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  1. annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    On the phone with you guys as we speak.
  2. annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    I don't get the "polly" generated announcement. Meaning, it doesn't auto add that filename to the controller. Any ideas?
  3. If it's not used frequently, your dealer can just delete it out of the project and proceed normally. You can either leave it in the wall, or patch over it after it's removed. I say leave it in, and down the road, if you want to add an updated screen, do so. Cost should be 0$ other than whatever he charges for the update.
  4. I checked it out. Driver was already there. Previous dealer couldn't be bothered with the drop down menu to select the Roku for control. Go figure.
  5. I'm not certain that you can use a "Roku TV", with the C4 only because I've never come across this scenario. I'm assuming he was meaning a dedicated box.
  6. samsung UHD 4k blu ray dvd driver / UBD-K8500

    Cy, I used your driver, just wanted to say thanks and give kudos sir.
  7. I"d call garbage on this one. With the EA5, nearly everything is instant. Just how much faster than instant can you really get, and is it worth the extra cost if you could? I say no, even if the customer insisted, I'd heavily advise them that it's just a waste of money.
  8. Ps4 logitech ir peace

    It's part of the new IR Neutrality law. Peace via the piece.
  9. Forum Moderators?

    PM'd you sir.
  10. Sonos software update

    If you're seeing this, it's probably too late. This is what we're seeing in our experience when the Sonos is updated to the latest version. It was a good ride.
  11. Sonos Delay

    The only thing I can think of, only because I think I remember this, is if the Video Storm audio matrix has its outputs delayed for TV audio sync. So maybe all the outputs are set to a certain delay to compensate for tv audio issues. I could be wrong. I'd go into HE and see what the delays are set for, and see if they're set all that way. Of course, if this behavior just started, then I'd be completely wrong.
  12. CytexOne Closed.

    The guys at Cytexone have been awesome, to all of us. Very sad to hear this.
  13. Future of C4 forums?

    Has anyone talked to the Cytexone guys?
  14. Future of C4 forums?

    Well damn. I remember the first Cedia show I went to, these guys were dealer of the year. They've helped me out immensely over the years. That just sucks.