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  1. Still have the HC800 and HC300's?
  2. Still have this?
  3. If you still have the binary switch i'm interested

    1. konieczn


      I forget what I had posted, are you speaking of the Binary HDBaseT?

  4. And yes, I already tried the obvious, the simple power on off commands don't work.
  5. I'm currently using a Rotel RSP-1570 receiver serial driver and the documentation says: "This driver does not use the ON or OFF Proxy commands to control power to the unit. It uses the SET_INPUT command and DISCONNECT_OUTPUT commands to power the unit on or off, respectively." So I got the thing about setting an input to turn the reciever on and it works. I cannot find any command in the composer related to DISCONNECT_OUTPUT to turn it off. Somebody please help because I may be missing something obvious.
  6. Matt, I got the adapter, thanks, you're the best.
  7. Hi need several of the embernet version C4-SR250-Z-B and needs to be working. PM me with price.
  8. Anybody have one?
  9. Anybody have one?
  10. My battery no longer holds a charge. Need a new or good used one.
  11. Do you stlll have the touch screen?
  12. Dan, I'm in Houston, TX
  13. Any working condition will do but must be cheap.
  14. Perhaps if anybody has a dead speaker point or the right power adapter lying around.
  15. I'm interested if you still have these. You can PM me.