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  1. Tell your dealer which model NVR you have, if he doesn't know already, and he can select the appropriate driver
  2. The Manfell Hikvision series of drivers (now on Blackwire and "retired" from Houselogix) have been rock solid for me and excellent, prompt support when needed. They work on all NVR and DVR models I have encountered - make sure you select correct driver. The primary use case for us is to allow customers to record primary stream on NVR at highest possible resolution for playback purposes, while allowing T3 or older touchscreens to use the substream, H264 or MJPEG as required.
  3. it's really not a legitimate comparison at all to compare C-BUS and Control4. It would be like trying to compare Lutron and Control4 in North America as whole-home automation platforms. It's ben a while since I have looked at C-BUS and Control4 integration, but a "C-BUS" search at https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse? shows contemporary drivers for lighting, shades etc. I think this is purely a lighting decision - not a Control4 vs C-BUS decision. if you decide you want C-BUS for lighting / keypads like so many Aussies, then integrate with Control4. If the Control4 lighting is acceptable to you, you will save integration time and money.
  4. CBUS seems to have a strong following in Australia. It is a very good lighting / keypad solution. However, as a whole home automation system with your outcomes in mind, it won't come remotely close to what you want to achieve. If you are enamoured with CBUs as a lighting / keypad platform, then you could always integrate that aspect of it into a whole-home Control4 solution.
  5. ZigBee Extender

    Seems like a good deal
  6. Which is why I asked @Cartnj where he is from. Unless we are to infer it from from the "nj" in his handle.
  7. I believe that's why there are Control4 dealers. Where are you located @Cartnj?
  8. Control4 Dimmers versus Lutron

    Exactly - to be direct this project can in all likelihood be done better for less.
  9. Control4 Dimmers versus Lutron

    I read the quote, once you have seen enough of these you get a "flavor" of the design approach adopted by the author. While it is a plausible quote, other approaches from a reputable dealer will be equally valid and could easily be cheaper due to different design. I would encourage you to get another quotation or two and perhaps, most importantly, find a dealer who is "compatible" with your needs.
  10. Control4 Dimmers versus Lutron

    And another @AK1 - I am based in West Vancouver.
  11. Mac version of Control4?

    Ha no I meant the OP is very optimistic. I’ll pass on your iPhone - my IPhone X arrives tomorrow
  12. Mac version of Control4?

    Indeed, very optimistic to still be using Windows XP and expect things to just work in today's age.
  13. Mac version of Control4?

    I have used both Parallels and VMWare Fusion for many years. I prefer Parallels, largely due to better performance but it's a personal preference. With either product, any issues you may have with performance or clunkiness will invariably be the Mac hardware you have and / or setup. It runs lightning fast on the right Mac hardware.
  14. OK @Elvis shoot me the details please
  15. Luxul Remote Setup - Done

    I know you like to be hands on Jack. My recipe for your network success based on your modest needs: 1) Decent but easily configurable router (Control4 approved) - not Ubiquiti even though they are great routers the configuration learning curve is too much 2) UNMANAGED switch(es) - don't introduce unnecessary complexity with managed switches, VLANs and the like 3) Wifi Access points - Ubiquiti or SnapAv Araknis Again, just my 2 cents.... For 1 and 2 for your modest needs I personally would have chosen Araknis for you - the built-in free OVRC gives you nice remote control / access when you are away as you tend to be.