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  1. Will the 2N driver function fine on OS 2.9.1?
  2. Four things to consider or execute properly- 1. Project must be operating on 2.9.1 or higher 2. Existing corresponding CHE program should/must(?) be uninstalled 3. Install only the CHE version listed in http://update.control4.com/patches/C4_Cert_Replacement_Patch/Composer_HE_Download_Instructions.pdf 4. Run only the patch listed in http://update.control4.com/patches/C4_Cert_Replacement_Patch/Composer_HE_Download_Instructions.pdf This is all self-explanatory stuff. However, I started with no Composer program installed. Some here have indicated that this process failed with an existing/pre-cert. version of HE onboard their computer.
  3. Those who scream the loudest...
  4. Did you see step 13 of the above instructions?
  5. It works. I did not need to load the patch. Thanks
  6. CFUG

    Installed version of C4

    I like 2.9.1 as much as I did 1.7.4 😀
  7. Simple question, is the backbox for the T3 wall TS same as older boxes? If not, larger or smaller hole in drywall? T3s call-out a C4-RWB57C-P p/n and looks to be the same box used on older TSs...
  8. CFUG

    Thermos in one room

    ...or TEMPERATURE CONTROL binding is correct but TEMPERATURE is not. Either case, msgreenf is most likely correct.
  9. CFUG

    Thermos in one room

    I might be mis-understanding something but it is very easy to display particular stats or temperatures for a given room. In Composer, highlight the room and under PROPERTIES, select the NAVIGATOR tab and COMFORT Experience Menu. Make your selection by hitting the Modify button. However, it sounds like you are familiar with all of this. So, I'm a little confused. Keep in mind that stats are polling devices so you may not see the exact T for any given moment.
  10. ^That's kind of the problem though isn't it? There is not really the type of useful information that folks here are looking for. If you want, just scan for posts from Ryan and a few others from Control4 and ignore the rest.
  11. ^Right on. I found the exact same problem resulting in almost daily reboots being required to clear things out. Fortunately, the driver was something I could replace with a similar driver to keep things rolling.
  12. CFUG

    Zigbee range

    According to an older "best practices" document, 15~30ft. between devices is typical for home construction. 50ft. for LOS application.
  13. C4-TSWMBCM7DS-EG. Viewing DS from intercom produces a clean picture. When viewing as a broadcast call (someone pressing the button) the picture falls apart like really bad macro-blocking. Time for a new DS?