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  1. Swapping out legacy dimmers for APD dimmers

    It's been around for years and used regularly with no mention of failure that I've ever heard of let alone experienced.... If you're that fearful to even try it one by one ... well can't help you there.
  2. Swapping out legacy dimmers for APD dimmers

    Uhm. The new devices have the option to 'replace legacy device' allowing you to select which device to replace that does all this......easy button does exist.
  3. V2 screens still work fine on intercom - only the older Infinity edge loose intercom (just make sure you have V2 - the ones with a camera built in).
  4. ? I have some bulbs connected to a button and they ramp just fine on press and hold, then release.
  5. Carrier Infinity with control4

    Yes, which on my calendar is less than two weeks ago
  6. Carrier Infinity with control4

    LOL to be fair, it's been out for less than two weeks
  7. Control4 Intercom between Touchscreens Down?

    This is not uncommon and generally a reboot fixes it. Something about the screens being on a different than the main controller (ie right after the main controller reboots) causing a shut-out of the device I'd guess. 9/10 times it fixes itself, sometimes it does not
  8. Carrier Infinity with control4

    ~rolls eyes~ You're all SO behind in the times https://homeation.com/category/HVAC
  9. Honeywell Thermostats and C4

    But that was made by Crestron - for Crestron. Anyway, no idea why it was removed, but we recently did one aprilaire setup and we're struggling with it - wonder if whatever is causing the issues is the reason it was removed. As this affects us directly I'm trying to find out more info ASAP, should I learn anything, I'll post it.
  10. What does it take to get a dealer?

    I'm surprised you're having such a hard time - it's not that much of a hassle to revamp an existing system - though this is the 'price depends on final time used' kind of thing due to the number of possible unknowns site unseen.
  11. No, nothing to be had there - though there may be logs created when something gets moved from wired to wireless and back, those would get overwritten in a matter of days if not hours, plus any controller reboot would clear it. I also don't see how it would help to begin with to prove anything about him doing the wiring or not. I'd look at the dealer contract and/or contact the builder or renovator if you had one, see if they have logs/sign in sheets of work done.
  12. Screen Saver Picture Frame

    Hmm weirdest thing, I'll try that out.
  13. Heh, yes until you get hit with import costs, and I'm counting CAD not USD
  14. My apologies for the frustration

    LOL let's go completely off topic for a second. It SORT of does and isn't an old wives tale as such, the idea is based on an actual effect - just look at all major weather formation 'spinning' the other way one opposite sides of the equator. The practical reality is however that what ever force or whatever direction the force of the flow is, is the direction the water will flow as the effect of the earth's rotation isn't strong enough on such a small surface to counteract the initial direction of the flow - ie most toilets don't flush straight down, but water is inserted at an angle - that is the angle the vortex at the drain will have. Even a sink being fraction of a mm off-level would create a directional flow that the effect of the earth's rotation wouldn't be able to counter. So, being on one side of the equator creates a tendency for things to flow or spin in a certain direction, but the effect in a small area is so minimal that in most cases the direction of a vortex is due to external circumstances not the earth's rotation. Even tornadoes, while MOST turn counter clockwise in the norther half and MOST clockwise in the southern half, there have been recordings on either side of the equator of them going the 'other' way as well. Hurricanes/Cyclones/Typhoons on the other hand are spread out over such vast areas that even if the original storm were to form spinning in one directions the effect of the earth's rotation would force it in the 'correct' direction. Why do I know this and bother to even react? Because my science teacher gave me a failing grade on my thesis because he was adamant I was wrong so I had to go and prove this to the regional educational board to be fact to get my grade to 100%