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  1. Luxul Remote Setup - Done

    I know you like to be hands on Jack. My recipe for your network success based on your modest needs: 1) Decent but easily configurable router (Control4 approved) - not Ubiquiti even though they are great routers the configuration learning curve is too much 2) UNMANAGED switch(es) - don't introduce unnecessary complexity with managed switches, VLANs and the like 3) Wifi Access points - Ubiquiti or SnapAv Araknis Again, just my 2 cents.... For 1 and 2 for your modest needs I personally would have chosen Araknis for you - the built-in free OVRC gives you nice remote control / access when you are away as you tend to be.
  2. Luxul Remote Setup - Done

    Jack, the fact that a "guru" is needed to do what should be a straight forward set of tasks does suggest unnecessary complexity. Just saying....
  3. Hi Ari @chopedogg88 , my client @bkrause forwarded me a copy of his email to you on the same issue that he sent yesterday around 12:30pm. Is there an update?
  4. Jack, honestly this is not a complicated issue. Assuming you have ruled out the EA-3 (swap in a second EA-3 to confirm), then the answer is without doubt network, dealer or some combination of the two.
  5. With Shairbridge performance it's all about the "network". And I mean all network components. You will want a decent (non-ISP router), ideally a bridged ISP modem, WiFi access point(s), decent switches and a proper design. None of this has to be super expensive or overly (Luxul -)) complicated. It just has to be done right.
  6. Alexa Troubleshooting

    I have a customer who experiences an Alexa / Control4 outage consistently around 930pm EST
  7. I recommend you get one of the well-regarded remote programmers here to do a triage on your system. Write down a list of issues. In many cases we see network as an underlying culprit with buggy systems. Now that can be difficult for the homeowner to make changes to if you are not technical, but still worth doing a remote triage IMHO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. WTB HDMI Matrix 4x4 or 8x8

    OK, 1080P or 4K? This will impact costs quite significantly. And what is the approx. distance of longest Cat5/6 run?
  9. WTB HDMI Matrix 4x4 or 8x8

    Do you want 1080P or 4K? Brand preference? Control4 / Leaf, Binary, Atlona... Are all displays connected via Cat 5/6? Or some local HDMI runs?
  10. Seriously....not this again. Yes, there have been vulnerabilities found which Hikvision has addressed with firmware upgrades. This happens with many, many technology products.
  11. I would look at the Hikvision Hybrid Turbo series of DVRs. You can use your existing coax wiring and replace the old cameras with up to 3MP analog cameras without rewiring, depending on DVR model. We use these a lot for retro situations. And these DVRs also allow integration of IP cameras so you can expand. DRV drivers are available from Houselogix for Control4 integration and work well.
  12. I assume you have deleted the Control4 skill and then added it again.
  13. DoorBird and Blue Iris

    We have also been been able to Doorbird units via Hikvision NVRs and ONVIF