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  1. You only need to have multiple players if you plan on simultaneous streams. If you don't then hit existing Mac mini will be fine by itself. Our driver has the capability of switching users. having said that rokus are cheap so you can dedicate a roku per tv and so if that way.
  2. RGB LED advice

    For those who haven't seen our new two way Yeelight driver here it is. Yeelight hardware starts from $18 on Amazon for a white wifi dimmable bulb. the one I have in the video is the $25 RGBW dimmable bulb. Look you can change Color temperature as well!
  3. RGB LED advice

    Yeelight will let you cut t (there is scissor marks on it for where you should do it) but you can't extend it. 2 meters is the max you will get from a single strip. Though having said that it is extremely cheap for a full wifi controlled dimmable RGBW strip so just buy more if you need more.
  4. Plex on Mac mini server

    If you are using the mac mini as a Plex Client as well (using Plex Media Player or Plex Home Theater) then yes you will need to connect HDMI. Our documentation only goes through the setup process for the driver. It does not go through the setup procedure for Plex. Please refer to the website for information on what Plex is, how it works and how to install it.
  5. Chowmain - Yeelight Wifi RGB LED Lighting driver for Control4 Yeelight manufactures a range of affordable Wifi controlled LED lighting products. The range consists of dimmable RGB, White and strip based LED lighting. These products do not need a hub like other wireless lighting products and integrate directly into Control4 with Chowmain’s Yeelight driver. This two way driver allows do dim the light, change the color of the light, change the color temperature of the light and more. Features Two way control/feedback. Instant feedback if LED controlled from another application. Automatic Discovery of Yeelight Self Healing on change of IP Address Automatically hide RGB and/or Color Temperature’s from Navigator on model detection. Change RGB color via navigator Change Brightness via navigator Change Color temperature via navigator Program color flows from Composer Advanced Lighting Scene Support FAQ Why is this better than other RGB solutions? This is an extremely affordable solution (starting from $20) which does not require an additional hub to operate. We have full control over pretty much every function including color, temperature, brightness and even color flows. We have instantaneous two way feedback. If the customer uses the original application Control4 gets the change immediately. Where can I purchase this product from? Yeelight can be purchased from Amazon and other online retailers in both 220v and 110v formats. Yeelight Website What hardware does this support? This supports the wifi range of Yeelight products. At the time of writing this includes the RGB bulb, Mono Bulb, Desk Lamp and RGB strip based LED lighting. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver can be purchased from our distributor driverCentral. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? We have two support desks. One in Australia and one in the US. Click on the link below for details. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 7 day trial.
  6. Chowmain - Android Driver for Control4

    There is nothing wrong with the driver itself. LANmote doesn't support any Android version above 5. At this stage there is no other alternative for newer android versions. If you find any let me know.
  7. @Cyknight is correct. I was employed by RecluseAV and developed their drivers for them. When I left I could not take the drivers I developed as they owned the intellectual property. we developed competing drivers for some of the drivers I had an interest in. Recluse still sold and maintained the drivers for 3 years after I left before they discontinued the driver business. These drivers still operate. the same goes with HouseLogix drivers. Your system will not break if you stick to the drivers you purchased on HouseLogix. In fact if you upgrade you will notice no difference what so ever as we have not added any additional functionality. In short if it ain't broke don't fix it. Lastly i want to remind everyone that we migrated because we needed a distributor who is committed to supporting our drivers. some of you may argue that we should have started our own marketplace but our core focus is on developing drivers. i do not want to hire additional staff and spend the next 6 months developing a marketplace which I need to then spend hours of my day everyday maintaining. Our focus is on developing drivers. We have 4 drhvers coming out in the next few weeks for Control4 so watch out for our announcements.
  8. Those ones will only control Daikin HVAC systems that use the Skyfi app (ducted and cassette systems) or the Dmobile app (split systems). You may have better luck with IntesisBox. In specific the universal model. If your unit is not in the database for the universal model then contact Intesis and they may be able to add your make/model in.
  9. if you hold the buttons down it will achieve this until you let go at 8x speed otherwise it'll do the small step fwd / back.
  10. Actually they are developed on OS 2.9.0. You will need a T3 touchscreen to use it though
  11. Believe me we were too. Hence why we chose carefully as to where we were going. Just remember this isn't effecting just us. Its effecting every 3rd party developer on Houselogix. Some are staying but the majority are going to either Blackwire or driverCentral. I'm glad that we've finished migrating our drivers. It took alot of resources so we couldn't really work on anything new. I am proud to say though that we are releasing a few new drivers next month. So keep your eyes posted.
  12. Gary I'm glad that you enjoy our drivers but we want to focus on developing drivers. Not running a marketplace. The amount of work required to develop, maintain and run a marketplace would mean that we would need to change our focus and as such lose focus on what our goals are as a company which is focusing solely on developing new functionality for control systems. There is a reason why we have triple the number of drivers that the closest 3rd party developer has on Houselogix. Trust me we chose driverCentral carefully. It not something that we took lightly. It was very clear that we had to migrate from Houselogix so we spent the past half a year in discussions with various marketplaces, talking to our shareholders and meeting about our direction. We spent a massive part of the last two months changing the licencing code in 159 drivers and testing them, documenting them. At the end driverCentral was our primary choice because it is its own entity. It is not tied into a seperate business. As a company driverCentral has no worth without the 3rd parties and as such should someone want to buy it they would do so to take over the marketplace and not purchase the company for its talent much like what happened to Extra Vegetables and Houselogix. As i keep mentioning Gary. You do not need to re-install the drivers. You can keep the drivers as is running forever. Your existing system will continue to operate as is. I honestly do not know what else i could possibly say to make you feel better.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Yep we take this very seriously. We had too many complaints from dealers about the lack of support so we had to act. It was hurting our business to stay on Houselogix so we had to act. As we build more drivers and expand we want to ensure that we maintain if not provide better support and training to our dealers. Knowledgable dealers means less headaches when it comes down to installation at customer homes. Everyone wins.
  14. First of all let me say that even if you DID NOT migrate your drivers to driverCentral you still would need a dealer to come in and physically change over your controller and reset every single licence on houselogix that you have paid for which will still cost you (unless you have some sort of service contract). There is nothing stopping you from doing this going forward. Upgrading to the driverCentral will take maybe 15 minutes more time and ensures that you have upto date versions as we maintain the drivers. They don't need to reprogram the entire system. Just update the existing drivers by righting clicking and clicking on update. In regards to our decision. We made the best business decision possible that has the best outcome to everyone. Support is a major requirement for dealers and we listened and implemented what we thought would be the best course of action to ensure that dealers get the support they need to complete jobs. Migration of marketplace regardless of developer is the same. So all 3rd party manufacturers who have migrated to Blackwire and driverCentral all have the same problems. All of the developers are migrating the licences across to ensure that previous customers have an upgrade path rather than being locked to the Houselogix marketplace. This isn't limited to Chowmain. Aproximately 70% of Houselogix 3rd party developed drivers are migrating to either driverCentral or Blackwire. The only difference in our offers is that we happen to also have a second helpdesk to provide aproximately 16 hours of support each day (mon-fri). Note though the houselogix marketplace will continue to run and all licences will continue to operate without any issues.