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  1. OK, I understand. Thank you gentlemen.
  2. Let us go back to a rack situation where the DVRs feed into a video switch. Any DVR box will have just one video/audio output, right? Although the switch can output the same video source to multiple rooms, the source will display the same thing. This is why folks have multiple DVRs sitting in the rack. I have three, a neighbor of mine has four. I'm understanding that a Hopper acts as the primary tuner(s) and DVR. The Joey will then hit-up the Hopper for a tuner or a recording. That makes two sources in the rack, right??? Two sources that can act totally independent, right? Matt Lowe, I understand you. And, since Dish might be stingy with dispatching more than one Hopper3 to my job, I guess I'm forced to do regular Joeys. Have you heard otherwise? I would go on the Dish forums but they don't understand Control4 or centralized installs worth a damn.
  3. I've looked into this about three times now in the past three years and still don't have an answer from Dish. Which/how many DVRs are you to order if the expectation is three simultaneous viewers all on different channels/recorded programs? All Dish asks is how many TVs you have. This means nothing in a distributed-video situation. I fail to see the necessity for a 16tuner DVR if only one party can access the box at one time. Now, if tuners were assignable to discrete ports on the box then that would be different. I need three DVRs but Dish tells me to pack it. Can a joey act as a discrete tuner and connect to the Hopper3's recordings? If yes, would I then ask for a 3 and two joeys??
  4. ^^Gee, isn't VZ just the best! Why on earth would they not give you the Arris boxes?
  5. Looking for C4-SR250B as in "B", with a light sensor, units. Pre-rechargeable, pre-260.
  6. Looking for NOS B unit. Sorry, no need for used.
  7. I can't believe this. Something in my crazy noggin told me to log-in here just now. I haven't been on this wasteland in months. Wap, it was your return...
  8. Ended-up using this one- Only hiccup was having to go through a 2nd step of converting to *.wav. Thanks for the reply. I'm an anti-Apple (and Sony) household...
  9. No current thread on this subject. ATT appears to have discontinued it's free file generator. I can't seem to find a substitute. Antone know of a free service in operation?
  10. I don't think any of the online drivers are applicable. Only thing I can see maybe working is buy the remote and then clone it. This one is for the next size up TV but should work-
  11. I don't know about dimming characteristics since I switch those here but I have had cases of thermal cutout during high room temperatures. Phillips (Lowes) MR16s...
  12. Well yeah, specifically the CAN bus. I wouldn't even go so far as to say the word "retrofit by anyone" when dealing with OBD. You see what happens when a car company "fiddles" with the regulation...
  13. Of course. Just installed a XBOne and plugged it into Control4 environment. Don't need to do that though. I personally see no real benefit, in your case as you described, over Kinect VCs or simply using the controller. In my case, however, I needed to also bring-on an AVR and switch a relay for the ceiling speakers to accept a local source. Kids push one button for all-on. Drivers are in Composer, IR out from the 300, do your connections and done. Took me 1hr 10min start to finish. The 10 mins. is because whoever did the driver for the XB1 had no clue what it took to power the unit off. Now, if I could just get them off the damn thing so I can play...
  14. Over the years, my C4 stats of have worked as the should. Recently, while in the midst of a heat spell, I've had to start-up my A/C units. Neither stat would function properly and the compressors and condenser fans were jumping off the pads. Some of the symptoms were: Stats- display back-light and numerals would blank-out as the circ. fans started-up. Once started, display would return to normal minus the correct time. Compressors- would start-up OK then shut-down a few seconds later while keeping the condenser fan running. Shortly after, the compressor would come up again then go back down. All units were doing this. ​No OS updates, no fiddling with the stat parameters, no nothing done to the C4 system at all in many moons. Things just don't go bad in droves all of the sudden without some common factor at work. The first thing I did was remove all stats from the wall and go get a beer. Flipped all of them over and noticed every single contact pin on every single stat was black as old dog turds. Took a Scotchbrite and some CRC 226 (don't use any other CRC product on plastic or electrical!) and polished them up. Back at the wall, it's difficult to clean the sockets so shoot 'em up with 226 and work the stat in & out a few times then mount it. All A/C units back to normal and working nicely.
  15. Ok, well, I don't claim to know much. Let us know when it happens again as it sounds like you may not have gotten to the root of the problem.