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  1. Are we "back to the future" with good ol 1970's IR? Does the 4K ATV ever have an IR receiver?? I've ditched Control4 here for this device right now and am using the awesome little AppleTV remote... so what is that using? Bluetooth? How ya'll set up your 4KATV's within Control4 and how ya'll controlling your new AppleTV's? Thanks
  2. wappinghigh

    Flagship Store

    Control4 desperately needs a flagship store. With the entire setup installed and on demo. The pakege networking on show The drivers and matrix both JAP, Videostorm and proprietary. The latest TS and the latest integration with third party voice products. Latest 4K services and devices. Where existing customers can come in an chew the fat with an equivalent “Genius Bar” Where new customers can get referrals to reputable dealers. Discuss. W Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. As yet another hi margin product bites the dust (Oppo Blu-ray) this is unfortunately yet another nail in the coffin of your dealer only model. Next it will be high end matrix products The HTPC and “in home” media NAS concept having died years ago Consumers can now roll out pretty good all home Security CTV for under 1k and set it up themselves heck pretty much *any* HA product for 99.95 and change... The robots are coming - wait they are knocking loud and clear on your dealer shops already yet most of you are in denial. The irony is its “Automation” itself that is killing Home Automation. Its sad. Because I really like you guys and I genuinely feel for you as I like hi end products, good niche bricks and mortar retail in high streets, and the old way of doing things. I actually like paying for quality and good old fashioned service. Oh *and* content! Silly me. What a dick I really am!!! But when you pay for something hi end it’s got to continue to be better and perform and be maintained and upgraded easier than the cheap “no cost” alternative and that my friends in a nutshell is the problem with Control4 and the current way it handles its “model”... Robots are coming on my job too. It’s just I know this and am making plans already to get out... Hopefully I’m retired before it actually happens. But go on..... Ban me again, heap scorn on me , call me drunk and say I have a “mental” condition. And that’ it’s really *me* (not you) living in alternative reality. I don’t care what you think about me anymore. I just wish you’d all wake up and realize it because I genuinely want you all to stay in business. I like you all and I feel for your futures on as much a humanitarian level as anything else.... Because as humans we need to fight this. A head in the sand approach and sticking to protocols won’t cut it anymore. They started ripping off all our IP years ago and continue to do so with gusto.... Trump tariffs won’t save you either. Nothing will if you think you can keep things with Control4 as they are- Good day to you all. Happy 2018. I wish you all well in the future and good luck.... This is no April fools joke anymore. This is real. Rock on C4 W. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I have a Control4 16 Zone analog Audio matrix. Model No. 16ZAMSV3-B It is about 3 years old. Is it possible to switch this using non Control4 software? If so how and using what? If I can't use generic software to control the switch, or even manually control it, it will be coming up for sale shortly (see my "For sale" thread) Thank You. W
  5. wappinghigh

    Software Upgrade Cost

    When you have been passionate about something so long it just takes a while to let go that’s all. It will happen. Cheers. W Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Look I’m just not going to do that ok? Not that I wouldn’t *totally* love to- it’s just I’m not. I’ve learnt over the years that this is just not the forum to discuss such things. I need to move on. I have. W Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. wappinghigh

    Software Upgrade Cost

    Well thats the whole problem isn’t it... that’s its *not* possible ..... but like I said. I never get personal. So I’m not going to bite on this one. I’m trying to move on. Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. wappinghigh

    Software Upgrade Cost

    Ahhhh that’s where we differ in philosophy. Let the robots keep doing what they are good at and give the thinking to the humans. Humans are going to need to learn to keep differentiating themselves. W Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. wappinghigh

    Software Upgrade Cost

    Firmware should be designed so it is *so* easy to upgrade, even the robot that should be running and monitoring the platform can do it. That way dealers can do what humans are good at- value adding for their other “human” friends. Rock on Control4 Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Appreciate it. Appreciate all your help as always over the years! Like I said I’m fine with it sitting unused a while if need be. This is going to be a slow but dignified exit. I have no bad feelings to anyone around here. Least of all my dealer who has been awesome. Remember Squeeze? That still has a nucleus of dedicated enthusiasts.... Who knows. We may all *really* need each other one day. Cheers and Rock on Control4.... [emoji4] W Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. yeah agree... It is what it is. I'm actually Ok about it. Who knows. Somewhere someday we may all be needing to retro engineer them.
  12. Sure. I may try but probably no market here. We shall see. Some of my Sonos sold well. I'd actually like it used by someone from this C4 community.. It has a good role in the right project
  13. Sure. Lucky it is just a matrix and I can still use the Emotiva. Looks like it will cost more to ship in money and carbon than the price I get for it so it will probably just sit in the rack unplugged (as a heat sink) like all the other pieces of Chinese electronics I find no use for these days. At least the rare earth metals don't seep into landfill that way. I may end up keeping it due to a nostalgia for anything analog. I have a weird alternative view they might one day be worth something.. Who knows? W
  14. What did you get for it? I have another one the same likely coming up for sale.. Thank You
  15. This piece of now technical superceaded hardware finally started to die on me about 6 months ago and I have had it out of the system since then. It was networking fine but the touch push button sensing seemed to stop responding properly. I put up with it for months then finally removed it after we couldn’t find anything wrong with networking or lua etc at the time. I have not tried to retry it since. My guess is it’s about 5 years old. It’s actually had very limited use. So you could be getting an absolute bargain here or something for “parts only”. Like I said it powers up fine - just didn’t seem respond to touch properly. It’s a lucky dip on this one I’m afraid. PM me offers or for details. W. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. wappinghigh

