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  1. And there IS an actual agreement on use.
  2. Cyknight

    Control4 & Sky Q Compatibility

    You'll have to get a dealer setup with drivercentral.io - I assume it likely means you need a Control4 dealership, but that's something to take up with them. From there the license can be transferred easily, driver replaced and updated as required. It's not a matter of just sending a copy of the driver.
  3. Cyknight

    Infinity Edge

    If all you can do is mjpeg than yes EA's will default back to it if needed, but quality will suffer
  4. Assuming it's not the Annex driver but the Cinegration one: I have seen a similar issue with numerous doorbirds actually - all on the OLD driver. It's weird, because the system sees the doorstation etc just fine, but announcements just don't get triggered....you can delete the programming line, then re-enter and it'll work for awhile, then it'll fail again - rinse and repeat. I suspect this is more a combination of a change in the proxy or protocol that 'breaks' the old driver than a real bug or one-sided error. New driver actually has a direct trigger to do the announcement, and is much better overall, bit of work to do as it may require a few changes in the doorbird, but ask your dealer to get this done.
  5. Cyknight

    Dealer Demo kit

    Initial orders, minimum quotas and a market that isn't already saturated, experience in a related field, training..... Not much is not nothing, and it will all depend on the market as well. What is a reasonable minimum in a major city is quite different from a rural community.
  6. Cyknight

    Infinity Edge

    Infinity screens require mjpeg streams. If you can use a second stream etc or not all depends on driver and setup..
  7. The Chowmain drivers are specific to Plex and Kodi, they are just built to allow using the IRUSB to launch these apps directly and properly as needed.
  8. Cyknight

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    The ONLY things really holding the DS2 back were: -it's oversized build if not using the keys, fixed with mini version -Lack of 'remote' calling now fixed as well It's more costly, but if you have a C4 system (and a hardwire!) it's certainly the BEST option.
  9. Cyknight


    1 Yeah that'd be good, I guess. 2 Nope - C4 operates on it's own ZigBee - if that were to happen, it's going to have to come from the 'other' side (I really don't see them dropping their own stack, in no small part as it locks down some if not most ZigBee security issues). 3 That still exists? 😉 4 Work for lawyers more than anything 5 Why? If more advanced programming is what you want, why not just use HE? the When->Then part is more meant for those to whom HE is too complex. That said, it could certainly be expanded upon, just not to more advanced options, just more options.
  10. Indeed, go over it in detail, then do it twice more. Then get an electrician. And a wire toner.
  11. Cyknight

    Reboot controller

    You DO need it if set off of default...might need secure connection only has to be set as well See above.
  12. Cyknight

    Trane Comforlink II XL1050

    Honestly, I would consider anything Houselogix dead...