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  1. If your mac mini is a dedicated HTPC running plex media player or plex home theater then all you need to do is install our Plex Full driver for Control4. You will be able to use your Control4 SR-250 or SR-260 remote to control Plex and also use Control4's user interface to browse and select all of your media on your Plex Media Server.
  2. There are electricians who are Control4 dealers in Australia though most are AV based. Why don't you become a Control4 dealer? Sounds like a good opportunity to fill in a gap in the market. Some of the bigger Control4 dealers sel millions of dollars worth of Control4 product every year.
  3. Agreed. Wall Acne sucks. One of the major benefits of home automation is to limit this.
  4. When we first released the driver Big Ass contacted us to discuss it. They were curious about how we did it and wondered how much interest there was from the home automation market. They advised they will let us know if any changes come that will effect our driver but i think thats the extent that they are going to support us which is fine.
  5. Our driver only requires wifi control over the haiku. Once you have that then you don't need any additional products.
  6. Hi, it is me again. I have learned making the control4 driver for a while, but have no one to talk about the question. I do not know whether you have a group or not. If you have one, may I join it ? 

  7. The apps in my car is now obsolete... if it makes you feel better my car has also depreciated by about $30,000 since 2013... honestly though the main architecture in your home that you have asked about will be fine over time. Control4 is the control system.. there is not much to smart lighting that can change over time... same goes with your security sensors and security system... you can utilise your Control4 equipment to control components that are newer than the control4 equipment.... for example Control4 hardware that is from the previous generation still works on Control4's current operating system.
  8. Thats a bit of a rude question to ask. I'll give you one hint though... the driverworks API functions have the file I/O functions you need. You don't need to utilise any other lua file i/o outside of those ones Control4 provides.
  9. We have already writtent this driver. You can use a supported web browser (safari, firefox or edge) on your PC or mac to record the audio for immediate playback.
  10. Trial goes for 48 hours so definately expired.
  11. That is also a very good point. This is the most likely problem.
  12. We actually have no control over 4sight. The communications is the same for the driver as the phone and controller joins the same network. if it works at home it will work away from home
  13. The driver polls for feedback. The iPhone reverts back to the original state if it has not received confirmation that it has changed to that setting. It most likely has not obtained feedback by that time but if you wait t should come in eventually.
  14. Control4 Puck Dimmer and Puck Switch