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  1. Super lead ! Could be the self test with a bad battery ... I seem to recall this happening with an APC unit prior. Big thanks. I'll post back with findings.
  2. As the subject says, I have an HC800 running 2.10 that reboots almost every day at 8:03am. This has been going on for about 2.5 months. I've been through the logs but they clear at restart. Any ideas on trouble shooting ?
  3. dgbrown

    Costly Mistake

    Hang on there. If it doesn't power on its likely the power supply. Irrespective drop a call into Netgear support. Even if it's out of warranty, they will usually ship you a replacement chassis for a fee (might be a few hundred bucks). Just put the drives back in the same slots and you should be good to go.
  4. dgbrown

    Question for XBMC Users

    Dan - I continue to use MyMovies for scanning, etc. You can have MyMovies generate a .nfo file for your movies. When Kodi scans, if there is a nfo file in the movie directory it will skip generating it's own metadata and use whats in the existing nfo.
  5. dgbrown

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

    Anyone have issues with using Siri over LTE ... Seems to hang
  6. dgbrown

    HC800 Ethernet Speed

    Try turning off autonegociation on the switch port. Then set the switch port and Ethernet on the controller to gbe full duplex. Might be a handshaking problem.
  7. dgbrown

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

    Set the iMac to not go to sleep. Install xcode from the app store, node and homebridge. Run it for a few weeks before you commit to it. If you like it, you can pick up a Pi 2 Model B starter kit for like $60 USD and reinstall .... or just leave the iMac on.
  8. dgbrown

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

    Works great running node on a Mac Dan ! Took me all of 30 minutes to get it up and running with a base level of functionality. Was quite impressed actually.
  9. $20,000 question: Is there a way to prevent a security zone from reporting to the history agent when the panel is disarmed ? Case in point with Interlogic Panel driver (Concord) is a motion sensor. The panel is disarmed and motion sensed is filling up the history log making it difficult to see ingress/egress activities. Thanks in advance for any info.
  10. Isn't the programming tied to the contact. The contact is bound to the driver. In theory removing the driver for the panel should not remove the contacts and therefore not the programming. Do I have this wrong ?
  11. Are the new security system drivers available "now" with the release of 2.8 ? In particular interested in Concord. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. dgbrown

    Battery cover for SR-250?

    I may have one for you. Be back to you in a couple of days.
  13. dgbrown

    Control4 Buys Nexus

    Hydraconnect changed hands already.
  14. dgbrown

    Dahua IP cam drive

    ^ Same manufacturer.
  15. http://www.macrumors.com/2014/11/06/amazon-unveils-echo-speaker/