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  1. Need qty. 7 or whatever you have lying around, please PM me.
  2. I bought a driver written by @Bogdy. Everything worked great, I could see that the generic Control4 motion driver was sensing motion and temperature just fine. However, I had an issue getting any programming to read the motion and trigger any events. I reached out to @Bogdy and he quickly set up some time to troubleshoot. Turns out it was a simple reboot of my controller that fixed the problem. Awesome support and awesome driver. https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers
  3. @SMHarman, where would I find that light to relay proxy driver?
  4. Using C4 Amps

    C4 amps have analog inputs, is there anyway to get line level audio from a location in the house far from the amp over Ethernet? I can't imagine there's a binding to the amp that can do this, perhaps some device that sits next to the amp that will accept audio over Ethernet and from that device, make the physical connection to the amp? There's got to be a way to distribute line level audio of Ethernet to reach my C4 amp.
  5. Hi, I'm binding the generic relay to a Wemo plug for a light. I was wondering how I could get the generic relay to show up in lights on navigator.
  6. I need them for these: (6) LDZ-102 (2) LSZ-101 (2) LSZ-3W1 (4) C4-KA-LA (perhaps more of these)
  7. Only white, prefer already on ZigBee pro. Need either used or old stock to keep the price down. PM me offers.
  8. Only in white, prefer already on ZigBee pro. Need either used or old stock to keep the price down. PM me offer.
  9. I need the 3 and 6 button keypads, can you PM me the price?
  10. Phillip Hue Motion Sensor

    How much does this driver cost? And fyi, is the link not working.
  11. Do you have anything in white?
  12. This Control4 webpage leads me to believe it is compatible: https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/locks
  13. So I upgraded to the Yale Assure Lock SL series (YRD256). I moved my ZigBee Module from my Yale Real Living lock to the Assure SL and it doesn't even power on. Yale support has no clue. Any dealers here know if the ZigBee module Yale sells works with Control4? https://www.shopyalehome.com/Products/Accessories/AYR202-ZB-HA-USA.aspx
  14. Preferably bronze. PM me.
  15. Still have the amp? If so PM me the price.