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  1. EA5 has a temp controlled fan. It's not completely silent, but it's not loud either.
  2. Much of the EA5's increase will come from offloading processes onto dedicated chips the EA% has, particularly for audio processing. But no, not 10x - nor is there any need to be 10x faster....
  3. Yep, just wanted to point it out.
  4. Fair point, forgot about that.
  5. FYI - a double tap is an actual programmable event. two presses right after each other (or three) can and will trigger their own event without triggering the other programming (for single/double/triple tap only, a 'press' event is still triggered As in, instead of 'press' you could program against 'single tap' and 'double tap' WHEN button is single tapped IF Master is OFF Select Favorite PLUS WHEN button is double tapped Turn room off This way the button will not ever override an already active room, nor turn it off, when pressed by someone not quite awake
  6. I'd say, "too dressed up to tell what is underneath"
  7. Not to mention lacking A/V (well at least V and limited A), Blinds, Locks, Doors/gates, lighting is limited to their own not multiple options, no RGB, no to 120v means they'll have to expand to 240 before becoming a global player. Oh's not out yet! Mind you - it looks like a sleek product, but unless they create bigger interoperability to other systems (HomeKit is one they state they can't do and their initial product will never be able to do). At this time though, the whole product is basically vaporware....albeit good looking vaporware!
  8. It WILL turn the room off, but won't start Howard.
  9. No they make an outdoor enclosed box with a controllable multi voltage outlet that they say you can use with a pool/spa . It's not specified as a pool controller C4 has switches for 120/240/277 available (not all in one but you'd just get what you need anyway...). Timer and other programming is nothing C4 doesn't do already. Nu hub means cloud control only, which means a constantly changing API, assuming they even have anything of the sort - unless someone can hack the Wi Fi connection. With what we have already (in C4, or third party) I don't see this line adding a lot of extra's - for potentially a lot of effort (unless they have a published API, but considering they don't even seem to post full specs on their site.. In the end, it's just another outlet switch.
  10. EOS for some time, EOL likely not for some time, though I have no specific info one way or the other. Most liekly you'll see the it go the way other HC controllers went - they cannot run the system but function as secondary controllers. You could always upgrade at that time. If you're looking to upgrade NOW - I'd be default suggest going to an EA series.
  11. ? Any easier than controlling outlets already? As far as I can tell that's all they're doing....
  12. Arguably, sound quality, but again - that's up to you to decide if it matters.
  13. HAH Don't hate saying it - it's called business.
  14. That would be the correct driver then. This may be where the answer will come from. I'm unclear what you mean here. You select a movie in Control4 and some scan happens? Where does this scan occur? Is it in C4 or is it something you're seeing on the Dune itself? What ydo you mean by playlist - again is this something you see in C4 or in the Dune itself.