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  1. Good question - here's my thoughts. Control4 used to use C++ compiled drivers. However in 1.6 with the driverworks SDK they included LUA extensions. There's some interesting conversation here, but probably the short order of why it was picked 10 years ago is that it's lightweight, fast, and has a "relatively light" learning curve. Remember back in 2008 when 1.6 was released, the HC300 had specs similar to a 400MHZ processor and 256MB ram. The EA5 today has multicore arm processor and 2GB ram - so yes hardware improved but you still want efficiency because we are now doing much more - 1080p on-screen, Android based UI, tons of 3rd party integrations (compared to 2008, this was before the 4 store even and the 6 year flash navigator experiment), etc. Someone else who spends a lot of time in it like Alan Chow or Ryan (who helped develop Driverworks for Control4) can probably offer more accurate insight.
  2. The image works fine, but that link won't work for anyone who's not a dealer.
  3. Which model?
  4. Yes, thats what the gap is about. No opinion on window material.
  5. You can still use the wired flush magnets, but you might consider those with a slightly wider gap to account for the expansion. On this website they have 1", 3/4", 3/8", 1/2" gap options for example. I would look up the model number of the existing ones and try to find the next gap size up. But also, if you are changing windows to more efficient ones, it may be less susceptible due to a different material type.
  6. The executive phone is just a 7" touchscreen that runs android, I'm certain the OP was just loading the Control4 app for android on it.
  7. Hopefully you have better luck getting in touch with Houselogix (SNAPAV now) than we have.
  8. Curious as to what the Epic driver offers over the native Control4 Alexa integration.
  9. I have some at my house that I've been moving to the current gen lighting - how many are you looking for and how much?
  10. Also with regard to cameras, I would recommend checking out Mobotix. They have a new 6 megapixel line that which, while not 4k (8.3 megapixels), is still pretty fantastic especially considering there's no IR needed with the Moonlight tech.
  11. The info is not in that PDF - it was done with a different automation system at that house. We (diamond design) did it at a house in Florida with Control4. It is the second electronic multipoint lock & biometric install in North America we were told, and the first with Control4. We retrofit Hoppe electric multipoint locks to replace standard Hoppe mechanical multipoint locks. Used Invixium for biometric access. While invixium does tie to C4 (which we used for two way intercom to control4 portable t3 and to lock/unlock a different door that used a Baldwin lock), we used Invixium's built in authentication scheme and relays to trigger the unlock when authentication is successful. Of course with the Control4 tie in, it would bind a relay to the generic lock driver much like kwikset/yale/baldwin locks do, so sending the command to unlock the door goes to the Invixium, which in turn triggers Hoppe locks. Of course you don't need Invixium to trigger Hoppe, but the client wanted biometrics so that he didnt have to worry about re-keying and could set schedules for users. Hope that helps. If you need further assistance on your project I would be happy to put you in touch with people at Invixium or Hoppe. (Disclosure we are Invixium dealers.)
  12. Sounds like you should enlist the help of a dealer & Control4 tech support. They can enable some debug logging and get to the root cause of what the issue might be - driver issue, programming issue, hardware issue, etc.
  13. Budman, Yes, we are open. I apologize - if you've been trying to reach James he has been traveling and out of pocket a bit. I'll look for your voicemail in his inbox and reach out to you if that's ok.
  14. Cool, glad it was an easy fix. I've run into that before where the HVAC guys will terminate on the t-stat side but not on the unit.
  15. Sounds like the one that needs a battery is not getting the proper 24VAC from the unit. Likely that the common wire is connected at the thermostat but not actually connected to the proper terminal at the unit.