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  1. Our drivers work on all kodi versions 12 upwards
  2. Our kodi full video addons mini app 'may' work with exodus. As an unofficial addon which endorses privacy we can not legally test this nor 'confirm' that it 'may' or may not work.
  3. Chowmain (Owned in partnership by myself and a few others) outsources it's sales support and technical support to Houselogix (who is owned by SnapAV). This means we can spend more of our time doing what we do best which is developing cool new drivers that everyone can enjoy. Houselogix operates an online webstore which requires registration from authorised Control4 dealers. Once a dealer has an account they can make driver purchases 24x7 and licencing is processed automatically via their licencing server once payment has been made. Licencing can be managed by dealers themselves as well (eg if you upgrade or RMA your controller they can remove the licence from your old controller so you can reuse it on your new one). As @Cyknight mentioned it is quick (as its automated).
  4. As Mitch mentions manufacturers need to add on a Control4 specific cluster to make their Zigbee stack work with Control4. In regards to Z-Wave i just received word that Control4 currently has no plans to open Z-wave integration to 3rd party developers such as ourselves. As such we're a bit out of luck on this one guys unless we go through a 3rd party zigbee or zwave gateway (that or get the manufacturer to implement the C4 cluster on their Zigbee stack)
  5. Yep sorry you'll need to stick with infra-red control. Here is their product support page with all downloads.
  6. That is correct our driver is one way only. It does not provide any feedback. Usually when you're upto this stage you just write the driver for whatever you want to integrate.
  7. The BDP-83 does not have IP control. Some variants of the BDP-83 do have RS232 control though.
  8. Control4's zigbee stack has additional clusters which are non standard. You cannot just utilise any normal zigbee products with Control4 without modifying the device's zigbee firmware.
  9. Our Shabbat driver inputs your latitude, longitude and country code into the hebcal webservice. this returns when candle lighting and havdalah occurs exactly for that period (it shifts at different times of the year eg over here it's after 8). it does the same for Jewish holidays that have similar requirements.
  10. It doesn't connect to our Plex Full driver. It is independant and offered free of charge by Control4. It can be used with pretty much any UPnP Music server on your network. I use it myself as i don't see the point in adding in additional hardware for music when Control4 can do music just fine.
  11. Hi guys, Due to demand we have updated our FREE Telstra TV mini drivers for all you Aussie Control4 users. Full supported list of mini drivers. 7Tennis 9Now ABC iView AFL Bigpond Movies FOX SPORTS NOW Foxtel Play NBL TV Netball Live NRL PLUS7 SBS On Demand Stan Tenplay Note as free drivers these come as is and without any support.
  12. Here is the EA5 CPU model name : Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU CE5335 @ 1.60GHz Also for reference here is an EA1 (which you didn't ask for but hey why not) model name : Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU CE5310 @ 1.20GHz
  13. Please submit a ticket to our helpdesk for support. Note though that our Plex full driver does not have WOL as there is no method to shutdown using the official plex api (PHT driver uses the JSON-RPC Kodi API which is not official). As an alternative Control4 can also handle Plex's music library directly through its UPnP driver (this is how i do it at my place). This means that you don't need to addyour HTPC to your rack.
  14. You can utilise the new tv's using the old drivers but note that SDDP will not work.
  15. If you need help utilise your TFM. Their job is to hold your hand for the first few jobs until you get the hang of things.