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  1. If you place it under services it'll be available in all rooms. If you place it under watch/listen/comfort/security then it will be for that specific room.
  2. Chowmain - Advanced Announcements Driver

    That isn't really the delay. The delay is in actually playing the announcement through Control4's announcement agent. Generation and downloading of the files is usually less than a second. If you require speedy playback of announcements my recommendation is to utilise our driver with Sonos or with an always on Kodi system.
  3. Our driver doesn't automatically add drivers in. You must have accidently added two in.
  4. You need to use the Yeelight app not the Xiaomi app.
  5. Chowmain - Oppo Bluray Player Driver

    Just wanted to give you an update. Your dealer reached out to us on Monday. Dylan has been assisting but they have escalated to us and we are assisting your dealer.
  6. Nvidia Shield and Plex

    yeah we got Kodi updated but had to hold off on Plex for a bit due to contractual commitments to manufacturers & home automation companies.
  7. Nvidia Shield and Plex

    We are actually in the process of integrating the @videostorm IRUSB dongle into our Plex Full driver. What this means is that you can use the shield normally using IP based control but whats even cooler is that you can at any time use any Control4 navigator interface to select a movie (even when Plex isn't running on the Shield) and the driver will launch the Plex app on the shield and will start playing the movie (tv show, etc).
  8. VideoStorm's IRUSB dongle works a treat.
  9. Hi guys, Made some more improvements. Driver now has feedback for firmware version so using that to determine how to communicate to the sky box. This has now been pushed out to everyone.
  10. Controlling Aircon via IR

    On top of the generic thermostat driver we also have IntesisBox integration. https://www.chowmainsoft.com/intesisbox-control4 They have a model which has IR output, IR input and room temperature sensor. https://www.intesisbox.com/en/universal-ascii-wifi-ac-is-ir-wmp-1/gateway/ Having said that your HVAC system may support direct control as well (eg daikin's ir based split systems have a port which we can communicate to). reach out to support@intesis.com with your make and model and advise you want Control4 integration and they will specify which model you should use.
  11. We reached out to @janthony6 to quote this development for him. In regards to general energy management we have a Zigbee energy management solution which integrates directly into the Control4 mesh thanks to the addition of the Control4 cluster to the stack. We are working on a new dashboard for T3 touchscreens which is due out early Q1 2018 so stay tuned for retrofit energy power monitoring / power management for Control4 Currently we have CE and RCM regulatory compliance.
  12. IRUSB: USB IR transceiver

    Without Netplay should be fine but you should really direct the question to @videostorm since they created the hardware.
  13. Smart Plug Switch suggestions

    Our driver works with the Wemo Switch Mini and can display as a lighting load in Control4's navigator with two way feedback. Has self healing on IP address changes, energy monitoring and control implemented including the ability to automatically turn on and off AV loads based off of idle and powered states plus relay bindings if you use your wemo for devices other than lights. Annex4 is @THEORY 's company. We provide 7 day trials on all of our drivers so feel free to test both drivers out and decide which one you prefer. https://annex4.link/
  14. We no longer sell via the Houselogix marketplace and as such we cannot maintain any houselogix versions. You will need to upgrade to the driverCentral version. As its the weekend note that you'll have to wait until Monday when driverCentral staff return to the office.
  15. Chowmain - Oppo Bluray Player Driver

    we haven't had any tickets submitted about oppo in the past few days. your dealer needs to lodge tickets here http://help.drivercentral.io