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  1. They are on the snapav website as well... under the product page for whichever model of camera you own....or you can call SnapAV for support and they can send you the driver.
  2. Unless you want an on-screen Control4 menu on that TV, you dont need a controller to get IR to turn on/off your tv - roku has an IP driver (controlled by the main 800 over the network), and Control4 makes a Zigbee to IR piece thats small and has two IR outputs (needs power though). The 300 as a slave wont control a sonos speaker, as that is IP control and runs on the 800 as well.
  3. Yes, thats not needed since the collection management driver monitors for changes in the MMDB on the computer running mymovies (which itself will go to the MM cloud database to retrieve the metadata, or you can input the info manually if you like) and then brings that into C4.
  4. When you go to the media tab and scan for movies, that's control4's built-in services with Gracenote. The collection management driver in your case should be doing that, but there may be some kind of conflict going on when you're trying to use both that prevents the coverart from being retrieved from MyMovies.
  5. My apologies, 4MP.
  6. I use the Luma 500 series 4MP (2592x1520) cameras as my default camera now. Easy integration and good app.
  7. As Alan/Cy has said, f you're a dealer already with them (houselogix), buying and managing keys is easy through the website. However, as others have noted, support has been slow/lacking since the buyout.
  8. You're looking at about $2900 give or take.
  9. Personally I've quit doing hdbt and use just add power for video distribution. But yes, if you pull shielded cat6 or 7 you should be good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. It's not going to be a firmware update. New hardware chips needed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. How many inputs and outputs do you need? As stated above the Control4 one does 4:2:0, and their new stuff only has 2 local hdmi out - most are rj45 with hdbaset. I dont know of any off hand that will do a traditional 8x8 matrix with 4:4:4 on 4k/60.
  12. They just completed a reference design for the specs and introduced it at ISE, so I dont expect anything to ship with those capabilities until later this year or early next.
  13. It will need to be the master controller of the project registered to your account for that to work with the 2.0+ license. At that point, yes it can be used to upgrade your system past 1.6, but I'm afraid that for a quicker system on 2.0+ you'll want more horsepower than the HC300 provides.
  14. Not on the back, but I'd guess the best way to tell is if the Control4 logo on the front is the new "sickle and hammer" style, or the old style. Logo was changed in sept 2010, and the HC200/300/500 were replaced by the 250/800 in jan 2012. OS 2.0 came out in sept 2009. So if you get one with the new logo, it was made between sept 2010 and jan 2012.... approximately.
  15. C4-HC300C-E-B is the last model variant that they did. Slightly faster processor than the previous model.