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  1. thecodeman

    Dish Network vs DirecTV?

    In your one particular case since you don't have genie minis, yes, but IP control is not reliable on the genie minis - no power on/off and if you get into a menu you have to reboot. Dish is a far superior integration as ip control works flawlessly on the hopper 3 and joey 4k boxes, and the Dish hardware is still ahead of DirecTV - 16 tuners, sling built in to stream all channels and DVR programs, OTA antenna support, 4K built into the DVR, tiler allowing you to watch 4 shows at once built into the DVR, faster response on the GUI....
  2. thecodeman

    Video over IP Matrix Switch (23x10)

    Currently, J+P supports 4K30 4:4:4 8 bit hdr 10 4k30 4:2:2 10 bit hdr 10 accept and convert 4k60 4:2:0 8 bit to 4k30 does nothing with 4k60 HDR10
  3. Don't do the Control4 HDMI matrix in my opinion. AVPro Edge makes a better HDBASET kit with scaling controls and full 4K 60 support.
  4. thecodeman

    4K Matrix Question

    Or just don't use the LU switches if you need scaling or other features they don't offer. AVPro Edge matrix switches like the AC-MX888-AUHD-GEN2 have the ability for you to set passthrough for 4K60 444 or to turn on a scaler for that output to downscale to 1080p.
  5. thecodeman

    Matrix c4-lu682

    Time for your dealer to call C4 tech support and do some troubleshooting. Make sure firmware and drivers are the latest, see about the status of the EDIDs being synced and re-run calibration, see if you need to lock zones or anything.
  6. thecodeman

    4K Matrix Question

    You can use them at the same time. Common use example would be HDMI coming from Directv into hdmi input 1 and digital coax from an EA controller into digital coax input 1. The audio input on the digital coax is only routed to the analog audio out on the leaf, it's not getting mixed in with the hdmi video or sent down the balun as digital coax.
  7. So the answer to this question is moip works* There are caveats to it (like lack of downmixing audio to send to audio matrix systems) and the system needs to be designed around that, and even then the consensus is on the dealer forums that the product is still very much beta. Do you really need an IP video distribution system? If not there are other HDMI matrices like AVPro Edge that pass all current specs of HDMI (4k 4:4:4 60) and work great. HDMI distribution is one of those areas that's not cheap and you do get what you pay for in most cases. I would encourage research of the right system for your needs, as I would hesitate to choose a new product based solely on price. "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. “
  8. thecodeman

    4K HDR & Atmos through C4 Matrix

    One other thing to check is your HDMI cables. Many cables aren't up to spec to pass 18gb and that's an easy thing to swap/troubleshoot for a known working cable either at the source or at the tv.
  9. There are a few different options of going past 50' with HDMI cables. For example, these BulletTrain HDMIs support 4k 60 4:4:4 HDR 18GB up to 40m/131'. They aren't cheap but with hdmi you get what you pay for in a lot of cases. https://www.bullettraincables.com/long-haul-aoc.html Tributaries is another great brand making HDMI cables that pass all current specs at distances up to 40m as well. https://www.tributariescable.com/products/UHDO
  10. thecodeman


    There's a big upgrade to when/then that adds support for the six and three button keypads, which is great.
  11. thecodeman


    Amazon music native, Deezer Hifi Support, When/then improvements, bug fixes, Add Music driver which allows you to add native music services like Pandora or Deezer without needing a dealer. Kind of a low-key CEDIA this year. The EA controllers were slightly refreshed before the show and the EA1 has a PoE model now.
  12. thecodeman


    If anything like the Crestron, RTI, et al remotes, they still do. Savant's old remote with the iPod touch at the top was pretty terribly balanced.
  13. thecodeman

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    I don't believe the video is stored anywhere, but I also don't have a DS2 to try this yet. However, I do know that people have been able to point the video from the ds2 camera to an NVR to record it.
  14. thecodeman

    Reboot controller

    You don't need the SSH password to set up the apps, just the login for your customer.control4.com account.
  15. thecodeman

    Control4 Approved Routers

    This is the only related thing I could find RE: firmwares and the K60D in the dealer knowledgebase: It is possible to update the K60D Router to firmware that is higher than what Pakedge Supports. Please try to keep your firmware no higher than 5.2.5 (from the date this article is written). The router will prompt you to upgrade between 5.2.7 and 5.4.X, but it is not advisable. The most common affect that we have seen is when the firmware is too high, the VLANs will stop intercommunicating. If you notice this issue, the best thing to do is downgrade the firmware. So, you can go to 5.2.5, but no higher unless you arent using vlans as you might have problems.