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  1. A very dated TCP control protocol guide I found for them does not specify any audio control, but does list the video modes as @msgreenf mentioned. https://www.tivo.com/assets/images/abouttivo/resources/downloads/brochures/TiVo_TCP_Network_Remote_Control_Protocol.pdf
  2. THawes

    iOS 12 Remote Issues

    iPhone 8 Plus, no Control4 app or Composer Express app issues here on iOS 12 - either locally or remotely.
  3. THawes


    Amazon Music works nicely, I'll actually get some use out of it now which isn't a bad thing. As @msgreenf said, it doesn't require Unlimited - works just fine with the included service level with Amazon Prime.
  4. THawes


    Exactly - just a regular old switch that is meant to blend in with Control4 switches/dimmers/keypads
  5. THawes


    I mean, the EA-1's are technically more powerful than the HC800's - dual core processors and double the RAM.
  6. I'll probably switch back to the Roku now. I mostly use the AppleTV anyways, and I always liked the speed of the Roku over the FireTV anyways. Sorry, FireTV... out you go!
  7. Apple TV IP driver works fine with the current Apple TV's.
  8. THawes

    Spotify Connect in 2.10

    No persistence required. Once playback is started, the phone/tablet is really only acting as a remote control. The stream is between the Control4 controller and Spotify.
  9. THawes

    Spotify Connect in 2.10

    HC-250 running as director, does not support Spotify Connect. This is the setup at my parents and Spotify Connect does not work there due to the 250. HC-800 running as director, does support Spotify Connect. I'm running this at my house.
  10. I look forward to whatever might come out of this announcement. Also, can we stop whining about the intercom app that was never given an official release date everywhere? It's insufferable.
  11. THawes

    PTRG Smart Home Monitor

    I didn't have documentation of the MIB/OID documentation. PRTG figured out that it was a basic Linux system, so no SNMP walking was necessary to get it all working. This was true of other monitoring systems I've worked with in the past - Zenoss, Naigoss, etc.
  12. THawes

    PTRG Smart Home Monitor

    Yes, the monitoring is via SNMP. Most of Control4's stuff has SNMP enabled and using default community strings so a simple network scan in any network monitoring tool will find the Control4 IP devices on your network (controllers, speaker points, etc).
  13. THawes

    PTRG Smart Home Monitor

    PRTG has offered a free version of their product for up to 100 sensors for several years. It works well, I use it to keep an eye on Control4 controllers CPU & memory utilization, my router, switch ports of importance, my NAS, etc. Yes - it runs on Windows only.
  14. It is a relatively new product (I forget when exactly it was released...). You would need 2 of them for 2 garage doors.
  15. Correct, it does not use a battery. I am now using the Z2IO for my garage door relay and contact sensor, it replaced an old HC300 I was previously using to do the same thing. Works just fine and have not had any issues with it in the 6-8 months I've had it setup.