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  1. Best C4/4K A/V Receiver

    Marantz has been great for me. Same company as Denon.

    https://www.hdmi.org/manufacturer/hdmi_2_0/index.aspx "Previously, HDMI Specification Version 2.0b (HDMI 2.0b) only supported HDR (High Dynamic Range) video transport in the SMPTE ST 2084 EOTF (as applied in the media profile commonly known as HDR10), by referencing the CTA861.3 specification. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has recently notified the HDMI Forum of the adoption of a new version of the CTA-861 Specification, CTA-861-G. This new version provides additional support for HDR Video transport by including (among others) an extension to the static metadata signaling to include the HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) EOTF. The HDMI Forum has assessed the applicability of the CTA-861-G Specification to HDMI 2.0b. The HDMI Forum has confirmed that the extension of the static metadata signaling to include HLG can be utilized under the existing HDMI 2.0b Specification. This means that HLG Video Transport functionality may be implemented on HDMI 2.0b compliant devices." WHAT?!!!! Thank goodness for the certification!

    Ok so here we have a Premium "Certified cable" I have just purchased. If you get the Authentic Vision app you are supposed to QR this and then it basically makes sure you have a legit cable..(Well legit box I guess) that is "Certified 4K HDR". HDMI 2.0b. And guaranteed by HDMI.org to work with ALL HDMI sources. (Their words). This is good. This is a great initiative. But the thing is why does HDMI.org need this? What's been going on? Have there been fake so called "4K compliant" cables out there that are nothing of the sort? I mean there are fake 4K movies, so why not fake 4K cables?
  4. ^ Simply Awesome thanks for that!
  5. I would caution Control4 Support

    In all seriousness can we please stop this dealer vs end customer thing? Seriously? It's kinda old... Why can't anybody help anyone if they need it? Nerd end user, newbie end user, dealer, company..they all can have valuable input... ...who gives a toss as long as the problem is sorted? .... and why ban any feedback? who really cares as long as Control4 goes from strength to strength ?! We all win in the end. Rock on Control4!
  6. I would caution Control4 Support

    Madness. About as crazy as a Jeremy Corbyn - Donald Trump get together for "tea and scones" at the palace with the Queen. And no that's not Trump tower chaps.
  7. I would caution Control4 Support

    ^ Wait. Shut up Wap. Such outrageous and illogical statements. I can feel a another ban attack coming on...
  8. I would caution Control4 Support

    ..... What a darn good idea.
  9. I would caution Control4 Support

    Frankly this whole thread is farcical. I'm with Gazza on this. It is a ludicrous proposition Control4 can't take an active role in support on this forum. What ya'll going to do? Ban em? They are the company. They are one of the main reasons for your existence. And it's the end user that provides you with the dollars. And the company for that matter. Without the end customer there is no business. For the dealers. Or the company. Direct feedback from end customer to company would be vital in some instances.... Without the customer - it's game over. Is this thread for real?
  10. I would caution Control4 Support

    What you are describing is a problem with the C4 dealer only model. It raises the whole ugly "lets not talk about it" shhhhh shhhhh wink wink "who is the real customer here"? ... It raises general communication issues between the mothership and their dealers. Not the individual dealers specifically themselves. And it certainly has zero to do with the end user client..

    I happen to think my arguments are very rational and make quite a lot of sense. Each to there own I guess. But fair enough if you don't take the legal route because it is impossible to "win" (as is argued by the other two with some sort of weird car on a road or helicopter landing at an airport analogy), fair enough. You then move your technology away from the bottleneck. You don't keep throwing good money after bad at technology and outdated ways of doing things just because it complies with what is basically a shocking end customer experience (HDCP on HDMI). Anyway, I still think they would have a strong case. Just my view as I said. Others don't have to agree. That's fine. Good robust discussion as always. We are lucky we all still live in democracies where there is freedom of speech. Cheers.

    Imagine that. HDMI without HDCP. There you all go

    What does that have to do with it? Sorry lost me. Simply trying to throw C4 a bone here so they can recoup some costs that I seriously believe have unfairly been thrown their way. But it's not just the current loss of sales.. it's all about where video distribution is heading.. if HDMI had of been left "clean" aka stripped of the shocking noose around it (HDCP) who knows how successful Matrix and other control of central video distribution would have been? Instead the market heads away from this (network, streaming and other small devices at each source..heck even embedded in the source)...local device app control etc etc.. you know the drill. Look all I'm saying is DRM attached to HDMI via HDCP has to of cost C4 sales.. because it's basically a worse experience than the cheaper DRM (netflix etc alternatives) and the non DRM torrenting..And it's got to be an issue with the young.. who don't even use disk players anymore. Anyway. That's my view. I'll stick with it cheers.
  14. Error EX1764

    Getting this error trying to view posts. What gives? Have I been banned? W