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  1. You know all is now good and I am at peace with the world... Control4 is a rock solid platform even under extreme stress with my network being pulled down at random over recent weeks by some weird sh!te going on with Sony Android TV's and Unifi WAP's the Control platform hung in there on the network until the last straw ...it was pretty much the last thing to go down sending out prowl messages until it died... What makes it so good is just that. The Lua and the Linux and the Zigbee mesh is just that little bit different from the run of the mill sh!te that can be hacked and taken down so credit where credit is due: it is as a rock solid backbone as you will ever get IMHO... But it sure is a crazy world out there with young youths as high as kites shootin kids and crapped out loonies harassing people and Kim's with Nukes, and Hollywood and Catholic priest perverts and all the other carry on with Trump and the FBI and Russians and BTC out there! SO ROCK ON CONTROL4... Stay positive ya'll and be grateful for what we have - our health, our loving families, a robust sense of humour, a sceptical approach to all the HDMI/HDCP and 4K shinanigans, and an ever questioning mind. ROCK ON C4 and happy HA everyone! W
  2. ^ No need to over think it.... Simple really Control4 is rock solid and dependable in a world of tech chaos. The rest of the world certainly is not. W
  3. Cheers for that Gov'ner. W
  4. simple multizone audio option

    Lol aint ranting on this. Ranting only worth it, if it's legit and matters. All good.
  5. One of the suggestions of a possible cause of my current network trouble is Unifi WAPs. For the life of me I can't get Unifi Controller software to work on my current version of OSX.... So I can't upgrade the firmware of the three Unifi WAP's I have on the network to see if that resolves the problem... And because my network is grinding to a hault the WAPs can't been seen on a different version of Unifi Controller running on an older version of OSX on an older machine... I've tried upgrading them using the Unifi App, they are all found no problem via wifi but I can't upgrade them using the app go figure I get an error "the device is or has been managed by a controller" "please use the controller mode or do a factor reset and re-configure".. I can't/don't want to do that.. a couple are high up buried in the ceiling...and I have spent previous hours configuring them working just fine the way I want with fixed IPs and all... they were working great for like over 6 months... So pray tell what consumer decided to run the Unifi firmware upgrade path that way? Ya'll think Unifi customers had any say over that? Or why Apple/Unifi don't act friendly together an' all anymore? See what I mean? ....and you guys all think networks are always stable, you never have to touch them and there is never ever any third party randomness "from left field" thrown into a network...? Yeah sure thing (not)... I mean it's just happens ok? This proves it.. W
  6. Dear OPer...listen to all the replies. Many awesome comments and wise words here. W
  7. Yep so true. Great comment
  8. yep 100% agree. C4lighting never fails. Quality wins out all the time. Things like Wemo are crap. Pity there are no Control4 zigbee 230/240V GPOs...
  9. C4-16AMP3-B Question

    Episode is what I have too. It’s awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. C4-16AMP3-B Question

    The debate distributed video vs sources local in each room comes down to a few core things.. 1/ Stability of your network. Mine has been unstable over the years so centrally controlled sources via a central matrix proved unreliable... if the network wasn't 100% working or slow, you had to go out to the rack in garage and pull the cord of the source device, or switch on a TV in the garage to IR control the source, or even reboot the whole c4 platform etc.. Matrix would also sometimes go off line and there were also HDMI issues... lag in handshake etc. Huge problem here with wife factor or explaining what to do to a kid over the phone. If you go down the distributed route you must have a stable network and a dealer instal (in my opinion)... Individual source devices at room level are easier to problem shoot in my experience.. (as long as you can get to them around behind TV's etc).. reach in the family or HT cabinet, or point the IR, or do a plug pull and problem is solved... video source returns.. There is a downside of multiple sources though.. namely 2/ Maintenance. So many to maintain upgrade with firmware and the chance of a wrong settings or something random going wrong with them increases the more you have. You say 4-5 rooms.. then maintenance will become an issue in my opinion... I have just 3 rooms and that's hard enough... Cost really should not come into it... You will pay dearly down the track in added dealer truck rolls or time it takes for you to sort issues if you don't make the right choice that suits your individual circumstance Regarding which distributed video network.. plenty on info on the forums about that -search is a friend Seek help from a trusted dealer on that...an unbiased dealer.. Quite a few around here. Just my 2 C. W (BTW I'm heading off into retirement from the forum a while...yes I know..." again" -Enjoy your platforms folks!. Rock on Control4)
  11. C4-16AMP3-B Question

