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  1. The answer is that most dealers and programmers do not have the necessary programming skills. I am sure quite a few do not even know how to write a "hello world" cgi script. Let alone write a Again, congrats!
  2. As an owner of a custom integration company I am VERY impressed at what you have done without any C4 programming experience or software. Not just the fact that you got it to work, but your determination to making it work despite others telling you you're wasting your time. Great job!
  3. I like his attitude. This is a fun thread. I want to see you succeed. Good Luck!
  4. Thank you for your contribution, I sincerely appreciate. I will keep in touch if you don't mind, cos I will really need your advice/assistance as time goes on. I've started learning networking and am hoping to get through to my Regional Sales rep for C4 and if I do, I hope he softens the ground for me to get started. Thanks again.

  5. Want to become a dealer

    My questions is why? Why do you want to join the automation business? The codeman has said it best If you are serious about getting into the automation business I STRONGLY suggest the following. 1) Have more than an understanding of networking. The back bone of every automation system is the network. You need to start with at least one network engineer, with proper certification, on staff. Just because someone can connect a cable modem to a router does not make them eligible. 2) Licensing and/or Certification - Does your state/city require you to have a LV contractors license? What certification from the AM/Automation industry do you have, CEDIA (Residential) or Infocomm (Commercial)? Why should I, as a client, hire you when there are others who are more qualified, not just because they're certified but because they have been in business longer, done more jobs and have strong recommendations/reviews? 2) What's your target market? Is there a demand for automation in your area? If there is demand in your area, do those who reside in your area have the financial resources to pay not only for a system, but design, installation, wiring, programming, maintenance, upgrades, on going support, etc? If you do not live in an area where you can sustain an automation business what are you going to do? 95% of our clients are out of state with another 3% in other countries. We go to where the jobs are. How do you plan on acquiring clients/jobs? Do you plan on working with home owners directly or are you "to the trade only". Note, for understanding, my company is "to the trade only" meaning our clients are Architects, Interior Designers and Builders. We never work with the home owner directly. 3) What do you have to offer that other dealers don't. Again why should I, as a client, use your service for automation? C4 is a commodity, meaning I can by a box from you, Best Buy, or Joe dealer and that box is the same. In addition to selling me a box, what do you offer that other dealers do not? What makes your company stand out? Why should I give you my $200k+? The above maybe a little harsh or sound sarcastic but I am really trying to help you and open your eyes a little. I have seen way to many people/business get into automation and fail because they were not realistic. They thought, since they were already builders, electrical contractors/engineers, network engineers, programmers, etc., that they can jump right in. I have yet to see any succeed and that's unfortunate. As thecodeman has stated If you do this for a year then you will understand what I am talking about. I sincerely wish you luck and if you need any advice I will be more than happy to assist. I have had numerous C4 dealers call me (I wont mention who they are. If they want to volunteer that's up to them) and ask for my advice on everything from networking and fiber to expanding out of state and beyond and I have been more than happy to help.
  6. Line level thermostats

    Hi, You maybe able to use a NEST thermostat with a AUBE Transformer. Here is a link that shows how to do it. https://community.nest.com/thread/10719
  7. These are new in box, Polk Audio SC 60 In-Ceiling speakers. I never opened the boxes until today. I opened one box to check the packaging. The other one is still sealed. These speakers were for a client but never used and my company, Digital Studio Werks (http://www.digitalstudiowerks.com) has no future use for these speakers as we carry a different line altogether. The speakers retail for approx. $120.00 EACH but I am selling the PAIR for $100.00 and they come with a lifetime warranty from Polk Audio. You can view the specification on Polk Audio's website a - http://www.polkaudio.com/sc60/d/1199 Shipping or Pickup. If you are local, South Orange County, CA, it can be arranged so you can pick up this monitor. I can also ship it to you . I will only ship to the contiguous U.S. using FedEx, UPS, or USPS, your choice. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and insurance. Any questions let me know.
  8. I have 3 (The picture shows 5 but 2 have been sold) 2nd Gen Apple Airport Extremes for sale at $50.00 each OBO. These came from a home where my company Digital Studio Werks (http://www.digitalstudiowerks.com) completely replaced the clients wireless network with a more robust and secure one. All of them work and have been reset to their default settings. There are no boxes or manuals available. You can view the specification of the 2nd Gen Apple Airport Extreme at - https://support.apple.com/kb/SP671?locale=en_US Shipping or Pickup. If you are local, South Orange County, CA, it can be arranged so you can pick up this monitor. I can also ship it to you . I will only ship to the contiguous U.S. using FedEx, UPS, or USPS, your choice. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and insurance. If you have any questions let me know.
  9. 20" Apple Cinema Display for sale

