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  1. Figured it out. HDMI switch needed a re-calibrarion for EDID devices
  2. Hi Alan Same here. I have the Kodi Full driver and Control does not connect, with v18 Beta . I don't even get a notification - I have already disabled the firewall, changed ports and it still doesn't work.
  3. Hi We have a Leaf HDMI Matrix switch (642D) and the HTPC connected to it shows that maximum available Resolution is 1360 x 768 - so broken down to TV level, it messages my HTPC that the HDMI is only 720p capable. As a TV we use a Samsung 4k unit and the HTPC's graphics card is an AMD R7 unit capable of doing 4k up to 24hz. I have used the HTPC's APU in another build and it did output 1080p and 4k easily to a Samsung TV. So I think it is either a physical issues with the cable or something with the switch. Since I don't have another HDMI cable at hand I thought I ask if there is a possibility if its the HDMI switch. thx
  4. blub


    Nah don't want that. I really just didn't know that the new stuff isn't using flash anymore - do you know what the current GUI runs on? Just curious
  5. blub


    Looks good. C4 GUI needs a rework to display more variety of devices or status graphics - and HTML5 would probably be a good choice
  6. blub


    Mhhh the MyHome APP is Adobe AIR which requires flash - so I am not so sure if it is dead ....
  7. blub


    For OS 3.0 Control4 needs to a real revamp of the OS: Flash just isn't feasible anymore. Its sluggish and outdated. The way to go would be a HTML5 based GUI With such a GUI change more flexibility would be nice - a homescreen with a matrix to arrange Icons, custom web pages built in for display of graphs/graphics (light levels, volumes of tanks, usage statstics - just to name a few) via drivers or built in Control4 Agents) and best of all embedded video from cameras! The media management is a real pain in the but - what once was great and easy to use back in 2007 is really outdated 2018. In this regard I think the right way to go would be running an Emby or Plex media server on one HC in the project. This way an easy and sophisticated management of music, movies and finally tv-series would be possible via web browsers. Drivers could easily tap into that database and the database could be distributed for 3rd party devices like HEOS etc.. And for such an overhaul it would be worth paying for an update. But I fear that: a) Control doesn't really care what most end user would like because in that cause there would be some sort of official thread or poll b) for a Cedia relase this which list comes too late :-(
  8. With underfloor sensors and hidden therostats the best way is probably to use KNX - it can be directly integrated into Control4 without the need for a extra server (i.e. Gira homeserver). I have Heatmiser NEO system with 14 zones and it works solid and the build quality is good - however the Control4 driver is kinda broken after the last Heatmiser FW update so I would not recommend it currently
  9. blub

    Migrating from EA-1 to HC-800?

    EA-1 to HC800 doesn't make that much sense as the HC800 is EOL. If your system isn't slow then I would not change the EA-1, use it as longs as it is up for the project. I did change my CH250 to a HC800 after CPU usage was like 50+% most of the time and RAM was almost maxed out. EDIT: I am not aware of a limitation to just 1 controller for the EA-1 - if that is true I would get an EA-3 and use the "Old" EA-1 elswhere in the project
  10. What those to do with it besides going broke it close to it?
  11. I would appreciate that solution even if its a crippled Pro version
  12. Yes and wron at the same time. For this specific issue Control4 now, a couple of days later and after many suggestions from this place here, has send an email to end users with HE about experiencing technical difficulties: " As a reminder, Control4 secures remote access to homes using the same technology as online payments, banking and other secure online services: SSL encryption based on a trusted certificate authority. We have moved to a new certificate authority provider, requiring new security certificates in our products and tools. We are currently experiencing an issue with the security certificate in Composer Home Edition (Composer HE), which is preventing you from accessing and programing your Control4 system using your installed Composer HE. We are working on an updated version of Composer HE, which will resolve the issue and restore your ability to access and program your Control4 system. As soon as we have resolved the issue, we will email you with instructions on the next steps to restore your Composer HE access. In the meantime, if you have an active 4Sight license and your Control4 system has been updated to OS 2.10 or later, you can use When >> Then for your programming needs. More information on When >> Then can be found here > We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact your Control4 Dealer. Thank You! -The Control4 Team "
  13. Yes you are. My programming isn't correct at the moment and I can't fix it.
  14. That's not entirely correct, some ppl's systems including mine aren't workjig correctly and at least I could easily fix the programming with HE - but as I said bugs "shit" happens. I was only comp├╝laingin about the way it was handeled and about the rupcoming/rumored solution
  15. I never told or suggested anyone to ditch Control4, not now and not tomorrow! - you are misinterpreting my post. All I am saying is that the current rumor about Control4 handlying the current situation is not good and if Control4 will continue to treat customers like that in the future this will not get unnoticed and people might jump ship and/or stop recommending Control4 @everyone Let's just chill out here for a moment and wait what the finaly fix from Control4 will be like EDIT: I revised my 1st pot in this thread to make that clear