    double post sorry
  12. BTW I believe it's important to encourage everyone to be open and transparent about the best things we should all do to keep our platforms running hassle free... I really don't care what people think about me, whether or not they would take my tech tips, or give a brass razoo about me or my setup. In short I don't care what you all think... Over the last few weeks and on previous occasions I simply state issues with my set up. Or other matters I think are relevant to the product or it's development. This is after all a public forum. And I have a Control4 setup. And I am a member of the public. I would argue that should qualify me for comment. This forum is not supposed to be for dealers. They have their own forum. But of course it would be silly to say they shouldn't help us all out here! Those that help out are awesome. I've had Control4 near on 10 years now in two different houses, with three different dealers. I have never said I am any tech guru, but I've lived a long time with the platform. That surely counts for something. Anyway. Cheers. Rock on Control4 and please keep the networking tips coming! W
  13. You need a sound and working network to do a Control4 firmware upgrade as you eluded to in your following post 1233 that it's best to power cycle devices on a network when doing a firmware upgrade... "But whatever" (as well). Last I checked Control4 devices were "networked"... Rock on Control4 W
  14. Cam seems to be spitting out two IPs' (I can see the two on a network scan) one is set static by the cam software. The other I never set as far as I recall... there is no allocated IPs on the router. Or no Bind to IP set by the Router. Wifi is turned off. DHCP is set off in cam software. The second rouge IP address is outside the dedicated DHCP pool of the router.. Rebooted the cam several times after checking settings. Have rebooted the router and problem still occurs. I have others of these cams set exact same way and no problem. Both IP's on the network scan are attached to exactly the same mac address... So it's like the mac address has two IP's.... what would give here? What would be the cause? How do I sort this? Thank You. W
  15. Control4 switches have been one of the most stable things in my Control4 setup. (That is when the C4 mesh is up and the platform is up and running). I have never regretted putting in Control4 switches over other types of switch control. I just wish they would do a Control4 switched GPO like ya'll have in the US... I've been asking for this for years now...probably near on a decade.. So I guess it's never going to happen now Why they never did a 230/240V Control4 GPO when they started marketing their lighting and other mesh switch control into the UK and it's other 230/240V "Allies" pretty much the exact same time as the USA is beyond me... Rock on Control4 W
  16. Ok No problem. Just curious. thanks!
  17. ^ Not that this is saying hugeness and the sheer number of software engineers (Amazon) necessarily means more "nimbleness" and more "coolness" and a faster release of it's tech developments etc.. It's just if Control4 is way smaller, why doesn't it demonstrate sometimes with it's tech, that it can't be a bit more nimble and bolder sometimes? But I "get it" now with this platform. Its very conservative and it's great as a backbone.. And with it's superb dealer network to lend a hand, It excels at that... Just IMHO and my 2c... Rock on C4! W
  18. ..Zaphod, clearly Alexa is a long term potential competitor to Control4....at the low end... and that's where these things start.. at the low end..... Control4 was once a competitor at the low end with Crestron ... right folks?? ya'll remember that 10 years ago?? For anybody not to see this? Well I'd be gobsmacked if the long term C4 users and dealers around here didn't realise that Alexa could at least become a potential competitor.... I mean they have 5,000 programmers working on the smarts of Alexa right? How many people does Control4 have working specifically on it's smarts? Rock on C4 W
  19. Hey I just noticed the new Echo Plus has a zigbee antennae ... could this be used with Control4 somehow???
  20. Looking for suggestions to fill holes

    ^ Very cool.. thanks for posting that!!!!
  21. My first C4!

  22. ^ Ok sure.. I'll go back and edit that to "networking tips... " What are yours? Please post them. That would be awesome..
  23. Looking for suggestions to fill holes

    How would you get the audio out from those ECHo dots in the wall back to the rack?... RCA via Cat5 baluns????
  24. Looking for suggestions to fill holes

    Brilliant !....that is one heck of an interesting idea! Thanks for that!