    I have a 20" Apple Cinema Display for sale, $75.00 OBO. This display, although an older model, has rarely been used and has been in storage (stored in a Anvil Flight Case) for most of it's life. It is in excellent condition with no scratches on the screen and will serve as a great second monitor. You can view the specification of the 20" Apple Cinema Display at - https://support.apple.com/kb/SP79?locale=en_US Shipping or Pickup. If you are local, South Orange County, CA, it can be arranged so you can pick up this monitor. I can also ship it to you . I will only ship to the contiguous U.S. using FedEx, UPS, or USPS, your choice. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and insurance. If you have any questions let me know.
  10. 752 Internet Radio URLs

    Hi All, Here is a link to the original iHeart Radio URL Excel spreadsheet that I posted BUT there is a little surprise. I have also included all the iHeart radio station logos (PNG). The Excel file still has the logo URL's but I don't think anyone wanted to download 500+logos so I did it for you guys. Here is the link to the iHeart ZIP file. Have fun ! ! !
  11. TV mount ideas/best practice

    I would put up plywood and not drywall as the drywall is not very strong. Think of it as stone flooring you are putting down. You want to make sure the stacked stone does not fall/separate from the wall. Here is the order the stone should be installed over the plywood. Make sure the plywood is think enough to support the weight of the mortar and stacked stone. 1) Felt - Covers the plywood 2) Masonry Wire Mesh - This goes on top of the felt and provides a surface for the mortar to grab on to. 3) Stacked Stone. The above is an FYI as I have seen MANY DIY'ers just attach the stone to the surface. No felt, masonry wire mesh, etc. Hope that helps a bit.
  12. TV mount ideas/best practice

    As an integrator and designer I personally do not like to see the display when it's not in use. We always spec an art piece over each of the displays, with the exception of outdoor displays, we install. Here is an example of a project where built out a fire place, recessed the display, and added an art piece. Note: You can also do this for non-recessed displays. The screen is rolled up via contact closure. When we turn the display on the CC closes and the screen rolls up. When we turn the display off the CC opens and the screen rolls down. The images below shows the before and after of this project. The cabinetry is not complete yet. The Before Image - The space is quite large the width is actually ~12 - 13 ft. and the depth is ~5 - 6 ft. Build Out Complete - Notice the recess for the display The Display Installed Art and Frame Installed - In the closed position Art and Frame Installed - In the open position. Notice the black velvet matting around the display?
  13. Am I Being Unreasonable?

    Currently we have only one client. The project has taken close to a year and is about 80% complete. In general we usually have about 1 to 3 clients per year. 3 clients a year is a VERY busy year for us.
  14. Am I Being Unreasonable?

    You should read my post on our "Lifestyle Discovery" process and you will then find out that, with us, there is no such thing as a "non-sophisticated" client. By the time we are done with the "Lifestyle Discovery" our client is not only educated on what their actual needs are but actually understand what his system will consist of, how it will fit in with their lifestyle and how it will benefit them. You can read my post "What To Look for in a Dealer" to read about our "Lifestyle Discovery" process.
  15. Am I Being Unreasonable?

    SOW is "Scope of Work." It details EVERYTHING that is to be done. Not only does it specify the products and product numbers, it also specifys the type/brand of cabling, type of cable termination, termination points, functionality (what is the system suppose to ACTUALLY DO when you press a certain button), etc. If there is something you want your system to do and it's NOT in the SOW you signed off on then you dealer is NOT responsible for it. On the other hand if there is something you have requested to have your system do and it IS in the SOW you and your dealer signed off on and he did not do it then he has to do it. Even if he says "I know it's in the SOW but I didn't charge you for it" he still must do it AT the contract price you signed. The SOW is the contract that the 2 of you have agreed upon what, equipment, cabling, programming, etc will be installed and HOW your system will function. Hope that helps.