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  1. Composer HE + 4Sight

    This is correct, HE should come with a year of 4site included.
  2. freelance remote programming

  3. My Rabbit Hole

    Love the office rig man.
  4. Used about two weeks, customer opted for 65". This is meant to be in a shaded area, not direct sunlight. Email me or pm for info
  5. Remote Programming Services.

    I saw the post about that the guy not paying for services. I'll say this, Matt is a stand up guy, I've spoken to him several times. I can tell from his rant that the problem is definitely with him, not Matt. As a remote services provider, I can tell you that Matt is totally decent. End of plug. -Neil12011
  6. Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    Epic driver, worth the cost.
  7. New Foscam Vuln

    If you don't think this can happen to you, it can. I had one of my foscam cameras hacked, walked into my living room to the guy talking to me through it. I'll post video of us talking back and forth. He even knew what street I lived on, this was with the default login and password changed.
  8. Interesting question for our pro's

    Why doesn't everyone just mind their Ohm business... Comedy wagon is officially out of control.
  9. Magnolia Design is completely different from the Magnolia centers you'll see in Best Buy. As critical as I am, I've seen some good work come out of some of the Magnolia design centers. Whoever you go with, I'd say it's important that they ask you a ton of questions about what you want, and they should in turn present options to accomplish that. I've seen many companies just out of the gate propose complete overkill on some items. I'd also ask to see some of their previous work. Nearly 100% of our on site work comes from referrals, so it goes without saying that we build upon a satisfied client base in that regard. I've seen smaller outfits turn out killer work, and some large ones as well, I've also seen the complete opposite as well unfortunately. If Magnolia and ABT want to be technical, the largest and best Control4 dealer in the country is Comet Electric/Comet Smart homes, (Our company of course ). 2015, and 2016 Control4 dealer of the year
  10. Remote Integration services offered

    Present sir. I did ascend to the realm of a new IPhone. 678-644-5090, or my work cell 404-764-0428. Buzz me when you can.
  11. 8-Zone Matrix Amplifier

    Yes, that's the purpose of a matrix in general.
  12. Hi everyone I just wanted to thank Neil for all the hard work and the fast response on getting my HC800 software update to the 2.9.0 firmware and adding additional drivers to my system everything is working the way it should I very pleased with the work that has been done, I have to say I found my programmer from here on out 

    1. neil12011


      Thanks Chris!!

  13. Cost Effective Remote Dealer?

    I'm apparently not charging enough to subsidize my future Ferrari. I don't charge that much for onsite work, and due to the flexibility of remote work, it's even less than on site. Mileage may vary, there's a wealth of help here on the forums.
  14. TV Recomendation Help

    The only reliable IP controlled TV's we've used are Sony, with the newest drivers. We've had zero issues.