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  1. alanchow

    inconsistant work schedule

    Sounds like you have a T3. The T3 range of touchscreens is the current range of touchscreens and have been around for a few years now. If you have an older Infinity Edge touchscreen then it will not work.
  2. alanchow

    inconsistant work schedule

    If you have a T3 touchscreen this is the most elegant solution that can fire preprogrammed macro / events https://www.chowmainsoft.com/scheduler-control4-driver
  3. alanchow

    New Fire TV driver

    Here is the knowledgebase article for dealers. https://dealer.control4.com/dealer/knowledgebase/article/2314
  4. alanchow

    Chowmain - Plex Full Driver for Control4

    We have pushed this back for now as we have been inundated with contracts from manufacturers. Good news more free drivers from us. Bad news our own IP gets pushed back. It definately needs an update from our end and its something i'm hoping to do during my christmas holidays.
  5. At this stage it is not possible to implement this. Sorry.
  6. Kodi 18 mades some breaking changes to all HTTP based control. We have a driver in beta which is not due for release until Leia is released. For now we recommend using Kodi 17.
  7. alanchow

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Yep Jason reached out to us about this and it is on our road map.
  8. alanchow

    Thermostat Scheduling

    I haven't used the Nest thermostat driver but i have integrated ALOT of thermostats into Control4 and can tell you that it is upto the developer to implement scheduling into the driver. They may have chosen not to implement scheduling for some reason which could mainly be due to incompatilibities between the thermostat scheduling and Control4 scheduling.
  9. alanchow

    220v switches

    Probably best to call up the local Control4 office and speak to Tina. She handles sales in South China - +86 21 6115 7856
  10. alanchow

    220v switches

    Much like why the search doesn't return all the UK dealers. Number based.
  11. alanchow

    220v switches

    Thats only about a third of them.
  12. alanchow

    RGBW Lights

    Yeelight actually released the v2 strip which comes in 2m out of box but can be extended upto 10m via 1m extensions https://passionhome.sg/product/yeelight-led-light-strip-v2-starter-2m/ https://passionhome.sg/product/yeelight-led-light-strip-v2-1m-extension/
  13. Hi Alan:

    1) is there any manual or instructions to customize the mini apps in the IRUSB driver?  

    2) Is there a way to change logo to that custom mini Driver?

    Thanks in advance

  14. alanchow

    Best way to send cloud events to control4.

    Websockets, http long polling, MQTT, the list goes on. Really depends on what you're comfortable with implementing, how much load your server can handle and also how fast you want the system to react.