring issue

    What test device are you using? That seems really odd. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. poisenoire

    Non c4 - wiring issue

    Gigabit switches today have mdx on each port...thus it would still work. Any chance you wired 568a one end and 568b other or have an incongruent patch panel in between? Most testers are simply low voltage electrical path unless you are using a high end L2 or L3 testing device. Unlikely your tester failed ina false positive...more likely the cable is the issue Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. Elk M1 here and have found ability to run third party wireless as well as Elk 2-way wireless very useful. I also like voice announcement capability on Elk. Use C4 for all automation functions Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. poisenoire

    Chowmain - Plex Full Driver for Control4

    Hi Alan any luck on IRUSB support? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. I'll try to mess with this tomorrow and see if I can replicate. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  7. poisenoire

    Direct log error question

    Hi, I never did, but I haven't seen any real issues with the system but it seems this is rather chatty network communication and I'd like to limit it if there is an actual error involved.
  8. poisenoire

    Televisions linked

    Are you turning them on/off via C4 remote or something like Alexa? Had this happen all of a sudden on Alexa triggers....turns out magically all of my devices were placed in a new default room group which was named similar to a trigger so when spoken it would control everything in the house simultaneously. I never added that grouping, just showed up one day in alexa app and used the first alphabetical echo as the room name and added all devices. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. poisenoire

    Weather Underground update

    True - logged into my API area on the WU account and I see my old API, the notice message, but nothing further (nor have I received an email). What I'm more concerned about is the new API service and weather (pun) it will be completely different from the current API or not...meaning, will all the integrations I have around the web and with C4 need to be entirely rewritten. I use the C4 WU driver quite a bit for alerts, and various info displays / overlays on TVs.
  10. Houselogix also had an RGB IR light driver on their site for just this purpose.
  11. for the most part, yes just additional dmx-compatible lighting hardware (strips, power supply, whatever). The only additional future cost you may have associated with the DMX device / driver would be whatever new programming + setup you would want your integrator to do (add a new light into C4)
  12. FYI - Videostorm just posted a driver update which fixes this with their driver. For my system, turns out the timing between Netplay and IRUSB was a little off which resulted in the symptoms you describe. Since you are using Chowmain's driver, I suspect he might need to add a similar delay
  13. Hi Obas, I believe there are a few DMX options out there but the only one I am aware of but almost all C4 integration I've seen with DMX has been using the box and driver I mentioned. I can't speak to your integrator's pricing and details, but I think it would be reasonable to ask them for technical details and model of the controller so you can evaluate. The box + driver is an expense for a single light - no doubt, but it gives you the ability to control an entire DMX universe in the future and can be easily expanded. Have a look at this thread discussing the same thing (and same solution).
  14. poisenoire

    Video Storm vs. Just Add Power

    I've been running Videostorm for several years and through various iterations, from the dedicated video storm decoders to now Netplay Home on some TVs. I have a mix of shields, FireTV 4k sticks and VRX020. Also use the NAB100 and CMX switch for my distributed audio. I highly recommend. I have put this system in at several client locations and they have been solid. Any issues I've had have been due to training issues on our end, not the equipment.
  15. the Domaudio driver and DMX controller from houselogix is awesome. I run several DMX subsystems off of it and never had an issue. Definitely cheaper than the $800 you referenced.