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  1. Switches

    Basically you install the caseta lighting, Install the smart bridge pro, get the lutron lights and their app up and working perfectly, the Control4 dealer installs drivers and gets device IDs as mentioned by Ryan, setup a static/reserved IP on the bridge and you're good to go. The price point is nice but they arent very pretty looking, and you'll probably want to get the Pro dimmers too for their higher load handling and be aware of any special needs for 3+ way lights. Also there is officially a 50 device limit for the Caseta/smart bridge pro from Lutron.
  2. Layer3 TV all HD 4K

    Just to clarify, they advertise that it's all HD channels, not all is in 4K though - the box does support 4K output.
  3. If you need one though we are dealers
  4. Sorry, no. This sold years ago. I think Jan 2014.
  5. C4-16AMP3-B vs. C4-16S2-E-B

    This was really only an issue on the first gen amps. Bearing would give and the fan would stop potentially causing heat to have the amp fail. Newer units with the redesigned face I have not experienced this issue with.
  6. Wireless Dimmer DIM1-zx

    +1 either still attached to the old zigbee network and not solid green top/bottom LEDs, or too old for the system and still on Embernet / too new and on ZigbeePro with the system on Embernet.
  7. HC300 Question

    They are probably set on static IPs on a different subnet than what you're using. A network reset should bring them up.
  8. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    My tapatalk app says that " is currently unavailable in Tapatalk"
  9. diamond design Control4 Showroom Vids

    You're welcome, glad we could help!
  10. Good question - here's my thoughts. Control4 used to use C++ compiled drivers. However in 1.6 with the driverworks SDK they included LUA extensions. There's some interesting conversation here, but probably the short order of why it was picked 10 years ago is that it's lightweight, fast, and has a "relatively light" learning curve. Remember back in 2008 when 1.6 was released, the HC300 had specs similar to a 400MHZ processor and 256MB ram. The EA5 today has multicore arm processor and 2GB ram - so yes hardware improved but you still want efficiency because we are now doing much more - 1080p on-screen, Android based UI, tons of 3rd party integrations (compared to 2008, this was before the 4 store even and the 6 year flash navigator experiment), etc. Someone else who spends a lot of time in it like Alan Chow or Ryan (who helped develop Driverworks for Control4) can probably offer more accurate insight.
  11. The image works fine, but that link won't work for anyone who's not a dealer.
  12. New Fusion Media Server

    Which model?