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  1. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    Control4's lack of leading the developers into a civilized marketplace caused this mess.
  2. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    CyKnight keep holding to your position and tell yourself the consumers here are wrong. It doesn't matter to me as a previous early adopter that was enthusiastic about 3rd party drivers I will no longer be recommending them to others. I will be very reluctant to purchase any myself. The marketplace will slowly dry up if others feel the same way. The stance of dealers here is usually to ignore feedback of end users as you guys always know better. I never before felt the consumer based automation companies would likely replace C4 , however I know look forward to it eventually happening. The current C4 model is causing much frustration for its most enthusiastic users. Keep ignoring this and it will eventually hurt a lot of good people here that rely on it as income. Just look at C4 earnings as it tells the story. All of its recent revenue growth has been through acquisition and not the core automation business.
  3. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    Why am I frustrated about the wrong thing? Personally, as a consumer all I care is that I purchased a driver after Alan promoted it on these forums. He then decided to write a similar driver leaving all past purchases out from future updates. Alan's promotion was the reason I bought it. He could have easily rectified it by allowing the few that did buy it to update for free. Cyknight, don't forget that the whole marketplace ultimately is for the dealer/end user. You frustrate the end user enough for no matter who is at fault and we stop buying drivers.
  4. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    All I have to say is this is just as much C4 corporate fault as HouseLogix. This was C4 corporate opportunity to move everyone in house with a small percentage. I hope this isn't the beginning of the end of the C4 developer community. As when you make it too difficult for end users to update their drivers they tend to get frustrated. I know I am frustrated moving from Recluse AV, buying the drivers again from Extra Vegetables (Alan Chow didn't allow previous owners to update for free), paying my dealer to move them again to Houselogix and now looking at the prospect of having to pay to have my dealer to move them yet again. You guys can argue this is no big deal all you want, but as a C4 user for over 8 years with over 20 paid drivers I am frustrated and would love to see another solution come to the marketplace.
  5. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    Alan I love your drivers but have been frustrated with getting them to update across your various platforms. I originally started purchasing them when you were with a dealer (can't remember the name) that failed to update them after you left. The voice driver no longer works. I then would have to repurchase them at extravegetables. I then would have to pay to transfer to houselogix. And now will have to pay again to transfer to drivercentral. I know it's not your fault, but is there a reason C4 corporate doesn't offer this marketplace for developers?
  6. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    No one has made any guarantee they wouldn't be ignored, neglected or even possibly shut down. I'm sure this service is seen as a nuisance by the new Snap owners as it fails to generate any significant income. Regardless, the driver market is now a fractured mess yet again.
  7. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    First extravegetables gets shut down after C4 buys them and now the same mess with HL. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the need for activation servers. This is terrible for the C4 driver marketplace.
  8. Phillips hue - bridge driver 2.9 +

    Could you both explain how this affects current Hue users using 3rd party C4 drivers?
  9. Control4 Homebridge Driver Released

    Your driver is amazing!
  10. Alexa Troubleshooting

    I disabled and re-enabled the c4 skill and the devices still show offline but do however now respond appropriately. I'll let you know if they become unresponsive. could you give us further details on what was the issue?
  11. Alexa Troubleshooting

    I've tried all the above and am still having trouble getting the devices to stay online. My dealer has looked into to this as well without success. Any further suggestions?
  12. Dash buttons on sale for Prime Day

    I couldn't find any templates as well. Link?
  13. Dash buttons on sale for Prime Day

    I can't wait for the driver. Any idea if there is a way to print my own custom stickers to lay on top of the current dash button?
  14. Dealer should be rebated for errors like this imo.
  15. Ruckus and Packedge are dealer only equipment with dealer margins while Ubiquiti has no dealer incentives outside of the labor.