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  1. Cyknight

    IP controlled blu ray

    Heh sounds like you're both arguing for the same thing, that not having new (regular BluRay) players doesn't really mean anything on it's own.
  2. Cyknight

    Centralised AV Receivers?

    Lots of local sources (ie game systems)? Local A/V receiver with feed from central sources from rack. Otherwise central
  3. Cyknight

    Nest Protect

    Fair enough.
  4. Cyknight

    Nest Protect

    All depends on what you want really. I would want to knwo WHICH one triggers, so I'd send separate notifications with that info on it.
  5. Cyknight

    Fan Controller Wiring help

    It indeed looks like you should be fine to use the fan controller, but if this isn't your thing, getting an electrician involved (even if it's a friend for advice or to do it) is the wise choice. No offense meant at all, it is purely a safety concern.
  6. Cyknight

    Fan Controller Wiring help

    First of all NO!!!! you cannot wire a fan controller without a neutral. You'll have to map how the fan is controlled now more clearly. Is all you have a single wires with two conductors (plus a neutral) and both are going to a regular switch? If so, you may have a problem because the powerfeed is at the box. In general though....I don't like saying this but you may have to get and electrician involved here. The picture faily crealy indicated you do have a neutral load etc....you may be in over your head. And electricity can kill.
  7. Cyknight

    Nest Protect

    ? We're talking PROTECT here, not thermostat. That said, thermostat does allow normal temp settings etc, some scheduling is available in that C4's preset scheduling will trigger set temperatures assuming your NEST is set to not use auto-scheduling (note that NEst internal schedules will not represent this) For protect, you can program off of alarm triggers, CO or Smoke, do battery info, online/offline programming.
  8. Cyknight

    Apple TV

  9. Cyknight

    SR-260 Update

    I already answered that WAP. No I do not find it unreasonable for anyone to desire information. Desire for something does NOT equal a right, not to mention that TIMELY MANNER is a matter of opinion. So would be who's responsibility it is to provide that information, or if it should be something GIVEN or ASKED for.
  10. Cyknight

    Apple TV

    Nah, I'm already called Tigger by some, and I look more like Pooh. 😉
  11. Cyknight

    SR-260 Update

    Nonsense WAP. This comment is either intended as another jab at some imaginary plight, or you truly believe it - which would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
  12. Cyknight

    SR-260 Update

    You missed the part that they HAVE consistently contacted end-users with an account on exactly that. I even believe they sent out an email when there was some concern about ZigBee in general explaining that C4's own stack was not subject to those vulnerabilities. That most people don't READ those emails (or use fake or unchecked email addresses) is not the fault of the sender.
  13. Cyknight

    SR-260 Update

    You can certainly express your preference the first part as such is actually fairly reasonable. It's the long winded rants that you put around it that bury these type of things (not to mentioned the answer to the original question) and undermining any normal 'wishlist' and questions you have. This whole thread would have been quite different, if you simply asked in you first post what the firmware was about, instead of, in order: You always complain that you get shot down - thing is, you constantly draw first, even if you don't draw first blood.
  14. Cyknight

    SR-260 Update

    You mean the, I think THREE in nearly 15 years, instances where there was a true potential system DOWN case - where they DID communicate that to all consumers on their registered account email? The fact that you do not see any 'true' SECURITY issue emails is much simpler than you think: There have been no SYSTEM based security vulnerabilities or issues. There WAS the one instance, when the semi-dark web search engine started listing systems with OPENED PORTS (and default logins) which were vulnerable where they sent out an updated security advisory - again to all dealers AND all customer account emails.
  15. Cyknight

    SR-260 Update

    I hate that SO much by the way (reason every current computer is running PRO)