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  1. Roku is pretty good, imo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Use the actual remote to pin point the location for sticking the IR bud. You may have to turn on/off several times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Find the Echo in the app, tap Bluetooth and Add a new connection. Done. Other than a couple tries, of course
  4. Got my Echo Dot to connect to WMB. However, the connection is choppy. It's probably the distance between the devices. The WMB is almost 40-50 feet away. I'll try moving the echo closer to the WMB. AJ
  5. +1 Just have it in for a couple days now and have been experiencing issues with 'slowness' and 'device not responding'. Some of these actually end up working but it seems Echo times out before C4 can react. Knowing that the commands change at, I can only presume that Echo talks to which talks to controller. Several of my devices in the Alexa app are now offline. I'll try a reboot. I did notice that the raproxyd process is eating up 70-80% of CPU which is most likely the issue here. I'm on a 250 so I know the processor is slow. Some day, I can up to an 800. Until then, I'll live miserably. I've been embarrassed a couple of times in front of the wife when it times out AJ
  6. Has anyone got this to work? I'm not able to connect the Echo Dot over bluetooth to the WMB?
  7. Ugh! Some songs were not playing. I'll have to go back and check to see if they are now. Thanks! Fortunately, with the wireless music bridge, I can play whatever I want from multiple devices. The Napster app is messed up though. I can't seem to go back from the song detail view. Back arrow no workee. Trying out Tidal now.
  8. How do we know if the auto update (patch) was applied?
  9. Weird. I'm seeing this issue now in 2016, while this post above is from 2013.
  10. As I had mentioned in my earlier post, I'm on 2.5.3 and will have to upgrade. I must admit I can't blame C4 entirely for changes Napster is making. Is applying the patch if you are on 2.8.2 available for end-users i.e. customers?
  11. Sorry about my rant but this sounds like: 1. Feature broken 2. Focus on fix 3. Sell upgrade to customer 4. Make customer pay more $$ to dealer to help upgrade
  12. Ok. Thanks, do you think connecting directing to the Amps with Y cables will resolve/improve this issue? FYI - My main controller is a HC-250. The HC-500 is simply what I use for audio streaming (and airplay via WMB).
  13. When I had my WMB connected directly to the C4 Amp, I would Airplay from my phone and music would play almost instantaneously. Since I have now thrown a HC-500 in between (as well as another Amp), I'm experiencing a lag of about 10-15 seconds. I skip a track on my phone and the track changes but I don't hear the next song until 10-15 seconds later (including the pause between the tracks). I still experience the same issue if I disconnect the Russound Amp.
  14. I have connected my WMB to an HC-500 which outputs to 2 diff amplifiers - 1 C4 Matrix Amp and another Russound one. There is a lag between hitting play, or next, and hearing sound from my speakers. I'm thinking that Y cables directly to the AMPs will resolve the lag issue unless someone can suggest an alternative. FYI - I have another 4-zone matrix amp that will be replacing the Russound soon though I'll still keep the Russound for additional zones. Anyone have recommendations for quality RCA Y cables?
  15. Thanks for your input, all.