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  1. ^Sure, done that. More to it than that. Devices needed to be removed from power than powered back up. Then they were ready to be brought back into the mesh. PITA but done.
  2. The other day, a few devices fell off of the mesh. I called dealer who dialed-in and had me 4-tap each. None of the devices would ID in the project. I have programming associated with those switches/dimmers that I would like to still use. Can any other dealer lend some words of wisdom why they won't ID and how to get them back into the project- thanks!
  3. ^Two wires, same as if door station was tripping it. Lot of folks say you can't do this but I did. There's nothing magic with the connection between the wall mounted switch and the operator.
  4. Programming stopped working

    Yes, do the controller (director) reboot. I've noticed posts from several years back where folks have had to replace the programming to get things working again. I would say this isn't new nor unusual.
  5. Programming stopped working

    ^EXECUTE will only work if your motion is active and it is "night time". I don't think it's unusual for this to happen. Are you sure your controller didn't reboot at some time just prior to this?
  6. I've noticed system instability after a programming session. I'd say one out of 5 times I'm in the project, I get back out and there is something around the house not working. Never been able to pin it down beyond this. With the project I see above, with all those variables and actions, I'm sure I'd be crashing daily!
  7. ^No, only the channels frequently used. Every channel would be ridiculous. The Dish setup is the closest thing to "sane" is I've seen.
  8. Loss of When>>Then, for 2.9'ers is no big deal. Similar type of programming has always been avail. in Composer.
  9. When>>Then is a 2.10 thing. I'm still using 2.9.
  10. ^Thanks, been away from C4 for while so didn't know about this publication.
  11. Could you explain this, what programming is associated with 4Sight?
  12. External Sensor

    ^Those old CA sensors are certainly not rated for outdoor use. I still use one or two but typically, they are not worth the trouble of installing IMO.
  13. Unresponsive SR-250

    ^That's why I asked who did OP get to install this into the project. All that prelim stuff should have been discovered then!
  14. Unresponsive SR-250

    Do other SRs act that way when moved to the location of the offending unit? If you bought this on ebay, who brought it into your project?