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  1. EA1 with an HC800

    Thank you very much for the reply!
  2. EA1 with an HC800

    Anyone know if you can have an 800 as the primary controller, and move the zigbee over to the EA1? My 800 is in the corner of the house, and was pondering picking up an EA1 and locating it in a more central location for better zigbee coverage.
  3. EA1 with an HC800

    According to the spec sheet: "While the EA-1 can control one room of a larger Control4 system, it cannot be the primary controller in a multi-controller system" Never tried it myself, so I can say that it does or does not work.
  4. For Sale: HC800

    $110 on the 800
  5. Three way wiring

    I thonk people get confused with C4 and three way switches. C4 really just simulates a three way switch. It really a regular switch/dimmer on one side and a keypad that remotely controls that switch on the other.
  6. Has this become the SPAM forum

    Seems like posts using the Chinese character set could be an easy filter.
  7. Look for something called an HDFury2 They have newer models, but I have a few of these which allow me to hook newer HDMI sources into my Older Sony Component Matrix (circa 2009). Here is 1 for sale on ebay (not me selling but I've usually paid $150ish on ebay before). To me it appears to be a component out version with BNC adapters attached, but I could be wrong. The HDFury2 unit is the same, they have different models bundled with different cables which plug into it to allow HDMI into different outputs. I personally have never had an issue with any HDCP content being displayed through it. BlueRay, DVD, etc, all plays just fine. I've never tried any of the cheaper options which are out there, but I can say this one works great.
  8. Import Media List/Playlist

    I gave up on it. I have a Synology box that contains all my music, and I use MediaMonkey to manage all the music. I had a Media Monkey script which I have used for years to export all the active playlists and the I'd use Control4 to import all the music/playlists. For $20 I purchased Twonky, and had the DNLA driver installed into my Control4 system. The Control4 DLNA driver reads all the music/playlists from my Twonky server. The Twonky server imports all the playlists in M3U format. Any time the playlist is exported, Twonky gets the update, and Control4's only knowledge of the music is Twonky. I wish Control4's media worked better than it does, but I'm happy to say I am happy to not have to update music in Control4 any longer.
  9. Roku is in the streaming business. They will keep up with changes to different streaming services to make sure their products still work. Control4 has a free driver that works great with Roku.
  10. I'm currently running 2.7.2. I'm trying to update/refresh my media and playlists on the Control4 system. To me, It appears that Control4 changed how it imports music and playlists from 2.5. It seems to be able to import all the mp3's (at least comparint the album count for the import file to an export is the same) Previously, when importing a file, as long as the import contained the music AND the playlists, and the ID's in the playlist matched the ID's of the songs, it all worked. Now, the music loads, the playlist loads, the number of tracks in the playlist is correct, but there seems to be a disconnect between the ID's for the songs and the ones included in the playlist. This results in the tracks contained in the Control4 playlist not matching the songs in the import file. Can anyone get a music playlist to import correctly?
  11. Synology NAS Share + Control4

    So per above - I was able to make a connection from Control4 to Synology using a user with no password. This was something, but I was not crazy about having a user with no password with access to my NAS. I went back to the Synology box and set a password again for the user. Just for kicks, we set the password in Control4 again and tried to connect..... and it worked. I don't know but something happened as a result of making the initial connection with no password, which allowed a password to then be used. I am confident no changes were made to the the Synology file server settings or the Control4 setting (other than setting the password). Problem solved? Kind of wish I had an answer rather than "something that worked" - I'll post back if I learn something new, or it stops working. @enzeder - thank you for giving me some place to start!
  12. Synology NAS Share + Control4

    We were able to make a connection using the user if we configure the use without a password. So at least that's something. Thank you for that suggestion. So the issue seems to be related to how Control4 passes the password to the Synology box. Off to Google I go!
  13. Synology NAS Share + Control4

    Yes, media files (both movies and music). With the Solaris, the share was mounted into the project without issue. I know many people use Synology with Control4 for media, so I know it should work, but I'm thinking that the smaller home units (2-4 drives) have some things enabled by default that the larger small business models may support, but have disabled by default.
  14. Just got a new Synology 2416+ with 36TB to replace my aging Solaris SAN. My dealer could not get any of the shares connected to the project from the Synology box. Is there some specific protocol which needs to be enabled on the Synology in order for the connection to be made. Mapping is being done via \\192.168.x.x\share so DNS should not be the issue. Using a local user on the Synology box which has read/write access to the share. I have not tweaked any of the Synology file server settings (NFS, SMB Settings, etc) Anyone know what needs to be enabled on Synology to let Control4 see it?
  15. new official driver: BlueIris

    Is this the same or different than the one from Audio Obsessions?