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  1. I just downloaded this driver as well as the notification suite. Does anyone want to help me out with figuring out how to make an announcement when my LG washer finishes its cycle? I don't understand this whole webhook business. Whats the best approach, using webhooks or pushover?
  2. Advance Lighting Scenes all disappeared

    I actually use a UPS but the outage was longer than the UPS battery.
  3. Advance Lighting Scenes all disappeared

    Yes, I had an unexpected power outage. I am running an EA-5, restoring from a recent backup fixed the issue.
  4. I recently noticed about a week ago none of my lighting scenes were working. After some investigation the advanced lighting agent shows no scenes. I previously had over 50. Any suggestions?
  5. I’m surprised the control4 support team hasn’t commented on these persistent audio issues.
  6. SynapseHA FollowMe Geofencing Driver Problems

    Anyway you could help me get my license key situation straightened out?
  7. SynapseHA FollowMe Geofencing Driver Problems

    Unfortunately the driver isn’t broken just the activation servers. Blame the driver vendor. Such a mess
  8. SynapseHA FollowMe Geofencing Driver Problems

    I’ve got the same issue and can’t get a response from the developer
  9. Announcements not playing after 2.10 update

    I'm still having intermittent announcement failure to fire issue and now having intercom issues with my 14 touch panels. The intercom agent fails after a few days and all TS fail to connect to the intercom proxy.
  10. Announcements not playing after 2.10 update

    I agree, there is no I'm deleting all my past announcements and redoing them all. I have about 150 of them.
  11. Announcements not playing after 2.10 update

    I have this problem occasionally as well. However sometimes the announcements execute correctly and sometimes not at all
  12. WiFi Solutions

    You could go with 3 ubiquiti pro AC access points and a Unifi switch. Total cost would be less than 1000 however labor would have to be included. This is similar to what I use and it performs very well
  13. I currently have the Rachio, but it's a bit of a hack if you have more than 16 zones. Theory could you tell me some of the benefits of hydrawise, as I'm thinking of changing platforms.
  14. System unstable since 2.10 upgrade

    I tried further testing by physically moving the problematic controller well out of reach of the 20 zigbee devices it was setup to contrail as zigbee coordinator. I powered on the hc800 and connected. Ethernet And yet again my system comes to crawl.