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  1. dew1551

    Trane HVAC system

    I have 2 of these trance tstats and the house;ogives driver which gets more useless all the time. I would like to try yours and see if I can finally integrate into Control4 instead of using the Nexia app. Dew1551@gmail.com is my email
  2. dew1551

    Control4 Equalizer App - FREE

    Is this the triad 8 zone audio matrix and amp?
  3. dew1551

    Driveway Sensor w/ Aux output to contact

    This is not shown as being ok for outdoor usage? He wants it for driveway use.
  4. dew1551

    Driveway Sensor w/ Aux output to contact

    You could just use the contact as input to your controller normally open and fire a control4 annpincment when sensor is tripped
  5. Fixed. Nothing should be required. Seems that changing from partition 1 to partion2 and back again reestablishes a complete connection to arm/disarm. 

  6. dew1551

    Security systems

    I purchased an 1864 dsc power series because it is listed as compatible with control 4 HSIM. I installed it and programmed it with the keypad and it was not too hard. It works well but my Control4 touch screen which displays the alarm through the driver included with the HSIM shows everything status and detailed zone info but it will not arm/disarm? Anybody have any good ideas here ? From documentation it seems ok but will not arm or disarm the system? Do I need to program something or is there a setting in the driver to enable this?
  7. dew1551

    Security systems

    I have read that several,of you successfully integrate the DSCneo with Control4 but on the Control4 site they specificallly state it is not compatible with DSC neo? Can you explain how you were able to do it. M understanding is that the HSIM interfaces as a wired ( 4 wires) control panel. It then communicates over rs232 to the ea controllers. Is this how you have done it? Control4 says models like 1616 power series are compatible but not neo?? This doesn’t seem possible what am I missing?
  8. dew1551

    Security systems

    How does the dsc eo interface with my current system and Control4?
  9. I have a NAPCO MAGNUM 1000 security system I would like to integrate with Control4 Can this be done easily? How? What is needed.
  10. dew1551

    Control4 HomeKit Driver - Updated Release

    Thanks for the tip. Power cycled the appletv used as a hub. Message disappeared. I now have my 2 doorbell relays showing up as camera not working, my doorbell relays are used for announcements and do not have cameras so that seems ok? Nothing to control in HomeKit I guess. But I do have control4 cameras can these be controlled in HomeKit? How?
  11. dew1551

    Control4 HomeKit Driver - Updated Release

    Ho edit is HomeKit spell checked
  12. dew1551

    Control4 HomeKit Driver - Updated Release

    Since updating I get a notice in ho edit app that says " kitchen not responding". All of the lights however are controllable. But I cannot find any way to get rid of the message? Any thoughts
  13. dew1551

    Control4 HomeKit Driver - Updated Release

    Looks like I still need a driver update in my project.
  14. dew1551

    Control4 HomeKit Driver - Updated Release

    Never mind I see all 3 in the homebridge screen.