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  1. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    the 203 works fine wired
  2. Glad someone asked - these would be nice to implement but have same hesitation about paying for 4sight
  3. pretty simple to just program custom buttons and/or the 1 and 2 for those...
  4. Apple TV 4K, Infuse and Control4

  5. Apple TV 4K, Infuse and Control4

    Can you post links to the actual products you're using ?
  6. Future of C4 forums?

    So Dan are you staying in the space or getting out entirely? Everyone appreciates all you've done over so many years
  7. CytexOne Closed.

    How sad Dan is the man. Maybe C4 should pick this up?
  8. Newest gen wireless switches

    Your dealer should cover that
  9. Small bedside remote...

    Lot of us use the 6-button in the table top kit designed for this purpose
  10. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    Go for it. Good bang/$ and will accomplish nearly everything the new ones will.
  11. Layer3 TV all HD 4K

    Looking forward to your critique please post back with the experience!
  12. Layer3 TV all HD 4K

    what service are you switching from?
  13. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    15 minute phone call? jeeze.
  14. 203 yes. 205 no. see here last post: