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  1. Given the trivial cost of USB storage, there is only downside to using HC1000 in terms of hardware failure and inability to upgrade. And the time to restore / recover when it does die.
  2. This "typical response" would amount to dealers, including this dealer, saying your approach is a not a good idea. It'a nothing to do with a lack of skills.
  3. Why do you want to keep the HC1000 at all? It would be far more efficient to store music files on a USB drive connected to HC800 or NAS. And it would also likely be far more reliable and less prone to data loss given the age of HC1000 hardware. Let alone the fact that you will not be able to upgrade to contemporary versions of Control4 OS with an HC1000 in your project.
  4. Have successfully added Lilin, Control4 DS2 and Doorbird cameras to Hikvision NVR using ONVIF. Quite easy.
  5. The changes are likely too small to warrant a "bid". It should take an hour or so depending on how many cameras and the Dahua
  6. I think the expectation is most potential customers would be consulting with one or two dealers who would provide this. And of course there is this forum
  7. They do. There are three relevant KB articles: recommended networking, do-not-use networking and recommended networking settings. They are readily available via dealers and I believe have been posted on this forum a number of times.
  8. Yep. I worked with a client recently with an end-to-end Ubiquiti network and a PFSense router. It displayed the symptoms of devices falling offline, primarily touchscreens and DS2. We did get it all working by reviewing the settings relevant to Control4 in router, and each switch. APs have not been an issue for me anywhere. And as an aside also had to enable flow control on a rebranded Hikvision to get all cameras to display. Where it's just Unifi APs points with other non-Unifi network equipment we have had zero problems.
  9. There is a free Houselogix driver http://www.houselogix.com/shop/search?q=reboot Many of our clients program off it with HE e.g. custom button, scheduled reboot and so on.
  10. AK1

    Dealer Discounting

    You sound like the kind of homeowner who is highly engaged with every nuance of your construction process. If this also applies to your home automation and specifically your Control4 system, then I suggest you work with a dealer in the NW (that includes my company), that typically deals with this profile of homeowner. This applies even more so if you have somewhat of a technical background, as you will gain a lot of knowledge and "ownership" of your system by working with a dealer who caters to this profile. Rather than being that kind of client client who just wants to get it done and have the best price possible of $X without understanding the decision making processes involved with the system design and delivery.
  11. AK1

    Quote on DSC integration

    Could equally be a wiring / adaptor issue or driver config. More likely the former given the complexity of the components / connections required.
  12. A client of mine was an early adopter of the Rollease shades Control4 integration and needed a lot of assistance from Rollease and the driver developer, noew Annex4. After some weeks he got the kinks worked out and it is functioning reliably for him. He does like the 2 way communication offered by the driver.
  13. AK1

    Change IP address

    Hans Solo was not a Jedi unfortunately. I recommend role modelling on a Padawan.
  14. AK1

    Change IP address

    You don't have to switch back to the old ISP, just update your new ISP modem / router to use the old IP addressing scheme. Or this is a good opportunity to buy a "proper" router, set it to the old IP addressing scheme and you should be back in business.
  15. AK1

    Change IP address

    @dcovach was my client until he left the nest and became a young Jedi.