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  1. alanchow

    Best way to send cloud events to control4.

    Websockets, http long polling, MQTT, the list goes on. Really depends on what you're comfortable with implementing, how much load your server can handle and also how fast you want the system to react.
  2. alanchow

    Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Here is a list of all keyboard codes for kodi https://kodi.wiki/view/Keyboard_controls
  3. alanchow

    Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Context menu in Kodi is 'c'
  4. alanchow

    Chowmain - Generic Lighting Driver (IR)

    I am not sure if the ticket has been escalated or not. I'm a bit behind on my work (600 emails and about 30 tickets were waiting for me after CEDIA Expo). Just make sure that you have included logs capturing the problem in the ticket so one of us can look into it.
  5. alanchow

    Chowmain - Generic Lighting Driver (IR)

    Not all IR codes work on all devices. I would test the IR code out first using Control4's driver wizard to see if that works (this eliminates our driver being the cause). If it works then please submit a ticket to our helpdesk and we will troubleshoot.
  6. alanchow

    Chowmain - Android Driver for Control4

    Eric i have emailed you in private to keep most of this out of public view but i will however correct some misconceptions. Driver development is niche. I am not sure how much your time is worth however given the market cap for control systems is vastly smaller than the market cap for normal android / ios development we have to set a price point where we can still profit (or at least break even) with the sale a minimum of 100 to 150 licences. This usually takes anywhere between 1 to 2 years on average depending on the product. As discussed there is a market cap of around 8000 Control4 systems deployed every month. This is a perfect scenario if everyone were to purchase licences which they will never do. Currently the main solution for control over android boxes is by a manufacturer called Videostorm called the IRUSB. This device utilises USB-HID to inject keypresses without requiring root access (you just buy the hardware, install the app from Google playstore or amazon's store and off you go). Anyway i hope that clears things up. This product/driver has been dead for some time now (since Android 4) so it will be nice to resurrect the driver to give our customers some choice.
  7. Kodi depricated any commands that change settings (including changing button states) via the HTTP API. Ironically we changed to the HTTP from the JSON-RPC because the JSON-RPC gets stuck when changing user profiles. As Mitch mentions we don't make changes to our drivers until it gets closer to release (we have been burnt in the past). Once RC builds are released we will update the driver.
  8. alanchow

    Local Video File Playback

    The driver allows you to select a movie via programming. The driver doesn't require any variables as it pulls the library as you program. You just select the movie from the list and off you go. See page 13 of the installation guide for details. Note Kaleidescape doesn't allow playback of 3rd party encoded video files. It does sound like you should probably utilise Kodi or something else. I don't have the exact answer for you so you should probably check out the kodi.tv forums.
  9. alanchow

    Kaleidescape HDR/SDR

    I actually implemented this and it is currently in beta. Once it has been confirmed working i'll be releasing this via driverCentral.
  10. Chowmain - FREE Noon Lighting System Driver Enhance everyday with NOON’s scene-based lighting system. A home’s lighting defines how people perceive the spaces they live in, and how they feel. Coordinating all the lights in a room with one-touch, NOON’s modern switches work together to transform a room’s mood or accent an activity. NOON rivals the performance of elite systems without the complexity or high-end cost. Driver Features This NOON driver is offered free of charge. Two way control/feedback (note requires active internet connection). Instant feedback if lighting controlled from switch or another application. Dimming functionality. Discovery of all loads in the NOON account. Just install the a light driver per load and bind it! FAQ Does NOON offer wholesale pricing? Yes. Wholesale pricing is available to certified NOON Pros at https://pro.noonhome.com/ Signing up to become a NOON Pro takes only a few minutes. What are the benefits of becoming a NOON Pro? Program benefits includes: Pro pricing Personal use switches. A $500+ value for signing up! Customer leads from the Noonhome.com Pro finder. Simple & reliable install: No hub or lighting programing needed.. Plus, extended 3 year warranty, free certification & no minimums. Driver Download
  11. alanchow

    Simple Control

    I find it funny how many companies confuse app based universal remote controls with automation.
  12. alanchow

    Chowmain IR USB

    I am happy to make all the mini drivers if you provide me with the following. App Name Intent
  13. Chowmain - FREE Blackdove Streaming Video Art driver Back in 2001, the movie Antitrust was released. In the movie, Tim Robbins portrayed a Bill Gates styled CEO who aside from being amazingly rich, owned the home of the future. This house presented the future of artwork with a dynamic video art installation in all of its marvel. As our industry builds the future, Blackdove is ready to deliver an artwork platform that rivals the Antitrust movie. Please join me in welcoming Blackdove to the Chowmain and Control4 family! Blackdove’s innovative video art platform brings us that Hollywood experience with its on demand streaming platform. Featuring an ever growing catalog of 600 global artists and over 1800 artworks, this product fills the gap in our market for televisions when not in use and beyond for dedicated installations. Chowmain’s newly completed Control4 interface provides playlist and display level management directly from within the C4 interface allowing programmatic playlist to match against events such as occupancy, geofencing and pre-built scenes. Integration is very elegant and the experience is wonderful. For more information please visit https://blackdove.com/home-automation For those heading to CEDIA; please schedule an appt with Blackdove at CEDIA Booth #2007 Driver DownloadFeatures FREE DRIVER Browse / Playback your artwork from almost any Control4 User Interface including iOS, Android, T3 Touchscreen, Onscreen Navigator, MyHome PC & Infinity Edge Touchscreen Programatically launch any playlist or invidual artwork.
  14. flirc is like an infra-red controlled version of the videostorm irusb so rather than controlled by IP it is controlled via IR. Essentially they are both USB-HID based devices with external control. Note that it is one way control only whereas the IRUSB device provides feedback when audio is detected (useful for automatically turning the room on upon things like Google Cast) and does not provide app based launching.