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  1. EA1

    Can you call control4 tech support? They will be able to troubleshoot your project with you as a dealer to find out the cause of the freeze and a solution.
  2. The IP address scheme is different on the genie minis. Ony our current setup, it's probably the IP address plus the name of the dvr, like "master bed". For the genie 2 and mini genies, they all use the ip address of the genie 2, and then will be identified uniquely by their name, like "guest bed", "family" etc. We don't do Genie minis with IP control. Strictly IR, as you can't power on/off the boxes, if you get into certain menus the unit quits responding to IP control. This is all known limitations from DirecTV's side - not Control4.
  3. Eero Router

    I'm hearing decent things about Eero Pro, but have yet to use it myself or with a Control4 system.
  4. Amplifier, receiver and matrix products

    The LU10802D, for example, does not have stereo audio inputs if you need them. You get audio from the HDMI and SPDIF (digital coax) inputs, and then audio is sent out either over HDMI or the stereo L/R RCA jacks to go to the power amps as you describe. If there isn't a need for matrixed distributed stereo audio in the project - usually for secondary audio streams out of a controller or audio-centric sources like a SONOS connect, or Fusion Duet streamer, you'll be ok.
  5. CEDIA 2017

    Hard to say 100%. C4 historically has never pre-announced anything, but based on history you can bet on either a software update, some new hardware, or both.
  6. NEW: Control4 Apps for T3 Touchsceen.

    Nice work Alan!
  7. Amplifier, receiver and matrix products

    Zektor has a nice 8x8x16 hdmi/audio matrix that will do 5.1 dolby downmixing off the hdmi to the stereo outputs as well. Local mirrored HDMIs are a plus too, if you have a surround zone where the receiver is in the rack, you can use the CAT output to send video to the display and the mirrored hdmi to go to the receiver for audio. They also have some spiffy baluns to go with it
  8. Plex on Mac mini

    Looks good.
  9. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    hmm. Neat.
  10. New Driver: Battery Agent

    I too am having a bug with SR260 battery levels in a project - the master bath remote is perpetually at 9%
  11. No, you can use IR.
  12. Anthem® | MRX Series | MRX 1120

    Just put an 1120 in our Gold demo theater this week and used the driver on Anthem's site (not the Annex4 one). Be sure to update the firmware via USB and turn on the option for network standby.
  13. I guess we'll just have to wait until Sept. 9, less than a month away
  14. I recently switched to Dish as well at my own home, and I love the hopper 3.
  15. This HS17 is the most bizarre thing. Looks like a giant modem, not rack mountable, no local video support, only 7 tuners. Reported a 25% speed boos to the clients which is nice. Can not be paired with any other dvr and only one on the account total. So more like an in-and-out for the ATT techs.