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  1. This is about the only way. It USED to be quite easy, and with Alan's advanced announcement driver, was pretty powerful. This was how my announcements fired in various rooms. This was before the "endorsed" sonos driver crept in however.
  2. neil12011

    Anthem MRX 720 locking up

    If at all possible, and usually is, I always go with an RS-232 connection with receivers, no matter how robust the manufacturer, Control4, or other dealers say their IP control is or isn't. Serial is usually bulletproof.
  3. neil12011

    control4 amp

    The lightning symbol means the channels are shorted. It can also mean literal lightning. We had a house get struck and all but two of the channels were burned right through on the board. I took it apart for the insurance company and you could see the burn marks. Check your wires to make sure none are touching, simple stuff first.
  4. "Usually", it means director doesn't know what state the contact is in. We've seen it before on garage door contacts where the battery died. Toggling the state of the device usually clears it. In this case, probably re connecting the bindings would clear it. We'd usually map that kind of thing to a generic motion as opposed to a door, but you get the gist.
  5. For what it's worth, I've done one of the IR/USB modules, and they do work well. Setup is very quick, and yeah, it kind of sucks to spend the extra money to control something you already had control over, but it does work well.
  6. neil12011

    Looking for dealer FL

    PM Sent. We have two offices in Florida.
  7. neil12011

    T3 Failure Rate

    We've had a few go bad. My personal 7" portable, which was seldom used went bad. Most have been the 10" variety, all portable.
  8. neil12011

    WTB- looking for a 4k Matrix

    We're almost always going with Just Add Power now. It's scale-able, meaning you can do odd setups like a 4x10, or 8x4 or whatever. It's worth the extra cost. Switching is instant and so many more features built in.
  9. neil12011

    Remote Integration services offered

    For everyone that has sent requests, I'm getting back to everyone in order, and as fast as I can. I've been on vacation for a while so bear with me. I'll also be carving out a few days a week to get everyone in order, and adequate turn around times. Appreciated as always. Neil
  10. neil12011

    Remote Integration services offered

    Feel free to give me a call during the day. Oct of 2017, that's outrageous sir. Give me a call tomorrow. My cell should be in my initial post sir.
  11. neil12011

    Remote Integration services offered

    Replies headed your way sirs.
  12. If I recall correctly, the Video Storm guys told us that the T3's have capability of receiving video like this, but that C4 hadn't "opened it up" for them to exploit.
  13. The most bulletproof video distribution options in my opinion are AV Pro, and JAP. Leaf, Binary, etc, come after those two.
  14. neil12011

    Change IP address

    Glad you’re back on track. Stay cool in AZ.
  15. neil12011

    Change IP address

    My new handle with be DarthZigbee.