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  1. Hi Since Kodi won't play HDR under Windows I am looking for alternatives as an external player - I.e PowerDVD or DVDFab Player. However I don't know how to remote control them via C4 properly - anyone done this before?
  2. blub

    22 TV's

    Panasonic OLEDs look great, better than this years LGs and IP control works perfect so far. However they aren't available world wide
  3. blub

    Buying switches elsewhere?

    You should get another dealer that knows how to deal with a more complex system. I am sure you'll find one or a recommendation for ur area here
  4. blub

    UK Blind control

    Somfy blind in Europe/UK only seem to work via the old RTS interface - which according to somfy themselves is outdated. The newer conexoon or tahoma stuff doesn't have driver. For anyone over here KNX is probably the best way to go. There are some motors with a built in KNW module and with C4 all you need is a IP router / gateway for KNX and maybe a wireless bridge (both can be had for less than 600€) - no need for a separate KNX server. Another option could be EnOcean - it should work but I have no idea how good or bad. In the end I scraped my blinds project due to the complicated installation, which was just way too expensive no matter which hardware. Also the maintenance would be a nightmare in most locations. So I decided against exterior blind for now.
  5. blub

    C4 cant see Heatmiser Thermostats

    Yep go to the properties page of the Neo system driver and look if its connected. I would guess it is not connected - my guess would be that the IP of the hub changed.
  6. Well then you definitely use NEO firmware 2.x and your dealer and maybe even Control4 have no clue about the NEO integration. I had the same issue. All profiles vanished after a couple of minutes/hours. So after a long and tedious email conversation with Heatmiser support (they had an issue troubleshooting a 3rd party integration) I finally got an answer: Control4 and Heatmiser NEO only works in the programming mode 7-day. As soon as you set up profiles in the 5/2 day mode and Control4 connects to the Heatmiser system Control4 changes the mode to 7-day and woops all profiles are deleted - and that also happens when you change from 5/2 day mode to 7-day via the NEO app, so that is an intended behavior from the NEO. So as long as you run the NEO in 7-day mode Control4 integration isn't utterly broken, you can set heat modes and temperatures and that works just fine. However the NEO 2.x firmware broke the support of running profiles via Control4 programming. Profiles in NEO firmware v1 corresponded to a heating schedule and the attached rooms. But now with firmware V2 a profile contains only a heating schedule an no associated rooms - so if you run that via Control4 program nothing happens because the NEO hub has no idea on which rooms to run the profile on. On order to get the old functionality back Control4 would need to do make one the two updates to the driver: 1 - it needs to run recipes instead of profiles but that isn't supported by the outdated driver. 2- When I go to "extras" in the Control4 GUI/OSD I can see my profiles and I also can load them correctly into the current room - but to change all my rooms I have to manually use the Control4 GUI and selected each room and then manually load the profile by hand - which is not acceptable. Theoretically I can load a profile via Conrol4 programming and therefore create a macro to apply profiles to certain rooms but that option is "greyed out" in programming - if that is changed the full functionality would be available. This problem represents the major issue I have with Control4 business model: They are too far away from their customers. If the dealer is an not interested , doesn't understand the issue or his Control4 contact doesn't understand the issue there is no way to solve it.
  7. That is a nice feature, true. But I would need 13 Nets thermorstats, and thats way to expensive to put one in very room.
  8. Best solution would probably be KNX/EIB Edit: For such retrofit scenarios Heatmiser Neo is pretty good. Just put one in every room and it directly opens and closes the corresponding valve(s) - only issue here is that the Control4 driver needs an update to run profiles/recipes, but basic heating control works fine. You can even trigger heating/circulation water pump on and off via control4 depending on the actual needs if ur underfloor heating is water based.
  9. If u want to heat many different zones at different temps at different times you need one Nest for every room/zone - which is quite expensive. So for such scenarios Heatmiser or KNX is the better way to go. We also have a Nest and the Nest is fine like 1 or 2 per floor but not one for every room
  10. No I haven't had the time yet to write an email and I am obviously the only one noticing the bug. Controlling the tstats will work but you cannot run a "recepi" created with heatmiser app via control4 as the handling of temperature curves and the corresponding rooms has changed from heatmiser fr v1 to v2
  11. Figured it out. HDMI switch needed a re-calibrarion for EDID devices
  12. Hi Alan Same here. I have the Kodi Full driver and Control does not connect, with v18 Beta . I don't even get a notification - I have already disabled the firewall, changed ports and it still doesn't work.
  13. Hi We have a Leaf HDMI Matrix switch (642D) and the HTPC connected to it shows that maximum available Resolution is 1360 x 768 - so broken down to TV level, it messages my HTPC that the HDMI is only 720p capable. As a TV we use a Samsung 4k unit and the HTPC's graphics card is an AMD R7 unit capable of doing 4k up to 24hz. I have used the HTPC's APU in another build and it did output 1080p and 4k easily to a Samsung TV. So I think it is either a physical issues with the cable or something with the switch. Since I don't have another HDMI cable at hand I thought I ask if there is a possibility if its the HDMI switch. thx
  14. blub


    Nah don't want that. I really just didn't know that the new stuff isn't using flash anymore - do you know what the current GUI runs on? Just curious
  15. blub


    Looks good. C4 GUI needs a rework to display more variety of devices or status graphics - and HTML5 would probably be a good choice