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  1. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Dont forget to assign a static ip or DHCP reservation to the appleTV
  2. Latest 2.10 Release

    It's still called 2.10, I think this last release was for some doorstation bugs.
  3. No, however the Dish Network Hopper 3 MSP (media services proxy) does. I can view recordings for example on my DVR and select a show directly. Does not push the guide data though.
  4. Your dealer needs to add the network file share driver to the project, which will have a location to fill in the share's network address and user name/password if needed. After that, you can scan your media with HE.
  5. New Amazon Fire UltraHD with Leaf

    You'll probably need your dealer to run a re-calibration on the leaf with all sources/displays on so that it can learn the new EDIDs.
  6. Jandy pool pumps, RGB LEDs, heater, Aqualink

    You can do this with the Control4 iAqualink driver, but the aux that controls your lights needs to be defined as not just turn the light on/off but for colors too. You can then choose the colors or to cycle through like "USA" pre set color mode which does red/white/blue for example. Easy fix.
  7. Fan Control on Fire!

    It's probably not the "running" draw that's the issue, but the motor start-up. You might want to have an electrician meter it. IANAElectrician, I have a guy who is on our team, so I let him handle these things but I did find this that might help https://diy.stackexchange.com/questions/78461/how-to-determine-not-estimate-starting-amperage-of-a-motor
  8. Collection Management Driver and OS2.10

    I'll have to defer to James on that one, I haven't configured mymovies in quite a while personally so I'm rusty.
  9. So, you work for houselogix, or did you just decrypt their driver?
  10. Ecobee3 or Ecobee3 lite

    IMO nest's newest is ugly, the all white thing. I have a honeywell color touch screen at home but that was before the new Ecobees. I would get either an ecobee 3 lite or maybe a 4 to replace my alexa thats on the stand about 4' away.
  11. Ecobee3 or Ecobee3 lite

    Ecobee 4 has Alexa and an occupancy sensor built-in. There's a comparison on this page https://shop.ecobee.com/products/ecobee4
  12. Top Golf / Control4

    And still are. That's all they do now.
  13. Best Door Station

    It looked good, like how I had hoped the doorstation would function from day 1 LOL
  14. 2.10 meltdown

    I mean.... no? No, I'll pass on having my house linked up with someone else. Thanks though.
  15. 2.10 meltdown

    I'm sure there are large projects, lots of dealers participate in the beta testing and we don't all have the same system that's for sure. But unfortunately my client's 30,000' house with 25 video zones, 9 panels of panelized lighting, etc etc. is NOT a house that I want to run the beta on - nor would they want me to.