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  1. Are we "back to the future" with good ol 1970's IR? Does the 4K ATV ever have an IR receiver?? I've ditched Control4 here for this device right now and am using the awesome little AppleTV remote... so what is that using? Bluetooth? How ya'll set up your 4KATV's within Control4 and how ya'll controlling your new AppleTV's? Thanks
  2. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Ok Binding has now been established. Thanks to everyones confirmation and help that the most up to date IP driver was being used. Rock on Control4.
  3. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    The other thing that would be cool in the driver Dude is a "leave player on" option at room shut down.. or an always leave player on option within the driver.... Cheers
  4. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Fair enough Dude. All good.
  5. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Sure will do. (It aint one user BTW) Another fact. Someone else has been on about this in another thread .. Hey look I aint defending Apple and it's closed API here. NO WAY> ya'll know about my opinons on that with HDMI and the Hollywood cronies and all.. But that is no excuse for a company like Control4 not to be 100% up to date with their documentation and driver... For an important device like this? Nope. You want your side of the story 100% hot and current.. That way when the law suits come (and they will)... against companies like Apple and other media distribution companies for undertaking restrictive and anti-competitive behaviour - that ends up costing smaller companies like Control4 business and multi millions of dollars.. (and Apple closed API here is yet another example) ...you've kept your drivers up to date to prove it aint yours (Control4's) problem. Cheers.
  6. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Nope. Not at my place it doesn't. In any case Documentation within the driver is old. Relates to previous ATV3. That has now been proven as a factual statement.. Cheers
  7. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    ^ Thanks for that TGH. Appreciate it. Here we go again. The Bullying starts when the facts speak for themselves...
  8. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    This is where I humbly would beg to differ.. Apple has many many customers. Are you about to argue Control4 can simply ignore this fact and it's "OK" to have a driver sitting there 18 months without an upgrade - for a device such as this with potential Millions of customers?
  9. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Ok now for the philosophical debate. OK most CI and HA customers would get that.
  10. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Thanks for the factual reply.
  11. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Answer this question. I would like a full and frank answer. Not yawns. Just the facts. Has the AppleTV IP driver been updated since Feb 2016? Yes or no? Thank You
  12. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    This is not some sort of weird no name brand hacked media player we are trying to pair here.... This is the APPLE TV... You know... that iconic American company that has the near Trillion dollar market cap and sells into 256 countries world wide...
  13. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    look I don't expect ya'll to help me if you don't want to but don't come on with all this condesceding stuff an all, like I am some sort of tech moron ... that I enjoy wasting your time... and that we wouldn't have tried to pair the device already like for hours and just pass comments that "it just works" when it clearly doesn't at my place and when it doesn't look like the driver has been updated since Feb 2016....
  14. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Thanks for the frank and honest confirmation and reply.
  15. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Ok so you are confirming that you are using this same driver last updated Fed 2016? Looks like you have just confirmed that by this reply. So is this really good enough? It's not like the new AppleTV4k hasn't been on the shelves for months.. Heck it is so popular here it's on back order at Apple till delivery after Christmas. Selling like hotcakes. Has Control4 dropped the bundle here? Where is the updated version of the driver circa Nov 2017?
  16. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    And you think that hadn't been done at out place? Before I came on to waste your time?
  17. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    Come in Annex... are you there Dude?
  18. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    The one we are using was created 02/03/2015 and was last modified 02/02/2016. Version 106. The documentation tab of the driver does not refer to the new AppleTV at all. It still contains instructions for the old ATV V3. I know this because The menu layout of the new AppleTV4K is entirely different. Are we using the correct driver?
  19. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    What is the date of the last update of the Control4 IP driver that you are using? What version is it? Thank You.
  20. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    This sort of blanket statement frankly gives me the pips. Why would I bother to come on here and waste all of your time if the current driver "just worked"?
  21. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Not at my place it doesn't. It doesn't "bind" with the new AppleTV4K. Just a heads up to Control4 that this driver (which was created by Control4 and last updated in Feb 2016) is not working properly. It's not binding. I am on 2.9.1. The AppleTv is on it's latest firmware. Cheers
  22. Simple Home Audio Solution

    Yep what he says. Take his advice he is awesome.
  23. Simple Home Audio Solution

    You can have my entire system of multiple controllers, remotes, touchscreens, Sonos ZP's etc (I paid over 30K for in 2008 dollars..like 10 times your budget) for $99.99
  24. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    Yep awesome driver hey Dude any chance of mapping that Input button on the Oppo remote? Even better discrete codes..That sure would be more useful than a few of the other buttons Dude!