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  1. LOL one of few as the things just didn't seem to sell.... My biggest issue was the constant fight with inspectors due to it having both high voltage and low voltage connections Mind you, wouldn't mind some alternative from them that could RUN on low voltage as well as switch it....
  2. I hope so - Sonos as such is a good product. One of it's biggest problem, and one that I fear may be coming to others, is that certain music services seem bent on making using them difficult, or at least limited to their own set of rules. Spotify via Sonos now has gotten the 'great' Spotify Connect - but only by losing full integration via their own app. In other words, things are more breaking apart then they are coming together.
  3. Yep that's the spot As for keypad mode, that's not related to this as such.
  4. Good question. We've always pushed native services, and with good success. In general we only did Sonos if it was either existing, or on specific request of other services (mainly SiriusXM for us, some Spotify). With Napster (Rhapsody) becoming (officially) available again last year here in Canada that's even easier. We're looking into alternatives for services, but we've got a bad taste with Fusion when trying their (video) media players and follow up support so are hesitant there. Heos isn't there and not sure it will be, Amazon still not available here, Autonomics looks good but is expensive, not to mention it's still unclear where that will go now that SnapAV bought them (not that that is negative, just unknown)...... So, in short, not sure still what the best route to go is.
  5. Also, I will add that I do not recommend doing new installs quoting Sonos and Control4, we're discussing sites that have existing Sonos installs as per OP.
  6. No bait intended. And yes, I switch rooms all the time. It sounds like you did a replace with the old drivers, but are using it as you are used to. And yes, that's where the differences between old and new are a real pain. I can certainly check the - start in one, add number two and drop one right away setup, but I actually have a button that does that from my work bench to my sitting area - and used it every night for the past week... Can't really comment on setups combining connects, plays and play bars, as I've not used the new driver on it yet except in one location. I doubt the client there is combining them though, so any issues probably wouldn't show. I've NEVER been a big fan on combining connects into other matrices with plays, though for other reasons so have avoided that to begin with. If issues exists between Connects to a/v receivers , connect AMPS and plays, I've not encountered them (as in issues with C4)
  7. I'd have to say that that is not that big a project, and an EA3 can handle it no problem UNLESS the intend is to also add a ton of programming, and or you have a lot of processor heavy driver - but even then.... Question is are you intending to add much more. I would have to agree though that if you're looking at 4000 sqf - is that living space or house footprint? - 20 lights may leave you with a weaker mesh than preferable. You don't list any extenders for ZigBee though I would assume you wouldn't know to list them. Personally, based on the limited info, I would suggest you call him out on it, then talk about adding more lighting devices instead. Assuming of course the money wasn't in fact spent elsewhere to catch some of this (like the EA1 idea mentioned above).
  8. That's the one! I wasn't far off
  9. I'll check a client or two and post.
  10. No need to apologize - most of us got the idea I think. The rest of your post hits the nail on the head - it is much easier to NOT use managed switches. Add to that the general idea that C4 doesn't NEED a managed switch - gets little or no benefit from it - and yeah, there's no reason to spend the money on either the gear or the person to handle it.
  11. I'm certain you can get your hands on some Android TV devices there - perhaps @alanchow can remind me what brand he (partially?) developed his driver on. Keep forgetting the brand name (Draco something?) but I've advised a few clients of that one after they got their 'own' choices which failed miserably (downside of an open platform is that quality control o n the hardware is non existent) - and they've all loved it. I'm not sure the NVidia Shield is available there but that works well too. Even if you prefer 'manual' Kodi control over using the above mentioned driver - he developed a great android driver as well to utilize.
  12. I wouldn't revise it to that - I've got the driver running in several systems (most existing systems remain on the older drivers, only new installs for Endorsed so far), including my own personal one used daily, without a problem at all. The ONLY issue I currently have with the Endorsed driver (outside of disliking the limited functionality in general mind) is that we can't 'select' the Line In, and I'm seeing issues with some sources and or TVs where the Sonos' auto connect on line in just doesn't trigger - but that isn't the driver auto connect - that is Sonos' own.
  13. Axxess is NOT Card Access. Two completely different companies. Control4 didn't buy Card Access by the way, they just bought the rights and licensing for the Card Access InHome products (which is all the stuff Card Access made for C4 integration). Control4 also SELLS the compatible Nyce senors as partner products - not sure but don't think Nyce sells those direct and just because it's Nyce, doesn't mean it'll work with Control4, much like Kwikset or Yale for locks etc.
  14. Nice find - now I just need these things to be readily (officially) available here
  15. Note that they have an extensive manual that is free to download (along with the drivers) that covers most things. Also linked here: PowerSeries Serial Driver for Control4 - V220.pdf?dl=0