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  1. Correct, our accounts do require a valid credit card. It is authorized for $1 to prove you are real person (not a bot). You won't be charged in the beta period or 14 day trial, and you can cancel it anytime.
  2. Manually verified your account. The verification email server is working properly now. Let us know if anyone is still having issues.
  3. The Cloud service has a lot more options & tiles. It is normally used as a standalone service (without NetPlay), but can also be used with a NetPlay system. You can add the splashtiles cloud URLs as sources in NetPlay Home/Pro.
  4. We just moved the email to an Amazon server, so it will take a day or two to start working again. In the meantime I have manually verified all the new user accounts. You can login to the site now.
  5. You can now see some examples without creating a login! SplashTiles examples
  6. Yes, we just fixed both of those. Thanks!
  7. When you go to the "store" page, were you able to create a subscription?
  8. Did you get the verification email for your account? You need to click on that link before you can finish the signup.
  9. Good point, send to jason at video-storm.com
  10. SplashTiles Cloud is ready for open Beta testing and we are looking for some volunteers to try it out. SplashTiles Cloud is a new solution for: Complete digital signage, both residential or commercial Our easy drag/drop interface allows you to create your display screens from our library of data sources IP cameras can be inserted just like any other tile All your displays are fully remote controllable, either via our C4 driver, our web site, or other methods Our new drag/drop scripting and schedule engine is built in Your custom "screens" can be displayed on any Android device (Fire stick, Sony TVs, tablets, etc) running our app (and tied to your cloud account) Supports our Universal PIP mode: Your screens / cameras can be PIPed over Netflix or any other app (by remote command) This Cloud service is FREE while in beta. After beta is complete, it is only $75/year for up to 5 devices. We will also be gifting free membership terms to those beta testers who provide us with the most useful feedback 🙂 You can get started today at https://splash-tiles.com In Control4, SplashTiles cloud works in conjunction with our IRUSB driver. Just add the splashtiles mini-driver (one per screen) connected to your IRUSB driver for each device. Some examples of what SplashTiles can do.
  11. videostorm

    NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    No passthrough on that one. You can contact jacky@shinecodvb.com for the details on it. Keep in mind they have their new year celebration right now.
  12. videostorm

    NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    The UHE265-1S-4K is a common platform, available from several manufactures. Shineco makes a model based on the same platform that is currently in certification. I would recommend that device. Concerning H264 verses H265: H265 is a slightly better algorithm. However, for nearly all video source material there is no visible difference when running at our recommended settings. There is a more significant difference when running at lower bit rates (H265 is better), but that isn't necessary in NetPlay.
  13. videostorm

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Just assign your "Red" button (via our IRUSB driver) to be "long select". Then use the RED button instead of press/hold the select button.
  14. videostorm

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Yes, but not by long press of the select key on the C4 remote (that doesn't work as expected). It is an optional mapping for the color keys.
  15. videostorm

    Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Our driver does support "long press" capability via C4. Navigation buttons you can long press. For home key or select long press, you can map these to a "color" button on your remote.