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  1. C4 Motion Sensors

    I'd look closely at the HOPS then - just because there is a repeater in place doesn't mean that it will connect direct, or connect to the repeater at all. Physical distance means little (well, assuming there is range) - the 'distance' in hops is what matters. Also note that those nodes are considered sleepy devices, and there is a limit to how many sleepy devices a single node can support. Don;'t know if you've tried this or not, but I would create a second mesh with a secondary controller as zserver and zapcoordinator, connect the repeaters you got along with the two motions - and nothing else.
  2. C4 Motion Sensors

    How far are the repeaters away from a controller? I've seen some of those motions act wonky when they make too many jumps (and that is why I recommend the Axxess pieces)
  3. If it's rogue programming, or an error (bug) triggered by programming, eliminating all programming 100% by unidentifying it and adding it back in as a separate/new keypad (with no programming attached) would rule it either out or in. It would just be the first step mind you.
  4. Hmm it's a weird one for sure. The one easy way to eliminate 'stray' programming is to have the device unidentified, ad an extra driver and ID the keypad in there, then manually set LEDS. If nothing happens after that, it's programming somewhere...
  5. Current LED status, set for programmable or other...
  6. Yes I know what you MEANT - was just using what you actually WROTE for a pun.
  7. Now back to OP - why insist on IP camera's at all? There are HD quality analogue cameras and DVRs that can handle the motion sensing and notification just fine, even SNAPAV's Luma line can do this. 'Course those are made in China so............
  8. ? So they banned the whole world from using them? If that worked, why are you even remotely concerned about the Chinese government? Dunno about you, but my login and password are not the same on any two devices. Proper precaution. And if they want to ironically stare at my Chinese inspired garden....from China - so be it. 'Course, you're assuming I send anything to the cloud to begin with. If you're so concerned, then worry about who has access to that cloud.
  9. Uhm. Any reason why you can't use the built in options? Press and hold select to toggle dim - or if you prefer, highlight the desired light, and pres 0 for 0%/100% 1 for 10%, 2 for 20%.......etc? do you really need the 5% step? Ye, this works for all C4 lighting (well dimmers) - also works for Hue lighting and many other 3rd party lighting.... That said as above, you can program a button to increment a light at 'x' level. go to the light's device variables (press those + signs!), find the LIGHT_LEVEL variable and.... WHEN [button] is pressed [room]->[light]->LIGHT_LEVEL = [room]->[light]->LIGHT_LEVEL + [x] yeah it's a long string there but it basically just means you'll increase the light's % by the number [x]. Obviously use "- [x]" to lower it on the second button
  10. 60? HAH! you do NOT want to know my full back-up size You got nothing to worry about.
  11. Is C4 for me?

    C4 is and will be a dealer model - there is no indication that this will change. Without going into the discussion of how, what, why - keep that in mind. Basically zero. Doing so goes against the dealer agreement, and dealers, including some of the biggest (volume) dealers, have been terminated for it. I never say never - and nothing is impossible, but.....'technically not allowed' doesn't even begin to cover it. Simply put, the ONLY things you truly CANNOT do is add device drivers and make/change connections - two items that can be done quite easily (as in quickly, so cheaply) remotely by a dealer if required. This is assuming you buy a copy/license for ComposerHE (one time charge). Oh I suppose you cannot rename a driver either - thought there's a driver made to allow you to do this anyway With that out of the way: I don't think C4 will play overly nice with the HAI audio. Ability to to in-room volume control on a keypad will depend on the wires there - if there is a spare 2 conductor (or more) to be used - then yes. This can be accomplished in several ways at that point. Based on the limited knowledge of the current setup, I would have the current integrator take care of security and lighting for RA2, leaving audio/video to the side. Tstats could be done too - though I'd suggest going with something else (C4 or other 3rd party, plenty of options). Leave RA2 as a separate system, no tie-in to HAI RA2 can be integrated quite well into C4 - HAI as a security system is OK too. Have C4 take care of audio/video directly, integrating the HAI and RA2. Only you can decide if 'C4 is right for you'.
  12. You are correct in that backlight is only per keypad - I would expect also that it's a bleed from the top keypad LED (older engraving?). You may not have programmed it but it could be that the keypad/dimmer is indicating a fault. Indeed: There are no keypad switches, so you may be using a dimmer wrongly as a switch.... I would start by looking at the device under monitoring - properties to see what it says there....
  13. Setting up doorbird

    All the IF statements are not needed and should be removed, the recall also should be taken out, that may actually conflict with it to begin with. This is where you misunderstand the 'snapshot' driver - it's not a snapshot of who's at the door - it's a snapshot of the state of the system, which can then be used to revert back to that state.
  14. BlueIris: what exactly does it do?

    It would likely be cheaper to just drop a few 'purple' drives into the computer for storage though, plus you're dropping even more traffic onto the network - but yeah that works fine as well.