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  1. Android App

    Thanks for the response. Those are the exact settings under my lte apn. I just didnt scroll down far enough. It works on every app I have. Except Control4
  2. Android App

    Yes I pay for 4sight. This apn works: APN Username wapuser1 Password wap This one doesn't for control4, but does for all other apps I have (Including Chrome Browser) Settings Details APN ltemobile.apn Username Not required Password Not required My phone will work with GSM HSPA LTE all auto connect, but you do have to pick one or the other apns. So this is a pain as I have to switch my apn just for the control4 app :
  3. Android App

    So this app works great on my phone when I'm connected to wifi. Problem is is won't work on my phone when I use an lte .apn (Chrome works great) It only works on a non lte apn on my phone. All other apps work when in the lte.apn mode except Control4 app. It has to be set to a lower apn. I'm on Rogers in Canada. I did contact them and they said maybe the developer has restricted the app? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  4. Vizio

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a driver (IR, or IP) available for the vizio P series TV's? This model comes with a tablet, which I'll never use but it makes me think it may not even have and IR receiver. Thanks!
  5. Alexa v Google home....go!

    Im very interested to see responses as well. I'd like to integrate either Alexa or Google.
  6. Thermostat

    Thanks! I'm aware of the driver sold by Houselogix, is there any others available? Does that driver work with the ecobee 3 thermostat on 2.9? Cheers
  7. Thermostat

    I'm replacing my old school Control4 thermostat. What are peoples opinions on the "Best" thermostat that integrates well with Control4. I'm in Canada, so looking for something available here. Thanks!
  8. Google Home

    Ok thanks for clarification, my google home app is fully integrated with IFTTT and can control my hue bulbs, and other things now, so I thought it would work with the IFTTT Maker Driver. Unfortunately the hardware device isn't available in Canada right now, so looks like I'll have to wait. Cheers
  9. Google Home

    Just need to clarify. There is an Google Home app, that I use. I say "ok google" to it and it responds with the answer, similar to the way the physical hardware does. So I can't use this with the cloud aspect and control4 with the proper driver?
  10. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I was just upgraded to 2.9 as well. How do I get the list of supported zwave devices?
  11. Thanks very much. I do have onscreen display at 4 locations, so I need 4 controllers total. I'll keep the 800 for one location and upgrade the other three. Glad this forum exists. Cheers
  12. So I will ask for opinions as well. Sorry if I'm hijacking Currently for controllers have 1 x 800 2 x 300's and 1 x 200. I need to upgrade the 300's and 200 badly. Question is do I go with 1 x EA5 and 2 EA3? or 1 x EA3 and 2 x EA1? I hardly ever use the music streaming between controllers as I have sources everywhere I have a controller, so that ins't needed for me. At each controller is a TV with a between 1 and 3 sources. At the 800 is a projector and 6 or 7 sources. I was planning on keeping the 800. Confused..
  13. Yes I do have RCA cables connecting the Audio out from the controller into an amplifier. That part is working for sure.
  14. First off, sorry if this is a stupid question. My dealer upgraded me to 2.7xxx, since then I've noticed tunein stations on my SR 250 remote. When I pick one, nothing happens, no sound (I don have an account but have never entered the username, password anywhere). Is there another driver that needs to be installed? I've verified that the audio out from the controller is going into my amp, and is working from other sources this way. How do I get this to work? Thanks
  15. I looked in download area but couldn't find. Does anyone have a driver for the Sony Receiver model STRDN1070? Thanks