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  1. neil12011

    Keypad Dimmer

    If you just need a keypad, then definitely use a regular configurable keypad if a light load is not present. If you use a keypad dimmer, and disable the dimmer portion (making it effectively a keypad), then you're basically spending more money unnecessarily.
  2. neil12011

    Screensaver help

    Nehsit, I got your PM, let me know if this is still an issue.
  3. neil12011

    My Rabbit Hole

    You had me at Jeeps too...
  4. Obviously I'll echo the above sentiments. This site has been immense in value personally and professionally for me. Take my money.
  5. neil12011


  6. neil12011

    Dealer tiers

    8k for programming, I must be doing this all wrong.
  7. Good to see that you in fact, didn’t forget about Dre...
  8. Glad to see you're still rocking the Video Storm Eric!
  9. https://www.middleatlantic.com/products/power/dc-power-distribution.aspx Middle Atlantic makes this very thing,
  10. neil12011

    Program question , please advise

    You can change your dealer of record at any time on "customer.control4.com". Also, the project file on the controller is yours. Your new dealer can save it and email it to you or if you have Composer HE you can save it yourself.
  11. neil12011

    annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    On the phone with you guys as we speak.
  12. neil12011

    annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    I don't get the "polly" generated announcement. Meaning, it doesn't auto add that filename to the controller. Any ideas?
  13. If it's not used frequently, your dealer can just delete it out of the project and proceed normally. You can either leave it in the wall, or patch over it after it's removed. I say leave it in, and down the road, if you want to add an updated screen, do so. Cost should be 0$ other than whatever he charges for the update.
  14. I checked it out. Driver was already there. Previous dealer couldn't be bothered with the drop down menu to select the Roku for control. Go figure.
  15. I'm not certain that you can use a "Roku TV", with the C4 only because I've never come across this scenario. I'm assuming he was meaning a dedicated box.