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    Samba 2 is required!

    I don't have a version of FreeNAS running at the moment but as I recall it supports auxiliary parameters. You should be able to add one of these to the parameters and re-enable SMB v1 since it is deprecated from a default settings but support should still be in the samba binary. server min protocol = NT1 min protocol = NT1 I do agree that C4 only supporting SMB v1/CIFS only (that I'm aware of) and DLNA only doesn't make sense. In 2.10.13 the version of samba is only 3.0.17. Initial support for SMB2 was added in samba 3.6 and SMB2.1 was in samba 4. That said, not sure newer versions of samba can be built against the kernel currently being used which might be why they haven't done it yet. With the recent depreciation of older controllers, my hope is that the are going to do a major plumbing update (e.g., kernel) to support newer features and security features. I'm curious what the iOS integration is going to look like and it may be that something like a 3rd party integration may finally force the issue. We are also pretty long in the tooth on the version 2 version so maybe they have a version 3.0 somewhere in development. Then again C4 takes a long time before going with a new version update, for example version 1.3/1.4 which ran the older zigbee protocol when upgraded to zigbee pro didn't result in version 2.0, instead we got 1.5/1.6 (don't remember which it happened in). The long and short is they have a dealer network, legacy equipment, and they have to make business decisions that are going to upset one group or another and it isn't easy on the product side for them to make decisions on moving forward while depreciating people who have made investments already. Do I think they move a little slow on the plumbing side, yes, but is it likely there are some technical/chipset limitations, etc that might influence things, probably.