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  1. What's actually missing is the Integration of the new Tahoma/app controlled shades and the the ZigBee module which Somfy still lists on their site. ...
  2. 200 !? WoW I can confirm Bug no 2 - via set and hold however I usually get it working, but it's annoying. I personally have good experience with writing a detailed bug report directly to control4 even though they prefer it through a dealer. I just have the feeling whenever there is a 3rd party in the middle information gets lost or misunderstood - provided one has the technical experience to provide a good enough explanation and technical description for the bug.
  3. Kodi 17 works just fine with the driver. However I switched back to 16.1
  4. Has anyone ever used the Somfy ZigBee® to Digital Motor Interface for shades integration? I can only find ppl using RTS485 and I am wondering why that's is as I would expect native ZigBee to be better.
  5. Just look at Kodi GUI videos on YouTube - it's easy to navigate via c4 remotes. For maintenance of my Kodi box I use SSH putty and vnc - I only connect a keyboard and mouse for distribution upgrades -> Ubuntu 14 to 16 For prebuild boxes that's not necessary
  6. I use Kodi in conjunction with emby media server. Kodi is great for playback, for "safety" I usually stay one version or point-release behind. Emby is similar to Plex and Kodi with Plex is really good for multiple setups. For over a year I haven't had any issue with that setup and Alan's driver
  7. Wouldn't something like DrHdmi do the job as it's sending an always "on" ? I have one between my Kodi box and AVR for the same reasons
  8. Uhh looks interesting. Just when I think I am made up my mind something else pops up... Could you give a rough estimate what JAP would cost to sent 2 sources to 1 destination ready for 4K? That be great to deliberate about whether it is an option or not.
  9. Ahh, I thought that 4:4:4 is 10bit. So well then the switch should suffice - thx - and no won't tell the difference for now, but maybe on a TV in 10y ;-) @thecodeman Is HDbasT reliable enough that you would only pull a Cat7 cable - so no HDMI cable ? - thx
  10. I would only need 3 inputs and 2 outputs. Is hdbased really that reliable compared to native HDMI wiring? Do you think a 4:4:4 4K option could be a firmware update, or is that unlikely?
  11. OK thx. That's interesting however I was actually more looking for support that 2160p60 4:4:4 resolution over a direct HDMI connection - or is that supported with the C4 switch, if so I missed that.
  12. Isn't that whatl I said? 2160 @30hz 4:2:0 :-)? I am looking for 3840x2160p60 4:4:4 - does such a matrix switch exist?
  13. Hi I am exploring HDMI matrix switches. The control4 ones look pretty good with 2160p @30hz and 4:2:0 color space. However because those things are not in the cheap side I want to get as future proof as possible. So I am asking myself if there is actually a HDMI matrix that supports 2160p @60Hz with 4:4:4 color space and that's compatible with C4. Anyone with qualified insight and experience on that? Thx
  14. delted as its zigbee issue