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  1. That link is a video (on facebook). Not sure what you are asking??
  2. videostorm

    NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    The current version of FireTV stick will work, but not the original (must be Android 5.1 or later). We do highly recommend the wired ethernet adapters linked on our decoder page. That said, the newer FireTV 4Ks or FireTV cubes are faster and 4K capable for only a little more
  3. videostorm

    NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    You don't need anything special for that. Just three decoders (one for each tv).
  4. videostorm

    SnapAV media over IP

    Most newer systems will do 4K HDR. 4:4:4 is a HDMI format, not something that is used when distributing video (practically all video is 4:2:0 when broadcast). System can claim to accept and regurgitate 4:4:4 hdmi, but internally it is redundant and never used (nor should it be). Just check the specs to see if it will carry Dolby Vision (some do). If they do carry it, they also need to be able to down convert it to be practical in a matrix system.
  5. videostorm

    SnapAV media over IP

    Network video systems can be grouped into two categories: Systems that use a proprietary (ie, non-standard) cut down 2D video codecs. There are lots of copycats using the same chips, each of them tweak the firmware a bit to make sure their systems only work with their own equipment. These systems are characterized by high data rates, the required use of VLANS or dedicated networks, and lowest latency. The actual video compression is non standard, so you can't make any claims about its specific performance. However, it is accurate to state that they have a lot in common with MJPEG / JPEG2000. Systems that use industry standard H264 and/or H265 or other video codecs. H264/H265 are industry standards for the best video compression that is inter-operable between all modern video equipment. These systems are characterized by moderate data rates, standard networks, and inter-operability. In some cases (like NetPlay), they support the option of using standard consumer or professional video hardware instead of expensive single function proprietary black boxes. The Snap system here is category 1. NetPlay is category 2. Different systems each with their own advantages / disadvantages.
  6. Splashtiles is supported as SOURCES for any of our 3rd generation decoders (VRX040, or any NetPlay Certified decoder running NetPlay TV). In your case, you would use your FireTV as a NetPlayTV decoder. You can define any number of Splashtile sources and then display them just like any other NetPlay source (full screen, tiled, pip, etc). Supports HTML5 content / urls, WebGL, and more.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=685787451540938 This is a pretty easy way to integrate 2x2 tiling in Control4 in an intuitive fashion (using custom buttons). You can do PIP this way also.
  8. IRUSB is the only hardware that I am aware of capable of giving you an IP control solution. Flat rate shipping to UK / Europe is $50 for up to 6 IRUSB units. It does work out much better if you order more than one. You also get a price break of $35 per unit when you order 3 or more.
  9. videostorm

    NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    For all the streaming apps, you can play it locally (unique to NetPlay) OR have a player as an HDMI source (like you would with other systems). You decide based on your requirements. Do you mean 1x3 video wall (3 tvs with the same source scaled across them) or 1x3 Tiling (one TV with 3 sources side by side)? Either, the answer is yes it is supported.
  10. videostorm

    SnapAV media over IP

    Looks more like they are copying jap. This isn't h.264/h.265 compression. Another one using the mjpeg chipsets.
  11. videostorm

    Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    IRUSB is for IP control of the Fire Cube in C4. It also gives you IR output to control something else. The Fire Cube has IR output also, but not controllable with C4.
  12. videostorm

    Fire TV cube with Alexa

    The new Fire Cube is fully compatible with both NetPlay (as a receiver) and IRUSB (for IP control of the Fire Cube and to add an IR extender output). Really great device. The CEC control is spot on in my system.
  13. IRUSB is a great way to control your new Fire TV devices in control4. It doesn't use ADB and provides full IP control with app launching and everything.
  14. videostorm

    Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    The new Fire TV Cube also works with IRUSB 😃
  15. videostorm

    Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Menu maps to Android Keycode_menu. This keycode is used in a lot of apps. Why not just use one of the other options for the HOME key on the driver (GUIDE key or one of the colored buttons)? The best place to request new features and changes is at NetPlay support ticket system