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  1. I setup a second dummy camera in Blue Iris; then the driver in C4 worked as expected. Seems like there may be a little issue with the driver logic when querying Blue Iris for the camera list and only getting one item in the response.
  2. Sorry, forgot the attachment...
  3. Hi Gary, I've attached an image of the Webcast tab for my camera. I've got Enable checked for the web/mobile streaming. Going back to the Lua output, it looks like the problem is the communication between the driver and the Blue Iris web server for the metadata that's exchanged when for or immediately after fetching the list of cameras. Would someone mind setting the debug level to trace, clicking Reinitialize on the Actions tab, and posting the Lua output so I can see compare what I have to a normal set of log messages?
  4. Yeah, had already setup Control4/control4. I just tried setting as an admin, but same result. I don't see an option for enabling video streaming on the user profile. I've attached the dialog window of the user I'm using so you can see my settings.
  5. I have Blue Iris software installed on a computer in the same network as C4, with one HikVision camera connected. Everything works. Running Director V2.9, and using Blue Iris Static IP Camera DAD driver V107. The driver properties appear to be correctly configured since the Blue Iris version and System Name properties are successfully retrieved. However, the Camera Selector dropdown doesn't get populated in conjunction with an error "No response, check all credentials." I have checked credentials, and also tested from another device on the network. Turning on tracing shows that the camera I have setup in Blue Iris is successfully retrieved, but the error seems to subsequently occur as a result of an "OnInitTimerExpired" log message. Lua output follows: >>ExecuteCommand(LUA_ACTION) ACTION: Reinitialize >>HTTP Authentication: Basic Q29udHJvbDQ6Y29udHJvbDQ= >>Starting Timer: Init >>ReceivedAsync[28]: Response Code: 200 Length: 99 >>ReceivedAsync[28]: Data: {"result":"fail","session":"4aa6468e63a95d8d5c7b446f1d100c7d","data":{"reason":"missing response"}} >>HTTP Authentication: Basic Q29udHJvbDQ6Y29udHJvbDQ= >>ReceivedAsync[29]: Response Code: 200 Length: 1379 >>ReceivedAsync[29]: Data: {"result":"success","session":"4aa6468e63a95d8d5c7b446f1d100c7d","data":{"system name":"Clarke","admin":false,"streamtimelimit": 01/13/17 21:40:51 : Logged into Blue Iris OK >>HTTP Authentication: Basic Q29udHJvbDQ6Y29udHJvbDQ= >>ReceivedAsync[30]: Response Code: 200 Length: 548 >>ReceivedAsync[30]: Data: {"result":"success","session":"4aa6468e63a95d8d5c7b446f1d100c7d","data":[{"optionDisplay":"Front Entry","optionValue":"front","t 01/13/17 21:40:51 : Select camera from list >>OnInitTimerExpired 01/13/17 21:40:56 : No response, check all credentials Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. gxclarke

    Question: Stream AV to computers on network?

    That's exactly what I was looking for. I just bought the HD version (Slingbox SOLO) from Amazon for $145. Thanks very much!
  7. gxclarke

    Question: Stream AV to computers on network?

    It is AV sources that I am interested in, i.e. Audio and Video. I have several video sources (2 Directv receivers, a DVD player, a PS3 console, a Media Center PC, and an auxiliary input) connected to my C4 system via an audio matrix switch and a video matrix switch, and I'd like to be able to select them to watch from the computer, similarly to what I can currently already do for the TVs around the house.
  8. We have quite a few computers around the house and I keep thinking it would be nice to tap into the C4 AV distribution capability directly from the computers, so I can watch or listen to a source device through a PC. I would anticipate this solution involves setting up the computer network as a zone with a dedicated home theater controller. The AV signal would need to be streamed over the LAN (which would likely require a hardware encoding device), which could be viewed from the PC using a video player such as Windows Media Player. Remote control of the zone could potentially be via a software application on the PC, or more simply, I could just use a C4 remote. Has anyone implemented something like this, or have any idea how this can be implemented? Thanks, Gary
  9. It's usually dark in a theater room and there are almost 50 buttons on the remote control. After a bit of practice I can find a few of them reliably now but I still have to turn on my room lights half the time. For now my workaround is to raise the lighting a little when the pause button pressed and turn it back off when play is pressed. Thanks to my dealer for that idea. I would like to have a button on the side that lights up all the remote control buttons for a few seconds. Hopefully this will be in the version 3. Regards, Gary
  10. I ran into some problems trying to scan my music into C4, and I didn't find the answer in this forum so I thought I would share the solutions in case anyone else has the same problem. 1. The network share name cannot contain spaces. The scan fails to scan anything if the share name has a space in it even though you can connect to the share without any problem. This is particularly easy to get trapped by since the default share created by Windows is actually called "Shared Music". 2. WMA files are not supported. This is not specified in the help file, although it does refer to music files as MP3 files. If you need to convert a lot of WMA files to MP3 (I had around 9,000) I recommend Blaze Media Pro. I didn't find another tool that would retain the original file structure in the destination folder for the converted files. The others I tried would put the files into a single directory, which is unusable for bulk conversion of many albums. Hope this helps, Gary
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    I would like to see some options for configuring the Composer user interface. For example, I would like to be able to set my preference that the system configuration tree view be expanded only to the room level rather than fully expanded to display each device. I find myself out of habit collapsing these nodes for a less cluttered and easier to navigate view. Regards, Gary
  12. Of course... I was making it unnecessarily complicated. Nice post, and thanks for your help. I guess that for right now lighting scenes are the key to initiating remote actions. Regards, Gary
  13. I have my system setup with a Home and an Away button, which among other things sets an override on the thermostats while we're away and clears them when we get home (with the hope of decreasing our electric bill). We go away fairly regularly to visit family who live a couple of hours away, and I thought it would be nice to remotely tell the system that we will be "home soon" so that the in-house climate is nice when we arrive home. Steps to do this were: 1. Script a keypad button press to delay 90 minutes then press the "Home" keypad button. 2. Create a lighting scene called "Home Soon" to press the new keypad button. I have two issues with this solution. First, I had to use a real button to setup the action. Is there an alternative technique (like a "virtual button")? Second, I had to create a lighting scene because that's the only way I could find to initiate the action over the web (via 4Sight). Is there another way of triggering this remotely? Thanks for any info, Gary
  14. gxclarke

    Composer HE updates

    Thanks for the info... I only got mine this week and it seems like it is already at least two minor versions behind. I'll check with my dealer on Monday for the updated version.
  15. gxclarke

    rename variables

    This would be very useful, especially since the names are actually visible in the end-user C4 interface. I just had to delete and recreate several lighting scenes because I wanted to change their names to something more meaningful. Regards, Gary