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  1. Go back to your boring tired old blog for all I care.. Stuff this. Recent ones: SR260 with built in IR blaster Networking manuals and best practice for Control4 updated on this site. What to do and plan for after the Sonos Driver is no longer supported Review of the experiences with HEOS (and why it's better than Sonos) A new 4K XBMC box and why the AC XBMC is awesome (with a couple suggestions how it could be improved) Means of getting Live TV into XBMC that actually works with this driver. Stuff this. I am only going to communicate around here via PM Anyone wants any help? shoot me a PM Adios
  2. ^ Wait... it's just me with network problems... And it's only me who thinks additional help outside the Control4 universe might be needed and a good idea??.
  3. Thanks for letting me know.. the quest continues
  4. Whilst I wait for C4 to fully understand why it is that users might not always be able to get the full benefit of an IP driver, does anyone know if there is an IR driver for the Sony KD-65X8500C (or similar) It uses the RMT-TX100A Remote Thanks W
  5. Can someone lend the C4forums admins their BakPak?
  6. ^ Forget it. I'll go back to my Tardis (My parallel universe is way for "realistic" )
  7. Re Neflix app.. Could this be what's screwing with my Sony TV??? How do I find out?
  8. (Reason for the multiple posts was the site was misbehaving) Haven't you noticed all the recent Chinese posts?
  9. (...C4forums need a network engineer by chance?) Any one C4 certified? ...sites been hacked as we speak... Vindicated
  10. (...C4forums need a network engineer by chance?) Any one C4 certified? ...sites been hacked as we speak... Vindicated
  11. (...C4forums need a network engineer by chance?) Any one C4 certified? ...sites been hacked as we speak... Vindicated
  12. Yep. Heads in the sand chaps. Bully me off the forum again for all I care, Why bother giving any feedback or positive suggestions to improve things around here? It's all just dandy and everyone's system is perfect. Pigs do fly... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. And no.... It's not "justyou" this is a very common problem with network drivers in general. There are hundreds of different possible random reasons, yet somehow Control4 seems to think it's end users who have to bank roll the solutions, without giving them the basic tools to help sort them and viable alternatives like a combined IR network SR260 remote to help them out (whilst they try sort it...if they *ever* get sorted) . But heck. What do I know? I mean my new TV driver is just network only! There *is* no IR or serial alternative. I'm just a dumb arse punter who has to live in the real world I guess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. According to the good people at Control4, there are never any network issues, so why give end users the tools to try sort things out? Yep - network drivers work 100% 24/7, there is no need for IR back up... heck why even suggest it? It's absolute Heresy ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk