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  1. Driver for Sony UBP-X800 ...?

    Did you ever find a driver to work? Are you trying to control it via IR or IP?
  2. Speaker Noise Spikes

    Thanks for the reply, but I am using a C4-16AMP3-B. The blip is a second or less.
  3. Speaker Noise Spikes

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I am having a similar problem. My kitchen TV runs the sound through the ceiling speakers via a C4 Audio Matrix and C4 Amp. It will periodically start having audio blips. The sounds goes quiet for a fraction of a second, blips back loudly and then returns to normal. The time between the blips is 5-10 minutes. It appears to be going system wide, as a heard a brief buzz in my office speakers when the issue happened in the kitchen. They are also tied to the matrix and amp. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know what else I can provide to help troubleshoot the problem. Thanks, Doug
  4. What kind of touch screen are you looking for?
  5. Has anyone installed a touch screen in a garage that gets cold in the winter? The specs state the operating range is down to 32F. I was just curious what others have actually experienced. Thanks
  6. I have an AVM-16A2-B Control 4, 8 Zone amp we can discuss about a trade. Let me know. It has never had a problem. Everything works well.
  7. An alternative to fixing the power supply is buy a plug and play replacement from Allied Electronics: Stock # Mfr. Part# Cust. Part # Price (USD) 70124071 PSA15LN3-050R $17.67 Power Supply; AC-DC; 5V@3A; 90-264V In; Open Frame; Panel Mount; PSA15LN3 Series
  8. I was watching the display and noticed the following message flash before staying on the "unable to play ..." messsge: Error occurred while initializing audio
  9. Could you expand on the statement, "hard-set your DNS"? I have the dynamic DNS from my ISP. Plus, I have added No change. As another piece of data, I get the same error when trying to use internet radio.
  10. I receive the message "unable to play selected media" on the interface every time I try to use any Tunein station. The interface is either the Navigator on the TV or the PC based version. It appears to try to work, displays the error and stops. I am running 2.5.3 on an HC800. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the response. It did eventually self correct and come back online.
  12. I have a C4 Audio Matrix V1, circa 2007. It is displaying "Bootloader Reflash Configuring' and has been for at least 20 minutes. Any thoughts on my path to fix this? Thanks.
  13. I have an HR44-200 DVR and HR24-200 boxes that I distribute sound throughout the house via the analogue out --> Audio Matrix --> 8 Zone amp. I have zero volume problems. Ii do not think it is an inherent problem in the Directv equipment.
  14. Router and WAP recommendations

    I would take a good look at MikroTik routers. Mine (2011UAS) is bulletproof and has tremendous capabilities.
  15. I highly recommend MikroTik routers. I have a MikroTik 2011UAS running my system and it has been bulletproof. Their equipment is rock solid and not very expensive. They will run out of the box. If you want to do anything from the simple to the complex, the router can do it. However, if you are not technical, the setup of the various features can be challenging.