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  1. True, but we're still not doing math here, we are in fact dealing with a 'name' if you will And it will never die!
  2. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    Point being that, in the end, they are in fact just trying to protect what's theirs. Failing or not. The root cause for HDCP and arguably HDMI at all is protection - take away the need for protection and...
  3. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    Yup, while we're at it let's just sit down and talk to everyone to end all forms of terrorism. That'll 'just work' for sure! We can get it done by tomorrow.
  4. Perhaps - not sure I quite agree as there is a LOT of things in flux at the moment, particularly on the voice control level. Even so I'm not sure Composer/the system is due a full overhaul. Regardless, that doesn't really influence the reasoning of using a ".10" designation as such
  5. Roku Replacement ?

    Exactly. To me the Roku is still the nicest integrated option. Personalyl I have no HDCP issue even with audio extraction, but I get not wanting to spend 100 bucks to get a 100 bucks device working - hence me noting that the ultra has optical which would require a cheap device to make it stereo - spend the same, get a brand new updated version of what you have and keep the functionality you know.
  6. Again, the issue is poor setup - MEdia Scenes are a possible option, but frankly I view these as a last resort. From the limited info I have on your system, you just need to change this into a single zone to begin with, and change your setup to acommodate that . Simply put, take a SINGLE output from the HDMI matrix and feed it into BOTH (locked!) inputs on your 4-zone matrix amplifier. This DOES assume your HDMI matrix has and is doing the volume control. If not, consider what you have for speakers, and if the 4 Zone can't jsut drive it as one zoner to begin with (it's a very capable amplifier and can handle 4 speakers no issue, and if need be more using a smart serial/parallel wiring scheme)/ If all else fails, Media Scenes are an option. In the end I go back to the same thing - you need to examine your base setup to start with - don't try to turn a Honda Civic inot a Ferrari by reprogramming the on-board computer
  7. Again, the issue is that your current setup is wrong - you're band-aiding and trying to work against the way C4 is setup to do all these things for you. You don't want matrix to matrix, you have no need to turn outputs 'off' and you do not need fancy programming to clone one deck to another. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS VIA PROGRAMMING. Either you have a hacked copy of Pro, or are an untrained dealer/dealer employee AND YOU ARE DOING THIS WRONG.
  8. Yep, matrix to matrix is never recommended - but there are several ways to get past that issue - in your particular scenario I'm assuming you have a 4-zone matrix amplifier. Normally speaking you would set that to fixed input. Alternatively there are drivers to force path settings. In the end, you need to have your baseline setup fixed, instead of trying to circumvent things via complex programming, which rarely works out quite the way you want it.
  9. Correct - also note that the complete, full version number actually contains letters as well as numbers (-rez for example). I get where you're coming from, but at the same time going to a .10 or beyond version number in software is fairly common, as the first number generally indicates mayor version overhauls vs additions and updates.
  10. Well, the first problem is that you're using programming at all - NON of this should require ANY programming, but it requires proper mapping of connections.
  11. Provided the HDMI inputs PLUS the coax inputs (yes they are separate inputs - and note that they are NOT outputs) are enough sources for you, then yes the C4 HDMI matrix has a full volume control audio matrix so a matrix switch is redundant. And the wireless music bridge predates Shairbridge, and yes that made them largely redundant IF you're an Apple user - the music bridge also does Bluetooth and DLNA.
  12. Sure, but you're not doing math here so the rules don't apply.
  13. Control4 Matrix Switches

    And the AppleTV is specifically spec'd for SDR at 60 fps, but not at HDR.
  14. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    Everyone, tell all you know to stop copying movies, stop downloading movies and illegally streaming movies. Once everyone stops doing that and starts paying for movies, we can talk to the movie companies and tell them - hey we are all no longer pirating, so let's spread the cost out across people better, lowering everyone's cost and let go of all the security in place. That'll work right