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  1. He's probably right. Somewhat. Dolby Vision is an HDR alternative, has nothing to do with sound. I would check the audio settings for the ATV because there should be a dolby digital 5.1 option as well.
  2. Cyknight

    Apple TV 4k

    No, it shouldn't - the 1/100 is more like every other day. What Apple should do is fix the sleep issues instead. Like I said, stop fixing the wrong end of a problem.
  3. Cyknight


    That would indeed be the most appreciated feature. Maybe ability to ID without requiring a static/reserved IP. Then again, there's so much better than ATV out there anyway 😉
  4. You sir, are out of luck I believe.
  5. Neat if HE can do it too (It should, just never tested it). It's a little inviolved as you have to do it line by line, and note that if there are any conditionals used (ie IF) then it can't be made 'consumer' as those aren't available for when-then
  6. Cyknight

    What ya think?

    So from here, do a zigbee mesh move, taking the HC300 out of that setup. Once you confirm it works after taht, you should b able to simply remove the HC300 and update.
  7. Cyknight

    Factory Reset via SSH - putty

    You don't. Press and hold the red 4 button in the top left corner of the screen upon start up, and follow the instructions presented on the screen to initiate the factory restore process and to reset the Touch Screen to the factory default settings.
  8. To be clear I have several servers running on my system, each of them consisting of DOZENS of Tbs. The system handles them just fine. That said, creating a music folder on one of them and pointing a separate driver to it for music IS a smart move as it prevent the system from having to scan all of it (assuming you use scheduled or manual scans vs pure manual entry). Doing a 'full' scan won't harm anything as such, but while scanning the system could potentially get a little slower as it's using resources.
  9. Cyknight

    Apple TV 4k

    a million times 0.....and as mentioned the document talks about sleep vs STREAMING HD. That is NOT a comparison to sleep vs sitting on idle on home screen (which C4 can be set to do in the driver directly). The reason for no sleep? Because ATV sometimes stop reponding when left to sleep to long. Inculing to the apple APP, and in some rare instances even to their own remote
  10. Cyknight

    OT: Sonos help needed/ not C4 related

    I get that, but unfortunately I still suspect the 3.5mm connection - if not the wire, it could well be the 3.5mm sockets...I feel for you man.
  11. For fading etc you would have to be looking at a presentation processor. While certainly possible, you would have to look at multiplying your budget many times over. A basic Barco E2-Jr (the 'little brother' of the Barco processor line) comes in above 40k just for the hardware....
  12. Cyknight

    Apple TV 4k

    When using an ATV on a C4 systems sleep should be off top begin with. Stop fixing the wrong end of the problem
  13. The 2Tb limit is for external drives hooked directly up to a controller via USB or eSata, and has no bearing on NAS drivers.
  14. Cyknight

    Repurposing HC1000

    That is a lot of space for 2Tb......but hey cool re-use anyway!
  15. And you have such a strong wifi that you can reliable use the Doorbird on wifi? Even if you went with the doorbird, I'd STRONGLY advise you to use that piece (or one of the other twenty variations of it on the market...