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  1. Yes it is forbidden for end users to know: What bugs are outstanding or what actually is considered a bug The status of a bug you have reported And a changelog .... Those are one of the two major reason I honestly dislike Control4 and if I wouldn't already own two system I would switch to another one. However there is nothing just remotely comparable offering improvements on that matter....
  2. blub

    Failed Logins With Tapatalk

    Same here. Doesn't work anymore and I use the correct password
  3. LoL But still what wil it be able to do? Send a cams video stream to my Control4 Android app?
  4. What's it with the intercom app. What can it do?
  5. Most sophisticated solution is to replace the pump with a low energy auto-pump like Grundfos Alpha 2 - uses only 1-3w idle. And when permanently circulation around 7-10w. Otherwise just get a WeMo our other outplet plug. That works fine for me since I could not replace the pumps because they have a custom made part to it that would have cost me 1500€ just to replace two pumps totally wort only 400€ - so I chose the WeMo solution
  6. blub

    Recommendation: Door Bell / Camera

    Hi! Which options do I have if want a video doorbell that does not need LAN/POE and operates with integrated WIFI? Sadly I only have a power connection nearby and pulling a POE/LAN to that location would require a whole retrofit af that area. thx
  7. Yes. You might however need to put IR cale etc.. in place or set IPs up...once that's done the rest can be done remotely
  8. Ah nice. BTW: Check my post, I accidentally posted it too early. Do you use Neo App and FW 2.x and have the same issues I have?
  9. Hi I have the Heatmiser NEO and all underfloor heating. The NEO is available for underfloor heating via water and electric. So for the radiators you might need another option in case those are not controlled via a central manifold. On the NEO: The App for Android is very good since V2 and the system is reliable. However Control4 integration did get worse with the Heatmiser firmware v2 since there are some drawbacks: - Control4 only works in 7-day mode (Control4 will reset the NEO programming if the 5/2 day mode is selected) - Heatmiser profiles cannot be applied via programming anymore since the use recipes instead of profiles - with firmware V2 a profile is no longer paired with a room/rooms but only hold the temperature schedule. The rooms are applied via recipes programming in the NEO app - since Control4 can only apply profiles it doesn't work anymore. Maybe they fix it maybe not.
  10. Sadly I am. But I try to keep as minimal personal stuff as possible
  11. HELL NO NO NO NO NO NO AAAAND NO! Yea really 7x No - I would never put an all listening speaker in my home Which could theoretical spy an me all the time - I mean it's Google and Amazon world largest data collectors... hell NO
  12. blub

    Ready to buy Composer HE

    Wow people are really that brazenly !? Just amazes me....
  13. blub

    Control4 Clear out ( UK Based )

    Pm send for t3 wall touch screen
  14. blub

    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    That is so true! That is why I switched to Denon Heos
  15. blub


    And you can do the passion with physically install it on yourself and then call a dealer to set it up via composer and then you can go to composer HE and play with the programming But there is one thing you can't do: Add devices into the control4 system by yourself - you need a dealer for that