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  1. thecodeman

    Chowmain- Anthem STR two way driver (FREE)

    Thank you for working on this, Alan!
  2. thecodeman

    Power Outages and Reboots

    Reset like in reboot? Or hard reset to factory defaults? Reboot is just a power plug pull. Its a good idea to let it sit for a couple of minutes and let the capacitors drain if you need to do this for some reason. Hard reset to factory defaults can be really risky as it will likely flash the controller to an older firmware that it shipped on (unless that firmware has been manually updated by a dealer with a certain process, different than the usual update) - and that can cause problems and frustration. IP addresses can be changed with the dealer's System Manager software.
  3. thecodeman

    AVM-MC1 - Will it work

    I mean it's not worth it. You can pick up a used IO extender and be drinking a beer while its updating to do what you want it to do, before youre done writing some man-in-the-middle driver or something to make the old media controller work, and then have it die a week later because the fan bearing went out or something and it overheated. I have probably 4-5 IO extenders on the shelf in my warehouse for that purpose - they were used with 200/300s etc, but upgraded with the EA series so we keep them around.
  4. Control4's model is dealer oriented and the software to do any of the "heavy lifting" is restricted as such. Unless there is a change in the model, I don't predict a change in the release of documentation and software beyond Composer HE and When/Then, which compared to other offerings from full automation companies at the moment, is pretty user-centric.
  5. thecodeman

    Pandora today?

    Hey Terry. When I tested this Saturday for the OP, I was on my phone and it pushed me right to the login credentials, which I was able to enter and save through the C4 App on the phone. Are you using the phone app or touchscreens? What software version is your system on?
  6. I was just trying to help the guy out with some suggestions. Sorry if it came across as being disgusting or a need for self-gratification.
  7. Sounds like your upload speed is pretty slow, <2mb you said? If its satellite it may also have latency issues.
  8. thecodeman

    AVM-MC1 - Will it work

    No, if the device is even in the system only used for contacts/relays it can't be upgraded past a certain firmware and must be deleted from the project. The answer as you already know is to use an IO Extender. Also, that media controller is out of warranty and could keel over one day, mid mango.
  9. thecodeman

    Automated blinds

    https://www.serenashades.com/ - integrate them with the Lutron smart bridge and Control4 driver.
  10. thecodeman

    Ring acquired by Amazon

    Sounds like you need a basic door entry phone. https://www.vikingelectronics.com/products/e-40-bk/ and https://www.vikingelectronics.com/products/c-200/ Then you can use a cordless phone to talk to the door.
  11. That box has to be ticked first in the dealer software.
  12. thecodeman

    Ring acquired by Amazon

    Are you looking for a video doorbell? If not a standard doorbell integrates just fine for being able to program doorbell events.
  13. I mean, these aren't exposed to the WWW so far as I know. If you're concerned about it being exposed on your local lan, I can get that, but who is on your trusted network that you don't trust? Wouldn't you be better served having it on a VLAN and your guests connected on a vlan that only kicks them out to the WWW? I presume you're connecting to the controller's local IP address for When/Then and Chrome is complaining about the self-issued cert ( I use SSL anywhere extension so it tries to force ssl to as many sites as possible). You can also do that through the secure web portal at https://customer.control4.com which builds a VPN tunnel to the controller automatically. Hope that helps.
  14. In the dealer configuration software.