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  1. There is no warranty left on the unit and yes it does work fine. Was traded in to upgrade to 10x10 4K matrix.
  2. C4 owns leaf and originally sold the leaf branded units before branding them as C4. Yes, it is 1080p
  3. sorry about that. was just showing original cost and part#'s included yes, $1000 + shipping for all
  4. Pulled from system to upgrade. Works great. 8 HDMI Inputs 8 HDBaseT Outputs 8 HDBaseT Full Receivers with HDMI, IR, RS232, and Ethernet Output Rack mount included. $1000 plus shipping ZLE-LTHDMI88E Leaf 8x8 HDMI Matrix with Ethernet 1 ZLE-LTB1E Leaf HDBaseT Active Break Out Point with Ethernet 8 ZLE-RMKLT88 Leaf Rack Mount Kit & Recessed Facia Panel for LTHDMI88 & 88E 1
  5. Items For Sale - Sonance

    The landscape system I can do for $3500
  6. Items For Sale - Sonance

    I have a new in open box (literally, unpacked and powered on, never used) Sonance DSP 8-130 Amplifier I will sell for $1200 shipped There are no scratches, blemishes, or anything wrong physically or electronically. This amplifier is 100%. Rack ears, power cable, original box and packing material. Original manual. 4 input 4 output audio matrix. Full DSP control Built in Digital DSP Crossovers (Can be a full surround sound system with sub) A 10-band parametric EQ. Web page based configuration. Volume and Gain controls. Option Digital input modeul 130 Watts RMS per channel (all channels driven) @ 8 ohm 145 Watts RMS per channel (all channels driven) @ 4 Ohm 1U Rack Space 24 bit/96K DAC Also, have a Landscape System - LS47 System with DSP 750 and LS10 Sub - contact me if you are interested.
  7. WTB Kwikset Smartcode C4 Module

    I have a couple of the cards. Will sell for $50 shipped each or $80 for both. Both cards have been sold
  8. Advice for House setup with C4

    Where are you located?
  9. I have this Binary 8x8 with HDBase-T and HDMI outputs. Power over Cable. 6 HDMI Receivers. New in box. Selling below cost - $3200 shipped https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/switchers/binary-trade%3B-hdbaset-8x8-matrix-switcher-with-(6)-hdbaset-receivers-(230)-with-poc-kit-kit-520-8x8mx-6rx
  10. I have this exact setup working perfectly for 3 years now. Through all of the firmware's. I would look at the network.
  11. I have a like new Binary HDMI 8x8 Matrix Switcher with HDMI outputs. B-100-HDMATRIX-8x8 Unit was replaced with a 10x10 HDMI 4K Matrix Comes complete in box as new. $1000 shipped
  12. Sonos with control 4

    There was also a sonos driver update recently - we have had to reboot a couple of controllers for sonos to work again.
  13. NYCE v Axxess motion sensor

    The nyce are very small and work great. They do not have light or temp sensors. If you need it this small, you have no other option. The Axxess also work great and have temp, light, and optional humidity sernsors. I use both in my home and they both serve their purposes great.