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  1. digitaltrader

    Sr260 Screen brightness

    The sr260 eats batteries compared to the sr250. Any fixes for that?
  2. digitaltrader

    Ideas for ISO movie player?

    I have the Dune Max that works flawlessly if you are interested:
  3. I have 2x rackmount Sony DVP-CX777ES 400 disc DVD Player that I am selling. I am asking $249 per unit. I will include the rackmount free of charge for anyone buying from the community.
  4. digitaltrader

    Sony 400 Disc Bluray BDP7000ES

    I have a 400 Disc Sony BluRay changer that is currently rack-mounted that I will be selling. These have become fairly sought after as they are no longer produced. I have it listed on ebay but am willing to sell to the community for $100 less than asking on eBay. I will include the rack shelf and faceplate. https://www.ebay.com/itm/183639314548
  5. digitaltrader

    Acronova 100 disc blu-ray ripper

    I have an Acronova 100 disc NB11-BR Blu-ray disc ripper for sale. I originally purchased the unit for $950 and used it once to rip my 300 disc BluRay collection. The item still has the original box. asking $450 plus actual shipping
  6. digitaltrader

    2x HDI Dune Max player for sale

    I am selling 2x HDI Dune Max players. http://dune-hd.com/twn/products/full_hd_media_players/11 These have rarely been used and I will be removing them from my rack. One has a rackmount plate that I will sell for an additional $25 Each unit is $220 + actual shipping
  7. digitaltrader

    Wanted C4 5” Infinity Edge

    I have 2 I am willing to sell
  8. Any idea how the echo link works in a multi room setup. How would I setup Alexa to play in a multi room environment with my c4 amp and matrix switch. How would I program Alexa to recognize a room by room name using the echo link?
  9. digitaltrader

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    I'm trying to figure this out as well. I think he is referring to the older deprecated FireTV drivers that are no longer in the C4 database. The newer universal are not compatible is my understanding. Does anyone have a copy of the older drivers?
  10. digitaltrader

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Can anyone help me find the URL for the following apps on the NVIDIA Shield. I tried figuring out logcat etc but dont own an android phone and cant't find basic instructions. 1) HDHomerun (the existing url no longer is launching) 2) TinyCam (the one listed previously in the forum is broken) 3) DirectTV Now (this is the Amazon FireTV version sideloaded on the NVIDIA Shield)
  11. I have an Atlona 16x16 HDMI matrix Switch that I have been successfully using for several years. Just recently when I switch to any source in my office (ie Roku Apple TV, cable box etc) the system correctly switches to the selected source and allows control. Then randomly the source suddenly changes from the selected device (ie Roku Apple TV, cable box etc) and will show Atlona 16x16 HDMI Switch as the source rather than the selected media device. Due to this I cannot change channels etc as the device selected device is no longer the Roku but the HDMI matrix switch. This happens for only randomly in a single room (office) and no others. Any idea what may be the cause?
  12. digitaltrader

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    I just installed your IRUSB driver for 3 new shields. SO far it looks great! How do I add mini drivers for DriectNow (I was able to side load this app from the Amazon fire store onto the shield) and TinyCam Pro? I can seem to find a universal mini app driver I can modify. Where is the custom mini app driver I see mentioned? Where do I find the address for Directv Now? THanks!
  13. digitaltrader

    annex⁴ - Amcrest Camera driver - Beta

    Id love to beta....I have 3 different models
  14. digitaltrader

    Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Thanks! This is my favorite driver. I appreciate your hard work.
  15. digitaltrader

    Advance Lighting Scenes all disappeared

    crazy enough this happened again and Im not aware of any recent power outages. I lost all of my advanced lighting scenes. Anything to help prevent this from happening?