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  1. You could even place a remote somewhere on the wall to extend Zigbee range, also most motion sensors also act as a mesh extender.
  2. Mhh should have found this thread before I just installed most of my 60+ bulbs and 2 bridges 😀 As a saveguard I have disable disabled auto-udates on the Bridges. Can you explain what the ID change is you were talking about?
  3. Yes, correct. We were talking in circles
  4. But if the light is set to OFF via the Hue app and you cut the power via the switch you cant turn it ON via the switch because the last state was OFF - to get the light back on we need two things: Mechanical switch needs to supply power to the light and Hue/software needs to turn it on So last know state isn't the best option as you cannot always turn the light back on by just flipping the switch.
  5. Had that on windows once. After I deleted the software and AIR including the preference folders under the user folder (apps - roaming) it worked fine So just uninstallnit all and deleted the preferences files in ur mac folders- wherever those are :-)
  6. I misunderstood the laston-state - That should also work with mechanical switches as it turns the light on when power restores. Just power fail sint helpful since it wont turn the light on when it was off before. However to take full advantage of Hue and Control4 it's best to leave the light permanently power and control them via C4 since its no 2-way control and changes made via Hue aren't picked up by C4
  7. Yep that are some options. But for standard mechanic switches I would assume that ppl want to turn the light on when they use the mechanical switch and fo those its either "safety" or a custom setting. "Power fail" and "last on state" will require you to use the app as the light wont turn on if it was off prior to power loss.
  8. Yeah I also have this new FW. It can help, depending on your setup. If one decides to use Hue all the way it is probably best to wire the bulbs as "always on/live", use keypads/mobile app/Alex to control them. If you then set the bulbs to stay off after a power loss you can't control them if Hue goes down as manually cycling power wont turn them on. If you keep the as power up after a power loss then you could control them if Hue goes down if you put small mechanical switche in the wall boxes - as an emergency control - but then the house will be lit after a power loss. There is no perfect way for Hue in this case, one downside for perfect dimming and whitebalance and RGB control - one just can't have it all 🙂
  9. That basically what I sad - Hue and LifX and similar are meant to be permanently on. If you have C4 switches you can power them but don't connect them to the load/light. With the newer gen switches you can then use them as Kepyads to control the Hue lights - that should work. As for Hue I never did get the cokor changing correctly to work - but still the bulbs dim exceptionally well and down to like 5% - far lower than most regular dimmers can go. So I'll probably keep Hue and live with some compromises. As for Hue and WiFi controlled bulbs those use more power when the light is off, so let's say in standby vs Zigbee - LifX about 1,2w vs Hue less than 0.5 - so if y have 50 bulbs it will show up on your power bill
  10. In theory you can buy any bulb that is wifi or Zigbee which have a Control4 driver. To make those permanent "on" you need to wire them correctly and remove the wire for "on" (sorry english is not my native language) so that it is "just" a keypad - newer Gen lights should support that - and link the keypad to the lights.
  11. Driver update release? - Pleeeeeease 🙂 - Kodi is in last RC5, that is like final version.
  12. Ah. Ok now I know what this is about. Thx for clarifying
  13. ok, dimming still has lags up to 10s - crap