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  1. All off for a Room not reliable

    Thank you for the reply. Why not just go to macro and do individual leight off commands for every light switch I want to turn off? What’s the benefit of setting up a lighting scene?
  2. I have noticed when I program macros using all off for a particular room it is not reliable. The more reliable method is to turn off each individual light within the room. Is This is a known problem? Or is this unique to my system thanks
  3. Alexa Skill won't Discover any devices

    Where do I buy the bridge?
  4. Alexa Troubleshooting

    same issue for me. tried everything under the sun. so like others have done, i removed and added the skill on my iphone app about a dozen times. and it randomly worked.
  5. Alexa Skill won't Discover any devices

    what driver uses siri? would love to get this.
  6. Alexa Integration remote state

    It sounds like you have a direct connection between your Alexa and your TV, not utilizing control4. Make sure your TV is not connected to Alexa directly, I believe some Samsung TVs can do this
  7. This sounds great, how would I use sprinkler integration with Control4 though? Any cool programming that you use? Rachio as it is does some pretty neat timers based on weather patterns
  8. What's the price for the driver
  9. Hopefully this is seen. Just had to replace my router. My current set up is a ActionTec router/modem that I bridged to my brand-new Google router. My old Asus router was on a IP address of Now my new Google router got assigned When I log on to the controller it can't find it, is it because of the different address?
  10. Follow me Driver

    Several weeks ago I stopped using the follow me driver, and moved to the IFTTT driver. I can't tell you how much more reliable the IFTTT driver is. Yes it took a lot of programming but I feel that my battery on my iPhone last a lot longer , and the app fires right on point every time ( I have no vested interest in Alans driver, just know what works and what doesn't )
  11. Chowmain 3 Year Anniversary Sale

    Alan you have a great company. Keep up the great work.
  12. Had the same issue it's most likely the LCD panel. If you do a search on this forum you can see how to replace it
  13. Dune vs Roku

    nvideal shield work well with plex full?
  14. Dune vs Roku

    When I play ripped blue rays on my dune I dont get surround sound (despite the 5.1 setting be activated on the dune) would the roku be a good alternative? its only 70 bucks for besbuy. If roku is good, what model roku should i buy?
  15. OS 2.9.1 out

    any cool new upgrades?