    Analog Audio Matrix

    If anybody would like my 16 zone Analog Audio Matrix shoot me a PM and make me an offer and you’ll get exclusive bargaining rights before I actually put it up for sale.... This one I’m not giving away “for nicks”.... I don’t need this Audio Matrix anymore but someone else might have a need for it .... Just a heads up this will be coming up for sale ... PM me if interested and I’ll take extra special care to get it to you. W. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Tell you what... here is the deal... I'll tell you where the link is and you can give me my HC200's back "for free"...
  18. For sale are two HC200's... They are about 8-10 years old but both in full working order. Suit enthusiast or someone looking to add a cheap room (see below) Might as well give them away or onsell them to a good home, than see them wind up in landfill. These will work on up to 2.9.1 (by themselves - but DYOR) or as I am told in a project beyond 2.10.x : say running in a small ancillary room (using the HC general proxy) controlling devices via IR/Serial using the attached "free driver": You will need to DYOR on how this driver operates. I take no responsibility for ongoing support. There is scant information out there (as those who have been following my recent threads will attest) These HC200's do not come with their original plug packs which burnt out quite some time ago. You are welcome to the alternative plug pack's (A netgear 5amp and an generic Chinese 4amp). Both will operate on 100-240 v with any attached cable (supplied by purchaser, but PM me if you need one). PM me with offers. Or if you need pre-sales help, more photos or links to the information above. If they don't sell here within 4 weeks I will be putting them ebay. I can take PayPal. I'd appreciate comments from others in this thread re fair and reasonable "net present value" on these units. Thank You. W (side note - keep a look out for other items coming over the next few weeks/months!) Here is the 2.10.x "compatibility driver": annex4_hc200.c4i Here is a photo of the two units:
  19. Yes there is one for the HC300 as well as was linked by one awesome end user in one of my threads... but shhhhhh don't tell anyone... it's ohhh so secretive W
  20. I have been reading posts with interest on folks wiring up echo dots back to multi channel amps etc.. So how soon do you all think we are from things like the echo dot offering serious competition as Input output devices to say using an Sr250 or a touch screen? Couple months? Couple of years? I ask this because if Control4 want to stop support of older room controllers and TS's etc and won't support upgrade of individual room Controllers like the HC200 and I can't cycle them down the line for longer than a couple of years..I mean why bother ever buying another individual room controller or TS or remote ever again??? Why not just stick with one controller in the rack running director ie the backbone of a project.?..I mean that is what Control4 is good at so just get it to stick to that.. (And only upgrade that ...and only when you have to) , no C4 touchscreens or remotes forget them.... and just put in things like echo dots? And Nvidia shields with the IR extender and use the odd iphone app as a rescue...? I mean why not? If the company seems hell bent to be forcing owners down that route of not supporting older controllers and input output devices taking ages to release intercom apps and the like.... sod it all....why not? Their problem. It's their policy not supporting their own hardware and all... But how long before you all think echo dots are really feasible? Not experimental - but "just work" 95% of the time... I'd accept 95%...that's pretty much the success rate of using an SR250/TS in my hands anyway... And any pitfalls? Thanks
  21. I don’t even know what that is But whatever. I’m over the personal and wise crack remarks. Enjoy your system! W Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. At the moment the echo dots work as just “dumb” voice receivers feeding their pre-made voice control commands into the Control4 eco system right? But what happens when the smarts at Amazon (or in a different product like Google) get so good they control our AV and lights and everything direct? I guess it just depends if thats what the boffins at Google and Amazon are working on right now . Are they? I’ve been around to see what happens when a corporate spat over the end user occurs between two tech companies (Sonos and Spotify) Remember that? In the end the more consumer focused and innovative company wins. Those with the sheer NUMBER of consumers as “customers”.... But a lot of folks here don’t like me posting my thoughts so I am trying to wind back. I’m sorry to all BTW that some think I rant and troll I didn’t mean to wind you all up. Just make you think. My Apologies I’m moving on. Cheers W Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I look forward to this becoming a reality so I can "EOL" my TS's and remotes myself, then replace them with the next wave of Amazon echo dots. W
  24. Thanks for that. I await the offers... Shipping from the Southern Hemisphere is now no longer included. W