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  1. Pakedge MTU change

    Easy enough to tell- check for frag'ing on ping
  2. Well, you won't be out of the woods completely. All zone programming will need to be re-established. Short of getting the installer code, you really have little choice. Are you positive the back-up battery is up to the task? No comm error?
  3. If system is not outside-monitored (and you are doing it through C4), replace the board and move on. I had a very lame company install & change codes and monitor until I pulled an alarm myself and waited for the call that never came. My replacement board came to me for less than $70...
  4. Outdoor remote options

    They are junk. The large button sticks and wears out the battery. Not remotely close to being water resistant as there are no gaskets. Not a replacement for navigating music...
  5. Yeah, not much you can do with those PCBs. I leave mine hanging in mid air next to the alarm panel. R&R the serial wires. Did you experience a controller reboot lately?
  6. Outdoor remote options

    If you really want someone else's solution, I'll give you one. I keep one in an outdoor refer with the batteries removed. I don't think that one will suit you but you did ask...
  7. Outdoor remote options

    You just answered your own question. Whether it's a 250 or 260 is quite immaterial, they all will die under adverse conditions. I just purchased two new 260s to replace 250s that were indoors and not necessarily treated poorly. My first worry, in an outdoor situ, is corrosion. You can go from there. Just be vigilant about either housing it outdoors or bringing it indoors when not in use outdoors.
  8. OK, I understand. Thank you gentlemen.
  9. Let us go back to a rack situation where the DVRs feed into a video switch. Any DVR box will have just one video/audio output, right? Although the switch can output the same video source to multiple rooms, the source will display the same thing. This is why folks have multiple DVRs sitting in the rack. I have three, a neighbor of mine has four. I'm understanding that a Hopper acts as the primary tuner(s) and DVR. The Joey will then hit-up the Hopper for a tuner or a recording. That makes two sources in the rack, right??? Two sources that can act totally independent, right? Matt Lowe, I understand you. And, since Dish might be stingy with dispatching more than one Hopper3 to my job, I guess I'm forced to do regular Joeys. Have you heard otherwise? I would go on the Dish forums but they don't understand Control4 or centralized installs worth a damn.
  10. I've looked into this about three times now in the past three years and still don't have an answer from Dish. Which/how many DVRs are you to order if the expectation is three simultaneous viewers all on different channels/recorded programs? All Dish asks is how many TVs you have. This means nothing in a distributed-video situation. I fail to see the necessity for a 16tuner DVR if only one party can access the box at one time. Now, if tuners were assignable to discrete ports on the box then that would be different. I need three DVRs but Dish tells me to pack it. Can a joey act as a discrete tuner and connect to the Hopper3's recordings? If yes, would I then ask for a 3 and two joeys??
  11. Fios STB help

    ^^Gee, isn't VZ just the best! Why on earth would they not give you the Arris boxes?
  12. WTB- SR250

    Looking for C4-SR250B as in "B", with a light sensor, units. Pre-rechargeable, pre-260.
  13. WTB- SR250

    Looking for NOS B unit. Sorry, no need for used.
  14. I can't believe this. Something in my crazy noggin told me to log-in here just now. I haven't been on this wasteland in months. Wap, it was your return...
  15. text to speech

    Ended-up using this one- http://www.fromtexttospeech.com/ Only hiccup was having to go through a 2nd step of converting to *.wav. Thanks for the reply. I'm an anti-Apple (and Sony) household...