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  1. Thanks guys! Will give them a call! Est-ce que Câble et Son s'est en affaire depuis longtemps? Marc
  2. Hi there! I lost my C4 integrator in the Montreal area (I live in Terrebonne). So please if somebody knows in my area, please let me know. Need someone to fix my living room. Used to be able to watch cable, play Xbox or PS3, play BD from my sony changer, but now NOTHING. Seems to be related to my Onkyo, but not quite sure. Thank you. Marc
  3. Well maybe I should have been more detailed with my initial message... Yes of course I did test and my computer or my AppleTV or any other device on that same network would play that stream flawlessly. C4 is playing the 96k without any problem but skips at 256k. The reason why I don't want to use the 96k stream is because that stream has commercials while the Premium (256k) stream (which I'm subscribed) is ad free. So again I know it is C4 related and would like to know if there is a fix. Thank you again. Marc
  4. Hi everyone, I'm using Internet radio a lot and subscribe to DI.fm in order to have the best streaming possible and no ad. The stream is 256k instead of 64k but it is skipping on my c4 system. I know it has nothing to do with my Internet capabilities because I have Extreme High speed with my provider. How can I fix that? Increase the c4 buffer? Please help. Marc
  5. I don,t get it... NOBODY answered you about that qurestion? I thought FOR SURE I would find the answer here?? So I'm asking again: is there any way to import playlist or to convert playlists from iTunes? Thanks
  6. ComposerHE for Linux

    I found out what is causing the crash. It's the activation process that fails and since it is needed in order to ComposerHE to get launch, it never launches... Since ComposerPro doesn't have the activation to begin with, it's working with Virtualbox. Now I need to know if there's a way to activate some other way (is there a file created after the activation I can just copy and paste to make the software start directly without having to start the activation again?). Any idea?
  7. WAN support maybe?!

    I created a subnet with 3 MAC addresses allowed (MAC filtering) using WEP (C4 components). That subnet is linked to my home network which is WPA. I don't know if there is a better way, but that's the best I could do with the knowledge I have. Marc
  8. ComposerHE for Linux

    Ok. I thought that since the ComposerHE has to get activated first, it was using that device in order to get connected to c4 and get its activation. And since that device seems to be unplugged I thought that it could make the loading fail or crash as it is happening with me... Well I'm clueless. Will wait in order to get the latest ComposerHE and see if it works (tried the old 1.3.2 and 1.7.1 with same result so I doubt it). If not, well, I'm gonna have to stick with vmware...
  9. ComposerHE for Linux

    It says 1.7.1. I had my doubts about Vista (and Windows7) and that's why I tried 2 different flavors of XP (Professional and Home Ed.). What about that TAP-Win32 network device being installed by ComposerHE and that appears to be unplugged anyway? marc
  10. WAN support maybe?!

    Terribly sorry. I meant WPA. My fault... Now I understand why my "title" was not clear at all!
  11. WAN support maybe?!

    Well from what my dealer told me, C4 components are not compatible with WAN protocol. If I want security on my home wireless netkwork, it's WEP. Is it true or my dealer is wrong? Marc Edit: well since I'm not a newbie when it comes to networking and computing, I created a sub-network using WEP (for C4 ONLY) and the rest of my home network is using WAN. Since it seems my dealer cannot do the whole setup in WAN, that's the best I can get so far.
  12. ComposerHE for Linux

    I'm on Kubuntu 64bit running Windows7 64bit and Vista 64bit as guests. NOT working I just tried with Windows XP Home ed. 32bit as guest with same result. I attached the settings I have with Virtualbox. See if there is something wrong about it (I doubt it). I tried enable and disabling IO APIC no difference... I also noticed when installing ComposerHE on WinXP that it is also installing a new network devices called TAP-Win32 adapter V8, that device being "unplugged". What is it and would that be the problem? Thanks for you help again.
  13. ComposerHE for Linux

    I would be so grateful towards you if you could just try ComposerHE and see if it works with you... I tried with Ubuntu 64bit, Kubuntu 64bit, Virtualbox OSE and Virtualbox PUEL with same results, Xp, Vista or Windows7. I get a message saying that ComposerHE stop unexpectedly before it even open its window. Is it because of my 64bit architecture? If you could just install the software on your setup and see how it reacts, that would help me a lot. Marc
  14. Hi everyone. I'm running (K)Ubuntu 9.04 64bit Edition and I have ComposerHE (Windows). I tried running ComposerHE in Windows with Virtualbox form Sun, but it crashes... Does anyone know if I can get a LINUX copy of that software? Trying to get rid of every MS software. I know that Control4 components work in Linux so I guess there should be a ComposerHE linux edition available Many thanks Marc
  15. I'd like to know what is the latest version of Composer HE. Mine is If there an upgrade, how can I get it? Thanks Marc