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  1. AV Receiver 4K IP Recommendation?

    I like the Sony ES receivers starting with the 1100ES, Anthem is great for ARC room correction via laptop (handy if your receiver is located elsewhere), and AudioControl.
  2. I do this with alexa and dish, with the dish skill. Doesn't use control4 but it also doesnt require any programming of the channels. I can even say, "show me tom hanks movies".
  3. Distance between controller and alarm panel

    Serial distances are always a problem. I extend the keypad bus on my alarm integrations so that the serial piece goes right at the controllers, as the keypad bus doesn't care it can go hundreds of feet to keypads. Use either alarm keypad wire or cat cable in a pinch.
  4. *Wanted* ADA Cinema Rapture

    They aren't made anymore, so you must be looking for used? Have you tried Audiogon, etc.?
  5. Control4 Dimmers versus Lutron

    I didn't read the quote, and I don't know the integrator, but based on comments in this thread including this one above - the quote smells like a new dealer to Control4. I would encourage competitive quotes, though it may be apples to potatoes. Ask for references and then call them. See prior work. Ask about post-install service. It's an ongoing relationship.
  6. C4 Leaf 4k Matrix Switch

    It looks like the LTPTP kit is 4k 24 fps, or HDMI 1.4, so not really 4K as we know it today, requiring HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 http://api.yatun.cz/docs/Y000593/dokumentace/LTPTP--Produktov√° informace--EN.pdf I can't find anything on the LTTX / LTRX except some random ebay auction items, which dont list any technical information. I suspect that the part number was changed later to reflect the LTPTP TX and LTPTP RX as part of the LTPTP kit... and that you got early screenprinted labels. So technically you did get a 4K capable balun, but what you might actually need is the UltraHD capable extenders/receivers. https://www.control4.com/docs/product/leaf-4k-uhd-hdbaset-receiver-class-a/data-sheet/english/latest/leaf-4k-uhd-hdbaset-receiver-class-a-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf
  7. Well, in their defense, this matrix switch came out 6 years ago in 2011, and 4 years before C4 acquired them in 2015... so I can see how they might not have that information handy.
  8. Ditch the Sonos, keep Control4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Has your dealer called c4 support to make sure the driver and firmware are correct and tried troubleshooting with them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Job seeker

    You'll also appreciate the heck out of Control4's Composer Pro software, even compared to Accelerator 2.0, but that's just my opinion.
  11. Integrate Hunter Douglas Powerview (2nd Gen hub)

    A quick google search for the Powerview hub gen 2 returned this doc on the Powerview, and while gen 1 does have a serial port it also has ethernet like gen2. https://my.hunterdouglas.com/content/PowerView/mobile/index.html#p=37 I downloaded the Powerview driver from the Control4 online database, and noticed that it's last modified date was in 2015, and only asks for an IP address and does not offer a serial connection for use with Control4. I have a friend who recently joined the Hunter Douglas team, and we shared a sentiment that HD integration to control4 has been....less than stellar... and it's one of his priorities to improve. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, we'll see the fruits of his labor.
  12. Lowes Harbor Breeze Fan Home Automation

    Unfortunately, these fans are not Wifi or Zigbee, but regular old RF around the 300mhz spectrum. These guys here did some looking into it back in the day. http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/mboard/rc-x10/thread.cgi?2830 However, if you pull up the FCC ID of the remote on the FCC website and find that it has a 433mhz frequency, you can spend about $150 or so on a Matterlink if you have a free ethernet port and a place to put this guy nearby. https://www.matterlink.sg/ceiling-fan.html Otherwise, you'll need to swap the fan out if an electrician can verify that they aren't able to separate the light/fan circuits to two switches on your wall.... kind of the reverse installation of this install guide for their remote. http://pdf.lowes.com/installationguides/671961408374_install.pdf If you can get the fan to operate with a toggle switch for the fan, and a toggle switch for the light, then you can install the Control4 fan speed controller and a Control4 dimmer.
  13. According to the air cleaner 5000 pdf, it looks like the unit comes on whenever the HVAC system is turned on. Additionally, you can use the control module that comes with it to set other run times. It looks like the Air Cleaner can be hooked up to I1 and I2 on the thermostat, but you should have your HVAC professional check this out to make sure. Control4 can do event-based air cleaning. The humidifier/dehumidifier also hooks up to I1and I2. I'm not sure if you can have both humidity control and air control at the same time on these same ports. Perhaps have the cleaner set to run whenever the HVAC system does, and then have the humidifier setup on the I1/I2 ports so you can call it when needed. Best to consult with the HVAC technician to ensure proper functionality.
  14. Details of the JAP 749AVP

    The HDCP IS NOT BEING STRIPPED. This is important. Their devices are licensed by HDMI, and certain models have Dolby Digital licensing as well, for standard surround or Atmos - something that must be paid for per box. The 3G line that does 4K is HDCP 2.2 compliant. So this isn't some fly by night hack and is part of the reason for some of the cost compared to other AV/IP products because they pay for licensing and compliance. Transmitters handshake to the source device, and from EDID discover the capabilities of the device. Receivers handshake to the display, and from EDID discover capabilities of the display. HDCP is maintained, but the source doesn't have to handshake with the up to 65,000 displays that can be supported in a J+P system, and the display doesn't have to handshake with up to 4,000 supported sources. This is probably an oversimplification and may leave out other pertinent information. The easiest thing you can do is 1) List the qty /supported resolution of all the sources 2) List the qty / supported resolution of all the displays 3) send this list via your integrator to blackwire. They will recommend part numbers based on the needs of the project, and ask if you have any special needs such as distribution of dolby atmos, receiver zones, video walls, etc. 4) when purchased from blackwire, the kit comes firmware updated, labeled, and preconfigured so that the install is plug and play. Your control system driver (in your case c4) is included as well. The most "difficult" part would be adding a static route in your router. 5) enjoy
  15. JAP "for Dummies"

    Hi Wap, welcome to the J+P party! It is great, and I have been a proponent of them since 2009. I'm friends with a lot of the folks there in Florida, good people doing great things, and the partnership with Blackwire - while they aren't the only distributor of J+P - is amazing since they add so many layers of icing on the cake for the integrator to deliver a polished solution to the end user. Here's a throwback to the first generation of J+P HDMI distribution from CEDIA 2009, video by yours truly. Many improvements have come since then, including (importantly) being able to mix and match 4K with their 3G line. Being able to have a 4K source like Dish's Hopper 3.0 shared across TVs from a Sony 65" 4K in the master bedroom to a 32" 1080p in the kitchen is something that J+P can do with ease... not something I can say for a lot of other solutions on the market that have caused me grey, reduced hair.