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  1. Cyknight

    Duplicate notifications

    email to text? I've seen that happen on occasion - the issue is generally on the provider side, and bugging them like hell usually gets it solved...for a time
  2. Cyknight

    Question on keypads

    KCB is the WIRED keypad for use with panelized lighting - these are NOT rated for 110/220 but are powered by a remote 48v powersupply, and talk over a (wired, hende the name) keybus device. Auxilliary keypad is for multi-way light load control where a cheap alternative is required. You CANNOT program these keypads, they will ONLY trigger the connected switch or dimmer. They are also NOT backlit or have LED indicators NORMAL (wireless) Keypads are programmable to do whatever you want, but do NOT directly control a load (in other words if you've got one switch now to control a light, you cannot use them or you'd completely lose control) and are often used in multi-way setups to allow added functions. These are powered by 110/220 (for the picky people, they can indeed be powered low voltage, and yes are often used in a panelized lighting system to boost zigbee)
  3. Cyknight

    Using Variables

    First part, STOP is redundant Second part just do IF variable is TRUE send notification.... Keep code clean
  4. Cyknight

    HC-800 Audio input

    While redundant, you could use a Sonos connect with it's input and set it to feed into the amps, and set it's auto room features.
  5. Cyknight

    Triggering actions from Sonos state

    For Sonos, this is handled inside the driver. For HE, go to monitoring, find the Sonos, and select the properties tab - look for auto power rooms and set appropriately. System will take it from there.
  6. Cyknight

    HC-800 Audio input

    No, controllers do not have the ability to sense/program off of sensing. Control4 matrix amplifiers as well as Control4 & Triad Matrix switches DO have that ability, so do some 3rd party Matrix switches (VideoStrom is one of them I believe) though I haven't tested it on anything but Control4 gear.
  7. EITHER one should have the ability to set an NTP server - which probably wasn't done so it's defaulting to a standard time (I'm guessing 0:00 GMT or Shanghai)
  8. On what? Control4 doesn't show time, so if you're seeing it on a screen I'd guess it's being added to the stream from the camera or the DVR. I would hope a DVR can set the time itself...cameras may not though.
  9. Cyknight

    Looking to integrate fireplace

    Glad to hear it 😁
  10. Cyknight

    C4 Door Station DS2 video quality

    The default rtsp should be that resolution. Other streams used inside the intercom and intercom app or for screens may be different, not sure. Basically, al you would need to do is is use the 'auto config' option and all should be correct on the DS2. From there, the trick is getting the correct connection in the NVR. ONVIF is now allowed without a license, however using ONVIF can apparently negatively impact the performance of intercom/intercom anywhere, so rtsp is preferred: rtsp://IP_ADDRESS/h264_stream Username- root Password- t0talc0ntr0l4!
  11. Cyknight

    Video Storm vs. Just Add Power

    Suggested doesn't mean have to. In the case of the blackwire driver, the switch isn't part of any other network, in case of the JAP driver, their own setup program for the switch takes care of isolating the unit with all the right settings. I'm more talking about software changes here, not hardware failure
  12. Cyknight

    Video Storm vs. Just Add Power

    You NEVER HAD to buy a switch via Blackwire. Blackwire has it's own drivers for some setups, but JAP has their own driver as well. Blackwire OFFERS preconfigured systems for a very reasonable price, but it is not a MUST. Yes JAP requires a managed switch (though using the JAP driver you can use additional outputs if you so desire). And yes that DOES limityou to certain brands as well. That said, while JAP doesn't REQURE a dedicated switch, it certainly would be advisable to keep all that traffic seperated. VideoStorm has GREAT customer service, JAP and Blackwire truly excel at it though. but it wouldn't be a breaking point in any considerations here. The whole 'you can use a fireTV' thing is a wash really - you can easily argue in both directions with full validity. Yes it makes it easy, but also yes, there's risk involved in depending on third (fourth?) party devices that are outside of your control. Me, I'll go with JAP. VideoStorm's delay would drive me nutz in switching and device control vs visible response. That said, while JAP is a fantastic product, for the same reason I personally prefer HDBaseT over IP - but Video over IP modular options do make it a close call.
  13. Cyknight

    How to get IR code for older Sony stereo

    Anthing close in model numebr would likely be fine for a driver. If it comes down to learning code, then yes it requires ComposerPro.