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  1. IF you haven't purchased one yet check out the escea fireplace. It's ip controllable with temperature control, fanspeed and feedback.
  2. Tronsmart Draco AW80 octacore android box i actually replaced my HTPC with this the other day to minimise clutter.
  3. I asked Houselogix to look up Advance Electronics Winnipeg ( and out of the two registered accounts they own only one has ever submittted a single ticket (Trevor did) and that was not in relation to Plex (it was for Wemo). Tickets are used for tracking and in the end will not help you. Basically our helpdesk will need to work with your dealer to determine what the problem is and will require your dealer to provide them with detailed information about the problem and logs capturing the problem for diagnosis. Get your dealer to submit this information via the open support ticket feature on their website.
  4. No the b25 uses a different protocol which has not yet been deciphered. Only the s20 works with our driver.
  5. Samsung is not on our list of supported devices as it does not provide the ability to direct launch via API. The only smart tv we support for our Plex Full driver is the Sony Android range of TV's. In regards to finding the client find local client is used if you have not signed into Plex.TV on your plex media server (older plex media servers did not require registration). If you have signed your Plex Media Server into then you should be using Find Remote Client. Again i need to stress that Samsung is not supported as we cannot launch Plex. As such it makes for a terrible solution. If you want to keep your Samsung TV i highly recommend you add something like a Roku in. The driver requires one instance per client. Just click on find local client or find remote client several times as it will cycle through the clients. Do this until you find the client you are looking for.
  6. You probably mean This is actually a typo. Copied and pasted the paragraph from our Kodi Full documentation. It an provide two way feedback about the player state only (eg if it is playing, paused or stopped). Will remote it from documentation when i get back to office in 9 days.
  7. I can chase it up with Houselogix but you need to provide me with more details (like who your dealer is). Usually a dealer would open a support ticket via the drivers product page and receive a ticket number when he submits. Eg Once we have got in contact with your dealer we can go through some troubleshooting steps with them to determine where the problem lies.
  8. he's not doing plex transcoding.. he's doing direct play on a dune
  9. Plex will not stream to Dune. You most likely mean that you use our plex media server driver to import the plex library into Control4 in which case yes that will continue to work. QNAP has Plex Media Server as one of their apps which is easily installable within their dashboard. They also have what they call surveillance station which allows recording of various IP cameras. Since you are not transcoding via Plex this should be fine. QNAP has built in RSYNC functionality. You can create a task to sync up another folder on the local network. Another cool trick is you can set it up to update and mirror a folder. I have two QNAPs and do a daily backup of the family photos on the first QNAP to the second QNAP as an extra precaution. You can also setup the QNAP as a time machine backup destination as well for your Mac backup. Another cool trick you can do is one touch copy to the front usb. You setup to either backup the usb to a folder on the nas or folder on the nas to the usb. It will also do cloud based backups as well to services like Amazon S3.
  10. All of our licences are site licences. You can use it as many times as you want in the one project.
  11. Plex requires a relatively powerful server (i3 and upwards NAS, PC) and clients. Kodi does not require a server as the client does everything. For a single player setup Kodi would be the better solution. There are quite alot of devices which you can install Kodi on. If you want the best experience (in my opinion) go for an intel nuc i3/i5 with openelec.
  12. In my opinion the easiest solution for media is definitely Kaleidescape but it is also the most expensive. I would definitely recommend it as a solution for those who are not tech savvy and want a solution that works and offers the best experience. Personally for me though i love Kodi.
  13. Now that Alexa in the UK has IFTTT support you can integrate it (and more) via our extremely popular IFTTT driver.
  14. You need to set the driver's debug property to log. Then grab the file from \\ipofdirector\log\
  15. Plex does not play ISO files. Kodi does however play ISOs. Note Kodi doesn't do BD menu's.