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  1. Just wondering if there are any dealers working today (saturday) that would be willing to sell me a 4Sight Services subscription. Mine expiered and need to get one today. email me at markmsp@me.com thanks
  2. For some reason when I use my control4 remote to adjust the channel with up and down buttons or use the arrows to navigate a menu with my direct tv (it is set to IR) it will not stop scrolling. If I type in the channel number it is fine. This does not happen when I use my direct tv remote.... Ideas/suggestions?
  3. I am trying to set up a few schedules. When I try and drag the action to the script in home edition, i get an error that says the project is locked system may be updating...any ideas on how i can unlock the project?
  4. markmsp

    Outdoor Temp

    It would be great if Control4 could link with an online weather service that can load current temperature into control4 so it can automatically turn a control4 thermostat to heating/cooling as needed ie: If exterior temperature is above 65 turn wireless thermostat to cool If exterior temperature is below 50 turn wireless thermostat to heat If exterior temperature is <64, >50 turn fan on, heating/ cooling off
  5. I have added some cool actions to my system, however I am having problems with one...If anyone has some ideas that would be great...here is what I want to do: When back door opens -If security system is armed away -If security system is armed stay -if it is dark outside (needs to connect with surise/sunset time) Then turn kitchen light to 50% I am not able to locate in composer HE where I can link the surise/sunset time. Also I have tried to use the "if security system is armed away =true" but every time I opened the back door even is security system is not armed the light would turn on. Any ideas?????
  6. markmsp

    Fs: Apple Tv

    I have an apple TV great condition includes remote and power cable. Make me an offer....email me at markmsp@me.com
  7. markmsp

    Media Hub

    Codeman wins.... I tried the linksys...It won't work...SIGH.
  8. My Multi DVD player is not working and I was looking at a Media storage device that woul allow me to rip my DVDs to a hard drive. I would like it to work with control4 and allow me to select a movie with cover art. It looks like there are two out there, the Linksys Media hub and the Netger eva 9150. Does anyone have experience with these or any other media hub and how they work with control4? Comments/suggestions/ideas??? Thanks!
  9. I have a MTS in my Dining room along with a speaker point. I am able to select the music I want to play with the MTS and it plays on the speaker point. However when I try and adjust the volume it will not adjust. I have to go into Composter Home Edition and adjust the volume. When i slect the "home theatre" zone from the same MTS I can adjust the volume of the music in the theatre...but still no luck in the dining room. When I go into properties I see: Audio Volume: Dining Room ->Mini Touch Screen Audio Endpoint: Dining Room ->Speaker Point Any ideas or suggestions?
  10. markmsp


    Hey- I am looking at updating my receiver so that I can use it to switch HDMI. Any suggestions what works well with Control4?
  11. markmsp


    Is anyone having problems with rhapsody? I am able to view songs, select them, but then when I select play I get a Rhapsody error. I called them, and they said it was fixed..but......no luck here..... any ideas??? :/
  12. markmsp

    Sample IP Cam Pics....

    how did you get the radar on there?
  13. Is there a way that I can reset or calibrate the roomtemperature on the control4 thermostat?
  14. I tried to reboot but i still dont have a play list on my the navigator under music. When i go into media edition i am able to pull up the list there though..... Any ideas?