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  1. A client of mine was an early adopter of the Rollease shades Control4 integration and needed a lot of assistance from Rollease and the driver developer, noew Annex4. After some weeks he got the kinks worked out and it is functioning reliably for him. He does like the 2 way communication offered by the driver.
  2. AK1

    Change IP address

    Hans Solo was not a Jedi unfortunately. I recommend role modelling on a Padawan.
  3. AK1

    Change IP address

    You don't have to switch back to the old ISP, just update your new ISP modem / router to use the old IP addressing scheme. Or this is a good opportunity to buy a "proper" router, set it to the old IP addressing scheme and you should be back in business.
  4. AK1

    Change IP address

    @dcovach was my client until he left the nest and became a young Jedi.
  5. AK1

    Change IP address

    There's likely more to it than that. We run into this quite regularly. Client buys a new house and changes ISP or simply decides to change ISP in current house. New ISP often means new Class C IP address scheme, assuming ISP router is used and not a more mission appropriate router. Often equipment was set up several years ago and static IP addresses were used for key components e.g. controller, touchscreens and so on. We also often see static addresses for amplifiers and similar gear even though there is no good reason to do so. So the customer changes ISP's or IP address schemes and everything stops working. Easiest way to fix it by far is to revert to old IP address scheme and then get a dealer to change the equipment from static to DHCP addresses. Then change IP address scheme if necessary to new scheme. And then change IP address of controller to static and possibly some other limited equipment. If it's not possible to revert to old IP scheme, then you have to go to each affected Control4 component and do a network reset to set it to DHCP - different sequences depending on the component. All of the above can be done remotely with the "right" customer with networking chops.
  6. I had to go back and read the quotation again to make sure I had not missed a zero. It is for 10 x HDMI cables @ $15 = $150. Not $150 for one cable. I consider that to be a very reasonable price for a certified cable.
  7. Oh Gary, I have feelings for you too -))))
  8. No, the 10% is on any Control4 gear (not partner) and a controller is not required to be upgraded or ordered.
  9. I am a dealer and I am correct. I have processed this upgrade discount many times without a controller upgrade.
  10. The 10% discount applies to Control4 equipment - a controller upgrade is not required.
  11. It's well documented on dealer portal - 10% discount for existing customer of 6 months or longer. And a 15% controller upgrade program (must be an EA-5 for an HC800 upgrade).
  12. The dealer quotation is very well considered and reasonably priced. We also do a lot of Araknis / OVRC with great success and Ubiquiti wireless where Araknis WAPs are too expensive. There would be no reason to replace HC800 at this time, unless there were some efficiencies to gain e.g. rewiring an entire rack. The Leaf 8x8 is the biggest ticket item by far, but it is a very safe and known choice with full Control4 support. You might find an alternative for a $1,000 or $2,000 cheaper, but given the overall reasonableness of the quotation, I would go for it. And did the dealer apply your 10% existing Control4 customer discount?
  13. AK1

    Mac version of Control4?

    Shared is the recommended network setting and i use it 90% of the time. However, there are times when bridged is required. For example, certain WiFi hotspots don't work from a shared network connection. And some Windows programs, notable security camera discovery programs e.g. Lilin and Hikvision, will only work over a bridged connection.
  14. AK1

    Mac version of Control4?

    Composer has worked flawlessly for me on Parallels and VMware on several different Macbook laptop models.
  15. AK1

    Need an Integrator

    Thanks @projekZERO - I completely agree with your comment "For owners who are technical enough to manage their own hardware, and maybe even do some programming themselves" - it makes the remote programming and integration very smooth.