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  1. Cyknight

    Dimmer life span

    ELV is Electronic Low Voltage (vs MLV = Magnetic Low Voltage) The T-DIM is NOT an updated model of the original dimmer, it's a different product altogether. Ah, but if they are MLV style transformers they are NOT the correct type of dimmer to use. Doesn't mean anything if they are on transformers Obviously, though the impact is minimal. HOWEVER!!!! Just because LEDs use less voltage doesn't mean they cause less 'stress' on a dimmer. Indeed, dimmer have DIFFERENT max wattage ratings based on different types of bulbs. If you replace 20W bulbs with 60w bulbs of the same type, there logically is more 'wear and tear' - but as long as you are not pushing the max wattage, that impact is minimal. If you replace a 60w incandescent bulb with the equivalent lumens LED....it's likely going to cause MORE 'stress' because LEDs have an MUCH higher in-rush current. In the end, it's not going to make a difference as such in your case because the device your are dimming is the transformer - not the bulb.
  2. Cyknight

    Dimmer life span

    ....Don't think ELV dimmers are appropriate for Halogen....
  3. I'm not going to claim ANY specifics or details beyond what I said. I already mentioned I've seen no issues personally, but that I've not used any mentionable number of UBQT gear to really have an opinion. Just wanted to point out the fact of the 'blacklisting'
  4. Note that the certificate needs to be on the controller - so this could still very much be the issue. You won't get a specific security warning AFAIK A lot, or nothing at all. Depends mainly on how the main controller was set up - ie if someone added a static DNS based on the old router, and settings are different on the new one..... Easy on would be try to play TuneIn....
  5. Cyknight

    Time Warner to Spectrum

    While I cannot comment on the specific provider, I generally find that codes change extremely little (IF you use the remote provided by the provider) - generally each provider loads their own subset of codes onto a box which remain the same across all models and brands (assuming it doesn't use a completely different technology)
  6. With the clear underscore that I have not seen any issues whatsoever to date myself (though I haven't used it much) - please take note that Ubiquity is in fact on Control4's do not use list due to the lack of PIM multicasting. In the same vein, note that any repeater use (mesh or otherwise) is also against C4 recommendation (this does NOT include Mesh systems using all hardwired APs!!!) Google and Eero are also on the do-not use list, though in general I wouldn't recommend ANY consumer class router for Control4.
  7. This first and foremost - you will not see any HE version higher than your registered system's version
  8. Assuming you use Control4's driver/integration then yes Alexa would be affected as well.
  9. Sigh. For the end-user, other than making sure your phone/tablet app is up to date, likely NOTHING will change for your running system. Stop worrying about your system. IF you have HE, you may need to either update your system to 2.10.whatever OR get the patch ran on your computer. Contact your dealer to get a copy. SHOULD you get a new computer etc, you may need to re-do that last bit For dealers - refer to the dealer forums as it's confusing end-users with all the things WE need to do and worry about which is much more involved
  10. Cyknight


    You just need a generic driver that has 'can convert signals' enabled - there's a free one available on the houselogix website. there's the audio path driver in the database, a generic DAC somewhere in their or in the KB's for dealers, or you can make one in about 20 seconds.
  11. Mind you, programming those devices from scratch is less than 2 hours work...
  12. ? Network? There could be a network issue, but if it does things like clearing connections, I would say that there's still a bug or corruption in the driver. In general I agree with the assessment that this likely comes from either a corrupt project or driver. However, tech support should be able to check for this - but you may have to talk to your rep to get this looked into. Alternatively, go to the dealer forums and post in the made for this techsupport section - the higher tier techsupport regularly check that section and will help you get things moving.
  13. Cyknight

    Get Dropdown of Thermostats

    Hmm there are many more qualified to give you details than me, but you should be able to search by proxy id
  14. Cyknight

    Navigator Icons

    The driver determines it - and I suspect you're using the IR driver for the ATV, while using the IP driver for the karaoke
  15. Cyknight

    HTC1B unregistered

    No better or worse than it always has