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  1. The driver is more expensive than 2 switches
  2. Yes. It's a little buggy and the app is horrible. But once you set it up it's good. I'm sure wemo is better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm not sure about the signal but it's $20. Try it out. You can use it elsewhere if it doesn't work. Eventually, I'll replacing all my C4 Outlet Switches with these. 6 Orvibo switches for the price of 1 C4 switch. It's a no-brainer. I'll let you know the app isn't great and could be improved tremendously. But it works. Also, I have yet to integrate the 4 Orvibo switches I have with C4 but all of them are used for table lamps. One controls the outdoor landscape lights but my switch is in the garage.
  4. If you can fit one of these in there, it will work with C4. And if not, you can simply use an app to drive this outlet switch. It allows scheduling.
  5. 2.8. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hmm. Yes I have seen that happen but this also happens when using airplay. The music just stops playing. Streaming services are affected while playing music off my NAS are not. The raproxyd service/process is at the top of the list and consuming high CPU/memory resources. If I kill it, it fixes the issue.
  7. I'm not sure what it is connected to but it's definitely not to the 200. 200 is isolated to master bedroom TV and audio. The HC250 does not have any audio outs, right? I'm not sure I can check how it is connected but it's probably going to the HC500 or HC300 in the rack. One of these is streaming from Tidal or other sources. I can check in the AM.
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies. I apologize for the minimal information I have provided as well as a delay in this response. It's been a busy weekend with my family. Basically, I have a decent size setup with the HC250 and HC500 in the rack with multiple audio matrix amps, a wireless music bridge and almost 50 switches all over my house. The rack is in the basement, wireless bridge in the study on one side of the house on the first floor. On the second floor, the master bedroom has an HC200. I used to have multi room video setup with a HDMI matrix but I had some issues and it is now offline until I have some time to look at it again. I notice the system slows down every now and then. So lights may turn on a little later than the usual after a button press - especially the table top switches that turn lamps on using an outlet dimmer. The WMB is really of concern because music streaming over Bluetooth stops playing abruptly. This may be TIDAL or the WMB but Tidal is not an issue when using the native app in my car. I wanted to know if I could add on a HC800 as a secondary controller to some advantage. Or does it make sense to only get an HC800 as a primary controller? EA-3s are still out of my current budget. I may get there eventually. AJ
  9. I've added a bunch of stuff via ebay so far. Only issues I've had so far were with outlet switches. Can anyone answer the specific question I asked?
  10. I have a HC-250-BL-1 running the show. I also have a HC-500, HC-300 and a HC-200 (in master bedroom). I experience some slowness every now and then. Would a HC-800 help in this senario? As I understand it, I will need to keep the 250 as the primary controller. Alternatively, will I better off getting a HC-800-BL-1 and replacing my primary controller instead? I'm guessing since this would run director, it would faster than the above config. I'm not interested in upgrading to EA series yet. Thanks, Aj
  11. Roku is pretty good, imo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Use the actual remote to pin point the location for sticking the IR bud. You may have to turn on/off several times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Find the Echo in the app, tap Bluetooth and Add a new connection. Done. Other than a couple tries, of course
  14. Got my Echo Dot to connect to WMB. However, the connection is choppy. It's probably the distance between the devices. The WMB is almost 40-50 feet away. I'll try moving the echo closer to the WMB. AJ
  15. +1 Just have it in for a couple days now and have been experiencing issues with 'slowness' and 'device not responding'. Some of these actually end up working but it seems Echo times out before C4 can react. Knowing that the commands change at, I can only presume that Echo talks to which talks to controller. Several of my devices in the Alexa app are now offline. I'll try a reboot. I did notice that the raproxyd process is eating up 70-80% of CPU which is most likely the issue here. I'm on a 250 so I know the processor is slow. Some day, I can up to an 800. Until then, I'll live miserably. I've been embarrassed a couple of times in front of the wife when it times out AJ