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  1. c44me

    Bunch of equipment from before zigbee pro

    Interested. PM Sent.
  2. Anyone using the Wyzecam ? They get decent reviews for being so cheap...
  3. c44me


    They run for literally seconds... if they are cheaper and louder I could care less
  4. c44me

    FS: HC800 BL w/rack ears

    What made you want to upgrade?
  5. c44me


    1st post and no photos of actual equipment?
  6. had issues with Monoprice HDMI switches and hubs. Handshake was horrible, and over any kind of distance no dice at all. This was years ago so YMMV.
  7. c44me

    Control4 Approved Routers

    How is the Ubiqiti stuff not listed?
  8. Have manual version of these. motorized would be difficult due to lining the panels up when trying to black the room out?
  9. c44me


    you neglected to post the price
  10. c44me

    Clare Video Doorbell V1 and V2

    CEPro loved these things. Never heard of them but looks nice!
  11. How much do these run $ ?
  12. c44me

    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    If you want to save some $ here is a deal on the klipsch for $35 can't beat it: https://slickdeals.net/f/11453451-klipsch-khc-6-in-ceiling-6-5-speaker-white-pair-35-newegg
  13. What a shame. The foray into the phone market was a nail in the coffin. Great products.
  14. c44me

    Control4 clear out.

    I'll take everything