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  1. sthembiso

    texecom premier elite Alarm

    Was trying a direct ip intergration to C4. Should I first ask the alarm guys to get the Texecom app working before.
  2. sthembiso

    texecom premier elite Alarm

    No not yet
  3. Hi has anyone intergrate a Niles MRC6430 to Control4
  4. sthembiso

    texecom premier elite Alarm

    Hi I am C4 installer in South Africa. A client has installed Texecom Elite unit. Tried connecting it up with C4 via IP. Can’t seem to win. Any documentation on how to go about this?
  5. Thanks let me check the one on drivecentral.
  6. Would drivercentral have the driver?
  7. Hi, Can I please as for assistance. I have a motion sensor in the Bathroom of a client, programmed to turn on light to 20% in the evening when motion is sensed. What I also wanted to do is to have a programming that deactivates the motion sensor program when light is manually turn on and kick back in once light is manually turn off. How can one get to achieve this. Thanks
  8. sthembiso


    Hello C4 universe. I have a client with GEWISS LIGHTING Automation. he wants to move his automation over to C4, i tried searching for drivers to work on his current Gewiss lighting system to no avail. Does anyone know if theres a way to integrate Gewiss to C4?
  9. Hi I have an installation onsite with HC 300 as a main controller. One HD Matrix is linked to Serial port 1 and works. The MZC66 is linked to serial port 2 but I am failing to get the two to talk control wise. I have taken the MZC and RSA1.0 to supplier, they found RSA 1.0 to be faulty, bought a new one, still no luck. I tried Willy to check if my project was corrupt. Came back clean. I cleared the project and reloaded it. Still no luck. Can Anyone Please Advice on my next steps.
  10. sthembiso

    Restore USB for HC-300

    Found it on my SA Dealer account, thanks
  11. sthembiso

    Restore USB for HC-300

    I dont have a C4.com account, only the South Africa account.
  12. sthembiso

    Restore USB for HC-300

    Replacing a HC300 for one of my clients, it was struck by lightning as a result the network port fried. Went to buy another controller only to find that it comes with 2.1 Software, where can I get 1.8.2 usb creator so that I can downgrade it?
  13. sthembiso

    Samsung LED TV's & Control4

    An MZC 66 of a client is going haywhy, blinking all 6 green lights at the same time. Not sure. Has anyone come across such an incident. The Speakercraft MZC66 was actually struck by lightning. Took it in for repairs.
  14. sthembiso

    Samsung LED TV's & Control4

    Hi Thanks got the pics, so basically I just have to put my IR emiter inside the LED screen? :/
  15. sthembiso

    Samsung LED TV's & Control4

    Tried to learn the IR drivers but when testing/emitting them nothing happens on THE LED. @janusz, yes I am interested. I am sure this will come in handy. I had placed the IR eye just below the half moon light on the LED but got no response when emitin IR codes.