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  1. This link is not working. Error 404. What is the correct link? Thanks!
  2. philfeldman

    Remote Programming Services Offered

    Fast and reliable. Reasonable... Honest... Updated all my stuff and everything worked. Got my recommendation!
  3. philfeldman

    Latest Version of ComposerHomeEdition

    My dealer told me that Composer Home Edition is no longer being offered for sale. Is this correct? thanks...
  4. philfeldman

    Newbie forum?

    OK. Add the photo storage location is something my dealer can/should do. Correct? Thanks...
  5. philfeldman

    Newbie forum?

    Alan- Thanks for your reply. OK, here is a specific question. I've read the HE user guide and searched the forums trying to find out something that I know is very simple. How do I create a customized screensaver from a photo? I hope I have overlooked a very simple resource that will guide me through the process, but for now, I'm stumped. Thanks in advance... Phil
  6. philfeldman

    Newbie forum?

    I am a brand new member of this forum and I want to learn how to use Composer Home Edition. Is there a place where a "newbie" like me can learn the very basics? Like how to create a photo screensaver? thanks, Phil