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  1. THawes

    Ubiquity Waps

    Easiest way to manage this is with either cloud keys as others have suggested, or run a UniFi controller in the cloud or at your office (if you have the infrastructure to support it). We run one controller that is publicly accessible and all of our client sites report back to it. Enables us to see any customer issues before going on-site and we can manage everything from one place instead of 40+ and not have to worry about cloud keys going bad (we were doing this before cloud keys were a thing, so we've just continued to do it). Cloud keys also solve this, just a different alternative.
  2. I attached the driver I'm using, hope it can help set you in the right direction! projector_BenQ_W1070 _ W1080ST _RS232_.c4i
  3. I'm controlling a BenQ W1070 via RS232, but previously was using IR without an issue. Switched out to serial only because someone had posted a serial driver here for free awhile back.
  4. THawes

    Echo Buttons

    My Dash buttons connect via WiFi, not Bluetooth. If I go hit the dash button now, it'll connect to my wireless network and disconnect after a minute or so. I do recall the pairing process involving Bluetooth, but that's it. EDIT: Apparently I can't read today - I see @rea was really asking about the Echo buttons which are definitely using Bluetooth, not WiFi. Carry on!
  5. On iOS at least, applications can specify their own notification sounds if the developer has added the option to. You can see this in apps like Outlook, WhatsApp, and Slack to name a few. This is not an OS limitation.
  6. THawes

    FS: White TouchScreen (C4-7W7CO)

    The Infinity Edge touchscreens are an older product and don't support all of the same features that the newer, more powerful T3 touchscreens do.
  7. Yes, an HC-200 will work fine and like @msgreenf said, it just needs to be on 2.5.3 or earlier. I have an HC-200 on a shelf with 2.5.3 that's used just for this.
  8. They're either working on Google Home support or they are not. I don't see how they could tell us they're working on it without announcing it, that's ... sort of the same thing?
  9. THawes

    Grouping Text Notifications

    I'd definitely recommend going this route as well, unless there is some reason that you must have the notifications via SMS. I originally used SMS as well for my notifications, but moved to the push notifications awhile back.
  10. THawes


    Yes, there is.
  11. THawes

    Garage Door Openers

    I pulled up the manual for one of the LiftMaster openers, it seems to have the same wire terminals that every opener has, so I don't foresee a problem there.
  12. THawes

    Garage Door Openers

    I'm not sure where you heard that, but I haven't seen any modern garage door openers that don't have wire terminals for a wired garage door opener - or heard that they are doing away with them. The relay is going to trigger the door to open or close just like a standard wired opener button would. I am using some basic Honeywell contacts that I had on-hand - https://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-951WG-WH-Recessed-Magnetic-Contact/dp/B001UKY1A4/
  13. THawes

    Garage Door Openers

    The CAT6 to the opener can get wired to a relay on your controller, and the CAT6 for the door sensor can get wired to a contact on the controller. I was originally doing this with an old HC300 controller, but replaced that with a Control4 Z2IO when they came out (and HC300's were no longer being supported). Works great, and I don't have to worry about any cloud services changing, going down, or pulling support for a particular driver or API.
  14. I figured as much, was just trying to be nice - lol!
  15. A very dated TCP control protocol guide I found for them does not specify any audio control, but does list the video modes as @msgreenf mentioned. https://www.tivo.com/assets/images/abouttivo/resources/downloads/brochures/TiVo_TCP_Network_Remote_Control_Protocol.pdf