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  1. Power Outages and Reboots

    A warm-boot is best. I assigned a triple-tap to the Composer reboot function.
  2. Leak detection

    Yes, but you can kiss integration with C4 goodbye. I like the product though and for the simple reason that it comes with 1" connections. OP, you should consider a "whole-house" approach.
  3. Nevermind, fixed it by checking off SMB Direct box.
  4. More of a Windows issue here. Not able to add new wav files for announcements. SMB issue. Anyone else seeing this or has a solution? This is with SMB 1.0 turned ON.
  5. Voice Scene

    ^Correct, this is what I did for a garage OHD.
  6. System needs rebooting

    FF nearly 3 years to the same problem here. Was on 2.5 forever with no problems and no need to reboot 800. Dealer upgraded to 2.9 (to get back Rhapsody/Napster) and the controller goes belly-up every 8 to 12 hours. Added Alexa and some voice commands to the project right after 2.9. Don't know if this caused it or not.
  7. Why can't I firmware upgrade?

    The internet is full of garbage and misinformation. The goal is use reputable sources for your information. A quality dealer could have told why your system won't update. Mine did.
  8. Nevermind. Just ported the relay to a 6BT and pointed Alexa to that 6BT. Stupid, but fixed.
  9. I'm relatively new to Alexa operation within C4. Got lights and media working using native driver. I have noticed that Alexa doesn't understand operation of relays (such as CA relay attached to OHD). It knows what to do with a C4 outlet switch... Do the 3rd party Alexa drivers handle relay devices properly?
  10. Flagship Store

    Wap, look at this way. Folks are still having issues with C4 after all these years. It's not perfect and never will be. When it runs like clockwork, then is the time to think about attacking more pop segments. It's still expensive, still requires wiring, still can't be totally programmed by the owner and the product lifecycle is too short compared to the pace of OS refinement. I liked you better when you got on here bitching about the product. At least it might have driven change more immediately than building some storefront with a "genius bar". I'm out.
  11. Flagship Store

    Where is what?
  12. Flagship Store

    You're not getting it. There is a large segment that don't want to mess around with wiring and boxes and reading about why programming won't work. It's not mainstream enough (like Apple) to go building B&M fronts. I have neighbors automating entirely with Amazon goods making 6 figures. There's just no interest to spend more than absolutely necessary on something that fits the needs of a family. You are treating this like a hobby and that's fine. The larger demographic might not.
  13. Flagship Store

    ^He did qualify that statement. He's right, in my 'hood, you pick up the phone and call your integrator. He does everything according to your wishes. Done.
  14. Flagship Store

    ^You don't? I would think it's mainly due to most still don't embrace home automation to the C4 extent. There are too many numb-nuts that just don;t want to deep-dive something they can purchase over Amazon.