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  1. Thx a lot. That clears up what those drivers can do. I just browsed the European Somfy site and noticed that RTS is marked as legacy and they deploy wireless shades via the new io-homecontrol protocol. Link: Do you know if there is chance that it is supported via Control4?
  2. Yea mine is older and I can't find a newer one for debian wheezy. With the HEOS network shares I figured out the sorting issue - it doesn't like 1/4 2/4 and so on. So I fixed that. What still bothers me with the HEOS network integration is sorting when browsing via "genre" -> "artist" - it then lists all tracks for that artist and not "albums" and it lists the tracks as follows: Track 01 - Album 01 Track 02 - Album 02 Instead of: Track 01 - Album 01 Track 02 - Album 01 So when browsing via "Genre" its not possible to just play a multi album collection.
  3. I just recognized that this new driver supports MyLink and UAI - has anyone done both and can elaborate which is better?
  4. Yeah that seems to be the easiest way to do it - set up everything on the Somfy side via RTS and the use the Wifi-Bridge with the MyLink driver. I didn't know of this bridge, looks like the page has been updated since the last time I looked.
  5. If u buy a HC in eBay check the following: Needs to have "-1" at the end of model number As for software version Ask your dealer if he will swap/install and update it four you and as for a price The overall price should be a lot less than for what he would sell you a new EA HC, otherwise going used with last Gen isn't worth it. I bought my HC800 on eBay like 3 years ago, all went fine. Install an update was like 150$ or so. At the time he didn't have a problem with used stuff
  6. Probably another version of MiniDLNA
  7. Yeah works only on HS2 and I already found the 1st Bug: When using SMB it always plays the Albums from last to first track - so the wrong way around. Why I don't like DLNA? Simple: I haven't found a DLNA server yet that works flawlessly, there is always sth. that isn't displayed correctly or some option missing. Examples: MiniDLNA: works best so far. Issues: When I browse via genre I can't select an Album of an Artist - Genre displays a list of all Tracks from that Artist instead without any subcategory Asset Server: Browsing options are great. However It always displays a category for Artist and Album-Artist. There is no "merged" category like MiniDLNA has to offer. And it always used the wrong genre for 3 of my album - I checked it with Jr Mediacenter and MP3-Tag and the tags are correctly set but appear wrong with Asset. Emby: just doesn't work with HEOS. I kinda gave it up. My NAS runs Openmediavault, so it's Debian based and I am kinda limited with DLNA server here. For me DLNA is like an unnecessary software in the middle and even DLNA servers require scanning media folders so I don't see a benefit here either Just plain and simple SMB shares are the best option - worked perfectly on Sonos. And now HEOS with SMB has ALL my tags are correct, I now have all subcategories and can browse "genre->artist->album" - so yeahfor me it's the better choice, just needs to fix the sorting issue.
  8. For anyone interested: The new HEOS firmware is out and it finally support SMB / network shares - FINALLY!!! So no more DLNA/UPNP server crap! From my POV that only leaves on desired feature for Control4 missing (driver related): some sort of playback tracking as HEOS is never "off" - so after a playlist ends the room is "always on" and doesn't turn off which makes programming via "if room is off" impossible.
  9. What's actually missing is the Integration of the new Tahoma/app controlled shades and the the ZigBee module which Somfy still lists on their site. ...
  10. 200 !? WoW I can confirm Bug no 2 - via set and hold however I usually get it working, but it's annoying. I personally have good experience with writing a detailed bug report directly to control4 even though they prefer it through a dealer. I just have the feeling whenever there is a 3rd party in the middle information gets lost or misunderstood - provided one has the technical experience to provide a good enough explanation and technical description for the bug.
  11. Kodi 17 works just fine with the driver. However I switched back to 16.1
  12. Has anyone ever used the Somfy ZigBee® to Digital Motor Interface for shades integration? I can only find ppl using RTS485 and I am wondering why that's is as I would expect native ZigBee to be better.
  13. Just look at Kodi GUI videos on YouTube - it's easy to navigate via c4 remotes. For maintenance of my Kodi box I use SSH putty and vnc - I only connect a keyboard and mouse for distribution upgrades -> Ubuntu 14 to 16 For prebuild boxes that's not necessary
  14. I use Kodi in conjunction with emby media server. Kodi is great for playback, for "safety" I usually stay one version or point-release behind. Emby is similar to Plex and Kodi with Plex is really good for multiple setups. For over a year I haven't had any issue with that setup and Alan's driver