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  1. Thanks Derrick. Appreciate the quick response this time.
  2. This is the 2nd time I have received this. If I get anything remotely similar I'm gonna report it as spam going forward. Please knock it off Control4. Abram Hatch ahatch@control4.com via emailone.toutapp.com Hey , I am contacting you from the Control4 marketing department. It looks like you are still using one of our older operating systems and we wanted see if you would be interested in upgrading to our new EA Line. In fact, when you upgrade now you are eligible to save an additional 10% off all Control4 products. This new hardware allows you to operate on the newest software 2.9.1. This software gives you control with Amazon Alexa, Sonos Certified Driver, Improved UI, customizable screensavers and lightning fast speed. Also, we have recently acquired PakEdge networking systems to ensure your network keeps up with the demand of your devices. I am making calls today to schedule a time for XXXXX at [dealer] to contact you in the next week about the benefits and price of upgrading your system. What is your best availability in the next couple of days for a call about scheduling an installation? Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon. All the best,
  3. And the remote(s) looks pretty dirty? how was it/they used?
  4. which ones are you going with? link?
  5. Don't forget the sound! I think the Oppo sounds better. Bottom line is it's the best out there. period.
  6. The Oppo is really nice but it lacks any apps and is expensive $$$
  7. C4 door station?
  8. why is this thing so expensive?
  9. Post #2 and search
  10. "Due to a change in company ownership and new business direction, driver sales are no longer offered. "
  11. good idea - only problem is I'm doing IR. Did they do/have a IR version? Never had good results with serial.
  12. thanks - I tried my old Oppo IR driver and it didn't work? seemed odd maybe they changed the codes...
  13. Can I buy a vowel?
  14. The hope was someone had already done it. What does OLED have to do with an IR driver?
  15. Anyone have a driver for the Oppo 203 that will run on 1.74 system? thanks!