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  1. Thanks for the tip. Power cycled the appletv used as a hub. Message disappeared. I now have my 2 doorbell relays showing up as camera not working, my doorbell relays are used for announcements and do not have cameras so that seems ok? Nothing to control in HomeKit I guess. But I do have control4 cameras can these be controlled in HomeKit? How?
  2. Ho edit is HomeKit spell checked
  3. Since updating I get a notice in ho edit app that says " kitchen not responding". All of the lights however are controllable. But I cannot find any way to get rid of the message? Any thoughts
  4. Looks like I still need a driver update in my project.
  5. Never mind I see all 3 in the homebridge screen.
  6. Can I update the driver myself or must my dealer do it?
  7. You need to program a voice scene
  8. Josh, got mine updated today and it is working great. Very fast and easy to program. Very slick interface for my wife to use.
  9. Point was that it is not due to brexit just the stronger $. Also the market will work in the end.
  10. Interesting that the GBP has only devalued less than 10% against the USD since before Brexit. That is about the same as the euro has done in the same time period. I think really it is just the strength of the USD and has nothing to do with brexit and 25% is quite a bit more anyway!
  11. Yes I am up and running! Fixing the duplicate name fixed it right up.
  12. Apple TV gen4 has a Plex app
  13. What driver problems have you seen?