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  1. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    I wouldn't recommend the tear down apps after exit. That could have strange consequences since it that type of behavior is contrary to the standard Android app life cycle. I do understand disabling CEC, since the Shield will otherwise send ON whenever it wakes and OFF when it sleeps. If you TV is already controlled by another method or has other sources this isn't a good thing. Disabling sleep (if CEC is off) shouldn't be needed in general. Most key commands (nav commands) via IRUSB will wake the shield. C4 doesn't really know when the shield sleeps though, which is why when you select the device/apps you still need to press a key to wake it up. We could add something to the app to detect if the device is asleep and wake it without the extra key command if people find it necessary? If you run into any other issue please let us know so we can get it fixed. Thanks!
  2. On the new fire tvs (or fire stick), you use an OTG usb cable to split out power & usb. Then IRUSB connects to the USB side. If you want wired ethernet (not required), we recommend using the uGreen USB hub with ethernet. That gives you USB and ethernet in a single device (you still need the OTG splitter cable). Full IP control with direct app launching / mini drivers supported. Does not need any C4 outputs. In fact, it provides another C4 IR output if you need it for other devices.
  3. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Android still identifies it as a USB mouse and/or keyboard (same way it identifies IRUSB).
  4. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Correct. With regards to the FF/REV being slow to respond: IRUSB commands are the same as a USB keyboard/mouse (from the perspective of the shield box). So if it is fast using the USB mouse, it would be the same using the IRUSB device & driver.
  5. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    To my knowledge, there isn't a way to use mouse movements in C4. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know IRUSB itself could support mouse cursor control......
  6. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    We have methods on our driver to bring Kodi to the foreground (buttons, programming commands, etc). However, given that Kodi is already running in the background this shouldn't be necessary. Perhaps there is an issue/bug with the version of Kodi you are running? Probably best to contact Alan via his support channel.
  7. Just Add Power (JAP) vs Video Storm (VS)

    Disclaimer: I work for Video Storm, so maybe a little biased 1) Cost to install. Sounds like VS might be cheaper? Are they at least close? I can't find much by way of pricing for JAP. NetPlay Home really sets the bar for the most affordable video distribution systems. Not only is the hardware itself less expensive, you also need a lot LESS of it because we support so many network video sources natively or by virtue of the fact our decoders are full featured Android streaming devices. In Control4, you can seamlessly switch between your distributed video sources, network sources, or streaming apps with just the "Watch" button. 2) Is one better for using a mix of 4k and 1080p sources AND a mix of 4k and 1080p displays? NetPlay is multi resolution by design. 4K sources will display in 4K on 4K decoders/TVs, or 1080p or 1080p devices, or even SD on mobile device. At the SAME TIME with no additional hardware or configuration needed. 3) Do both have licensing costs? VS mentions them and says that once purchased, you can upgrade for life. Is that similar with JAP? Because NetPlay Home uses standard consumer hardware (Amazon Fire TVs, nVidia Shields, Sony TVs, etc) for our decoders, we primarily make our money by selling a software license for each TV ($90/TV). This works to the customers advantage because this license is perpetual, meaning you only pay this once. When you later update your decoders to take advantage of new features (8K, etc) your NetPlay license ports to the new hardware for free. Bottom line is it allows for lower cost upgrades in the future verses replacing "custom" hardware. 4) Can both do PIP and/or tiling and/or a video wall? Yes, but in our system all these are FREE and independently configurable at every TV. With others you will pay significantly for these features. 5) Do either integrate with Control4 better? Yes, full C4 integration partners 6) Do either work better for audio extraction or down mixing since my HT is 7.1 and all other zones are analog stereo through a Control4 matrix amp? (I currently use an Atlona HDMI audio extractor on HDMI output 5 that mirrors my HT output and then feeds the analog audio to the C4 amp. More details if requested) NetPlay supports simultaneous 5.1 and stereo with conversion / downmixing on HDMI sources. For network/file/streaming sources a wide variety of audio formats are supported, also with full downmixing. We also offer our CMX - A2 DSP audio switches which can handle all your audio needs externally. 7) Do either work better for streaming to my phone/tablet as a wireless display? NetPlay fully supports windowed and full screen display to Android mobile devices. On other OS devices you can stream our video using 3rd party apps, but it is a hassle IMO. 8) Are either better suited for Distributing A/V for gaming consoles (latency, etc.) NetPlay should NOT be used for distributing gaming consoles. However, if you are using nVidia Shield as some or all of your decoders you already have an excellent gaming console directly at the TVs. In my experience (I am a gamer), you shouldn't distribute gaming consoles via ANY AV over IP system. Particularly for FPS games, even a small amount of additional latency puts you at a big disadvantage. TVs have "gaming" modes for reason. Best to have the consoles directly attached to the TVs. 9) Any other perks for one over the other that I haven't thought about yet? Lol. NetPlay supports SplashTiles which is a killer feature for many people. Also, our IP camera integration is second to none.
  8. Yes, direct app launch via a variety of methods including mini drivers. It is a lot faster than the ADB drivers were. Plus you get an extra IR output to control something. So at least you are getting something extra for the $40
  9. We have a solution for you that works perfectly in Fire OS 6 (the new Fire TVs). It is also a lot faster than ADB based drivers. Our free driver works in conjunction with a low cost USB accessory, IRUSB Our driver (Video Storm) offers: Fast and responsive IP control for menu navigation / all button support in any app Direct app launching via commands, buttons, or mini drivers IR control of any external device (just like a C4 IR extender) It is currently popular on this forum for controlling nVidia Shield. However, it also works with all Amazon devices (any Android based device). For Amazon devices with only the single shared USB/power port, we recommend using this OTG splitter cable with IRUSB You can find all the details at our web site
  10. NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    You have several choices: Use our CMX-A2 DSP audio switches. They will correct for latency / lip sync in a fully centralized audio system. Use local audio output from any decoder / TV. This is always in sync. This can be used for local speakers or back fed to a centralized system. Use an extra decoder in rack to provide switchable audio (also corrected) Any combination of the above can be used in your system. They all work together. In practice, residential applications typically use #2 or a combination or #1 and #2. Commercial applications use #3 if less than ~4 zones of audio, otherwise #1 becomes more cost effective for more zones.
  11. NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    They vary from 100 to 250 ms depending on the exact video format. Our algorithm accounts for this to give a fixed end to end latency.
  12. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Our driver (Video Storm) offers: Fast and responsive IP control for menu navigation / all button support in any app Direct app launching via commands, buttons, or mini drivers IR control of any external device (just like a C4 IR extender) Alan's driver does all the above, plus it gives you some amazing features for the KODI app. @alanchow please elaborate
  13. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    @alanchowMight be the HID key used for select. hidkey["ENTER"] = "QHIDCODE2000065\r" -- KEY_SELECT is what we are using on our driver right now and it seems to be universal.
  14. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Just submit a ticket on our support page with the full details of the URLs etc. We can add these to the driver so they persist on C4 reboot.
  15. C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Per my understanding, the Kodi Full driver is updated to support IRUSB (@alanchow would know for sure). When you get the IRUSB you will need to download the IRUSB app from the play store.